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My Weekend with Coeds

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This story is really about Lorelei whom I now call Lori, but a little background is in order to fully understand the principles in this sordid tale. My name is Trey, named that because I was my parent’s third son, seventh and last child, but third son. I have two children that the world would call steps, but to me they are mine, Benjamin and Rebecca (who most call Ben and Becky) I met their mother Cassie when I was 21 and fresh out of college. She hired me because of my degree in Mechanical Engineering, and we had something special from the start. Cassie owned a small manufacturing firm which fabricated a wide range of precision parts. The company was started as a machine shop by her first husband who was killed in an automobile accident when Ben was five and Becky one.

Cassie was 34 when we met, 35 when we married, 36 when the cancer diagnosis was made and 38 when she lost that battle. Ben is now 20, Becky 16 and I am now thirty-six. Cassie had no relatives, which wouldn’t have mattered anyway, the kids were mine, and I am doing my best to raise them. Both are great kids. Benjamin is at OSU on a cross country/track scholarship, and Rebecca will soon start her junior year in high school, she is a star basketball player, an all-state cheerleader, and currently holds the State high school record for high jump, not bad for a white girl.

Ben is tall and thin, just over six foot with the wiry body of a runner, Becky is tall also at 5’11”, all legs, her tone shows evidence of her athleticism, but she is a shapely girl for one so tall. Both have the blond hair and steel blue eyes of their mother, both could easily be models, but are both humble, kind hearted kids, I couldn’t be more proud of them had they been born to me. I stand 6’2″ and weigh in around 220 pounds. I have brown hair and brown eyes and am just an ordinary looking fellow in every sense of the word. Not fat, but by no means cut, strong, but not muscular, I move pallets and billets of steel and other metals around all day, I don’t have time for the gym.

My Dad died when I was in high school and Mom five years later. They left my siblings and I the shack they had on the lake, my sisters have all moved out of state and my brothers didn’t want to contribute to the upkeep, so they all let me buy them out. I tore down the shack and built a real lake house, with a separate party-room (we call the glass house). When Cassie and I got married we added two cottages for guests. On the lake itself is a three-slip dock, the pontoon boat, and ski boat each have a slip with a lift, and the third is for the Seadoos. The kids love the lake and spend most of their summers there and it is always full of their guests. I haven’t gone up much since Cassie died, except to do maintenance and an occasional respite when I just needed to get away. I was up on this day because one of the Seadoos had quit running and I was there to fix it, or haul it back for repairs.

The first time I laid eyes on Lori she was passed out on one of the lower decks of my lake house, by the second cottage, nude. Her beauty wasn’t obvious at that point partially because she was covered in dried and drying goo, lying in a pool of her own vomit and her hair, top and bottom, was a matted rats nest. Her pale skin already had a pinkish hue from the hour or so of the early morning summer sun. I tried to rouse her but she was completely out and wouldn’t stir. I went through the house looking for my son Ben, or any of the friends he was hosting this weekend, none were to be found. I looked through the cottages and the glass house, evidence of a rather large party was everywhere but the only person there other than me was the redheaded girl passed out on the deck.

Knowing that she would suffer terrible sunburn if I left her there, I reluctantly carried the comatose young coed into the main house. At least I hoped she was a college student, Ben had just completed his first year at OSU and was hosting a fraternity party this weekend. The guys he ran with were his age or older, but this nymph could be anywhere in age from 14 to 30. Her curvaciousness suggested a young woman in her twenties, but that pixie face hinted at preteen. I would later learn that she was a college Junior of 20.

I carried her to the master bath and propped her up in the garden tub, I covered her with a towel as I began to wash off whatever was covering her body and matting her hair. I tried to avoid touching anything inappropriate which meant her pubic area and breasts would have to wait until she could attend to them herself. I rinsed away all the grime patted her dry and laid her on the master bed, covered her again with a clean dry towel and placed a pillow under her head and behind her back to keep her from rolling over. Then I headed for the dock to see about the Seadoo.

There were a half a dozen or so coeds sunbathing on the dock and swimming in the lake, as I walked down the ramp, one of the guys who knew me shouted and waved, “Good morning Mr. Gaines, Thanks for coming trabzon escort down to fix us up, Have a good drive?”

“I did, thank you. Mark isn’t it?” I replied, “I am terrible with names.”

“Not a prob, Mr. G, there’s a bunch of us to get to know. You are right, though it’s Mark.”

“Are you Ben’s dad?” a drop dead gorgeous young lady asked.

I had to look at her several times to soak it in, once because she was so beautiful and then a couple more times to register whether she did in fact have anything on. To say her bikini was tiny would be an understatement. It was almost transparent and the two little triangles that composed the top would hardly cover my watch face, and I am still not sure the bottom was anything more than a string. I guess my stare was obvious because several of the guys burst into laughter as I tried in vain to stammer out a “yes.”

She walked directly to me hands and boobs swaying with each step, stood on her tip toes, and gave me a kiss on the cheek, I am pretty sure I also felt a brief lick, but I may have been dreaming. After the kiss she said, “My name is April, and I expect you to remember me. “

She turned walked back to her place on the dock and lay down on her stomach leaving me again staring, this time at the most perfect ass I had ever seen. I held my toolbox in front of my fly to hide the erection that was tenting the thin material of my swim suit. I was going to ask about the passed out girl at the cabin, but she had completely slipped my mind. It took about an hour to diagnose the problem with the Seadoo and correct it, water in the fuel, a common issue when filling up at the marina. I know Ben knew how to fix this, and guessed he called me down as a gift. Let the old man enjoy some eye candy.

“She’s good to go,” I stated as I put away the last of my tools, the seminude flesh all around me had me day dreaming of putting another tool in a different kind of box.

“I am a perverted old man,” I said to myself while trying to cast the thoughts from my mind by shaking my head, not realizing I had spoken aloud.

“What did you say? “Asked April.

“Nothing just clearing my head, must be the gas fumes.”

She giggled and smiled as she stood , “Can I take it out?” staring first into my eyes until she had my attention then dropping them, focusing her gaze on my crotch as she finished the sentence.

“Anytime you’re ready,” I offered, willing to play along.

“I’ve never been on one so big, do you think I’ll be okay?”

“I’m confident you could handle anything you put your hands on,” I might be in my thirties, but I’m not too old to flirt with the best of them.

“Will you get on behind me to make sure I can control this thing?”

“I’d be happy to ride you, I mean with you.” Thinking this might not be such a good idea.

April climbed aboard and I climbed on behind her, scooting back as far as I could, I knew having my crotch pressed between those lovely globes would create an embarrassing situation. I held on to the grab bar behind me, not the most comfortable or stable position. She took off full speed and cut across several wakes, I was struggling to keep my balance and on an extremely hard turn I lost my balance and was thrown off, the quick change in balance on the water craft caused her to be thrown as well. We landed hard causing her to lose the tiny bikini top she was wearing. It must have sunk because we searched but couldn’t find it.

Knowing that the Lake patrol would frown upon topless girls skiing across the lake, she started to cry. I tried my best to console her floating as we were in the middle of the lake. I offered to pilot so she could sit in back if she kept right behind me no one would be able to see that she was topless. The offered solution brought a smile to her face. We climbed aboard, and she pressed her tits into my back and hugged me tightly her hands resting on my chest, as we headed back to the dock.

I tried to go slow to minimize the bumps but there were a lot of boats on the water and lots of wakes for us to cross. Her hard nipples pressed into my back had resulted in a chubby even though I tried hard to think about anything else. On one particularly large swell we came down hard causing her hands to slip from my chest to my lap. One hand grabbed each thigh just at the crotch her right hand landed and locked in a grip my rigid member. When we settled into calmer water, her left hand reached up and pinched my nipple while her right maintained its grip on my cock.

“Mr. G, I think you like me.” April said with a giggle, still teasing my nipple and now massaging my cock through the material of my swimsuit.

“What’s not to like,” I replied, “you may be the most beautiful young lady I have ever seen, and with you half naked holding me this way. The only way I think I could like you more would be if you were totally naked.

“Then find a quiet cove and I’ll make sure you like me a lot more.”

Within minutes we were trabzon escort bayan beached in a private cove and a now totally naked April was busily tugging at my trunks. She needed no make-up with a flawless complexion, bronzed by untold hours in the sun, her breasts had just enough heft to have bounce yet sat upon her chest like two halves of a softball, her quarter sized areola, slightly darker than the skin surrounding, setting just above center causing her rigid thimble like nipples to point up at an angle. Her hairless mons pubis barely a bump rising from a flat abdomen that seemed a valley between the protruding bones of her hips, her vulva a tiny crease, like a line drawn on the gap that separated two long and shapely legs. She was perfection in every way, and her smile, along with the way her eyes lit up was intoxicating, I honestly would have been content to stare at her all day, but she had other things in mind.

She knelt in the sand looking into my eyes and smiling as my trunks dropped to my feet, I stepped out of them and her gaze dropped slowly until she was staring at my hardness only inches from her chin. The smile gave way to pursed lips as she exhaled a long “ooooooohhhhhhhhh.” She looked me again in the eye and grinned, as she pulled me to her, sticking out her tongue to guide my manhood into her eager mouth. It seemed as if her tongue wasn’t attached, circling the head and shaft of my cock, probing the tip and licking my balls as she vacuumed me into her throat. Within minutes I she had me on the verge of cumming, but sensing my nearness would stop, pull back and comment on how much she was enjoying this. Another five minutes and I had to sit down as it felt my legs would give way, she pushed me onto my back and swung around to a sixty-nine. The labia minora now swollen petals budding from her heavenly valley. Both the smell and taste were sweet, and I happily lapped her nector, teasing and nibbling her clitoris and labia, licking from the tight pucker of her anus across the perineum. The first trace of my tongue over has anus caused her to clamp her legs together trapping my head, slight tremors in her thighs caused me to think she liked it, add to that the deep moans she emitted each time.

Time was lost, neither of us in a hurry to do anything else, both focused on pleasuring the other and enjoying the pleasure we were receiving, after dozens of minor tremors in her thighs I tilted my head as far up as I could and probed her sphincter with my tongue, causing her to scream out, “oh my ggggggooooooooooddddddddd!” clamping her legs vice like at my ears, her knees bent to the point that I watched her toes curl and her entire body convulse, I couldn’t breathe but didn’t care, I would love to die just like that. A gush of her fluids poured over my chin and the intensity of her orgasm triggered my own, the first jet of my cum stretched across her face and she quickly clamped her mouth over my tip and began swallowing each emission. We both lay there for a while, her head resting on my thigh and I looking at that beautiful honey pot, now visibly dripping her moisture.

I tilted up again and began slowly and tenderly slurping away, my cock never went completely soft but the more I drank of her the harder it became until it was touching her lips. She pushed herself up on unsteady arm, I reluctantly let her pussy pull from my lips.

“Can you go again?” she asked.

“With you I might not ever be able to stop.” I replied.

She swung around facing me and lowered herself onto my shaft until it was completely engulfed, as she slowly slid down, her eyes closed, and head tilted back drawing in a deep breathe until she was fully seated. Only then did she gaze down at me a tired, satiated smile stretched across her face, “you are so good,” she whispered. Then leaned forward until she was again lying upon me, quick pecks, gave way to a tender biting of each other’s lips, until our mouths locked together, and tongues began to wrestle. Both of us moaning, but neither visibly moving, yet my cock felt as if it were being stroked within a tight fist as her vaginal muscles massaged in ripples.

“You are better than good,” I replied.

“Do you like anal?” She queried.

“Very much, do you?”

“I love it, right now this is exactly what I want, but later will you fuck my ass?” she asked as casually as someone asking you text them.

“I will gladly fuck or suck your ass, pussy, breasts, toes, whatever you want, anytime you want.”

“Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

“I plan on holding you to it, I am going to be part of your life for a long time.”

At the time I had no idea what she meant, but the thought of her as an ongoing sex partner was the best thing that I could remember in recent times. After our brief comments we went back to kissing and while she still continued her internal manipulations, she started to slowly revolve her hips ever so slightly raising and lowering herself, and I started rolling my escort trabzon hips up to meet each downward motion. Slowly we increased both tempo and intensity of our movements until she sat up riding me like a horse and I leaning up to bite at her nipples. Her nails dug into the flesh of my shoulders as my teeth left their imprint on the tender flesh of her breasts. In one final violent thrust I pushed up as she slammed down and both of us released with cries of ecstasy before falling exhausted in the sand. We lay there cuddled in embrace for nearly an hour before gathering the strength to push off and ride back to the dock.

It was late afternoon when we got back, as we pulled in I asked Mark to toss me a towel which April quickly used to cover herself. He waved us in and said, “I was beginning to worry, I thought we might have to send out a rescue party, I was afraid the Seadoo broke down again. Did you guys enjoy the ride?

“It was the best ride I ever had,” April replied with a chuckle.

“Where’s Ben?” I asked.

“He’s out on the pontoon at the cliffs with the Stacy, Grant, Kim, Cheri, Strap, Winky, Mofo, Greg, and some of the other sisters. You want a beer?”

“A beer sound great, thanks?”

“What about you April?”

“No I’m quite full right now, what I feel like is a shower, and a nap, see you gentlemen later.”

As she walked up the ramp Mark commented that she was “damn good lookin.”

“I could not agree with you more.” I honestly replied.

After a few drinks and laughs with the dozen coeds at the dock, I excused myself to head back up to the lake house to start the grill. I had brought plenty of steaks, burgers and chicken, figuring they probably spent all their money on beer, I was right. I started the grill and went in to season the meat and check on April and Lori. Lori was still sound asleep on my bed, and April was tucked away under blankets in a guest room a smile still on her face.

“What a day,” I thought to myself.

I sat on the deck alone looking out over the lake, I could hear and see the young folks down on the dock, and all the other boaters in the bay, as the charcoal burned, inside the steaks and chicken were marinating and the burger patties were made, potatoes were in the oven and beans on the stove, confident I had enough food for everyone and more than a little exhausted by April, I was content to sit, sip on a Cuba Libre’ and relax. My respite didn’t last long. The door swung open and out walked another amazing beautiful young lady, dressed in an extremely short sun dress that showed a tremendous amount of sun-burned pink cleavage, had no back at all and appeared to be made from gauss. When the young lady stepped out of the shade the silhouette of her form betrayed her lack of undergarments. She wore no make-up and a splattering of freckles spread from cheek to cheek across her pixie nose. Her eyes were an emerald green, a perfect contrast, to the red-orange mane of curls that fell upon her shoulders.

At first glance I didn’t recognize her as the naked girl from this morning, and my first though was, “Damn, is every girl here a beauty queen?”

“Who are you?” she spoke with a tone of someone who owned the place and found a stranger on their deck.

“I am Trey, and who might you be?” I responded.

“Lorelei, what are you doing here?”

“Waiting on the coals to get hot enough to cook the meat?”

“Who are you?”


“Trey who?”

“Trey Gaines.” I was starting to have fun with it, since Ben had his birth father’s last name I knew mine would mean nothing to here.

“I am sorry, why are you here?”

“Where should I be?”

“Not here I think, this is a party for Sigma Chi.”

“I am a Sigma Chi.”

“What the fuck, you have to be like 30 or something.”

“Thank you, it’s the something.”

“I have never seen you at the frat.”

“I have never seen you there.”

“Okay dude, what-the-fuck, I know you are not in the frat, why are you at this party, why are you here.”

“I was in the frat but graduated awhile back, and I came to fix the Seadoo, and am still here because I own the place. Wait a minute, are you not the..” I caught myself and stopped mid-sentence not wishing to embarrass the girl.

“Not what?”

“The most beautiful red-head I have ever seen. My mother was a read-head, I’m kind of partial.”

“Well, thank you kind sir, if you own the place doesn’t that mean you are Ben’s dad?”

“Yes I am, and I am very pleased to meet you Lorelei, are you old enough to drink? Can I offer you a soda, beer, water, cocktail?”

“No beer, I had way too much of that last night, water would be fantastic.”

I pulled a bottle of water from the cooler and invited her to sit.

“Where is everyone?”

“April, is in taking a nap, Mark and a bunch are on the dock and Ben and crew went to the cliffs to dive off.”

“So tell me Mr. Gaines,..”

“Trey, please.”

“Okay, Trey, you don’t look old enough to be Ben’s dad.”

“Well, technically it is step dad, but he is mine.”

“Are you like, rich or something.”


“How can you have this place?”

“The property belonged to my parents, I have been fortunate to be able to make some improvements.”

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