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My Sweetest Swinging

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I have been thinking a lot about swinging I went through several ads and contacted them but I got few responds. I love swinging couples because they are friendly and open-minded and I love opened-minded people because I’m too.

Back to the ads one of the ads I contacted them a couple In mid forty’s e-mail after e-mail we decided to contact through messenger would be much easier I introduced my self as a male mid 30’s 6’0 hairy chest and they did same thing to me and then are Janet is 43 5’9 blond hair sexy silky body open anything (just name it) and the most important this is very very sexy and wild too (that what I love!!) and Albert was 45 6’0 white love to watch her in action and they live about 5 hours from where I live.

When we talked we got wild and horny one day she asked I got bored with that type of relationship I need something you should come here I was tied up with so many things I suggested if you could come here with your husband in one second I got her replied OK but we can’t offered it I offered them tickets and accommodation we agreed for everything and I arranged everything tickets and the hotel reservation and I sent the tickets and they will got here in 3 days in these 3 days we were talking and planning for our plan!!

And where will go and got to know each other more. On the day of first meeting I was so nervous I’m going to meet new friends I never meet them before and I don’t silivri escort know what will happened there flight will got at 10:20 p.m. at 9:00 p.m. I checked my e-mail they confirm they were going to the airport with there swingers friends with some few picture ads of her in different position of her that left my mouth fell down and my eyes went out beside I got hard and horny as hell.

While I was waiting for the passengers got out the airplane I was getting nervous more and more. OH finally I saw them went to them greeting them she kissed me and hugged me my dick can’t wait to greet her we picked the bags and went to the hotel. We checked in and we got in the elevator she whispered me you look different than the pic you look so great and her lips got my lips and I didn’t what happened until the bill of the lift rang.

We got to the room and got relaxed for 2 minutes Albert went to the W.C. and she started to touch me and went very passionate kissing with touching allover her silky body she whispered me again can’t wait until Albert to come out. We stopped and waited on fire and counting every second to come back. She came back from W.C. with wet body and towel around her body I went to take a shower and let her changed.

I got to them back and she was dressing silky nightgown and red bra with red J-string. Start talking soft love words and kissing she went şirinevler escort so hot then she stopped and said baby and I NEED TO BE FUCKED RIGHT NOW CAN’T WAIT. I to her nick and earth with my hands were on her tits little moans went then her nipples got angry need to be sucked, I went and sucked them then her moaned went louder and her husband was watching us and having fun with his encouragement went to belly button oh god was so great her was waiting for my tongue and was totally wet and juicy I got to her pussy smell her wet and juicy with licking and little bight (I love licking) moan got louder and louder her hands were on my head pushing me to her pussy she screamed your tongue so great come on baby lick me LICK ME HARD OHHH I’M CUMINGGGG I’M CUMINGGGGG OH MY GOD FUCK so good so great then she looked at me your tongue so great how about your dick is it same or better, I sucked her pussy last time I wanna taste her cum to make sure no cum left in her pussy all in my mouth.

She went to my boxer and unclothe me, once she saw my dick she screamed OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT SO BIGGGGG, Albert have you seen a dick fucked me like this before how I’m going to handle it she start to blow me then we turned around for 69 her husband was getting wild and horny.

Baby I think time for to fuck she said, she was doggie style I turned around her, her husband stood şişli escort up and said please please NO MERCY I want you to smash her I want her to get wild and don’t worry honey he will take care of me I knew these type of men he will please me and you I started to rub my dick around her clit and suppressed her with my penetration of my massive dick, OH MY GOD once her husband watched this he came she was shaking from pleasure and paining and she was closing her eyes with biting her lips fuck you I never had big dick like this before fuck me real hard let me taste the pleasure of big dick I was pumping her and husband collapsed on the bed watching her pussy getting fucked I took it out and lay on my back she ride on it facing her husband and giving me her back and she said what do you think baby , he is not like any men we had he agreed , she turned around come on baby fuck me hard I need it so badly pls.

Fuck my then I told her I wanna cum she said I wanna watch you while you cumming she laid on her back and opened her legs wildly for me I shifted once she screamed and she said where have you been all these you been all these years I was fucking her so hard without mercy and screaming go louder and louder I’m cumin sweetie she replied come on fuck me son of bitch I screamed a lot and my load on her hairy pussy.

God that was so good and she was moaning and tasted my cum with her fingers then she tried to have 3 fingers in her pussy Oh honey look I can have 3 fingers in my pussy!! I’ll not feel any more of you with sexy smile. All of us laid on the bed (naked with cum smell) and started to talk about how many times did she cum, she lost counting I never came like this before we hugged each other and we slept.

To Be Continued…

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