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My Perverted Life Ch. 04

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I slept horribly the night before making my way to Lauyn’s house in response to her call. She had indicated that she needed to talk to me about the situation and that it was important. That’s all. No clue was given as to what angle she was coming from and I was worried that time had allowed her to see through my act and this meeting spelled trouble.

I stood on the steps waiting for Lauryn to answer the door – it seemed like hours passed between my finger pressing the bell and the answer even though I knew that was not true. Lauryn stepped outside, closing the door behind herself. I knew then that this was really serious.

“Thank you for making time to come by,” she began the conversation. Her face and body showed the weight of whatever was on her mind. “The…situation…it’s getting worse.”

She sat on a step and motioned for me to follow. I did. She looked at me and then turned her head to look straight forward as she spoke.

“I’m not going to put her somewhere. She wouldn’t want that…I don’t want that. It’s a lot though. And this is my choice so that burden is mine to bear bu…,” I cut her off. I reached out a hand touching hers, “We’re family…we share that burden.”

Lauryn looked at me and smiled deeply. I could see that a tear was forming in her eye. I thought that I was saying the right thing. I was sure I had and yet she was on the verge of tears. I asked, “What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?”

Lauryn looked away again. “You, no, you never say anything wrong. You’re always just who we need you to be. I – I asked you here to talk to you about mom’s confusion and to beg you despite it not being your responsibility to help and before I even get there you just jump in where I need you,” she explained. “So no, you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“O…k, then what is it, how do I help?” I inquired. Lauryn drew in a deep breath, “Since you left the other day she has had several episodes and she is just completely miserable when she does. I am not sure if she is always thinking the same thing but it’s clear she thinks or feels that you, or at least “George” you, has abandoned her. I’ve tried to help but all she seems to want is to know you didn’t leave her for another woman.”

“So, you want me to tell her I would never leave her then?!” I asked feeling like the weight of the world was lifting off my shoulders.

“Yes, but it isn’t that simple.” She drew in a deep breath, held it, and then exhaled. “I’m asking you to play along a little. She needs to know that you are interested in her. I’m asking you to tell her that, to let her hug you and hug her back, to…to…oh my goodness…to maybe even kiss her.”

I was floored. My mother in-law was asking me to get pretty intimate with her mother, I certainly hadn’t expected that. It was my turn to look at her and turn away trying to collect my thoughts.

“I’m sorry, I know I am asking a lot especially considering…considering how she…” she paused taking in another deep breath. “…she touched you last time. I know this is a lot. I’m sorry to ask you because I know it’s not fair because you always want to help and helping with this just isn’t fair to you.”

“I can figure out the hugging, even the kissing, I’ll get past that because you need me to but that isn’t the issue.” I explained. “Let’s be real, last time I was here she wanted me to…to take her to bed. That was without me doing anything. As a matter of fact I was trying to slow things down and she was pretty intent on…on…we’re both adults…having sex with me!”


“Y – you know?!” I was stunned at the way her I know just sat there in the air two words saying a whole lot more than two words would seem to be able to. “You want me to have sex with your mother, grandma, you want me to have sex with grandma?!”

I really probably had no right to react the way I was given what I had done with grandma but this seemed wholly different. I was basically being asked to have sex with her and being asked by my own mother in – law.

“No. No, I do not…want…you to have sex with my mother. I’m asking you to do something that may cause her to…to try and go further, yes I am asking that. But, I don’t want you to have sex with her, or try to have sex with her, or think about sex with her. I don’t even want you to have mentioned sex with her. I just know that she needs your help…I need your help. I want us to be clear eyed that it can take us yalova escort somewhere we don’t want to go and I will be there to try to stop it but…” the pause was painfully long. “But things may not stay in our control and I know you well enough to know that even with me telling you all this you are going to help, you are going to think about her needs…my needs first, and if necessary you’ll do…that. And it isn’t fair of me to ask you this but I need to.”

We sat there in silence for a few minutes. I was going to fuck grandma again only this time I would be a hero for it. This time it would be viewed as a sacrifice on my part. “If this is what needs to happen I’m here to help.” I volunteered.

I didn’t think she was holding her breath but when I said that she let out the biggest exhale. Lauryn looked at me with a smile thanking me as she wiped at tears that had not yet fallen. I scooted closer to her and put an arm around her squeezing a little.

“It’s ok. We are going to get through this together. Just do me a favor and don’t bring Natasha up to speed on this whole thing.” I knew she wouldn’t tell but it was a feeble attempt at a joke to cut some of the tension. Lauryn didn’t receive it that way and responded by assuring me she wouldn’t tell my wife. I tried again to alleviate the tension but this time the comments landed completely wrong. “Too bad if I have to do this it’s not you with the issues.” I joked. I immediately realized that I had not set that up at all and it was going to land strangely at best.

“Jim..” Lauryn started.

“No, I…I don’t mean that I want to do things with you…I just meant that it would be better if I was attract…oh…my…G…” I really stuck my foot in my mouth.

“It’s ok, I know you aren’t trying to have sex…” I saw her sneak a glance at my pants. “…with me. I get a bit of levity. But I’ll take it as a compliment anyway.”

“You should.”

As soon as we went inside the heat seeking missle that is Murine found her target. She wrapped her arms around me and this time I didn’t hesitate to do the same. The promise of the situation had caused me to become erect and I made no attempt to keep her from feeling it press into her. I also actively squeezed her ass which while not as big and round as Lauryn’s was still pretty nice given her age. I was discreet about it but I did it nonetheless.

“George, is there someone else. Is that why you’ve been gone?” She looked at me her eyes pleading with me.

I grabbed her arms in my hands pulling her into me, “There’s no other woman. You’re the only one.” I looked past her at my mother in-law and then back at Murine. I pulled her close so our bodies touched and kissed her. This was no introductory kiss. This was a full on, open mouth, tongue dancing kiss. My hands dropped and I openly grabbed an ass cheek in each hand squeezing and pulling her body against my pelvis as I slowly gyrated grinding my hardness into her. I continued this as I again looked past her at my mother in-law.

Our eyes locked. No words were spoken but we both told each other that we had jumped off this cliff together and we knew despite our words earlier about controlling this that we were playing with a fire that was likely to get away from us with those glances.

” You’re so big and hard right now!” My attention was snapped back to Murine who had grabbed my hard dick and was stroking it through my pants.

“I -” I looked at my mother in-law. Nothing. She was transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of her. I realized that this was my chance to talk my way into Murine’s bed as the hero. “I know, how could I not be turned on by you. That’s why you have to stop this silly nonsense about another woman the only woman I want in my bed is you.”

Lauryn seemed unable to react in the moment. She wasn’t going to be a firefighter in this moment and the fire was already raging. It was time to add gasoline.

“I struggle through my day at work thinking, longing to be in bed with you…to feel you…your body crushed to mine…to make you…cu…uh…to give you pleasure.” I played it up but was still aware that even playing this part I should seem eager but not too eager.

“George…please…right now I need you!” She begged me. I knew this was the moment and that Lauryn would not react fast enough to stop it. In one motion I picked Murine up into my arms spun and proceeded up the 5 steps that led to the hallway and her bedroom. yalova escort bayan There was no objection from a Lauryn, there was no grabbing me to slow me down, there wasn’t even the sound of her moving out of her seat.

I was at the door to Murine’s bedroom before I heard movement but it was too late by then. I laid Murine on the bed and closed the door. What I did now was as much for the audience outside the room as for the woman in the room.

“It’s not right how badly I’ve wanted your body since the last time I fucked you.” I said telling the absolute truth as I began disrobing. I knew Lauryn could hear and it excited me to be telling the absolute truth which she wasn’t aware of and staying within the boundaries of the character she was expecting. Tanning naked I grabbed my dick and walked toward Murine who was practically drooling, “You want this? Look at you…how you’re looking at it.”

“George…it…it’s a monster…it’s huge…I…so big.” It was clear that I was significantly larger than George had been. While I was excited about my mother in-law hearing about my size again I needed to do something so that this noticeable disparity didn’t cause a break before I had completed the deed in front of me.

“It’s you honey. You did this to me. I’ve never been this hard before…felt as swollen before…I want to fill your tight little pussy with this monster.” Nothing I said was untrue. I stepped closer to her and grabbed at the collar of the nightgown she was still wearing tearing it a little so that I could pull her breast free I took a nipple in my mouth and began to suck.

“Ooooh…shit!” She moaned into the air. I snaked a hand down her body and started to tease her pussy. Her moans came louder. I worked on her like that for a while moving back and forth between her breasts. When I was sure she was starting to feel good I grabbed the gown and ripped it completely off of her. I started at her neck and kissed my way down to her sex. After teasing her for a bit I started to eat her pussy like it was the first meal I had enjoyed after starving for days.

She reached a climax faster than I thought would happen. She screamed and cursed her way through it. I decided that I needed to repeat that before trying to enter her. I needed her ready to scream about how good the fucking she was going to get was not scream about pain. I ate her through a second noisy orgasm.

I had noticed the bottle of oil on her nightstand when we started and now knelt between her legs slathering it on my erection. Murine looked at me through hooded eyes and smiled. Adjusting myself I started rubbing my hardness up and down her slit. I took my time, teasing her clit as I did. What I did next was for Lauryn as much as for me and Murine. I wanted to make sure she was ready for a hard fucking.

Her pussy was slick and my erection was lubed. I sank down into her until I could go no further. My balls rested on her already wet, ass slick with the juices from her excitement at being eaten. I knew what kind of sounds would be emanating from the room in moments. I pulled back – pause – slap. Pull back -pause – slap. Pull back – pause – slap, pull back -pause – slap. I was speeding up and the pause/slap turned into slap, slap, slap. I was sure Lauryn was both horrified and fascinated by the sound of me fucking the shit out of her mother. For her part Murine made no attempt to be quiet. She groaned and yelled it into the air as the fucking continued.

I realized some forty minutes later that I should not keep it up much longer. Lauryn was supposed to believe that this was a sacrifice and not something I was enjoying. I wanted her to think that I was the hero here so I relented and allowed myself to blow a huge load deep into Murine’s pussy. Sleep came for her quickly. As I sat on the bed next to her I realized that if things went well it would be Lauryn begging me to fuck her mom from now on and seeing me as a hero for doing it.

When I had descended the stairs I saw Lauryn seated where she had been when I left with Murine. She looked away as our eyes met.

“I didn’t have a choice…you didn’t stop it,” I began the exchange.

She looked up but did not make direct eye contact, “I know, I’m sorry I – “

“That’s not important,” I said stepping toward her. “I just hope we are fine.” My fingers touched the back of her hand and though we had hugged before it seemed such a deeply intimate thing as compared escort yalova to any of those hugs. It felt very awkward.

She dropped her head again, “I could not be upset with you. You did that despite how incredibly weird and strange it must have been and you really gave it to he -. I mean…I…I could hear you…doing it…that.” It was clear speaking about it was troubling for her.

“I’m sorry. I should have found a way to stop it from happening,” I waned her to have to be the one to ok the situation.

“You shouldn’t be sorry. I know it’s unusual – taboo even but…you really gave her what she needed at the moment. That’s clear. You could hear it…” I cut her off then.

“Oh, I’m so sorry I didn’t even think about what you might be able to hear. I should have held back even more than I was,” I quickly countered.

“Th-that was you holding back? The way she was screaming I thought…I…thought,” she fumbled.

“No, I was trying not to get to deep into it. I didn’t want to – to find out I liked it. I just did the bare minimum,” I lied. I didn’t give it my all but fucking for nearly an hour wasn’t my bare minimum either. “And I mean it…it would be a little weird…right…a little…if I was…you know actually…actually trying to make her cum.”

Lauryn looked at me, “…right…I mean…you weren’t?!?”

“No, of course not,” I lied again. “I really just wanted to do what I had to and that’s it.”

Lauryn’s eyes grew big, “…but I heard her cu-…I heard her…twice.”

“Three times actually. I know but I really wasn’t trying to…to do…” I explained. Her hand covered her mouth and she gasped at the story. I noticed her fidgeting in the seat. She was turned on and horny. “…that. I couldn’t face you if I was trying to get pleasure from it or make her cum on my di-…cum.”

“Thank you. I don’t know how to thank you. You’re my hero,” she stood and approached me wrapping me in a hug. “I know it’s strange…really strange…me thanking you, my son in-law for…,” the situation was too much and I’m sure she felt my erection as she crushed into me. “…for…wow…doing that with my mother but she needed it.”

I never expected the situation to work this favorably for me. I wanted nothing less to spin her around pull her jeans down and fuck the living shit out of her but I kept it together. Lauryn was grinding against my hard on even though I don’t think she was aware of it. I did press my luck by allowing my hand to slowly come to rest on her big soft ass. I didn’t mean to but when it did my dick jumped against her.

Lauryn didn’t break our embrace and looked down briefly to where we touched before looking up at my face. I knew then that she had definitely felt it. I was nervous so I apologized, “I’m so sorry…I…”

“Don’t be. It’s…it’s ok. I think, given the situation, it’s to be expected honestly,” she reassured me. “I can’t be mad at your body reacting to all of this.”

Her grinding was more forceful.

I let out a deep breath that I had been holding, “shit!”

Lauryn looked up at me again. Her eyes were full of lust. She smiled.

My hand closed on her soft ass cheek. She reacted by pressing herself into me. My dick was throbbing like crazy. In moments I would have her. I squeezed her ass more firmly. Or whatever reason life had looked favorably upon me and I would now be fucking three generations of women. It was perfect.

And then…a moment of clarity.

Clearly the recent developments had affected us both. I was sure she was lusting for me as I was for her but I wasn’t sure when it was over that post orgasm clarity would still allow her to see me as a hero if we fucked, now. As difficult as it was to do it I pushed away from the moment. If she wanted me as bad as it seemed there would be another shot when it was beyond clear I wasn’t risking too much because I couldn’t think straight.

“I – I’m sorry,” I began regarding the look of shock and disappointment on her face. “There’s just so much going on and you -you’re absolutely incredibly – you’re gorgeous if I’m being honest and I am – I was being weak.”

I said the part about her being gorgeous so that she might not feel rejected and take this as me struggling to do right. Her face did not hide how hard me stepping back hit her though.

“I hope you can forgive me – I would never – I…,” I looked at her up and down taking in her shape in the way that a man looks at a women. “Well, if I don’t leave now maybe I might…no…I can’t…I have to go.”

“Wow, Natasha is a lucky woman,” I heard her say as I approached the door.

I turned back with a final apology and with that I was gone.

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