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My Ideal Morning

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I wake up on a queen sized bed. I was asleep on my back, belly up. I lay on the left side of the bed, and turn my head right to see you, still asleep. We are both under the bed sheets. Quietly, as not to disturb your slumber, I slowly slide the sheets off of me, revealing my sleeping attire. I am wearing nothing but baby blue panties and a white, short sleeve half shirt. Silently, I move my bare legs to the side of the bed, and get out of bed. I tiptoe all the way to the bedroom door, and as soon as I am outside of the bedroom, I close it. Now out in the kitchen that’s connected to the living room, just outside of the bedroom, I look at the time. It’s somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00 am. Time for some coffee.

After turning the coffee machine on, I stand by it, waiting. The cold morning air causes my bare skin to become covered in goosebumps, which I feel all over my legs, arms, and belly. I start rubbing my tan stomach in an attempt to warm it up, but only to find myself biting my own lip with my eyes closed. I even find myself leaning my head back as my fingers occasionally dip into my belly button. Finally, as the coffee machine nears completion, I grab my favorite coffee mug that you had bought for me and place it under the machine’s spout. The mug is pink, with white writing that says “Daddy’s Girl”. While the coffee is poured into the mug, I stand right beside it, letting the steam from the coffee hit right onto my belly and causing me to let out a light moan.

Once filled, I pick up the coffee mug with both of my hands and bring it to my lips. As the hot coffee fills my mouth and falls down my throat, I can feel the sensation of my belly becoming filled with the hot liquid, and as I let that gulp settle in my tummy, I can’t help but smile at the feeling of my belly being expanded by warm, yummy coffee. The whole experience reminding me of times I’ve swallowed other hot liquids, I quietly giggle at the thought of my belly becoming bloated after I finish this cup of coffee.

With myself now fully awake, I look to the glass doors that lead out to the sundeck, and I walk toward them. I open and walk through them, and find myself kızılay escort standing in the middle of the sundeck, out in the midst of the cold morning air. It’s still dark, with the sun not even on the horizon yet. I plan to watch the sunrise, so I wait while sipping my cup of coffee, looking out at the gigantic ocean from the beach house I share with you. While the morning started off quiet, and I remain alone on the beach house’s balcony, I see some people, jogging out on the sand of the beach that lay just behind our house, separating our home from the ocean. I see surfers eventually come out to catch the waves of the early morning, as well as some lifeguards appear to train new recruits. Still, despite all this new activity, all is quiet on my balcony as these people seem to be at a distance. I consider this ideal due to my personal preference to not wear clothes. Hell, I would someday love to watch the sunrise in the nude, but know that I’d probably find myself in some trouble.

This thought had escaped me as, with the sun’s first few beams of light appearing over the horizon, I saw, out of my peripheral vision, one of my neighbors appear onto his balcony. I did not turn my head, but I just knew, that he, at first, did not see me; it was still somewhat dark. While he gaze out onto the horizon on the beach house balcony on my right, assuming for the same reason I was out, an elderly couple, probably in their 60’s or 70’s, hold each other as they sit on their sundeck that lay on my left. With both of my neighbors now out on their patios watching the sunrise, I suddenly became aware at how exposed I was with my only attire being my sleepwear. After about 5 minutes, I could see, though still not turning my head, that the neighbor on my right side was now aware of my presence. I could feel his eyes ogling my entire body, with all of my tan skin on display. Though covered by my crop top, I could just feel his eyes on my nipples as they poke right through the white fabric. I’m suddenly thinking about last night, when I was debating with myself whether or not I should wear a bra to bed. I now wonder about how not wearing one is kolej escort now affecting my neighbor’s view of me. Still not turning to even acknowledge his presence, I merely smile as I look down at my cup of coffee for another sip.

I must have been a sight, as I knew that my neighbors eyes did not leave my area, and were only joined by the elderly couple that are sitting to my left. Finally, after a few minutes of this silent admiration, I feel a couple of arms wrap around my midriff, only for the hands of those arms to rest on my bare belly. I let out a slight gasp, only for my initial drop of my jaw to turn into an embarrassed chuckle. Knowing that it is you that has snuck up behind me, I rest my head on your chest by leaning my head back, placing my coffee mug down on the wooden railing of the sundeck. As you begin caressing my belly, one of your hands goes down to my thighs only to repeat the same soothing motions. With your hands and arms three times the size of mine, as well as the rest of your body, I can only merely lean back into you as you press your lips behind my neck. From their, you land your soft, lovely kisses, making me close my eyes and bite my lip again. Finally, while your hands continue to massage and grope my body, I reach up to grasp the back of your head and press it down deeper into my neck. In doing so, my entire body stretches, with my tan belly now concave and my ribs protruding from just beneath my shirt. With some slight underboob now on display, my belly button has turned into a slit, making your fingers have to dig in order to penetrate it. This doesn’t seem to deter you.

While you finger my navel, your kisses start trailing from the base of my neck towards the side of my neck. From there, you start kissing upwards as the hand that’s not fingering my belly button is now caressing my protruding ribs. Your lips reach my ear, with your tongue merely dipping out and penetrating my ear, only for a few seconds. Your kisses then begin to trail again as I begin to turn my head towards yours, which now sits over my dainty shoulder. Finally, as you continue to finger my navel while your other hand maltepe escort now traces the sides and curves of my body, our eyes meet briefly only for our lips to finally meet. We are now kissing passionately as both your hands grab my hips and pull them towards your pelvis. I can feel your hard on pressing on the back of my butt. Though you are wearing a plain white, shortsleeve tee shirt with some plaid pajama pants, I knew you weren’t wearing any underwear. Continuing our kiss, you slowly pinch the waistband of my panties, and gently move them down just beneath the cheeks of my ass, with the front of my crotch still covered by them. You do the same to your own pajama pants, revealing that strong, manly cock I had described. Now, with each of your hands now firmly grasping a handful of my cheeks to spread them apart, without warning, you slickly insert yourself inside me, resulting in another tiny gasp escaping my lips.

As the sun continues to rise and you pump your seed into my ass, I arch my back, letting out high-pitched gasps at every buck of your hips. Each time, my ass is slammed by your hips as well as your balls, and you grunt to let me know that I have been dominated by you. My gasps getting louder, I close my eyes as you continue to fuck me. You then decide to continue caressing my belly, but this time, you dig your finger in my tiny innie more aggressively. You continue to fuck my ass, with each pump of your cock resulting in my asscheeks jiggling, until finally, as my gasps are now at the highest pitch possible, you finally release. While I feel the sudden rush of fluid fill my rectum, I open my eyes, only to see the sun has fully risen above the horizon, illuminating the entire area. To my shock, I see both of our neighbors in complete awe of the scene, as well as some of the early beach-goers- joggers, lifeguards, even a couple of bikini-model looking ladies- in a total standstill of our fucking.

Totally frozen from the site, I suddenly feel a breeze as I remember that I am still dressed in nothing but a crop top and my panties, and it’s all of a sudden really breezy. Feeling totally exposed, I can feel you shake the last of your cum into my ass before you quickly pull out, pull my panties back up (a little hastily into a slight wedgie), and then slapping my buttcheek for good measure, making it jiggle as you pick me up off my feet to carry me back into our beach house for more hijinks.

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