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My First Cream Pie

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Judy and I had been dating for a few months and she was aware of and accepted my interest in women’s lingerie. Her favorite line was “women wear lingerie and men wear underwear. Except some men wear lingerie.” After our second or third sexual activity she gave me a pair of panties and asked me to put them on. It was a real thrill and she wanted to talk about me wearing panties and what I liked about them. I got another erection and she especially like that. From that day on she liked it when I wore panties and would ask me if I was wearing them when we talked on the phone. The woman loved being sexual. We began to share fantasies and play them out between ourselves. One of mine was being caught by my mother going through the hamper and sniffing her panties. She would ask me what I liked about them and ask me to show her what I did with her panties.

Do you masturbate with my panties Lyle? Is that what you do with mommies panties?”

Oh, the dialog was so much the part of the fantasy and she had is down just right. I didn’t have to tell her what to say or how to say it.

“Show mommy what you do with mommies panties, Lyle. Show mommy. Do you want to look at mommy in her panties Lyle? Do you want to see the wet spot you are making in mommies panties Lyle?”

She would lift her skirt and show me her panties. I like white or ecru, pink or any light pastel colored panties and that is just what she wore. Oh, it was exquisite what she did and gaziosmanpaşa escort I was in a constant state of arousal when we did these little fantasy plays.

She liked her daddy fantasy. She wanted to be watched as she masturbated in front of her daddy and his friends. She wanted to be told to masturbate and show her daddy’s friends her little pussy. In her scenario they were all sitting at the poker table and her daddy would call her into the room and tell her what to do in front of his friends. She liked that the men were all watching her and masturbating. She imagined them all with their hard cocks out and their fists flying up and down. She imagined them standing over or next to her and cumming on her tits, the cum flying everywhere and landing on her body. The hot slippery semen dripping down her various body areas and parts. Sometimes he would tell her that she had to let one of his friends play with her pussy. That’s where I came in. I was the friend that played with her pussy and sometimes fucked her. But getting fucked was a very small part of the fantasy. She like me to jack off on her and spray my seed on her body. Being told what to do and being watched doing it was the big part and that is what brought her to her body shuddering orgasms, her pussy drenching, squirting orgasms, her writhing, screaming orgasms. When they were finally over she would lay panting and moaning from both exertion and pleasure. Oh what gölbaşı escort times we had.

One evening after a rather mild event of just intercourse I began to get hard again. She wasn’t particularly involved but , of course willing to go along with me. She suggested that I eat her to help her get in the mood. She loved that. And this time she commented on how she loved the idea of me eating my own cum. I had thought of this at various times, eating my own cum off my hand after masturbating, but somehow after I came I had no desire at all. This time I was going to eat her and eating my own cum was a secondary and just necessary part in getting the main goal, her pleasure, satisfied.

Oh what an enjoyable time it was. I always loved a wet pussy and this was even wetter and more slippery than usual. I liked both the sensation and the taste. A mix of salty and pussy.

We were in 69 and she commented that I must really like this as she claimed that my cock got harder and thicker than usual. That my balls got bigger too. Apparently I liked eating cream pies.

We were dating, not living together and saw each other a couple of nights a week. And while we were not necessarily dating others there was the occasional date. And that is what lead to the next adventure.

Unbeknownst to me she had been seeing another man and having sex. I found out one night when I was at her house and casually went to the hamper, at her keçiören escort suggestion, to get pair of panties to wear. I love to wear her recently worn and still wet panties. I reached in and fondled a few of her things, bras, socks, a shirt and then panties. The pair I found were pale pink, one of my favorites and I pulled them out and to my nose for a good sniff. They were very wet and slick, heavy with jizz. It was cum for sure and I was quite taken aback. Just then she walked in and said, “Oh, well, I guess it will all come out now.”

“In answer to your unspoken question, yes, I was fucked this after noon. And I want you to fuck me now. Before any more of this leaks out. I want two loads in my pussy. Now, please.”

Well, I was a bit shocked but also turned on. The idea of wearing the cold, wet, cum filled panties made me hard. I pulled them up and felt the cool cum filled gusset against my balls.

She lay on the bed and spread her legs giving me a view of her panty gusset covered pussy. I loved that view.

“Kiss me through my panties, Lyle. I want you to really enjoy this.”

“Take them off, I want to eat that cream pie first. Then I’ll fuck you.”

She put the panties’ by her side, easy to reach to give me something to sniff while we fucked’

“Eat me” she demanded.

And eat it I did. I was so hot. I just loved licking that wet pussy and hearing her moan, feeling her shake and tremble with the sensation. I got so hot that I came in my panties from the thrill alone. I guess I did like a cream pie.

“Oh, Lyle, you naughty boy. Mommy says you have to lick your panties clean now. Show mommy how you lick your panties Lyle.”

I did that too. And I loved it, licking both loads from the panties.

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