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My Daughter’s Friend

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“You excited for our campout this weekend?”

“Sure dad.”

“I thought I could get a little more excitement out of you than that.”

“Okay dad. By the way, my friend Leah didn’t have anything to do this weekend, so I invited her along. I hope that’s okay.”

“But I thought this was just going to be family time?”

“Come on dad. She’s my best friend. She’ll fit right in.”

“Well, I guess. It doesn’t sound like I have a choice now, do I?”

This weekend was supposed to be a family-only trip to the mountains, to enjoy the outdoors and family time. It took months to finally convince my wife, son, and daughter to go. Now I guess we had to take along my daughter’s best friend. Not only that, but I had no idea what Leah was like. Lisa was home from college for spring break. Lisa had met Leah while up at college. From what Lisa tells me, they instantly became friends.

The next afternoon I started getting the truck ready to go. I packed the tents, sleeping bags, and everything else we needed. I was really looking forward to just getting away, even though it was going to be pretty cold up where we were going. I made sure to pack extra blankets and coats for everyone.

We were all supposed to meet at 4 pm to get going. My wife and son were ready to go. Then I got a call from Lisa.

“Hi dad. Change in plans.”

“You’re still coming, right?”

“Ya dad. Can you pick Lisa and me up on the way? I just got stuck at her house.”

“Sure. Is your stuff all ready to go?”

“Everything’s ready. My things are in the red duffle bag next to the guest room. I’ll text you Leah’s address.”

“Alright. We’ll be there in 30 minutes or so.”

I got Lisa’s stuff and finally got on the road. As we neared Leah’s home, my mind started to wander. One thing I hadn’t thought of was that I was going to be with two college girls all weekend. Yes one of them was going to be my daughter, but the other was going to be a girl I didn’t even know. I didn’t even know what she was like or what she looked like. All I knew was that Lisa kept herself up pretty well, so I figured her friends probably did the same.

At that point my wife interrupted my daydream and pointed to the right side of the road. Standing there was my daughter, waving her arms at us. I pulled over to the curb and got out of the car to make sure everything was okay.

“Ready to go?”

“Ya dad. Leah will be out in a second.”

At that moment, I looked toward the front door and out walked Leah.

And my heart stopped…

And my mind went blank…

To describe the feeling I had when Leah walked through the front door is impossible. Impossible because I’ve never had that feeling before, nor since.

To say that Leah was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen would be an understatement. Leah was a goddess. Leah was dressed in a pair of ultra-short pink shorts, which showed off her long, slender, tanned legs. Her slender legs gave way to a small, tight waist, which showed off her well-toned abs. And not only was her waist small, but it looked extra small when compared to her best feature, her chest.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, except that she was basically wearing a string bikini top. Her bikini top barely had enough material to cover her large, firm, but well-proportioned tits. The amount of cleavage she was showing was, honestly, unfair to any man alive. I instantly got a hard-on.

“Thanks for letting me come on your campout,” Leah said as she approached me.

“No problem. Any friend of Lisa’s is welcome in our family.”

As Esenyurt Escort she approached the truck, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her backside. As she stepped up to get into the truck, I could see the fabric in her shorts stretch, allowing me to essentially see her every curve.

“Dad! Stop staring. That’s gross. You’re as bad as the boys in college, but 20 years older.”

“I wasn’t staring,” trying to save face. “I was just making sure she got in the truck alright.”

“Okay, sure dad.”

I got back into the truck, and we were off. It was about a three hour drive up to camp. It was a fun drive, as we sang some camp songs and told good stories.

About two hours into the drive, everyone started to fall asleep. I looked behind me to see if Lisa or Leah were awake. They were both asleep, but I couldn’t believe what I saw. Leah was hunched over, leaning against the side of the car. The best part, though, was what had happened to her clothes. Her bikini top had shifted to the side and nearly her entire right tit was exposed. I could almost completely see her right nipple.

Since I had to keep driving, I couldn’t keep looking back at her, so I shifted the rear-view mirror so it pointed directly at her. It was a perfect view. Her chest was nearly completely exposed, and her shorts had hiked up even more. I couldn’t believe that a woman could be that beautiful. I was getting harder and harder by the second.

Finally, I turned the rear view mirror away from her and just drove. I knew I couldn’t keep looking at her, or else I think I would’ve cum right then.

About an hour later, we arrived at camp. It was a small, secluded camp, with only a handful of formal campsites. Lucky for us, we were the only ones at camp.

When we got there, everyone started to wake up. Everyone piled out of the truck and started to set up camp. I was surprised how fast they worked, until I realized they just wanted to get camp set up so they could get to sleep.

Soon enough, camp was set up and all the sleeping bags and blankets were in the tent. The family piled into the tent, got into their sleeping bags, and fell asleep. It was at that point, though, that I realized someone was missing.

Leah was still in the truck.

In everyone’s haste to get camp set up, no one noticed that Leah never got out of the truck. I quickly got out of the tent and went to the truck to check on Leah. Sure enough, she was fast asleep, still leaning against the door. I thought of leaving her there, but she was starting to shiver. I figured I needed to get her in the tent.

“Leah, Leah,” I said, trying to wake her up.

“What? What’s going on?”

“Camp is set up. You want to come sleep in the tent? It’ll be warmer.”

“Sure, that sounds good, it’s kind of cold in here.”

“Well, you’re not exactly dressed in camp clothing.”

“Ya, I guess not.”

I closed the door to the truck and walked her to the tent. She got into the tent and immediately fell asleep. I noticed that we hadn’t gotten enough sleeping bags out of the truck, so went back to get one for myself. The problem was, when I got to the truck, I couldn’t find another sleeping bag…or blankets.

‘I must have forgotten that Leah was coming too,’ I thought to myself. ‘Now what?’

I thought about sleeping in the truck, but given how cold it was going to be in the middle of the night, I knew that wouldn’t work. So I took the only blanket I had in the truck and went back to the tent.

‘I guess I’ll just make do with this tonight.’

Looking in the tent, there was only Avcılar Escort one spot for me to sleep. It was basically at the end of the tent, right next to Leah. I figured that would work, placed down my blanket, and laid down. It was at that point that I wasn’t sure if that would work. Even with the blanket, I was pretty cold…and I knew it would only get colder. But I tried to get to sleep anyway.

I drifted in and out of sleep over the next couple hours, never able to get to sleep because it was too cold. I started to shiver. I was still trying to figure out what I was going to do when Leah interrupted my thought.

“Are you cold? You look real cold.”

“Ya, it’s pretty cold out here. Apparently I didn’t pack enough sleeping bags.”

“Oh, that’s not good. Well, you can’t just sleep like that all night long.”

“Well, I’m not sure what choice I have.”

“Well, this sleeping bag is one of those over-sized ones. You want to try and share?”

It was at that moment that the whole night changed. Before that moment, the night sucked. After that moment, my thoughts started to run wild.

“Do you think that’d be a good idea? I mean, it’d be pretty tight.”

“Well, we can at least try.”

“Okay, I guess.”

Leah partially unzipped the sleeping bag and I got my legs in. At first, I got in right behind her, spooning her. As she started to zip up the sleeping bag, I knew I had a big problem, a very big problem. I forgot exactly how close we’d be, until we were zipped up together. There was no questioning my raging hard-on I was getting, that was stabbing Leah in the ass.

Thankfully, Leah didn’t say anything about it, though I knew she had to realize what was happening. When we were in and zipped up, I also couldn’t figure out what to do with my arms. At first they were at my side, but that was uncomfortable. I then lightly put them on Leah’s waist, until, that is, Leah took my arm and put it around her waist.

“I’m sure this will be more comfortable. I don’t mind.”

I was speechless. There I was, spooning a goddess that was half my age. As my hand touched her bare waist, my cock just got harder and harder. My cock pressing into her ass, my arms wrapped around her small waist. And not only that, but when I looked over her shoulder, I had the shock of my life.

Her bikini top had fallen off her tits.

With all the maneuvering we’d been doing, her bikini top must have rubbed up against the sleeping bag and fallen right off. What I saw was two luscious, mouth-watering tits, with nipples erect. It was at that moment where I lost all consciousness of where I was. All I wanted was to rip off the rest of her clothes, suck her tits, and fuck her wildly.

For the next 10 minutes, I just laid there, completely motionless. I couldn’t figure out what to do. All I knew was that I still had a hard-on and I knew if I moved too much, I could explode.

I thought I could hear Leah breathe a little harder, like she was asleep. I figured since I couldn’t get to sleep that maybe I could take advantage of the situation. So I took my right hand that was resting on her stomach and started to lightly brush her skin. I didn’t get any reaction from her, so I started to lift my hand a little and lightly touch her tits.

Her tits felt so good. They were large, tanned, deep, and, firm. I’ve always loved a good pair of large but firm tits and I’d never felt any greater in my life.

As I continued to rub her tits, I gained more and more courage. I started to quietly kiss the back of her neck. Her skin was so soft, her hair so smooth, and her body so sexy.

At that moment, Leah turned her head and whispered.

“You’re so bad. You know you shouldn’t be doing this.”

I just continued kissing.

“Alright, you asked for it.”

And with that, she started to squirm her body around so she was facing me. Suddenly, I was face-to-face with Leah.

“I owe you a thanks for taking me along, and I think I know how to repay you.”

Looking me in the eyes, she reached down my pants and grabbed a hold of my cock. She grabbed my balls and massaged me up and down. I scooted down in the sleeping bag and took her tits in my mouth. Circling her nipples with my tongue, she started to squirm with excitement. That just got me harder. The more excited we became, the harder we would squirm against each other’s bodies.

As I started to kiss her neck and lips, I could feel her full tits rubbing against my chest. That feeling was pure ecstasy. Feeling this, Leah started to grind her body and tits against mine. I returned the favor by fondling her entire body with my hands.

Feeling courageous, I reached down to Leah’s shorts and yanked them down. Luckily, she helped by sliding them down her legs the rest of the way. She then took a hold of my shorts and pulled them down.

There we were, completely naked, bodies pressed against each other, with the rest of my family right next to us. Having the rest of my family right next to us gave a sense of excitement that I’d never felt before. And I loved it.

After not being able to take it anymore, I reach down, taking a hold of my cock, and guided it into Leah’s awaiting love hole. She lifted her leg as much as she could, making way for my cock to enter. After getting to the entrance of her pussy, I slowly grinded my way deeper and deeper. With each little thrust, Leah would give a little yelp, so I knew I had to be careful unless I wanted my family awoken.

As I slowly kept grinding my cock in her pussy, I wrapped my arms around her chest and back, and started kissing her all over her body. As small beads of sweat started forming between us, she started to let out small moans. I could tell she was losing control of herself, as she was no longer as concerned with making noise.

I didn’t care, so the more she moaned, the harder and deeper I thrusted my cock into her dripping pussy. As I continued to pound my cock into her pussy, Leah started to wrap her arms around my body. I could feel her pussy start to clamp down on my cock, with her tits swelling against my chest. As I kept pounding her pussy with my thick cock, her entire body started to tremble. She suddenly grabbed me with everything she had, grinding her pussy against my cock, her pussy swallowing my cock whole, her orgasm coming in full force.

That’s the point I couldn’t hold it any longer. As I felt her pussy orgasm against my throbbing cock, my cock swelled even more, going deeper into her pussy than I’d ever been in any pussy. I pounded her over and over again, until it was my turn to grab her with all I had. Feeling her tits against my chest, her lips against my lips, my cock deep within her pussy, I brought her closer and closer to me. I pushed my cock one last time into her tight pussy, and came with all I had. Stream after stream of cum raced through my cock, depositing deep within her pussy. I kept cumming and cumming, my cock pulsating against the walls of her pussy. I finally stopped cumming, but just laid there face to face with the sexiest girl I’d ever seen.

Not remembering where we were, Leah and I just kind of let go and fell asleep, right there in the sleeping bag.

The next morning, we woke up to the scream of a woman.

My wife.

That next day was not good.

But it was worth it.

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