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My Best Friend – University Years Ch. 05

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My Best Friend: The University Years 5

I was working in a bar one evening, just doing my usual routine strip for a hen party. They were a noisy bunch, but then, hen parties are always loud and raucous. Girls on a night out really let their hair down, and the laughing and screaming just seem to get louder and louder as the night went on and they appeared determined to have the best time they could. The bar was not one of my favourites I have to admit; a bit on the rough side, but on the whole most of the customers were decent, hard-working folk.

I was halfway through my act when I noticed a strippo-gram-girl dressed as a policewoman standing by the door watching me. I mentally dismissed her, presuming she was waiting to do her act, maybe to some other group in the bar, and although she was a tall, good looking blonde, I had a job to do and carried on with my act. So, I was most definitely aware of her, but proceeded with the rest of my routine until the inevitable chant started up. ‘Off! Off! Off!’ and I knew they were referring to my last remaining item of clothing, my g-string. It was coming off anyway, but I liked to tease them a bit, before showing them my ‘bits.’

I took the bride to be, by the hand and led her to a chair I’d placed in the centre of the floor. I danced around her, with her friends cheering and whistling, egging me and her on. I placed her hands on my body and slid them down until she hooked her thumbs through the g-string and began to pull it down, all the while to the encouraging call and screams of her friends. At last my cock was released and in full view to the delight of the bride and her party.

The bride to be, obviously tipsy, made a grab for my best friend, but I sidestepped easily and danced around her some more, teasing her and her friends, a few of whom tried to handle, ‘the goods,’ as well. I made a show of almost letting them, but pulled away at the last moment. Finally, the music came to an end, and I waved and left the bar, to rousing cheers from the women. I was towelling myself down, trying to remove the baby oil I’d used in the act before I got dressed again, when there was a knock at the door, which began to open. The other stripper popped her head round the door.

‘Hi, I was just wondering if I could have a word with you?’ she asked. I invited her in; although still naked, but then she’d seen it all already, so there was no false modesty with a fellow performer. I continued to wipe away the oil, and she watched me for a moment or two. ‘Baby oil is a right bugger, isn’t it?’ she stated. ‘It seems to get everywhere.’ I grinned at her. ‘Which agency are you with?’ she asked, so I told her, asking which one she was with. ‘Well, I’m not actually with an agency,’ she replied. ‘My name’s Theresa, but everybody calls me Tess, and I’m not a stripper, I’m the real deal, a police officer,’ she said with a smile on her face. I have to say, I was proud of myself when I looked back on how I handled it, because I remained calm, and finished dressing while she watched.

‘Did I do something wrong?’ I eventually asked. ‘Or overstep the mark, I try to keep it kosher, but in the heat of the moment so to speak, sometimes thing happen you’re not even aware of.’ She shook her head, assuring me I had nothing to worry about. She was just coming off duty she explained and had just popped her head round the door, a last-minute check sort of thing, and had decided to watch my act. She thought I looked a bit young to be performing, but I assured her I was old enough, and showed her my student I.D. to prove it. She checked it, nodded and handed it back.

‘Have you got another job tonight, or is that you finished?’ she inquired. I told her that was my last job of the night, and as soon as I finished dressing I was off home. ‘Hmm… I see. So that’s you off duty, and so am I, how about both of us going somewhere else, another pub, a quieter one, and having a relaxing after work drink together?’ She looked almost embarrassed, but I have to say she was a tasty looking woman. Tall, blonde hair tied back in what I now know they call a, ‘French pleat.’ Her face was almost perfect, but with a strong determined mouth and chin. The mouth was full-lipped and sensual, and there was hint of humour in her clear blue eyes.

‘Do I have a choice?’ I asked, teasing her.

‘Do I have to get out the handcuffs, sunshine?’ she teased me back.

‘I’ll come quietly guv,’ I assured her, packing the last of my things in my holdall. I knew where this was going to end; in her bed, via the pub, and I was all too eager to co-operate.

I’m not much of a drinker, and as it turned out, neither was she, but it gave us the excuse to be together and learn a little more about each other. I liked her and I knew the feeling was mutual, so it was no surprise when I leaned a little closer and kissed her. She kissed me back eagerly, and bearing in mind we weren’t exactly desperate to stay in the bar, we soon finished almanbahis our drinks and left.

Outside on the pavement we held hands, both of us eager for the night to continue. She asked where I stayed, and I told her. She thought for a moment and said, ‘My place is nearer,’ then added, ‘If you’re not too tired after all that jigging about?’ I laughed.

‘I’d like to think I have a fair bit more, “jigging,” in me yet,’ I confirmed. She smiled and nodded.

‘That’s what I was hoping to hear,’ she said, and led me in the direction of what I assumed was her place. So, there it was, we were going to her place, and we were going to be lovers; it was unstated, but understood.

Just before we got to her place she turned to me. ‘Can I ask you a favour?’ and I said she could. ‘I know we did a few, “police,” jokes back there to break the ice, but when we’re together from now on, whether it’s just for this one night, or whatever, could you forget I’m a policewoman, and avoid the police jokes? I’ve heard them all before, and I’d just like it to be a normal man and woman thing. Can you do that for me?’ I agreed of course, and I told her it was easy to forget she was in the police force, even with her walking by my side in police uniform.

Her flat was very nice, a bit minimalist, but she explained that she’d not long moved to this city, and was taking her time with the decor before she made any big decisions. I made myself at home and went into the kitchen to make us a cup of tea while she changed out of her uniform. As I said, neither of us was much of a drinker.

‘Thank god I’ve got those damned shoes off,’ she said as I came back into the lounge. ‘I’ve been on my feet all day and they’re aching.’ I said nothing handing her a cup of tea. She’d put her feet up on the sofa as she rested, and I took the initiative, gently massaging the ache out of them. She was reluctant at first saying they may be a bit smelly, but I shushed her protests, and carried on regardless. From the appreciative noises she was making I could tell she was enjoying the massage and the attention. She looked at me through half closed eyes. ‘You know, I thought you were a bit special when I saw you, but it seems I didn’t know quite how special you are. Here we are, two supposedly horny people, and instead of going at it, hammer and tongs, you’ve made me a cup of tea and given me a foot massage. It’s like we’ve been married for five years or something.’ I smiled at her.

‘We’ve got plenty of time; we both know what’s going to happen, but you’ve just finished a long day-shift, time to put your feet up and relax with a nice cup of tea,’ I explained. She had remarkably nice feet, and despite her fears, not the slightest bit smelly. I’m not into feet at all, I’m inclined to think they are one of the ugliest parts of the human body, but hers were very nice, as feet go, and as I gently rubbed and massaged, she began to breathe quite heavily.

‘That feels so nice,’ she virtually purred, ‘but come sit beside me, closer,’ and she swivelled her bottom round on the sofa, feet on the floor and patted the seat beside her. I went to her, and took her in my arms, kissing her slowly and deliberately, and she kissed me back most enthusiastically. This went on for some time, neither of us in a hurry, just getting to know each other. I put my hand under the sweater she’d changed into, and felt nothing but bare skin, no bra. Her skin was deliciously smooth and silky, and she shivered a little with pleasure as I stroked her back and sides.

Eventually of course I let my hands touch her generous breasts, feeling the hardness of her nipples, squeezing gently, drawing moans of pleasure from her lips. For her part, she had unbuttoned my shirt, and pulled it out of the waistband of my trousers. We slowly undressed each other until we were both naked, stroking and touching, with her holding my cock and me slowly caressing the inside of her thighs. ‘Let’s go to bed,’ she whispered huskily, and led me by the hand to her bedroom.

We pulled down the duvet, and got into bed, no hurry at all until we came into each other’s arms and felt all that lovely naked skin. Things became a bit more urgent after that, as she put one leg over me, opening herself up to the possibility of the most intimate caressing. She was gloriously wet, and my fingers delving between her pussy lips only added to the situation. She moaned and shivered with passion as I set to work, kissing her tenderly, and stroking her, two fingers slipping back and forth.

‘Please don’t wait any longer; I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. Please, I need you now,’ she pleaded. I slid over on top of her, and she rolled over on her back, spreading her legs, ready to receive me. She took me in her hand and placed me against her pussy, nestling me against her wet, open lips, and pushed upwards, eager to consummate the affair, and I for my part was just as eager, thrusting against her willing sex. I pushed almanbahis giriş in a little bit, and then retreated, giving her time, and then I pushed a bit more forcefully, and I was in her. Not all the way yet, but enough to make her cry out with pleasure, and on the very next push, I knew she had taken all of me into her deepest recesses.

She whimpered and moaned with pleasure as I slowly set to work, building her up, whispering in her ear how beautiful she was and how wonderful it felt to be in her gorgeous pussy. It was no lie, she felt wonderful, simply divine, as she pushed up against me, matching each thrust, stroke for stroke. She was so excited, I knew she couldn’t last, and then she whispered, ‘I’m coming, I’m sorry, I’m coming,’ but I told her it was fine, let it go, don’t hold back, and she certainly didn’t, calling out my name, pushing frantically up against me, relieving the need in her.

It was lovely feeling her pussy ripple with the spasms of orgasm, and knowing I had helped to do that for her. She thanked me as her orgasm began to die, holding me so tight I could hardly breathe. She was a strong young woman, no doubt about that. ‘Don’t leave me just yet,’ she whispered, ‘stay awhile.’ I realised beneath this seemingly strong woman there was a vulnerability that I found very appealing. I assured her that I was going nowhere, and she’d have to throw me out in the morning. She laughed at that, but her laughter quickly turned to moans and whimpers as I thrust deep into her again, restarting the cycle of pleasure.

I made love to her again and again, keeping her on the boil by pleasuring her orally and fingering her to orgasm while I waited for my cock to recover after I’d come myself. When I was ready I turned her over and slipped into her pussy from behind, pleasuring her again. Eventually we both fell asleep, and I wakened in the morning to find her watching me. ‘Hello lover,’ she said, smiling, ‘it’s time for me to get up, but you can stay here if you want. Just lock the door on your way out.’

She slipped out of bed, naked and lovely and ran for the bathroom. By the time she came back I was up and dressed and had the kettle on for tea. She came out of the bedroom dressed in her uniform once again. She looked so damned beautiful, but a bit more serious now. ‘I don’t know what came over me last night. I’m not the kind of person who does that sort of thing, but I’ve been so lonely since I came here, to this city,’ she tried to explain.

‘Are you having regrets about it now?’ I suggested, but she shook her head vigorously.

‘Regrets? Never, that was the best thing that’s happened to me for a long time. I just don’t want you to think I’m,’ she hesitated, searching for the right words, ‘a slut or something…’ she tailed off. I assured her that I didn’t think that at all, and I took her in my arms again.

‘You’re a lovely person and a wonderful lover. I’m so grateful you spoke to me last night,’ I told her, and I kissed her as lovingly and tenderly as I could. She clung to me, holding me really tightly again.

‘Will I see you again?’ she asked, and there was that air of uncertainty once more. I wasn’t lying when I said she would. I couldn’t think of anything I’d like better at that precise moment. I kissed her again.

‘Who’s going to massage your smelly feet after a hard day, if not me?’ I teased her. She slapped my arm playfully, laughing, protesting, that I had assured her they weren’t smelly the night before. Still teasing, I told her I would have said anything to get her panties off. She giggled, and quickly reminded me that they were already off, because when she’d changed out of uniform, she hadn’t bothered to put underwear back on. I kissed her, and if she hadn’t been going to work, I would have liked nothing better than to make love to her again, and I knew she felt the same way. ‘Sunday?’ I asked, which was just two nights away and she nodded shyly, and so it was arranged.

I had a bit of a swagger in my step as I waved her goodbye on the street; I just felt good about being with her.

I didn’t have any classes since it was a Saturday, so I went home, had a shower, and a few hours in bed to catch up on the sleep I had missed the night before. I would need my sleep in order to be in good condition for my assignment tonight. One of my, ‘specials,’ for Julia, which paid very well, and this one was a new client. Julia had told me this one was a bit special, and I was in for a real treat. Treat or no, I would have to impress to uphold my steadily growing reputation amongst Julia’s elite clientele. These women were wealthy, and sophisticated, but lonely. They needed a bit more than just a big cock stuck in them. They wanted skill, consideration, and even a hint of romance, and I was just the man to give it to them.

That evening, already armed with all the details I needed, address, etc, I made my way into the residential West End of the city, and found almanbahis yeni giriş myself on the street known locally as, ‘Millionaire’s Row.’ As I approached the front door, I reflected that this was the most luxurious and impressive house I’d been to so far. The others had been wealthy, no doubt, but this house stood in its own impressive grounds, the driveway must have been at least fifty yards long as it twisted between mature trees on either side. Darkness was falling as I rang the doorbell, but I didn’t have to wait long.

I heard the clack, clack, of high heels on stone, saw a silhouette behind the glass panel of the door, and then a vision of loveliness opened the door, and smiled at me. My initial impression was that she was tall, and I mean super model tall, slim, but with curves and bulges in all the right places. The classy off-white dress complemented her honey golden tan, and clung to a figure, which as far as I could see, had not one superfluous ounce of flesh anywhere. I was virtually speechless!

‘Hi, I’m Erin,’ she said, smiling and showing off her perfect white teeth, her handshake warm and firm. How can I describe the rest of her face, except to say it was perfection, from her luxurious long dark hair, and dark brown eyes to the prominent cheekbones, straight, perfect nose, full sensual lips, and strong chin?

‘I hoped you might be,’ was my lame reply, as I introduced myself, but she must have been used to men reacting like I was doing. I felt a complete fool, but she invited me in and suggested I follow her into the drawing room. I didn’t think things like drawing rooms existed except in stately homes on T.V. but again, this looked like a stately home, and she looked like a real lady, there was no doubt of that. ‘Please, take a seat, can I get you anything to drink?’ she asked, in a voice as pure and lovely as everything else about her. I told her mineral water would be fine, and taking the same for herself, she came and sat opposite me, crossing her long, slim legs in a whisper of stocking nylon. Her shoes must have cost as much as most people’s weekly wages, simple and elegant.

‘I’ve heard awfully good things about you from Julia at the agency,’ she smiled, a flirtatious look in her eyes. ‘I do hope they are true and not just Julia exaggerating.’

‘Well, I don’t know what Julia told you, so I couldn’t possibly comment, but I will try my best to live up to expectations, and not leave you disappointed.’ She smiled and nodded her head.

‘Let’s cut to the chase,’ she said, looking serious now. ‘Julia told me you were exceptionally well endowed, so much so that I thought she was exaggerating to, “seal the deal,” so to speak. Was she?’ I asked if she’d like me to show what I had in store for her, and she smiled nervously, saying nothing but nodding her head. I stood up slowly, and casually walked over to her. She uncrossed her legs and sat forward on her chair eagerly, as I stopped in front of her. I knew I was already hard, just being in the same room as this woman was enough to give any man a hard-on. I slowly pulled down the zip, watching her face as I did it, her eyes never left the front of my trousers. She swallowed nervously, or it may have been with excitement as I unbuttoned the top button, and pushed my trousers down over my hips. With my cock still hidden by my underpants, I reached down and took her hands in mine, placing them on the waistband.

‘Would you like to take charge of the, “unveiling?” I teased. I think she was beyond speaking with excitement at that point, and she pulled down the waist band until I was totally exposed. Her eyes opened wider in surprise. ‘Did Julia exaggerate?’ was all I said, and she shook her head.

‘Oh my god, no, not one bit, oh my god, oh my god, I can’t believe it. Oh fuck, I’ll never be able to take it,’ she shook her head, but at the same time reached out to take me in her hands. She stroked me back and forth; her beautifully manicured hands trying to encircle my girth. It was so exciting to see her long elegant fingers struggling to meet, and hear her repeat her mantra of, ‘Oh my god,’ over and over.

She leaned closer, and ran her tongue along my length, struggling to get my swollen knob in her mouth. She managed as I knew she would, and proceeded to make love to my cock for long minutes on end until I gently prised myself loose from her lovely mouth. She slumped back in her chair, her chest heaving with sexual excitement, and I knew this stunning woman was going to be mine, to do with as I wanted for the rest of the night. It was a heady feeling, and one I was looking forward to.

She stood, and taking my hand led me into the hallway, and up a staircase that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Hollywood movie. Her bedroom was bigger than my entire flat, the last word in luxury, very modern, very minimalist and very tasteful. A small aeroplane could have landed on the bed, it was simply huge, and as we walked towards it, I caught her in my arms, pulling her back against me, kissing her neck, making her shiver in anticipation. My hands went to her breasts and squeezed, and she whimpered with pleasure as I found her nipples, gently, ‘milking,’ them, pulling at the nipples.

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