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Ms. Marca Ch. 42

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Many of you have ask me to tell about my sexual actives when I was at home and doing it with the different men in the neighborhood that I lived in when I graduated from high school. My last year of high school I was 18 years old and had that grown up look and could pass for a woman 25 or more. Today I’m 33 and I stand 5′ 10″ 140# with a 40DD 23X38 figure and at 18 I had about the same figure so you can see why I was very popular with the boys in school.

Our family lived in an upscale area of town that had homes with 2500 + sq. foot. I had the back bedroom in our house and you could look in to my bedroom from the back of the house or the north side of the house. This gave the two men on two sides a view of me whenever I left my blinds open.

The pool parties that the grownups had in the summer got real interesting my last year of high school and I could see how all the guys looked at me and the smiles I got when I made eye contact with each of them. All the men in the neighborhood were 40 to 50 years old and some had kids my age or younger. I told you how I made it with two of the men already (see Ch. 41 for Mr. Worth and Ch. 33 for Mr. Jones)

My last year of high school I was dating like it was going out of style and if I didn’t go out something was wrong. That year I was also modeling at the mall or I was home doing nothing but working on my tan. Mother and father both worked and I had the place to myself from 7 AM till 6 PM. Around the house and in the backyard I was always half undressed as one of the wives told my mother. When I wasn’t in my bikini I had on short shorts and a tub top or a halter-top, just anything to show off my body to whoever happens to be looking and all the men were. As for as that fucken bitch who made the smart remark about my dress or like of, her husband did more of the looking than any of the other men did, but more on that prick later.

I had been very sexual active for sometime and had enough guys to know what I like and how I wanted it done to me, I love dog style, and the word soon got around school that I was a good date. I always had a date if I wanted one. I was becoming a tiger in bed, never seeming to get enough fucking. “Marca The Cock Tease” as some called me in school, they were the ones who didn’t get a date. The more cock I got the more I wanted and it’s all I can do to get enough as I got older, I was having more orgasms and could reach a climax faster, having 3 or 4 before the guy got his nut off. It seems like the more cock I get, the more I want.

When guys would bring me home from a date I would have them pull into the driveway, this way my parents bedroom was on the other side of the house and could not see or here us. But this gave a perfect view for Mr. Robert Larson who lived on the south side of us and did not get to see in my bedroom. He got to see me in action in my dates car after 11 PM on school nights and 1 AM on the weekend from his second floor study. Mr. Larson was about 45 and had a grown son who was married and lived on the other side of town and Mrs. Larson was one those type who always had a project she was doing and was always going to some conference or study group in some seaside resort. When he saw me he always made a point to ask me how I was doing and give me that once over that told me he had been watching me and my date while we made out in the front seat of my dates car.

I would look him in the eye and tell him “I’m doing just great, maybe staying out to late, but a girl is only 18 once!” I would turn and walk off and make sure I wiggled my ass for him. When Mrs. Larson was out of town he would always be in his study when I got home from my date and when the car pulled up in the drive his study light would go out. I could see him stand by the window and look down on us. Depending on whom I was out with determined the type of sex I ended the night on, the worst I ever had was a guy going down on me. I tried to end the night by jerking the guy off or giving him head.

So its usually a quick back seat screw or a blow-job plus a bit of sweet talk, then I’ll use his underwear to clean up [I never can remember to take Kleenex!] before I creep into the house without waking my folks. It seems father’s always want to know who the young man was and what his family is like.

Hell I don’t even know his last name, all I know is he’s got a cock and I’ll go out with him again if he knows what to do with it. Its not that I care how many guys I fuck with, will look at it from my point of view, ” I stopped counting cocks long ago!”

One Thursday night I went to a dress up affair that my dates parents was having at some country club and I dressed as sexy as I could imagine; I had on a dress that clung in all the right places, with a slit up the side. I had on a garter belt to hold up my fishnet stockings, but nothing else underneath. I had put on my makeup and made up my hair, in a way that gave me a totally look of unadulterated lust. I had on a low zonguldak escort top that showed my breast and I wanted every man in the place to see my cleavage. I felt hot and my pussy was wet before my date picked me up.

At the club we were seated at a table with my date’s mother and father and 2 other couples and I had the attention of all the men at out table. I had the attention of all the men in the room. I was trying to act like an older woman, I didn’t have to look like I was older, and my looks had every bitch in the place ready to punch me out. My mother had told when I was 15 that other women will not like me because of the way I look I should get use to it and each year what she said was becoming true.

Small talk had among the people at the table was taking place and I was doing such a good job of being charming to the men and answering their question that I had not noticed a tall gentleman walk up to our table and stand behind me. As I looked up to see who it was a hand came down on my shoulder and the gentleman said “Frank I see you have the pretties woman in the place at your table!” As I looked back and up at the deep voice I felt a pair of lips brush my cheek and as I pulled back to see who it was I head the man say “Iv known this young lady since she was a child!” “Oh Mr. Larson, how are you!” Mr. Larson began to tell everyone that we were neighbors and he had seen me grow up, he left out the fact that he watch me give head and fuck in my driveway late at night.

“Marca I will get a dance with you before this night is over, right?” Gentlemen, this is where a cunt has to think fast and put a plan into action and send a signal to a sharp guy that she can be had. “It’s a week night and we all got school and work tomorrow so we got to dance before 11 PM. Everyone at the table laugh, but my date he was hoping for a longer fuck and a BJ, not tonight big boy. I’m going to have me some older meat tonight. He just didn’t know it, YET!

Dinner was served and I had 2 glasses of white wine and did get to dance with each of the men at my table and my date, he was not a good dancer. At 18 what do you expect he was a boy among men and I grew up that night I was ready to leave this world and go with the big dogs. I had known that I could get men’s attention but I didn’t know how will I could control them, but that night open my eyes to what all I could do. At 10:30 Mr. Larson came over to the table and said, “Marca do I get my dance, and she is right it is a school night I got to get home!”

I smiled got up and took his hand and walked to the dance floor. He placed his hand on the small of my back pulled me up close to his chest and my breast were riding up just under his chin no more than 6 inches away. He looked down at them and gave me that look that told me he liked what he saw.

Than he moved into me with the beat of the music and I was blown away. I gasped OH MY GOD. He was huge, I mean he made guys I had been going out seem small. It felt like he had another arm between his legs and the way he held me close to him I could feel it twitch. My God it was big, the thing had to be 9 or 10 inches and it was all I could do to keep from looking down as we danced around the floor and God knows I wanted to put my hand around it. With my 4 inch high heels on I was 6’2″ and he was about 5′ 10″ and I could look him in the eye and when I did I had that smile on my face that let him know I liked what I was feeling.

As we danced I could feel my nipples go hard and my pussy was as damp as it had been all night, I was hot. I looked him in the eye and trying to steady my voice I said to him, “Where is Mrs. Larson tonight?” “She is on one of her trips she makes every month , be back Sunday.” “You know Mr. Larson I told my mother that this was a special night and I would be out late, very late. So tonight when your in your study, don’t look for me to be in my dates car any longer than it takes to give him a good night kiss.” “Marca what are you talking about?” The music stop and I turned to walk to the table and after taking about 3 steps I turn to look back at him and said, “Don’t lock your back door tonight!”

I had to hug every man at the table and say good night to all the nice people who had come by to look at me, hell every guy in the place came by and looked down my front, so what else is new. My date was not happy that I had to be home by 11 but I told him we could go out in a few days to the lake and have some serious love making and not have all the old people around, and the dumb shit bought it. We drove up in my drive and he parked the car and I did not see the light on in Mr. Larson study.

I was beginning to think I had over played my hand, but I let the boy wonder get a feel and some tite to suck on as I watched for the light to come on. You know a pair of 40DD comes in handy when you need to keep a guy’s attention and it gives you time to do something else while he tries to cover the nipples tunalı escort and get as much in his mouth as he can. It was about 10 minutes later that the study light came on and I knew he had made it home, just wondered did he go with my plan.

“Oh baby don’t get me turned on I got to go in and if you keep doing that I’ll want to pull my panties off.” The dumb fuck I didn’t have any on to began with. “Marca please stay a few minutes I’m so hard I need you to get me off!” “Honey if I don’t go in I’ll get grounded and we can’t go out to the lake next week.” That look on his face, you could see the math going in and being processed. She stays and gives me head for 15 minutes, or we go to lake and fuck for 3 hours. “OK I guess your right.” God where do these guys come from? What a fucken genius this was.

We got out of the car and I told him I had to go in the backdoor tonight and he walked me to the side gate and gave me a long tongue kiss that was getting me in the mood to do something. I told myself LARSON YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH you better be ready to fuck! I stepped inside the gate and waited for him to pull out. If my mother or father were up watching TV at that time of night which I’m sure they were they could not have seen or heard a car in the drive since our din was on the far side of the house.

After he had left I went across the drive to Mr. Larson’s gate and in to his backyard. My heart was going a mile a minute and I was about to have a climax just thinking about him looking at me as I stood before him naked. I put my hand on the doorknob and turned it ever so slowly and it clicked and it open with out a sound. I had just pushed a wall to a New World open and than just as quickly I was closing a door to an Old World I had known as a girl.

I had been in the Larson house many times and knew where everything was and where his study and their bedroom was. I took off my dress and put it over a chair by the back door. I left my heels, garter belt and stocking on. God my nipples had become so hard that I felt as if they were going to burst. I had put new perfume on in just the right spots and had applied a drop of cherry tasting douche to my pussy lips I wanted him to get the right taste . I climbed the steps toward his bedroom and I wonder how would he be dressed would he be in bed was he hard, would he rape me, would he suck my nipples oh God was I ready for him, God yes I was!

At the top of the stairs I saw one room that had a light on in it and I knew he was waiting for me ready to make me see stars. As I pushed open the door I saw the room open up to me the king size bed with the spread pulled back and pillows piled high ready for my head to be placed on them. I saw the night stand with the lamp on dim that put out just enough glow to show my body to him when I entered the room. As the door open completely I saw him setting in a wing back chair with his tux still on and a brandy glass in his right hand.

He looked at me as I stood with my breast full firm and hard ready to be sucked and kissed. My long stocking covered legs parted as if I was trying to show him my honey spot and let him see what he had just for the taking. I was his to hold, to have and to love tonight, I was going to be his. He spoke first and all that he could say was “MY GOD YOUR NOT LITTLR MARCA ANYMORE!” I moved toward him and eased my butt upon the arm of the stately Wingback chair and swung my legs over on to his lap and rested an arm over the back of the chair.

I moved my face up next to his face and in a low voice I whispered in his ear, “After tonight you want be Mr. Larson to me anymore!” He moved his face and kissed me full open mouth and my heart rate had to jump to the point that we both could feel it pumping. I tasted the B&B that he was sipping and he put down the glass and picked me up and carried me to the bed and laid me down and looked at me as I open my arms to him to call him to my breast.

He moved to the other side of the room and as calm and cool as he has always been began to undress and hang up his tux. Any other man would had been on me like stink on shit, not this man he had that frame of mind that he knew what to do he was running the show. This was going to be his way, this was not Mr. Worth. Suddenly I realized with a shock what my fingers were doing to my pussy. Oh my god, I was masturbating! How nasty and inappropriate could this possibly be? My heart pounded and the excitement spread all over my soft naked body. And the more excited I became the more my finger’s slid deeply and slowly in and out of my freshly wet hot pussy.

Oh god, he was looking right at my naked pussy and my finger was going inside it! I briefly gained control of myself and removed my hand, but to my amazement my finger traced quickly up to my mouth and inserted itself there. Involuntarily my pink tongue darted out and licked up the fresh wetness of my juices. Oh how wonderful it smelled and tasted…but tunceli escort oh dear god what was I doing? Tasting my pussy juice! Right they’re in front of him! That was the most private and secret thing I ever did while masturbating, and I had just done it in front of him. I felt so naked and exposed at having my secret let out like this.

Oh Jesus, I wasn’t even being subtle now. I was showing off for him. This thought filled me with a delicious apprehension and excitement. I wiggled on the bed letting my pleasure show openly. I caressed freely up and down my smooth gorgeous body. Oh how it felt so good to just let go like that, to let it show, to play openly with my cunt. I wanted to show off my cunt. It pleased me so much to do that. Oh yes, how I wanted him to see me fingering my wet cunt.

“So you like to watch me play with my wet pussy?”

He moved back to the bed and was standing next to me with just his boxer shorts on and I knew under that cloth was a cock that would make me scream and shout how good I was going to feel. He bent down and kissed my pussy lips. “You’re so wet,” he whispered, the sensation of his cool breath against the hot flesh driving me insane. “I love that… Oh, God Marca, you smell and taste so good!” His lips covered my clit again, sucking it in slowly like it was a delicacy. His talented tongue went to work again, rubbing gently against that sensitive nubbin of hardened flesh at the top of my pussy lips. I was crying out at the searing, heavenly sensations that shot through my body. “Oh God Robert , please oh God!” He was taking me towards the most intense orgasm of my young life.

Oh I was coming down from what had to be one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had. He looked down at me and smiled and took my legs and turned me over on to my front and in a low voice told me to get up on all fours. He leaned down and kissed my sweat-soaked back, running his tongue up between my shoulder blades, his hand moving to breast and than from my breast to my clit. His fingers went to work slowly, rubbing me where he knew it would send me into orbit. His tongue was licking my ass and French kissed my brown hole. I looked behind me through strands of damp hair, my mouth open in pants, wanting to watch my new, but older lover. This was the best sex I had ever had and I knew at that moment I was going to continue to have him perform on me and this was before he had ever got his cock near my pussy. My God I was his!

I had more pussy juice running down my leg as he made my ass climax and I turned over on my backside and told him “Robert please fuck me I got to have it!” He moved up next to me and I yanked down his boxers and as soon as they were off there it was the hardest, thickest, raging cock begging for attention. I reached out and took his throbbing manhood in my hand. I stroked it with both hands and I could hear my on words spill from my lips telling him how beautiful it was. How hard it felt and how much I wanted to love it as I lowered my head to taste the most wonderful cock I had ever had in my young life.

My eyes were fixed on it as I rubbed it and I looked up at him and said “I can’t believe how big your are!” I must have looked frightened because he pulled me close and said I’ve had this cock a long time and know how to use it. I won’t hurt you; I promise you will be able to handle it all when we’re done. I didn’t have any doubts I had already fucked a repairman that had been at the house a few weeks ago and that guy was hung like a pony, but I wanted Robert to think he was the biggest. Shit he was: tonight!

I pulled the cock up near my face. Placing my lips just over the head of the thick cock, I sucked lightly. I pulled it back and stared at the head of his cock and studied the slimy juice leaking out. The Pee hole was open and as I squeezed the head with my thumb and finger I could make it open and see the precum bubble up on the hole. I reached down with my hand extending a finger and dipped it in. I swirled it around the mushroom head a bit then lifted my finger to my mouth.

I began to slowly suck more of his cock and the feel of his fleshy cock moving slowly into my mouth excited me even more. My nipples were rock hard. I swirled my tongue around and over his shaft in my mouth. I could feel his hot cock start to quiver slightly when I did it. My right fist wrapped tight around the base, I continued moving my hand up until it met my lips and then let it slide back down again. My hand slid easily up and down the length of him as my saliva, mixed with his precum, rolled out of my mouth and down his cock shaft.

I had to suck his balls, taking them one at a time into my mouth and rubbing my tongue against them, and sucking gently on them. They were too big to get both of them in my mouth at once. His balls bounced around in the sack as I licked and flicked my tongue on them. They hung only an inch or so in the sack, but they bulged out to the sides. I wanted his cum I wanted him to shoot it on me in my mouth. , I started bobbing my head up and down at a feverish pace letting him fuck my face. I took the length of his cock down my throat, then brought my mouth back up sliding my tongue around the sides, and then slammed back down again.

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