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Movie Night

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I’ve been celibate for way too goddamn long. In my case, that’s a year. I can’t imagine being one of those poor bastards who talk about not getting laid for years on end, and even choose to remain virgins. I’m already on the verge of being a raving lunatic, and making sour jokes to friends about cleaning cobwebs out of my pussy.

As one might guess, being given the “it’s not you, it’s me” talk from a friend I was trying to get to know biblically was not the most fun way I’ve ever spent my time. Sure, I’m glad that he knows his limitations and all that happy shit, but I’m ready to risk a little drama to squeak the bedsprings with him. Hell, after the end of a relationship where I was getting all the yelling and drama in exchange for very little sex that was usually awful, a few tears in exchange for a good hard fuck seemed like a good deal. Still, he was sincere, and I’m no femme fatale, so I chalked him up to a miss and decided to rewrite my internet dating profile.

I’m not one to get rid of a friend out of spurned vanity, so we kept meeting up to eat dinner and watch bad movies together. Sure, I occasionally glazed over and went to a happy place where we didn’t have clothes, but I wasn’t expecting anything to come of some harmless fantasies.

That took alcohol.

When he opened the door that night, I blundered into a bit of foreshadowing by holding up a plate of cookies and a bottle of vodka and proclaiming “Candy’s dandy, but liquor’s quicker!” He grinned at me and grabbed the precariously perched cookies. I followed him inside, enjoying the sight of his tight ass as he headed for the kitchen.

“What’s the cinematic masterpiece for tonight?” I asked as I plopped down on the couch.

He named a recent avant-guard horror movie and a stoner comedy as he came back with two bowls of soup, two bottles of beer tucked under his arm and a bottle opener dangling from his fingers. I find his dexterity quite… inspiring.

We elected to watch the horror movie first, so that we could turn it off if it were awful, and the comedy was bound to be much funnier after we’d gotten a bit of firewater in us.

No one came here for a movie review, so I’ll just say that we held out through the movie, but it took a few mixed drinks after we finished dinner. We stretched out on the floor through the comedy, nibbling cookies and making stupid drunken jokes. It was a decent enough movie, but I let myself get distracted by my raging hormones and watched him. He has long red hair and a fit body with strong arms, two things that make me crazy. sancak escort I love the way his face crinkles when he smiles, and his eyes, blue-green like a Caribbean sea, make me feel melty.

“Let me make you up a bed out here.” he offered after the movie. “You’re not going anywhere tonight. “

“Right.” I got up and stretched. “If it’s not too much trouble and you have the extra blankets. I’m gonna go pay the alcohol tax.”

When I got back from the bathroom, I rounded the corner into the living room and ran smack into his back. Tipsy as we were, we went down onto the blankets he’d laid down, pillows flying out of his hands as he went to catch his fall.

We ended up in each other’s arms, laughing. Several times, we subsided, then caught each other’s eyes and started giggling again. Somewhere along the line, the giggles turned to kisses, and the kisses got heated.

He started to gently stroke my waist, pushing his hands under my shirt and making me shiver. As I feared, however, he stopped and rolled away from me with a sigh.


“Won’t.” I said irritably, then sighed myself. “Sorry, frustration. I know… I just… I…” I trailed off, drawing circles on his chest. “I want you. We’re still friends, yeah, but man, I wanna fuck your brains out.”

He grabbed my hair and pulled me towards him for a hot, hungry kiss. “Want you too.” He rasped. “Just don’t want to get involved with anyone right now.”

“Involved? I just want to ride you like breaking a bad pony. Hell, we’ve already reached the point of creating some serious awkwardness tomorrow morning, why not just give in and tango?”

“Tango?” I could see the wheels turning as he tried to process a coherent response. Amusingly enough, he decided to try and scare me off. “Tango? I’ll fuck you up the ass, hot little bitch.”

If I had been the sensitive shrinking violet or highfalutin’ artistic type he was mainly attracted to, it may have worked. I don’t think any of his previous girlfriends I’d met would have looked him in the eye and said “You’ve got the lube, then you can do the riding, cowboy.”

He grabbed my ass and pulled me against him, grinding his crotch against mine. I wrapped my legs around him and started to pull his shirt up. “Come on then, come on. Fuck me.”

We kissed and writhed as our hands fumbled to strip him. I slid down as he pulled his pants off and took his hard cock in my hands, stroking as I kissed my way down his belly. “Yesssss” he hissed as I took a long sarıyer escort lick up the underside of his cock and cupped his balls in one hand. I licked him like I was trying to catch the drips from an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, repeatedly coming up to swirl my tongue around the head, and ducking down to take a testicle in my mouth, rolling it gently over my tongue. The way he moaned, I don’t think he was used to having the stepchildren included in reindeer games. I admit a rush of victory, when he unthinkingly spread his legs and pushed his hips up to give me easier access. Getting a good grip on his shaft and stroking firmly and slowly, I licked my way under his balls and gave him a demonstration of my ability to write the alphabet on his taint with my tongue. By this time, he was panting and reduced to mixing and matching the words ‘oh,’ ‘god’ and ‘yes.’

Just as I was making my way back up and thinking about throwing a leg over him and getting my yee-haw on, he laced his fingers tighter in my hair and tugged to guide me to sit up.

“Take your shirt off.”

I pulled my shirt off slowly, dropping it on the floor with a little flourish. He leaned over and pulled the straps of my bra off my shoulders, yanking the cups down under my breasts. As he pushed his face between my breasts, still held proudly up by the underwire, I reached for the zipper in the back of my skirt.

“Uh-uh” Suddenly, my arms were held together by the wrists, behind me. “Simon didn’t say.”

“You wouldn’t put me out of the game, would you?”

“I’ll give you another chance… but let me make the rules more clear.” he purred. I sat very still as he pulled the belt out of his pants and used it to bind my wrists together. I bit my lip, feeling excited and frustrated as he sat smiling at me and playing with my nipples, drawing big circles around them with his calloused thumbs.

“Pushy little tart. What if I want to just jerk off on your tits and go to bed?”

“I guess you could, but then you’d have to listen to me getting myself off, because I’m already too worked up. You’d have to know that those moans you were hearing were from me playing with the pussy that’s all hot and wet for you and that I’m thinking about you pounding me with that thick cock. You might regret this in the morning and you’ll have passed up the chance to take me.”

He slid a hand up under my skirt, slowly, using his other hand to clasp my neck and push my chin up with his thumb. I wasn’t expecting the nips sefaköy escort that he alternated with kisses on my neck and shoulder, and they made me jump, my concentration split between his hand that was pushing between my legs, and his lips and teeth. When he rubbed his hand against my cunt, I moaned loudly. He suddenly pulled away, leaving me sputtering protestations.

“You want it?” he asked, stroking his cock.

“Please” I pleaded “fuck me. Oh, please just take me, fuck me hard.”

He undid the buckle and let me slip out of the belt around my wrists as he pushed me down onto the pile of blankets and pillows. “You want to be my little fucktoy? Then let’s play.”

Lifting my skirt, he pulled at the panties that were plastered to my slippery pussy and I frantically wriggled to help him get them off me.

He positioned himself to slide into me, then just rocked against me, dick sliding across my lips and grazing my clit and making me wild with pleasure and impatience.

“Mmmmm, I love watching your face. And those little ‘ah!’ noises you’re making. It’s very, very hot.”

My breath hitched and I lifted my hips, wordlessly pleading.

I don’t know who thrust harder as he slid into me, but we were soon in a hard and fast rhythm, me begging him to go deeper and wrapping my legs around him, him grunting with effort as he fucked me wildly. I could soon feel sweat beading on his back and knew from the way that my hair was plastered to the sides of my face, that I was equally sticky. It wasn’t too long before he was moaning deeply in a way that told me he was nearly done. I bucked against him, whispering to him to come for me, to let me see him get off. He followed my instructions very nicely, gasping and shuddering against me.

After a moment to catch his breath, he looked at me and asked “You didn’t…?” I shook my head. “Ah. We need to fix that, then.” he responded, pulling out and rolling off me. I gave him a curious look as he laid alongside me, tucking a pillow under the arm he propped himself up on. He kissed me, placing his hand on my stomach. As he kissed me more, he started to lazily draw little circles on my tummy with his fingers, making his way downwards. When he finally reached down and rubbed softly against my pussy, I pushed up against his hand. He pushed two fingers inside me, using his thumb to make little circles on my clit. I saw stars almost instantly, and could feel the muscles clamping down on his hand. I let waves of pleasure wash over me, rocking my hips to show him the rhythm I wanted. Closing my eyes, I laid back and let him work his magic, soon pushing me over the edge in a toe-curling full body tingle.

When the aftershocks passed through me, I looked up into those gorgeous eyes and smiled as I reached up to tuck a sweat-soaked strand of hair behind his ear. “Looks like we could use to get involved… in a shower. Race you to the bathroom.”

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