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Mother’s Milk

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Candy’s mind seemed to be at peace today as she looked at the clothes in the shop,it had been such a long time since she had enjoyed time to look and feel new clothes on her body without someone hurrying her up. She sighed with self-indulgent pleasure as she touched the silky evening dress and wondered if she should try it on. Julia one of the women in the mother’s club she belonged to was looking after the children today and Candy smiled some more. Just having the other women around had made such a difference to her life in all the most important ways she could think of .

Each of them took turns to take care of the children so that the others could have a day to themselves and of course there were the times once a week when they would get together and enjoy such fantastic activities. Her partner wondered what had turned his once tired, worn out wife into a virago of sexual power and of dominance. Candy had discovered that she enjoyed being the one in charge, in deciding what to do and he had quickly decided that if that made her want more sex he was not going to stop her from being the dominant one in the bedroom. Deciding not to buy the dress she left the shop and wandered along the shopping mall noticing as she walked by the slight woman who seemed to be having difficulty with a crying baby as tried to breast feed.

As she came nearer there was something familiar about the voice of the woman that intrigued her.

“Please take it baby, please,” the woman desperately pleaded to the baby as she tried to force her milky teat between his lips.

“Can I help you?”

The woman looked up into the smiling face of Candy and it seemed to make her weep even more as the baby squirmed away from the woman’s full breasts.

“Help me,” the woman sobbed uncontrollably.

Without another word Candy took the boy from the woman and adjusting her blouse with practised ease she pushed the child’s face to her nipple. Almost at once the lips opened and the child was soon suckling silently on Candy’s breast. The other woman looked at Candy with profound gratitude and she mumbled a thanks.

“Thank…..you, I try ……and try…… but he doesn’t want my breast …..I don’t know what to do?” she whispered.

“It’s alright Anna,” Candy said firmly.

With the sound of her name Anna looked at the woman and then looked surprised, “Candy?”

Then she was hugging the other woman and was asking so many questions that Candy had no chance to say anything until satisfied that the baby was fully fed she adjusted her clothing, burped the baby and set it securely into the pram.

“Whoa you haven’t let me say anything. Why don’t we go back to my place, it isn’t far from here and we can have a chat and a tea,” Candy stated more than asked.

The woman was so happy to have met someone she knew and who was a friendly face.

As they walked back Candy remembered when she had last seen Anna. They had been friends at both Primary and High School, Anna had always been the shy one who had followed her about with the look of a lost puppy. Candy remembered that Anna would do anything for her and she now realised that the girl had been infatuated with her. Her nickname at school had been Mouse since she reminded you of that when you saw her but even so she was so adorable you wanted to be with izmir escort her. Even now though tired and emotional the woman was attractive in her own mousy way.

Candy opened the front door and ushered Anna into her house. As Anna’s baby slept the two women talked and relaxed. Every now and again Candy’s hand would brush the arm of the other woman. A brush of her elbow, shoulder or even her knee. Though the touches were seemingly innocent Anna was feeling flushed and in the back of her mind she felt a desire grow in her hips and she stirred uncomfortably and then accidentally brushed her full breasts that ached with undrunk milk.

Candy smiled and then remarked,” I don’t know about you but I always get so hot and wet when I breastfeed.”

Anna blushed and before she could say anything the baby began to wail hungrily. Quickly the flustered woman got up and brought him back to the couch and pulled up her blouse to open the maternity bra. However when she brought the baby to her breast he continued to squirm and fiddle refusing to attach to the prominent nipple offered to him. It made her so frustrated and angry, yet with the anger came the guilt and the tears. Then suddenly her baby was no longer in her arms and there was Candy’s soothing voice talking to her.

“Don’t worry Anna, its sometimes very difficult to get them to attach,” as she said this she firmly held the baby’s mouth to her nipple and he sucked on it greedily.

“I’m such a terrible mother. He won’t feed from my breast, I need to use bottles!” she cried feeling utterly hopeless.

Candy smiled reassuringly at her and spoke again,” No my dear your not a bad mother but you need some help with technique, you haven’t been talking to the child-care nurse have you?”

Anna hung her head in shame. She hadn’t though the woman had been so friendly but to admit that he wouldn’t take her breast meant that she had to admit to being a bad mother. Though she hadn’t said anything to the other woman Candy knew that she had been right. Patting Anna’s hand reassuringly she fed the baby and then after cleaning him up she put him back to sleep. From the way he went off quickly she guessed that he had been a bad sleeper and that the woman was tired as well as frustrated. As always Candy felt hot and wet looking over at Anna she thought that the woman needed some relief as well and she wondered if they would make love.

“Now I think you need to fix what is wrong and the best way to do that is a practical demonstration,” Candy said firmly with a smile.

“A demonstration?” the woman asked numbly.

“Yes I want you to breastfeed from me and then I will breastfeed from you,” Candy said it like it was done all the time.

“But…but…but isn’t that perverted two girls doing that sort of thing,” the woman said plaintively, though she was attracted to the thought of sucking on Candy’s breast.

Anna had heard about women who did those things and though a passionate woman was very naive about sex and yet the thought of having this woman breastfeeding from her was becoming more a need that she wanted to give into. After all, this was Candy, the girl she worshipped at school and the thought of having the woman breastfeed from her aroused her powerfully. She felt wet as she thought about it, alsancak escort then Candy’s voice again cut across her train of thought.

“Nonsense this is so you can look after your son. After all you are making love to your husband aren’t you?” Candy asked.

This brought on a new bout of flushing and Anna stumbled over her words,”Not since our child was born he seems to take up our life so much.”

“Well all the more reason to do this that way you can enjoy some fun with your husband,” Candy said as she took off her shirt.

As she watched Candy exposing her breasts Anna’s mouth literally watered as she stared at the sight of the large brown nipples framed by her tanned breasts. Then she slightly nodded her head and knelt between the other woman’s legs.

“That’s good now your problem is that you don’t hold his head firmly enough. Now can you feel how my hand is pushing you to my nipple?” Candy asked as she guided the woman to the nipple before her and a drop of milk appeared on it.

“See I’ve got some milk for you to Anna, do you see it? Take it in your mouth Anna you want to, you need to,” Candy cooed softly into Anna’s ear.

Slowly she reached forward and opened her mouth. As the breast came closer to her she felt a surge of warmth through her groin as the nipple rested against her tongue. The sweet milk at its tip seemed to dissolve on her taste buds and she felt Candy’s hand hold her firmly so that she could not escape.

“Suck hard on my tit Anna, suck hard, you must suck hard if you want to be a good girl,” Candy said the words so mesmerisingly.

Anna wanted so much to be a good girl for Candy and she lost herself in the pleasure of the breast pressed to her lips.

When Anna leant forward she opened her mouth and when she allowed Candy’s nipple touch it was with relief that she began to suck hard on the milky teat. Slowly at first and then with increased speed her mouth began to fill with the sweet liquor from the offered breast. Anna’s body felt so alive as she felt the milk flow into her mouth, she felt her panties being pushed aside as she thrust her finger into her wet cunt. Anna could barely think of what she was doing as she gulped the liquid down her parched throat.

“That’s my good girl, suck hard. Ohh your playing with yourself, that is sooo hot,” as Candy talked she pulled aside her panties and began to masturbate frantically.

“Ohhh yes that’sss such a good girl,” Candy hissed with pleasure.

She now had two fingers in her cunt and knew that Anna was rubbing herself too. The woman was so passionate and Candy sensed a deep submissiveness within her. To enjoy her body Anna needed a Master or in this case a Mistress to tell her to unleash her naturally strong passions. The feeling at her nipple as the woman greedily sucked on her sent Candy into one of the most powerful orgasms that she had ever enjoyed. As she felt her body spasm with the pleasure she felt Anna cum and pushed the panting woman away with a gentle insistence.

“Hmmm that is really very good Anna but you need to feel what a good feeding from your breast is like,” as Candy spoke she exposed the woman’s full breasts and pulled her unresisting form over her lap as though she was a large baby. Pulling up the woman’s skirt buca escort she exposed Anna’s wet cotton panties and using a finger she pulled them aside to expose the damp curly fleece below. Stroking her fingers through the wet fleece she looking into the enraptured face of the woman below her.

“This is naughty you know,” Candy remarked as she gently tugged the brown hair under which Anna’s lips dripped cum and juice, “Good girls are clean about their little Fannies but I will forgive you today.”

As she said this she slipped her finger deep into the open wet cunt that Anna opened further allowing a second finger to enter the woman’s cunt. Using her fingers she began to search Anna’s stretched cunt to find that certain spot that she knew would stimulate her cunt to orgasm. Yet as she explored the woman’s cunt with her fingers she used the base of her hand to massage the woman’s clitoris that was hard against soft hand. The Anna felt Candy’s lips on her nipple and the soft gentle sucking of her mouth on Anna’s breast began.

Anna moaned deep in her throat and she felt her cum spread from her cunt as the first of her milk trickled into Candy’s mouth and then as the sucking became harder it began to squirt into the mouth. As Anna fed her milk to Candy the warmth spread through her body to her dripping cunt that pulsed, shook and spasmed as fingers stroked her g-spot and her clit felt as though it was on fire. A fire that seemed to burn through her whole body.Waves of orgasm washed through her and she muttered and moaned in her pleasure.

“Candy, Miss Candy,ohhhhhhh!!!!!!”

Then it finished and Anna dazed and confused was raised to her feet by Candy who lifted her into her arms. Kissing her gently on the lips she smiled tenderly at the woman.

“What a good girl you are but it’s time to go home,” though said kindly Anna realised that she was being dismissed and fear rose in her breasts as she thought that she may never see this woman again.

As though reading her mind Candy chuckled to herself and then said, ” Tomorrow your coming back here and we are going to shave that fanny of yours so that you are nice and clean and if your a good girl I will kiss it after you have kissed mine.”

Anna’s heart leapt at the thought of the woman touching her again and sucking her milk while touching her cunt and then allowing her to kiss her cunt. How she wanted to be a good girl for this woman. Candy now looked at the infatuated woman and spoke with quiet determination.

“Now tonight you are going to make the most energetic love you can to your husband and think of me as your doing it. You are going to please him and cum many times with him but you will think of me and what we have done and what we will be doing,” Candy said and Anna nodded her head without thinking knowing she would follow these instructions.

“Then when you have time you will create a blog that you will put down all your fantasies and what you are doing here though you should not use your real name, I think you should call yourself Cindy and you can call the blog Cindy’s Joy and you are to write in great detail and with all your passion all about what you did and how you feel,” as she spoke Candy helped Anna get dressed but Candy kept her dirty panties after smelling deeply of the womanly juices on them.

Then just as she was to leave Candy kissed Anna deeply and squeezed her empty breast.

“Tomorrow,” she said and Anna knew that this was a promise of more pleasure to come.

(This story is a collaboration between myself and Anna to whom it is dedicated. She supplied invaluable ideas and enthusiasm.)

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