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Mother Buys Friends for Daughter

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(c) 2015, 2022 by Sir Render

Melanie Jacobson had no plans to attend her high school’s homecoming dance. Why would she? She had no boyfriend and felt certain no boys wanted anything to do with her. Melanie was shorter than almost all the girls her age, often an object of ridicule by both other students and some teachers, and she hadn’t really developed much physically since her sophomore year. There was also the problem of her feeling, and vocalizing, that she was so much more mature than anyone else. She had book smarts and the grades to prove it, she would be attending a good college next year and it just seemed so clear to her that nobody really got what she was thinking.

Melanie’s mother Marcy, however, was quite a stunner and those boys who paid enough attention to know that Marcy was her mother could not believe that a fit five foot nine inch, fiery red haired goddess with D or maybe DD tits could have spawned such a runt.

Marcy loved her daughter, as any responsible parent loves their child, but she realized that Melanie was headed down a path of isolation and resentment toward everyone around her. Attempts to talk with her daughter about opening up more and being less abrasive usually ended in her daughter getting philosophical and quoting lines of literature which Marcy knew only in passing from when she’d been in school.

The issue with Marcy was that she’d been blessed with such a great body and a mind to use it, so she had never felt she needed to be book smart and spent her teenage years partying with friends when their respective parents went out. She got pregnant the first time she had sex at one of those parties, and the guy she did it with did the honorable thing and married her. After giving birth to a boy, Mark, Marcy got pregnant with Melanie the very next time she had sex. She was a fertility bomb with a short fuse and so had been on the pill ever since then.

This, mixed with her still incredible body in her mid-thirties, had led to her and husband Michael’s being inducted into a group of swingers and Marcy now had sex regularly with several different men without concern of being knocked up a third time. She did not go in for the girl-girl stuff, she was there for the men.

Marcy hatched a scheme to help her socially awkward daughter which fell along the lines of her already hedonistic lifestyle, and over a few weeks slipping innocuous questions into conversation with both of her kids she discovered who were considered to be the really cool kids. Mark had gone off to college, but being only a year ahead of Melanie he still knew who was tops at the high school.

There was one jock, a star on both the school’s football and basketball teams, who would be perfect for what she had in mind. She could hardly believe as she held the ringing telephone to her ear that she was about to seduce a high school kid, eighteen years old yes but still way younger than herself and the same age as her daughter.

She arranged to have that jock, Rick Hart, come over one afternoon when she knew her husband would be out and Melanie would be studying at the city library. She invited him under the ruse of needing a strong guy to move some boxes in her basement, and thanks to the wonderful world of cell phones with cameras she was able to make a video call so he could see that she was wearing a bright yellow yalova escort one-piece bathing suit which showed off a lot of skin. She also used her naturally full, puckered lips to her advantage, making pouty faces any time he seemed hesitant to accept. She wasn’t offering very much money, but it was something, and she hoped he would be so interested to see her in her bathing suit that he would say yes.

He did say yes, and on that afternoon he came over immediately after leaving school. Marcy was alone in the house for a few hours.

She greeted him not in her bathing suit but in a very elegant and billowy white blouse with a high neck which was tucked into a below-the-knee brown skirt. This was pretty normal attire for Marcy when not going to a wife swap, but the secret she kept to herself, and it made her smile to know that others could not tell or at least could not be certain, was that she wore no undergarments in spite of the formal style of her outwear.

“Come on in Rick. Thanks for coming over.”

“No problem Mrs. Jacobson. You have a lovely house.”

“It’s a chore keeping it clean all by my little lonesome. I’m here by myself for hours each day, and when I need something big moved there’s never any strong guy around to help me. My husband won’t be home until dinnertime and even Melanie probably won’t be in for another hour, so it’s just me… and you,” she added with as cute a giggle as she could manage.

“You uh look like you’re going somewhere,” the eighteen year old jock said, pointing at her clothing.

She looked down at herself. “No, this is just what I pulled out of the closet. There’s a little chill in the air today, I put on something warm.”

“Right. So where’s this box you need moved?”

“Well actually,” she started, then trailed off, tapping a long painted pink fingernail against her jaw. “I could use some help in the bedroom as well.” She let the statement stand there and watched for his reaction. He flashed a brief grin before looking down at his feet which he politely wiped on the welcome mat before stepping through the door.

Marcy led the way to the bedroom while asking if he was excited about the upcoming homecoming dance. He said he was kind of excited but that it’s just a dance, nothing special. She asked if he had a date, to which he said yes.

Upon entering the bedroom, Marcy realized she had not put away her favorite purple vibrator, the one with the long neck and the egg-shaped head, after using it earlier that afternoon. She kind of hoped he either wouldn’t notice it or wouldn’t realize what it was.

She sat on the corner of the bed as he stood in the middle of the room looking about for whatever it was Mrs. Jacobson needed him to move. There wasn’t anything large or heavy in the room except for the furniture and he had not signed up to be a furniture mover.

Marcy patted the bed at her side. “Come, sit down Rick. We need to talk.”

“Um, well sure what do you want to talk about?” He remained standing in the middle of the room.

“It’s about my daughter, Melanie. I’m sure you know her, she’s the smartest girl at school.”

Rick Hart scrunched up his nose. “Yeah, I kind of know her. She doesn’t talk to a lot of people.”

“And that’s why we need to talk,” Marcy added while patting the bed again. After a moment Rick moved to sit beside her yalova escort bayan but kept a distance of at least six inches between them. Marcy soon eliminated the gap by sliding over and putting an arm around the big jock’s shoulders. “You see, my daughter doesn’t have a date to the dance, and she could use a little help boosting her popularity. She’s really a very nice girl when you get to know her, she just comes off… well I know she can be a little nerdy sometimes. But being seen at one of the most important social events of the year could really help her open up.”

“Mrs. Jacobson, I don’t think I could tell my girl no. I already asked her to go. She’d be furious if I took your daughter instead.”

Marcy took the young man’s hand and unceremoniously placed it on her knee which was bare from the skirt rising when she sat. “I would consider it a personal favor,” she said in a sultry voice.

Rick pulled his hand off her knee, putting both hands in the air like he was denying ever touching her. “Look, Mrs. Jacobson…”

“Marcy. Call me Marcy.”

“Marcy. Look, you’re a beautiful woman and I hate to say no to beautiful women, believe me.”

Without letting him continue, she began to unbutton her billowy blouse saying, “Do you know what I’m wearing under here? Hm? Care to guess?” She continue slipping buttons out of holes all the way down to her belly, but then she needed to stand in order to pull the blouse out of the skirt. She turned her back to him, letting her blouse fall open in front where he could not see her nakedness, then immediately began to unbutton her skirt. “And do you also know what I’m wearing under here? Go on, take a guess.”

Rick found his mouth going dry and it took several tries to get any words to come out. “Your, um, unmentionables?”

“Oh, they’re mentionable. They’ve been called remarkable.” She turned to face him, giving him the first look at her bare breasts, her taut belly and, as her skirt fell away, her recently waxed and hairless pussy lips.

Rick moved his mouth but no words came out. His eyes were bugging out and Marcy could plainly see his breathing became short.

“You know Rick, I was on the cheerleader squad when I was in high school.” To demonstrate the point she doubled herself over and touched the toes of her suede juttis, then came upright swinging her body around in a wide circle which let her top fall away to the sides and she shrugged it off with ease. She now stood before a boy eighteen years younger, literally half her age, wearing just her little flat shoes, and all they really covered were her toes and heels. “I’m still really flexible,” she added.

Marcy straddled the boy’s legs and placed a hand on his chest, easily pushing him over onto his back. She scooted up onto the bed to straddle his waist, dangling her full jiggling tits over him.

Then she gave him an ultimatum. “You can take my daughter to that dance, spend the entire night with her and help her be popular, or if you insist on taking your young, inexperience girlfriend then you can leave right now and we’ll… well, I’ll… forget this ever happened. I imagine you’ll probably be pretty sore later if you don’t take my offer and you won’t ever forget making the wrong choice.”

Rick Hart, whose dick was certainly hard, cleared his throat. “Are you sure we’re alone for a couple escort yalova hours?”

“Well, Melanie will usually come home about an hour after school, so we’ve got about half an hour alone.”

“Mrs. Jacobson I–“

“Shh,” she whispered, leaning forward and placing a finger over his lips. “It’s Marcy, not Mrs. Jacobson. And the only thing I want to hear you say is yes.”

“Yes!” he blurted without a second thought.

Marcy smiled. She wasn’t done with him yet, but at least the ball had gotten rolling. She helped him remove his shirt and then his pants. He was a handsome young stud; very muscular, in the prime of life and so fresh that this was going to be super easy for her to finish him off.

She slid off the bed, kneeling beside it with his legs to either side of her, and began to lick the head of his prick. Then she backed off, pursed her lips and blew lightly over the saliva-covered glans. She gulped his boner again and began to take him deeper, working her lips up and down his shaft with loud slurps and moans. All he could do was mutter, “Oh god. Holy hell,” over and over.

She backed away again and blew on his cock, then she wrapped both hands around it and began a slow stroking. With both hands together, when she stroked downward toward his pelvis his cock head came into view. She began to lick it just once each time it peaked out.

She repeated, “You’re going to ask my daughter Melanie to the homecoming dance next week?”

“Oh god yes. Yes I will ask her. Anything you want Marcy.”

She licked his cock head again, then asked, “And you will stay with her the whole night and not ditch her or make fun of her?”

Between short, hard breaths he replied, “I won’t ditch her. I swear I won’t. Just, ungh, keep sucking. That feels so goddamned good.”

Marcy removed one hand, continued stroking him with the other but used her now free hand to roll his balls around. She also swallowed his cock into the depths of her warm, wet mouth and sucked. In no time at all he was bucking his hips up off the bed and then he began to blast thick wads of hot semen.

Marcy was the kind of woman who could spit or swallow depending on how she felt that day. On that particular day she still had other plans in the works and so she pulled his spurting cock from between her lips and let him spray straight up into the air. Some hit her chin and quite a lot landed on her knuckles while she continued to stroke him, vigorously now.

As soon as he was finished, Marcy got up, gathered her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash up. When she returned to the bedroom Rick was still lying naked on her bed staring at the ceiling.

“Now remember your promise. You’ll ask Melanie to the dance tomorrow at school. And to make sure you keep your promise, we’ll do this again once I get confirmation that you did it. And then, only after the dance, after I hear that you treated my daughter nicely at the dance, then I’ll give you something really special. If you do everything I’ve asked you to do, then I’ll let you fuck me. Would you like that, Rick?”

“Oh hell yes,” he said, pulling himself up and finding his own clothes. He foresaw getting two blow jobs and full-on sex from this hot MILF just for taking her nerdy daughter to one dance. He didn’t think his girlfriend would mind not going to this one, meaningless dance. After all, there was till prom and that was the only really important school dance. But best of all, he was going to get to fuck Melanie’s hot, big tits mother who had just given him the most awesome blow job he’d ever experienced.

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