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Morro Bay Caper

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The weather has been unseasonably warm for the past several weeks, so I have the travel trailer out of storage and on the road again. Unfortunately, none of my lady friends can get away with me, I am the Lone Ranger.

My first RV adventure of 2018 has me headed up Highway 1 to Morro Bay, home of that big rock. I pulled into Morro Dunes RV Park just after two and was lucky enough to snag a spot next to the dunes, within walking distance of Morro Creek. Several eyes watched me get settled, mostly retired folks enjoying a carefree day in the sun.

In no time the slide and awning are rolled out and the water and electric lines are connected. I enjoyed a healthy salad and some fruit for lunch before walking around the RV Park and sand dunes. The park appears to be just over half full. Most of the rigs are fifth-wheels, and tower over my little 25-footer. Many have temporary front yards consisting of fake grass, white picket fences and the ubiquitous signs identifying the occupants. People like Fred and Harriet; Martha and Frank; also, the Dillards from Wisconsin. Every RV’er of a certain generation loves to identify themselves to the world.

I stroll through the grounds and share greetings with several people. A private gate leads to the sand dunes, so I walk along the dunes for the better part of an hour before returning to my home away from home. This first night is rather quiet, which suits me fine. I prefer to unwind after towing my rig for several hours. After dinner I pop a DVD into the player and nod off halfway through the movie.

The sun rises early the next morning and so do I. I’m refreshed and ready to see what is in store for the day. I have my bicycle with me; I plan to ride several miles around town and along the beachfront. I’ve gotten into a routine of biking around the Bob Jones Bike Trail at home with a special lady. It’s been good for my body and soul. I plan to continue riding wherever I go.

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs to start my day, I set out for an extended bike tour around Morro Bay. I pedal along Embarcadero down to the Maritime Museum and ride as far as the Morro Bay Aquarium before heading back. The sun is high overhead, the sky is blue, and a gentle breeze blows through the RV Park. After lunch, I change into cargo shorts and flip-flops for another walk around the park.

Many folks are outside soaking up the rays, all dressed for warm weather; men sporting white knee-high socks and ladies in oversized hats fluttering in the breeze. Around the bend from my trailer, I spot two ladies lounging in front of a huge fifth-wheeler. This thing is massive and is owned by Helen and Walt, if the sign outside is correct.

I smile and wave to my neighbors, “Hello ladies, it’s a lovely day, don’t you think.”

“It doesn’t get much better than this.”

I couldn’t agree more. As I walk by their space, the other gal shouts, “Come join us for coffee and Danish. We have plenty and would love the company.”

I stop dead in my tracks and look over in time to see the other lady shushing her friend and looking like she doesn’t want the company. I’m intrigued; I turn back and step into their RV space. There are two empty chairs, so I sit down and make myself at home.

“Well hello ladies, which one of you is Helen?”

The lady doing the shushing turns out to be Helen.

I turn to the lady who invited me and inquire as to her name.

“I’m Harriet, that’s my trailer over there.” Harriet points to a space two doors down and across the road. My eyes widen, as her coach is even bigger than Helen’s.

“My oh my ladies, you certainly travel in style. Well it’s nice to meet you both, Helen and Harriet. It sounds like I could get into double trouble around here.”

“Well you just might. And who are you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m Rob. I have that little 25-foot travel trailer back around the bend. I’m up from Pismo Beach for a few days.”

Both ladies welcome me to the park and Helen offers me a cup of joe, which I gladly accept. Harriet hands me a Danish while giving me the once over. H and H are wearing big floppy hats and sun glasses. I give them the once over as well. They are looking mighty fine in white shorts, halter tops and sandals.

“I love the big floppy hats, are you sisters?”

Helen responds, “Just good friends and traveling buddies. Our husbands have known each other since childhood.”

I inquire about their hubbies and they both have that look of disdain.

Harriet adds, “Well, when we see them, they are usually drinking beer and smoking cigars. But most of the time they are out on the boat fishing all day. Once we get settled into an RV Park, they are off together, and we rarely see them during the day. It’s OK, Helen and I have fun together. You know the old saying, When the cats are away.”

I look at Helen and she has a big grin on her face. I wonder what these two ladies have in mind. I would love to find out, so I ask a lot of questions and offer a lot of information of my own. I tell them otele gelen escort about my hobbies with biking and walking and camping.

Helen relates, “We love camping in Pismo Beach, right there at the Pismo Coast Village RV Park. Hey Rob, do you ever go up to Avila Beach? Harriet and I love that beach. When the boys are out fishing, we’ll spend the day sunning ourselves and walking along the shore.”

“Yes, I do. That’s my favorite beach as well.”

Harriet adds, “We love those big rocks at the far end of the beach.”

I think to myself, that’s way over in the clothing-optional section. I wonder if these two lovely ladies get naked.

“Yes, Helen and I love watching all those naked men.”

“Stop Harriet. Rob doesn’t want to hear all about our twisted adventures.”

“No worries here, ladies. I love to know that age hasn’t dismissed our desires. I’m still going strong myself at sixty.”

That made us all laugh. Harriet winks at Helen. The three of us continue to bask in the warm sun, enjoying coffee and conversation. Harriet is the first to make a move to end our afternoon gathering.

“Well, I have a sink full of dishes to clean. Fred left a pile before heading out to fish. I swear, men never clean up after themselves.”

I clear my throat at that comment. Harriet smiles at me, “Well, most men.”

“Rob, it was very nice to meet you. I hope we see more of you this week. Helen, don’t keep Rob all to yourself.”

As Harriet walks away, Helen turns to me, “Speaking of men who are more interested in fishing than anything else, would you mind helping me fix a problem with my shower? There’s a leak in the line and Walt refuses to fix it. He says we’re in the shower and get wet anyway, so what’s the big deal.”

“I’d be happy to look at it.”

We stand and head into Helen’s trailer. I realize she is a short little thing, she couldn’t be more than five-foot four. She has slender legs but fills out her halter quite nicely. Small in stature, but with a healthy bust. She leads the way and I follow. I’m blown away by the interior. The kitchen area is large and has all chrome appliances. The bed is a king. There is even a rocker-recliner parked in front of a fifty-five-inch flat screen.

“Helen, this is gorgeous. It has all the comforts of home and then some.”

“We spend a fair amount of time on the road. Now, if only I had a working shower, I’d be a little happier.”

The large shower has room for two. Helen shows me the problem first hand. A new clamp is needed where the hose attaches to the shower head and I explain that it doesn’t have enough force to keep the water from leaking.

“I think I can fix this in a jiffy. It looks like a new hose clamp is in order. Let me get my toolbox from my trailer and I’ll have you back showering in a jiffy.”

“Well if you can fix it, a piece of apple pie and ice cream are in your future.”

I return with a new clamp and repair the leak in minutes. I invite Helen to test the fix. A twist of the dial and no leak, unfortunately, the nozzle was aimed directly at my shorts and soak my crotch before Helen can shut it off. We both erupt in a fit of laughter.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Rob that was not intended. We should get you out of these wet shorts. Let me get a pair of Walt’s shorts for you.”

Helen’s hand trails down to my waist band. She unfastens the button on my shorts and pulls down the zipper. Her hand reaches in and grips my cock. Her slim fingers wrap around my shaft as I harden within her grasp. My cock inflates to a full erection and my thickness is too much for her slender fingers.

“Oh Baby!” she whispers. “This is more than I hoped for.”

“What about Walt, what if he comes back early?”

“Don’t worry about that. He and Fred are probably on their third six-pack by now, fourth, if the fishing is lousy. They won’t be back until after sundown. Now stand still, I want some cock.”

Helen drops to her knees; her eyes are wide, and her mouth opens forming a perfect O. Her lips are so appealing that I thrust my hips involuntarily. Helen responds by flicking out her tongue and licking the underside of my cock. Her lips engulf my spongy glans and her tongue slathers her saliva all over it. She pushes my shorts down and I kick them away. She holds my shaft and stuffs as much as she can into her mouth. Helen cups my balls with her free hand.

Her mouth makes slurping sounds as she struggles to get more cock. She pops it out and looks directly into my eyes with a wanton look. She dives back down and sucks me even deeper into her mouth. As she attempts to deep throat me, she reaches behind her and unfastens the knot holding her halter top. It falls to the floor revealing her large, round mature tits. I reach down and grab her boobs as she strokes my length. They are heavy and full.

“I love your big tits.”

“Oh, a boob man. Good. I’m sorry you couldn’t have seen them thirty years ago, before my nipples pendik escort turned south and I added a few pounds. Walt couldn’t keep his hands off them. Now, he’d rather fish all day, his loss.”

“So, there’s a little sag, so what. Those pink nipples are begging to be sucked.”

Helen cups her left boob and slaps my cock against her nipple several times. She rubs my dick all around both breasts and nipples. My pre-cum and her saliva leave a shiny trail across her smooth flesh.

I’m as hard as I’ve ever been. Helen jacks my shaft with her right hand and wraps her lips around my prick for more sucking. She moans, grunts and slurps as she forces as much of me into her mouth as she can.

“Now, that’s what’s I’m talking about. Rob, you have a beautiful big cock. I’m enjoying this.”

I pinch her erect nipples and lift her tits. They flop down, and they wiggle and jiggle. She continues to stroke my cock with a very tight grip.

“Rob, I love how you shave your balls and this landing strip above your cock is awfully cute. Are you ready to join me on the bed?”

“I would love to, but first I want to eat your pussy. I want a taste of that lovely area between your thighs.”

“Oh lord, I can’t tell you the last time a man licked my lady bits. I hope you don’t mind all the fuzz. Please enjoy.”

Helen moves to the bed and lays down, her huge boobs flop to either side. She slides her fingers through the dense patch of curly gray hair. They get lost in the thick jungle as I prepare to feast on her cunt. I dive into the thick mop and use my tongue to search out her inner labia.

Helen spreads her legs and I press my face against her puffy lips. Her inner thighs are covered with hair and tickle my cheeks as I lick her slit from bottom to top. She tastes delicious.

I run my hands along her thighs and play with her fur. Once again, I’m in pussy heaven. I drill my tongue deep within her wet folds and separate her labia. A sweet wetness forms inside. As I continue to eat out my new friend, there is a knock on the trailer door and it flings open. I nearly have a heart attack thinking Walt has come back early, and here I am with my face buried between his wife’s legs.

“I see you are starting without me.”

Helen and I both look in that direction and see Harriet with a huge grin on her face. She moves closer and slaps my ass.

“Helen, I think we have a winner here.”

“You don’t need to tell me that, his tongue has been in my pussy for ten minutes now.”

“Hey Rob, what do you think about her hairy honeypot? Have you found her clit beneath all those curls? She has the biggest clit, I’ve ever sucked. It’s the size of a small thumb and very sensitive. You’ll have her cuming in no time.”

It doesn’t hit me right away because I am so focused on Helen’s pleasure. But then I realize what she is saying. She and Helen are lovers. I use my fingers to spread Helen’s outer lips, as I search for her clitoris through all the hair. I move my tongue deeper into her hot flesh and lick along her slit. I feel Helen’s pearl emerge and flick it several times. My lips wrap around the hard nub. Oh, my gawd, Harriet is right, her clit is huge. I suck hard and Helen moans her approval. She puts her hands on the top of my head and presses my face into her cunt.

I concentrate on her clit, hoping to take her over the edge. In a matter of moments Helen shrieks and her body spasms as my mouth is filled with sweet juices. Her cum covers my face and my lips stay pressed to her clitoris while her hips push up from the mattress. I hold her ass through the entire wild ride, until her pussy becomes too sensitive and she pushes me away.

“Oh gawd, that’s enough. Too sensitive, too sensitive.”

Harriet, kneeling next to me, grabs my head. She presses her lips against mine and drives her tongue into my mouth. She licks my cheeks and chin, lapping up her friend’s cum.

“I love Helen’s cum, don’t you? I can never get enough. You seem to have a very talented tongue.”

I kneel there with a silly grin, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.

“I’ve been trying to get her to shave that jungle for years. When you’re ready for a nice, smooth pussy to love, I’ll remove my thong.”

Harriet reaches down and grabs my erect cock. She strokes my shaft just like Helen did.

“Helen, look at this nice thick cock, and shaved too. So, Rob, do you think you have enough for two old ladies?”

Harriet doesn’t wait for my answer, instead she pushes me onto my back and takes my cock into her mouth. She sucks several inches while she strokes my shaft with a tight grip.

“It’s been several years since I’ve had a cock this big.”

Harriet licks my shaft and sucks my balls for several minutes. My cock throbs.

“Helen, are you ready for Rob’s thick cock.”

“Yes, I am, I want it now. My pussy is so wet; he knows how to get a lady started.”

Harriet stands and pulls me up. I move onto the rus escort bed and crawl on top of Helen between her spread legs. She grabs my shaft and rubs it along her wet slit. She positions my tip along her pink lips and I slide in. I disappear within the thick bush and feel her heat. We are joined as one and look deep into each other’s soul. I hold still savoring the moment as our lips touch and engage in a long drawn out kiss.

Harriet disrobes and climbs on the bed. She reaches over and grabs Helen’s right boob with both hands, sucking the pink nipple. Helen strokes Harriet’s smooth pussy while I continue to slowly pump into Helen.

I watch the ladies enjoy each other. Harriet’s stature is very similar to Helen, although she is slightly taller. Her breasts are just as big, but with very pale areole and small nipples. When she gets excited, they poke out like little erasers on top of a pencil. Her pussy is bald and smooth. Her pink labia hang low from within her puffy folds. I can’t wait to suck on those tasty flaps.

Harriet beckons, “Rob, I want you inside me. I’m sure Helen won’t mind, will you honey?”

“You can have him for a few minutes, but I want him back. His cock feels so good, he’s a natural.”

Helen and Harriet continue talking as if I’m not in the room. Harriet rolls onto her back and spreads her thighs. Her pink gash opens and is ready for me. This is a new sensation, going from one pussy to another in mid stroke. I pull out of Helen and slide over on top of Harriet. Her flat stomach and soft tits provide a nice cushion as I enter her cunt.

“Wow Harriet, he slid right in, you must be well lubricated.”

“I’ve been waiting for this since our coffee time, my juices have been flowing all afternoon. Gawd Rob, your cock feels good. Keep it up.”

“Gee Harriet, now you know what a nice big, thick cock feels like. Too bad Fred can’t see you now.”

“Yeah right, and Walt has the world’s largest cock.”

“Ladies, ladies, I’m still here.”

“Yes, you are, now keep fucking me. It feels so good, so deep. Helen how lucky are we to have this stud right now.”

This scene has taken a bizarre turn. Two ladies having a conversation as if we are at a garden party while I stroke my cock in and out of a tight pussy. I decide to take control and change things up. I pull away from Harriet and slide down replacing my cock with my mouth. I bury my head between her plump thighs and suck on her pink inner flaps. She is really wet and tastes good. Her juices have been stirred up with my cock. Harriet lets out a soft moan as I lick her mound. She feels the jolts of pleasure.

“Oh my, that’s quite a move Rob. Wow, suck my slick cunt, yeah, that’s it.”

I inch closer to her hard clit and feel it throb. My fingers search for Harriet’s G-spot. She aches for my touch. Harriet’s back arches up and her hips press against my face as my fingers continue to stroke.

“Oh, I love your magic fingers.”

Harriet’s opening pulses capturing my digits and spreading her wetness. I lick her smooth mound and then press against her hard pearl again, sucking the nub between my lips. My tongue applies more pressure and my fingers keep thrusting into her opening. Harriet approaches climax.

“Yes, that’s it, I’m almost there. Gawd you feel good.”

A tidal wave of pleasure builds, and Harriet rides it out. Waves of ecstasy roll through her body. Her pussy contracts and captures my fingers, holding my hand in place. Harriet groans out loud and releases her pent-up desire. Her juices flood my hand and face. I love her sweetness.

Helen leans over to kiss Harriet, mashing their big tits together. Their tongues flail as my tongue laps up the cum. Harriet wraps her legs around my head and holds me tight to her flesh. I can’t move for several moments but feel her thighs quiver and her body shake.

When she settles, both ladies look at me with devilish grins. I believe they have more plans for me.

“OK Rob, we think it’s time for your orgasm. We want your cum, and lots of it. Come lay between us.”

I’m in for a treat as I slide between the ladies and lay on my back. But, not before I share lingering kisses with both. They taste their combined juices on my tongue and in my mouth.

My cock is rock hard, realizing I just fucked both ladies and got them off with a little pussy munching. Now for my reward. Helen grabs my shaft and squeezes. Harriet places her hand on top of Helen’s and helps her stroke.

Helen squeezes my balls while simultaneously stroking the tip of my cock in a tight circle. She senses my cum stirring in my balls, and changes her technique to keep me from cumming. Helen clasps her hands together and slides her hands up and down, stopping each time before she reaches my tip.

“I can’t believe how hard you get Rob. I want to stroke this cock all day long”

Harriet adds, “You’re going to bring this hard cock to my trailer tomorrow morning. Helen and I are going to enjoy you all week long.”

Four eyes feast on my smooth erection, they look at my shaved balls, and the inch-wide landing strip leading up to my belly. Helen’s hand surrounds my cock, seven long inches of circumcised hardness, topped by an angry purple mushroom threatening to jettison a mouthful of creamy, sticky semen skyward. She squeezes my shaft tighter than a metal vice and pumps with all her might.

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