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Morning Delight

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Bill walked softly across the floor. He could see Debbie was still sleeping and didn’t want to wake her. He sat gently on the edge of the bed. He hated these early morning flights. He would much rather be snuggled up to the wonderful woman in his bed. She had agreed to spend the night, for this very reason. Because he had to leave so early, he wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. As he was pulling on his socks, he felt a hand on his knee, slowly sliding up his thigh.

He looked down at her, “I thought you were asleep,” he said.

“You didn’t think you were going to sneak out of here without kissing me goodbye, did you?” she asked him.

“Well honey, you looked so peaceful laying there, I didn’t want to wake you,” he replied.

“Oh,” she replied, “you were going to leave me laying here like this?”

With that said, she pulled back the sheet that was covering her body. She was completely naked, just the way Bill loved her. If he had his way, she would stay naked from the time she arrived till the time she left again. Her tits were large, the areola, at least three inches across. Her nipples were long. He knew if he measured one after sucking on it, it would measure a good inch or more.

The sight of her laying there in his bed, naked, caused a sudden lurch in his groin. She teased him by sliding her hands down her inner thighs and over the soft skin where the swell of her pussy lips started. He could see the moisture still there from their lovemaking the night before. The thought of how wild she was caused his cock to stir.

Damn, he thought to himself, I have to leave.

He watched as her hand cupped her smooth mound, which he had the pleasure of shaving for her the first time. Her middle finger touched the very top of her slit. He knew her clit would soon be poking out between those wonderful lips. He had watched it many times, reaching out to be touched, by a tongue, or a finger, or a cock. Her clit didn’t care. He was so happy to be the one to touch it for her. Lick, rub and suck the little nub till orgasm after orgasm wracked her body. She always called his name.

“Oh Bill, don’t stop! I’m cummmiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggg!”

Just hearing her scream his name made his cock rock hard. If he was fucking her at the time, he would ram her harder and deeper, hitting her cervix, his balls slapping against her sweet ass.

He şişli escort shook himself out of his reverie. Her finger had snaked its way into her pussy lips, spreading them open. Then suddenly it plunged deep in her wet cunt. He groaned as he stood there with just his socks on. His cock sticking straight out, demanding attention!

“Oh baby, what you do to me!” he exclaimed.

He could catch another flight and be late for his meeting. She was worth it. He crawled onto the bed, moving up beside her. He took a tit in each hand, sliding his thumbs over her already hard nipples, causing her to moan. He leaned down and slowly licked the very tip. He didn’t think it could get any harder, but it did. So hard in fact, her entire nipple puckered. He gently nibbled it with his teeth, causing her to squirm.

Her finger was still deep in her pussy, pumping in and out. He moved his hand down over her stomach, covering her fingers with his. He helped her fingerfuck herself, moving in and out. He could see it was wet with her juices.

Debbie’s other hand reached down between Bill’s legs, wrapping her fingers around his rigid shaft. She could feel his heart beat pulsing through his raging hard on. Slowly she moved her fist up and down his cock. How she loved the word “COCK” . Just hearing it made her ooze her sweet nectar.

“Ohhh Bill!” she exclaimed, “let me taste you! I want your cock in my mouth!”

Bill was only too happy to comply. He moved up towards her waiting mouth, straddled her chest and rubbed the head of his cock along her lucious lips. Her tongue reached out to lick the head.

Mmmmmmmmm, they both moaned at the same time.

How he loved her licking and sucking his cock, her tongue seemingly everywhere on the head and shaft all at once. She was a fantastic little cocksucker! He watched as the whole length of his cock disappeared into her mouth. When he felt her throat contracting around the head, he moaned loudly, throwing his head back, never wanting this moment to end.

All too reluctantly he drew back from her mouth. She tightened her lips around his cock, causing her cheeks to sink in, as she sucked along the whole length. In and out he worked his cock, slowly fucking her mouth.

“Oh yes baby! Suck my cock! Ohhhhhh fuckkkk yes Debbie!”

Hearing this caused Debbie’s pussy to ache and throb. Lifting taksim escort her head off the pillow, forcing Bill’s cock deeper into her mouth, she wanted him to flood her throat with his cum. But Bill had ideas of his own. He pulled back from her mouth, the head escaping from between her lips with an audible pop!

Moving quickly down her body, Bill knelt between her legs. His lips left a trail of wet kisses down her inner thigh.

“Ohhhhh Bill!” she moaned, “that’s soooooooooo good!”

Her musky odor only served to urge him on, running his tongue along the outer edge of her pussy lips. He found the skin there so wonderfully soft and sensitive.

In no time at all Debbie was oozing more of her sweet nectar. Pushing her legs open wider, he slid his tongue down to “the strip”, that little section between her sweet asshole and her honey pot. That’s what they called it anyway. All Bill knew was that it sometimes drove Debbie over the edge if he manipulated it for any length of time. He used the tip of his tongue to push into it.

Debbie moaned loudly and squirmed under him. Her juices were really flowing now! Suddenly he flattened his tongue against her and made one long slow lick up her wet slit, his tongue lifting seconds before he reached her swollen clit. This only drove her insane with passion! She slid her hands down onto his head, trying to force his tongue onto her clit!

“Mmmmmmmmm Bill, suck my clit!” Debbie cried, “ohhhhh please, make me cum!”

Bill loved to watch her clit. He could almost see it throbbing and growing right before his eyes. As he gently blew on it, Debbie lifted her hips up off the bed, wanting him to suck on it so bad.

Finally he did as she wanted. He brought his lips down on it. Her clit was so big it almost filled his mouth. He started sucking as the tip of his tongue flicked quickly across it. He knew she was about to cum. Her body went rigid and she screamed his name.

“Ohhhhhhhh Bill, I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggggg, oh fuckkkkkk yesssssssssssssss!”

She was grinding her cunt against his opened mouth. He was sucking hard, milking her sweet pussy! Swallowing her juices as waves of pleasure washed over her body. For several long minutes Debbie was in pure bliss. Her little whimpers told him, don’t stop! His tongue dipped into her convulsing pussy. Her juices soaked his topkapı escort mouth and chin. He wanted to suck her dry.

Debbie’s breathing was labored. He knew when she tried to pull away from him that the pleasure was too intense. Bill moved off her and lay down beside her, resting his head on her tits. He gently sucked on her nipple as his hand cupped her wet swollen pussy.

He heard her whisper,”Oh Bill honey, that was wonderful. I love you.”

They lay there for a short while, resting, hands roaming. Debbie’s hand moved down to Bill’s cock, which was still hard and hot to the touch. She pushed him back onto the bed and knelt between his legs.

Bill watched as the head of his cock disappeared between her lips. Nothing looked more erotic, he thought, as Debbie moved her lips down the shaft until her chin was resting on his balls. How he loved this woman. He loved to please her in every way, and she did the same for him, just as she was doing now.

As her mouth drew up on his cock, her lips tightened around him. Sucking as her tongue licked the underside of the head. She knew this drove him crazy. Up and down. The head of his cock appearing against her lips and quickly disappearing again, to hit the back of her throat. She picked up the pace, as Bill’s ass lifted off the bed. Fucking her mouth. The thought of that was quickly bringing him to the edge.

He knew if she kept it up (no pun intended) he would be exploding in her wet warm mouth. He pumped his cock faster. Debbie could taste his precum and she wanted more. As her mouth moved up and down on his cock, her hand, which was wrapped around the base, would twist a bit. She was literally fucking him with her mouth and her fist. Then she started humming. He knew instantly it was their song. The vibrations from her humming and the fucking motion of her mouth and fist is what did it.

“Oh fuck Debbie, that’s it! Suck my cock,” Bill moaned, “suck my cock! I’m cummiiiinnnnnnngggg!”

Huge ropes of cum shot down her throat, choking her a bit. But Debbie wasn’t about to let anything escape. She swallowed it all down, sometimes gulping. She milked his cock. Drained his balls. Her little pink tongue licked him clean.

As Debbie lay back beside Bill, his arms went around her, pulling her close, “Oh my sweet baby! I love you!” he said.

“You are so wonderful, I love you too!” she answered.

Then giving him a wicked grin, she said, “Oh no, you missed your flight, your meeting.”

Bill smiled, “don’t worry, baby, this was much more fun than some stuffy meeting.”

Holding each other close, the lovers with arms and legs entwined, drifted off to sleep.

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