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Mom Convinced to try Foot Worship

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.



It was a rainy and cold Saturday afternoon when my life changed forever. I was returning from the grocery shop, purchasing the absolute basics during the height of the pandemic. My beloved husband David, a cargo plane pilot, was once again working overtime flying medical equipment from China to Europe almost in a non-stop manner.

I called out to John, my 19-year-old son, to come and help me put away stuff, but there was no answer. Maybe he’s sleeping, I had thought to myself. I was wrong.

Opening the door to my bedroom, I immediately went into shock with what was happening in front of me. On my bed lay my naked son, stroking his dick into one of my sandals. The other one planted tightly onto his face smelling deeply.

“JOHN!!! What in God’s name are you doing?”

“OMG Mom! I uhh…..I am so sorry….”

He ran past me naked leaving my sandals back on the bed, and locked himself in his room.


“I’m so sorry mom. I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”


“Please mom. No. Please try to forget everything. I promise I will never use your shoes and stockings again. Please don’t tell dad.”

I could hear him crying though the door, awakening my motherly instincts, calming me down a bit.

“OK, ok. Put some clothes on and come out. We definitely need to talk and your father needs to know what you were doing. It’s so disgustingly wrong!! Don’t you get it?”

“Please mom. Please forgive me. I don’t want to come out. I need my time.”

“Fuck! I mumbled between my teeth. “OK, take your time.”

I was fuming, but I couldn’t let him know how much I hated him at this point.

(What the hell was he thinking? Smelling my sandals? Jerking off to my shoes? I need to get this out of my head). I told myself while locking the door to the master bedroom.

I turned towards my bed and like a thunder the feeling of disgust shivered my whole body. There they were. The used sandals and stockings on my bed. Still with sweat, saliva and other disgusting juices on them. I took a few paper towels from my bathroom to use as gloves, picking the damp sandals up and throwing them inside the laundry basket in my closet.

(God damn it. I must be having a nightmare; all this can’t be true.)

Closing the door of my closet I saw all my other pairs of shoes laying down there.




My stomach turned at that thought.

(I think I am going to throw up……

Where’s my mobile? WHERE’S MY FUCKING MOBILE? OK calm down calm down… it should be in my purse.)

“Yes hello! I really need to speak with Mr Smith. David Smith please. He’s a pilot for your airline…………what storm?…..Comms down? Delayed arrival? Well that’s fucking great!!!….Sorry sssorry ma’am. It’s just an emergency and I really needed to talk to my husband. I’ll try again next time… thank you for your time.”

(God damn it. Never there when I need him. I must have something to drink.)

I don’t know how many hours had passed since my ordeal began. My foggy brain was just barely registering the empty bottle of vodka I held in my hand.

(Why God? Why me? Why John? What the actual fuck? Smelling my shoes jerking off??

I need answers god damn it. I need answers now! OF COURSE you stupid bitch. The internet. Ask the internet on how to deal with perverted disgusting sons. Where’s my fucking laptop?”)


I quickly opened my laptop.

One of the negative things of living in a fucking pandemic is of course having sooooooo much fucking free time in our hands. It was about four months ago when I decided to make an account on Quora, trying to initiate conversations with other married wives who were dealing with depressions, or make jokes about the lack of sex in our lives… You know! Reading generic stupid fucking topics just to kill some time during lockdowns.

This time however I would be, the one starting a stupid fucking topic for others to read, comment and ridicule on. In a somewhat soberer state, I changed my registration name and began typing the unthinkable.

“I caught my son jerking off while smelling my sandals. Please help!”

(Yeah right as if anyone will give a fuck)……I thought.

But once more I was wrong. My laptop notifications went berserk. Ding. Ding…. Ding…. Truly unstoppable.

(OK, Let’s see what people will have to say to me. Let’s see what good advice I will get, on how to deal with my son’s disgusting perverted sickness.

……..Uhhhh??? Uhhhhh WHAT?????!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??)

– “Welcome to the club mommy. Wink.” Wrote one……

– “It’s beautiful right? Watching your son smell your feet and cumming in your shoes?” Replied bursa eskort the second one…….

– “Enjoy! Incest is great”. Came the third reply….

– “Did you let him lick your feet? Can I lick your feet too?”

– “My son came out too, during the lockdown. It’s the best thing that could happen to me. I love how he worships my feet. It’s a daily thing now between us and it has brought us closer than ever.”



I was literally fuming. Instead of getting answers I was being bombarded with messages about how great incest with my son would be. How much I would love my feet receiving tongue baths from my son. I was about to shut my laptop, angrily screaming at the horrendous answers on my screen, when I saw a post from one Female Doctor in Psychology.

“Honey Don’t listen to them, there is a way out of these terrible feelings you are feeling right now. Call me at this number.”

(Thank god, I had found one sane person to talk to) I remember thinking back then.

I was wrong.

Doctor in Psychology

“Yes, hello. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. Please, Doctor. Please help me. I don’t know what to do. His father is out of town and won’t be coming home anytime soon. I am trembling with fear, but mostly out of disgust. How can a son jerk off to his mother’s shoes? What sickness is this? Why my shoes? Why my used stockings?”

“Please try to calm down. I know you want to have answers, but my main concern right now is not you!!!”


“Please let me finish. No, I am not concerned about you. I am more concerned about your son. Where is he now? How did he react when you found him in this vulnerable position?”

“That little fucker went inside his room and he locked himself in there. He is not talking to me and to be honest I don’t want to see him right now.”

“No No!! This is exactly what I was afraid of. You are currently ruining his life forever so we must act very quickly. Otherwise the consequences might be dire.”

“What the hell are you talking about? I am the one in need of help, not him.”

“LADY! DON’T YOU GET IT? Your son is feeling so much shame right now he might be committing suicide as we speak.”

I lost the ground under my feet. I was dumbstruck from that last sentence.

It took a second to come out of my shock, I jumped up screaming my son’s name out loud. All neighbors were probably alerted by my screams.


“Huh? Mom? What’s wrong mom?”

“Please baby. I am not mad anymore. Please open your door. I beg you. I love you so much. Mommy loves you baby. More than you can ever think of.”

I had never cried so much in my life. Never had I felt so much love for John than in those moments. The thoughts of him harming himself because of my stupid reactions were filling my brain. I was going to kill myself if anything happened to him.

“My love, my baby. Please open the door. I forgive you. I forgive you, do you hear me?! Please unlock your door. I will help you if you want. I WILL LET YOU WORSHIP MY FEET AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE.”

It was true. I had screamed this perverted sentence so loud, my neighbors could hear it.

Realizing what filthy words, I had just muttered I was again shivering with disgust, but at that same moment, I heard his door unlock. Nothing mattered anymore. I embraced John with so much strength I was probably hurting him.

“My baby. I am glad you are ok. Please forgive my reactions. Please forgive me.”

“Mom. I too am sorry. I just can’t help it. Please don’t tell dad. Please don’t.”

“OK, my love. This will be our little secret. I promise.”

The alcohol still streaming in my veins was probably the reason I was committing to so many of his requests at that point. But losing my baby was something I would never let happen. Sober or Drunk.

“Mom, I love you so much. I am attracted to your soles, toes and the smell of your feet, I really can’t help it. You have such beautiful feet mom.”

“I……, I don’t know how to react to that baby. It’s not common to hear from your son that he has a…a…. What’s it called?”

“It’s called foot fetish mom. I have a fetish especially for your feet. Incest fetishes are so hot, so much sexier that the boring vanilla stuff. Don’t you think?”

“Wha….? What? I……..I….. this is a little too much information for me now baby. Please can we just hug each other and not talk about it anymore?”

“But mom, you said you would let me lick your feet, right? You DID say that.”

“Can we just wait for your father to return; to talk it out with him? Or maybe find a girl from school? I am sure you’ll be able to find other women out there, to lick their feet.”

(God what the hell am I proposing? I’m bursa escort pushing my sick pervert son towards innocent women for him to…. To lick their…. Feet…. Ugh how disgusting)

“Mom, I won’t be able to resist you anymore. Not now that you have finally found out about my feelings. Not now that I have your approval to worship your feet. And we obviously can’t tell dad about us. He won’t be as open to the idea of mother son incest as you are.”

“JOHN!!!!! I’M NOT OP…………forgive my outburst. What I’m trying to say is,….let us just take this slow baby. Please! Do it for me.”

“OK. Mom. We will take baby steps together towards incest foot worship. I love you mom. And I love your feet… hehehe”

“I….love you too.” I mumbled.

(Oh my god…. What depravation lies ahead of me…) I wondered.

When I returned to my bedroom, I could hear the Doctor’s voice over the phone. She had not put down the receiver.

“What happened? Are you still there? Please talk back. Is everything ok with your son? Hello? Talk to me. Please talk to me……Should I call the paramedics? I am worried…”

“Hey!! Hey Doctor, are you still there? Sorry about that. I had to make sure my baby was ok. We actually had a talk and we came into an agreement. OH SHIT. I actually agreed to his terms?! Oh God I am starting to shiver doctor. Cold sweat is running down my spine. I made a huge mistake. I told my son, he can have his way with me. Oh my god I’m just now realizing what this actually means for me. What the hell did I do?”

“Calm down Honey. First of all, I am so glad that you are all ok.

“Did you actually agree to let him lick your soles?” Did I understand well?”

“Please doctor don’t say it like that? Just the thought of him near my feet, makes my stomach turn. I am petrified”.

The things that petrify you are just in your head honey. People have so much willpower hidden inside them, they are capable of doing anything. They have the power to turn negative thoughts into the best positive feelings ever….This is a great moment actually.

I want you to begin training yourself getting accustomed to the idea of you and your son being sexually active together….You should be thinking how LUCKY you are.”

“HUH Lucky?? I am Lucky??”

“Listen! You just found a person who loves you more than anything in this world, and who is willing to worship you until the end of time. It is as simple as that.”

“My god doctor. You make it sound so easy. Do you realize what I am asked to do here? What mess I have put myself into, by committing to his perverted thoughts???”

“First things first. Speak out loud what will happen in the next few days. And most importantly try to embrace the whole idea while saying it.”

“Doctor please. My world has turned upside down. Please can we just drop our conversation here?”

“Consider this a step towards you feeling better. It will help you come to terms with your new life. Come on! Say it out loud. What will you do with the person who adores you?”

“I…..I will let him…….I will let him worship me.”

“Again. Who will worship you?”

“I…. I will let John…..oh god…. I will let John….worship me.”

“And again. Give us more details this time. Who is John? How will he worship you?”

“……..Please Doc….”


“I…. will let……my son……worship and lick my feet.”

“Again louder.”

“I will let my son lick my feet.”




(what did I just say?)


“That was all you honey. It is pretty evident, you have some burning desires hidden deeply away in your psyche. Let all of your angers and all your desires come out honey. That’s my professional advice to you. You just had a major breakthrough and learned something about yourself too.”

“I can’t believe what I just said about David. Oh god what if John heard me? God damn it, what is this nightmare? Please let’s just forget about everything and never talk about it doc.”

“Honey. Keeping all these passionate feelings inside you will make you go crazy. Trust me. I will guide you through towards a better life.”

“I…. I suppose you know what you are saying, being a doctor and all. I am such a mess right now doctor.”

“Try to relax honey. We can continue in the morning if you want. You have my number in case you need me come by your home. I can see from your Quora profile we are living relatively close by…”

“Wait What? You can see my…..oh shit. Did I forget to delete my residence details from my burner account? Shit. All the sick perverts out there, will know now where I live. Fuck me.”

“Don’t call them perverts, honey. They are simple, kind, ordinary folk just like your beautiful son, who just happens to like worshipping his moms’ feet. Am I bursa escort bayan right? Tell me once more what you two will be doing”.

“Hmm I will let my son lick my feet…. Wait!! Stop it Doc. Please….”

(Where did that come from? How the fuck did I fall in her trap)

“Good honey!! You made progress tonight. It was a good idea coming to Quora for assistance. One last thing honey, before I say goodnight. Remember to embrace your son’s incest foot fetish. Try to talk about it as much as possible with him. This will help him grow into a strong confident man. You do want that right? You don’t want to see him falling for some hooker begging for some foot worship like a worthless kid, burning all his money away.”

“No! No!!! Of course not!!”

“Good. Do as I say and all will be well. Kisses honey.”

“Kisses Doctor. I… I mean good night. And…. And thank you.”

Trying it Out.

I remember the next morning waking up with a major headache. Not believing how my world had turned upside down the evening before.

(God damnit I need a shower).

I rose from bed putting my slippers on without thinking.

(OH FUCK. YUCK!! SHIT. GOD DAMN IT. Are my sandals damp or is it my imagination? Fuck fuck fuck. I need to get through this. I can’t let it ruin my day.

I can do this…..I can do this…… even if my slipper is full of John’s cum.)

I slowly put my feet inside my slippers again. No doubt they were very wet and the smell of semen was already hitting my nostrils. My stomach felt uneasy thinking of my son’s cum slowly oozing between my toes and under my soles.

(Did John cum inside them while I was sleeping? Fuck!! I need to get the thought out of my head right now.

What did the Doctor say to me? A human brain can turn the most disgusting feeling into something pleasant. OK. I am doing exactly that. My son’s cum inside my slippers is making me feel good…. My son’s cum inside my slippers is making me feel good…. Fuck I am surely going crazy.)

“Good morning mom.”

“OH! Good morning John. I didn’t notice you there.”

“Yeah you seemed spaced out.”

“Say John, did you visit my bedroom at some point while I was sleeping?”

“I…. I did mom! I was thinking about our conversation all night long. How you will be letting me lick your feet from now on. How we are going to enjoy incest together. I was so horny, I had to come into your room and jerk off. I came inside one slipper while licking the insides of the other.”


…..I’m sorry. Forgive me. I didn’t mean to shout at you again.

Please baby. Let me adjust to this whole arrangement of ours. And please next time you feel the urge of licking or cumming inside any of my shoes, please inform me beforehand.”

“NICE!!. So you want to watch while I lick your foot sweat clean. Is that it? That is soo sexy of you mom.”

“NO!!! No….. it’s just that we came to an agreement to make baby steps towards this incest thing. OK my love? I was having a conversation with a Psychologist lady yesterday, she suggested that we talk about our feelings for each other as much as possible.”

“I know mom. I heard you screaming you want me to lick your feet and have incest sex in front of cuckold dad. What was that all about? Do you want me to turn you into a slut, fucking other men too? Does the thought of being a hot-wife make you horny mom?”


….I’m sorry baby…… Again….. It’s not productive the way I react. Please accept my apologies.

It’s just that I had too much to drink yesterday you know?!

I didn’t know why I said that about your father. Maybe because I do feel neglected and some part of me wants revenge for him being away all the time? I’m so sorry baby, you shouldn’t be hearing this”

“Don’t feel sad mom. I will take care of your needs”.

“Let’s just forget about it. Let’s talk about this…. this…. foot worship thing of yours. Do you…… do you feel the urge of licking my feet right now?”

“Oh god mommy yes. Lay on the bed and give me your feet. I will make you feel so good.”

“I haven’t showered yet, baby. I came from the grocery shop yesterday and all hell broke loose. I must stink horribly. My…. My feet must stink horribly.”

“Lesson number one mommy. You will make your feet stink as much as possible. Only my tongue will be cleaning your soles from today on. And even if dad complains about the smell, you will just tell him that this is the new you. You belong to me now.”

(I…..belong to my…..son????)

I hate to admit this, but that last sentence was like a thunderbolt passing my whole body down to my pussy.

(I…..belong to my…..son!!!)

“Please John, try not to say such awful things. Especially about your father.”

“We will turn him into a cuckold mom. Don’t worry. He will be begging to see us have sex in front of him once he gets back. I’m always horny for you. I’ll be making love to you until you pass out.”

My pussy was dripping wet. Why the fuck was I losing control so quickly?

“Lesson number two mommy. The soles are full of nerve endings and a good foot massage will be able to relax you like never before. Just like this……”

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