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Milky Drips and Drabbles

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18+ and consenting, non-related adults engaged in a safe, sane, and consensual BDSM lifestyle.


My nipples belong to my Daddy Dom, just like my pussy. I still remember the first time he kept me engorged, doing his usual long early morning suckling session, but then forbidding me to pump or play with myself all day, making me wait until he got home. Late. Big wet spots decorated the front of my plum colored nursing bra, and I was aching for more than one kind of relief.

“Mmm. Naughty nipples,” he chided, unbuttoning my sheer blouse, uncovering my damp bra. “They didn’t wait. Look at all that wasted milk.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy. There’s plenty for you.”

“Oh I have no doubt about that.” He chuckled softly. “But I think you need a punishment before I milk you, don’t you?”

There was only one right answer. “Yes, Daddy.”

“On your knees. Tits out.” He flicked open my nursing bra, exposing my straining breasts and engorged, leaking nipples. Roughly, he flipped up my short skirt, exposing my naked pussy and ass as I knelt on the bed, him behind me.

“Daddy’s going to spank you now.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” I couldn’t help but moan and wriggle, nipples dribbling more at the thought of what was to come. I heard the snick of his belt opening, the slide of it coming off, and I whimpered.

The first blow to my ass took my breath away. Daddy wasn’t playing around this night. He spanked me with the belt in rapid succession, hard flips of the leather against my tender flesh, the whole time my tits screaming for relief.

“Please, Daddy. It hurts. I’ll be good,” I babbled, but he kept up the steady rhythm of blows until my ass was warm and my brain all floaty.

Abruptly he stopped. Still kneeling behind me with me on all fours, he slid a large bowl under my drippy nipples. I cried out, knowing relief was at hand, but also because I knew it would hurt a bit, getting all that pent up milk out.

Roughly, he massaged my aching breasts, rubbing all the engorged ducts and prominent veins with his thumbs as he slowly started the milking motion that never failed to get me wet. I loved feeding him, loved our cuddly suckling sessions so much, but there was something so absolutely filthy about being milked on all fours, tits hanging down, his big hands working me hard. Powerful streams of milk hit the bowl, the noise getting me wetter.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” The relief of being milked after waiting so long had me sobbing, literal tears rolling down my face as the pressure eased, the almost painful release of milk exactly what I’d been craving all day.

I was so distracted by the milking, almost dizzy with the pleasure of it, that I missed him pushing his pants down, almost missed his hard cock pushing insistently at my pussy. “Yes, Daddy. Fuck me,” I moaned.

“Such a good little cow, letting Daddy milk your udders. Look at your teats all swollen for me.”

The filthy talk had me gushing wet. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Do you need breeding, little one? Need Daddy’s cum in that needy pussy of yours?”

“Fuck yes. Please, Daddy.” I rocked my hips backwards.

“You want a big belly? Want these tits to swell even more? Daddy’s going to fuck you bare, sweetheart.”

“Yes. Want that. Please.” I moaned as he continued to milk me, tugging hard on my sore nipples.

He pushed inside, bare, thick and hard, so big it still made me gasp, even as ready as I was. He didn’t let me wait, fucking hard and deep right from the start, so deep I felt him against my cervix.

His fingers continued trabzon escort to torture my nipples, even now that the flow was less, twisting and pulling them. “Such a good breeder,” he murmured. “So much milk for me.”

My ass was sore from the spanking and each slap of his hips felt like fire. I moaned and whimpered. “Daddy, I’m going to come.”

“Do it it, little one. Come for Daddy now.” Releasing one nipple, he reached under me to rub my clit. “Daddy’s going to fill you with his big load soon.”

“Mmmm. Want it,” I moaned. “Come in me, please.”

His thrusts picked up in intensity, and I came hard against his questing fingers, more milk spurting spontaneously from my nipple. I felt the first hot splash of cum deep inside me, then felt it oozing out as he pulled back. He hadn’t been lying about a large load. It felt like he’d come buckets.

“I bet that worked.” He collapsed next to me on the bed, moving the bowl out of the way. “Bet you took. Such a good breeder.”

“Uh huh.” I was still breathless, still coming down from the high. “But I’m willing to keep trying if it didn’t.”

“I know you are.” He kissed me tenderly. “Such a good girl.”


We have a game, my Daddy Dom and I. A very, very dirty game. I call it “labor day.” We both know how much I want to have Daddy’s baby, and this is our little game. It started with him inflating the plug in my pussy until it was very full, enough to start some gentle cramping in my insides. He told me to breath through it and my pussy throbbed from the sound of his voice.

“It’s starting, isn’t it?” he said..

“Yes, Daddy,” I moan.

“Do you want Daddy to help you through it?” He tweaked one of my nipples hard, making the cramping closer to a contraction.

“Oh please,” I whimpered. He tweaked and pulled my nipples until I was moaning. The cramping inside was getting worse. “Here comes one,” I whispered, panting.

“Moan for me,” he ordered. I groaned, slipping deeper into the fantasy, making primal noises as he intensified the nipple play. Twisting, tugging, making my thick nipples long and pink with his attentions

“I want to push,” I moaned, both loving the full feeling in my pussy and wanting the relief of it out of me.

“Not yet,” he growled. He’d make me wait, make the game even better. “You’ve still got a ways to go.”

“I’m contracting,” I whispered, the fantasy taking hold now as I moaned. “It hurts.”

“I know.” He stroked my hair back from my head. “But do it for Daddy.”

He moved so that his head was on my stomach. Oh fuck, I knew what was coming next, and it would make all the sensations that much more intense. He latched onto a nipple, nursing me through another wave of cramping. I was panting and crying out now, moving my hips restlessly as he fed on my sore nipples. The fullness in my pussy was almost more than I could bear. Lube and pussy juices ran down my thighs.

The letdown came, so much like a real contraction that I called his name as the milk started flowing.

“Look how ready you are,” he said, approvingly.

Oh fuck what those words did to me. He suckled while I moaned and told him how much it hurts. “Daddy, please, I need to push.”

“Not yet, baby girl.” He switched sides, feeding hungrily on my leaking nipple.

“I need to push,” I say again.

“Soon.” Still sucking, he reached down and rubbed my clit. “You’re so beautiful, laboring for me.”

He milked me into another wave of cramps. I was straining now, so ready to push the plug out.

“Let’s check you,” he said, moving between tunalı escort my legs, pushing them back. His thick fingers toyed briefly with my clit before circling where the inflatable is. “Can you give a little push for Daddy?”

I pushed and nothing happened, but it feelt so good to push against the pressure that I did it again, grunting softly. This was more inflated than the plug had ever been, and knowing that excited me beyond measure.

“Looks like Daddy’s going to have to help you,” he said, reaching up to pull a nipple.

His other hand pushed on my perineum, providing coaxing counterpressure. “Push again.”

“Ungggh.” I groaned.

“Up with you.” He got me on my knees. The pressure was so intense that I moaned again.

“Here.” He rubbed his dick on my lips. “Suck and push again.”

I sucked hard, moaning around his cock.

“Push,” he ordered. “Let it happen.”

I cried out around his cock and bore down. The inflatable crowned as I sucked hard, and I reached down, rubbing my clit. Another push and it was out with a lewd plop and I was cumming hard before he flipped me to my back and slid in.

I’d planned to get him off with my mouth, but this was so much better. I came again as he thrust hard into my sore pussy. This was going to be fast after all that buildup and I didn’t care. The game was gone, done with and it was just him and I and this need. He suckled my nipple as he moaned his pleasure. I urged him on, coming again as he sped up.

He came with a mighty shout, filling me with his seed. Exhausted and sticky, we collapsed together.

“Fuck, we need to do that more often,” he said.

“No complaints here,” I laughed and gave him a kiss.


It started so simply, with my nipples, as most good things do. It was a lazy Saturday morning, and I awoke full and aching.

“Mmmm, daddy?” I whispered. “Daddy, I’m achy again.”

Slowly, he came awake with a smile on his face. A lot of people may wonder how we keep the D/s going throughout a long pregnancy like this, but it’s not some role in a play that we trot out on Halloween. This pregnancy was, indeed, an integral part of our D/s dynamic. I was pregnant because he wanted it, because he bred me on my hands and knees in the filthiest scene we’d ever done. And my milk had come in early because he wanted it, because he suckled and stimulated me until the little droplets turned to steady streams that made me crave his relief.

Idly, he twiddled my nipple, like he had all the time in the world, like I wasn’t aching for his mouth. “Baby, I think you need more than sucking.” His voice was low and melodic and went straight to my pussy.

“I do?”

His big hand cupped my swollen belly. “You’re five days past due now, sweetheart. You need to trust Daddy to get things started for you, don’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered shakily. We’d talked about this enough, role played it dozens of times, but now that it was really here, I both wanted and dreaded it, anticipation thrumming in my veins.

He reached under the bed, came up with the pump that we’d been careful to not play too much with until now.

“Daddy’s going to get you ready first.” Bending his head, he suckled me long and hard, harder than usual, making my nipples tingle and throb. I felt a vague cramp above my pussy, and it felt so good I moaned. “Yeah, that’s it,” he chuckled. He fit the plastic cups over my nipples and had me hold them in place.

“Now, so far, we’ve been really gentle with your pump, baby, but today we’re going to turn it up. It might tunceli escort hurt a bit, but you’ll do it for Daddy, right?”

Oh how well he knew me. “It might hurt” was a surefire way to get my pussy dripping. “Yes, Daddy.”

True to his word, he started the suction going, much harder than he had before. It tugged in the best way possible, making me moan.

“Now lay back on the pillows for Daddy while that works. Daddy’s going to stretch you before he fucks you.”

Another cramp hit, this one deeper and lower. I groaned, a primal, earthy sound, and he just grinned at me.

We’d been playing with stretching for months, and once he grabbed the lube bottle, my pussy started throbbing, knowing what was coming. Slowly he worked one, then two, then three and four fingers in, pushing and stretching, rotating them to open me me. Withdrawing them, he went back to two fingers, but went impossibly deep. “Breath for me, baby.”

I felt his fingers there, on my deepest spot, a place we’d played with plenty before pregnancy but carefully avoided until now. But now he rubbed my cervix round and round, making me cramp with each circle. I was a strange bird and I’d had cervical orgasms with him before, and even though this hurt, it also felt amazing, like I could fly. He flipped the breast pump up a notch right as he pressed hard against it. I squealed and whined with pleasure-pain. He was doing the same motion the midwife had a few days prior, but from him, it felt markedly different.

“Oh Daddy, I want your baby. Want to birth for you,” I babbled.

“Yes, baby, yes. I can feel that you’re more open now. It won’t be long now.” Another wicked grin from him as he withdrew his fingers. “Cramping yet?”

“Yes. Hurts a little, but feels good too.”

“That’s good. It’s supposed to.” He rubbed my clit with his free hand while he stretched me with four fingers again.

“Oh god.” I moaned as the first real, true contraction hit. My belly went tight, and my pussy clamped hard around his fingers.

“Oh that’s such a good girl,” he soothed. “Ready for me to fuck you?” he asked as it receded.

“Yes, oh yes.” I got on my hands and knees for him, and he removed the pump as he got behind me.

Slowly, he pushed his big, thick cock into me and his nimble fingers found my throbbing nipples. “Tell me when,” he murmured.

Another wave of cramping hit me, made me gasp. “Now, now, now.”

He fucked me through the contraction, pulling my nipples and nailing my g-spot so that pleasure mingled with the pain until I no longer knew which was which. We fucked like that for what felt like hours–him going slow and steady between contractions, hard to get me through the cramping, milking my nipples the whole time.

“Daddy, it hurts,” I whimpered, but I didn’t pull away. This felt too amazing, like the best scene ever–pain and pleasure and him surrounding me.

“Time for a check,” he whispered as he pulled out. I moaned at the loss of contact, but gasped as his fingers entered me again. “Oh yeah. You’re making excellent progress, baby. We’ll call the midwife soon, okay?”

“Want you to come first,” I said. I was moaning low now, deep, primal, animal-like noises, and I could tell from his dripping cock that he loved it. He fucked me hard as he re-entered me. His fingers found my clit and on the next contraction, I came with a scream. He was coming too, in loud groans, filling me up with his hot come.

“So that worked,” he said, collapsing next to me with a laugh.

“Bastard.” I smacked his shoulder without any real ire.

“I’ll start the hot tub for you, baby, then call the midwife.”

“And maybe you can give me some more pain relief while we wait?” I asked hopefully, rubbing my tight belly.

“Maybe so.” His twinkling eyes made all sorts of promises I intended to hold him to.

The end…

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