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Midnight Creeper

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The only sounds in the bedroom of Melody and Charlie Roarke were the click the clock radio made every time the minute numbers changed and the breathing of Charlie’s wife. It was torture waiting for Melody’s breathing to change into the deep sleep mode, but then again so were these three years of marriage for Charlie.

Charlie had tried to make it work at first but the accountant soon realized that it was not to be, and he felt bad about that before Melody was a nice girl who deserved better than to be married to a man who discovered that he wasn’t really bisexual after all.

Melody didn’t know any of this and neither did Charlie’s family, which the 28 year old found strange because Oscar had figured it out right away, almost as soon as the Roarkes moved next door.

Oscar was Oscar Perez, a newly retired 62 year old former pipe fitter who was also married, but the burly Hispanic did a much better job of balancing his life than Charlie did.

Oscar was likely waiting for him right now, Charlie guessed, sitting out on his patio smoking one of those disgusting cigars of his. Oscar didn’t like to be kept waiting, and more than once had chosen not to when Charlie made his climb over the fence too late.

Just thinking about the husky balding man made Charlie start to move, slowly inching his way off the bed so as not to wake Melody, and then after tiptoeing to the door Charlie eased out into the hall and to the back door wearing only slippers and his pajama bottoms.

It would be easier to go out the front door and over to the gate of Oscar’s yard, but that would involve getting dressed because the neighbors across the street often sat outside late at night and would see him.

Better to climb the fence, something that Charlie had gotten pretty adept at even though the skinny little man was not athletic at all. That spoke volumes about the man next door and the attraction Oscar Perez held for Charlie.

Oscar was much like most of the men Charlie had been drawn to all his life only more so. Much older and much more physically imposing than the accountant who was a walking talking stereotype one would thing of in that line of work.

At around 6’2″ Oscar Perez was a head taller than Charlie and outweighed him considerably, with only a little of his 230 pounds not muscle. Charlie would be the first to admit that his neighbor was not attractive, which Oscar bearing a bit of a resemblance to the old wrestler George “The Animal” Steele, a hirsute brute if there ever was one.

Charlie saw the burning red of the end of the cigar as he cleared the fence, losing a slipper in the process, but after he found it in the moonlight he hurried over to the patio where Oscar was waiting in his favorite chair.

“About to give up on you Charlie,” Oscar told him.

“Sorry,” Charlie wheezed as he caught his breath. “Uh – the garage?”

“I was thinking Charlie,” Oscar said slowly with only a trace of an accent. “It’s such a nice evening maybe we will stay out here.”

“Okay,” Charlie said as he watched the cigar glow, the dim light casting on his neighbor’s chest which was coated with a pelt of black hair with only a tiny gold cross breaking the blackness.

Melody was right next door which made being out here a bit risky, and while Oscar’s wife was in the house behind them she was a sound and heavily medicated sleeper.

Oscar killed the cigar Ankara bayan escort and stood up, clad only in boxer shorts, and as Charlie moved closer to his neighbor the height difference seemed to grow. He felt Oscar’s eyes on him, looking at him with a bit in amusement as the accountant’s hands went up the Oscar’s chest to knead the surprisingly firm man boobs before leaning forward and searching for the plump nipple in the fur.

“Ah!” Oscar sighed when Charlie’s lips found their target, and as the younger man suckled on the stiffening peg Oscar held his face tight to him and whispered, “That’s my little man. You know what Oscar likes. Suck it. Nibble on it.”

Charlie’s arms were around Oscar’s body, his fingers sliding up and down over his furry back as Charlie moved over to the other nipple and gave it equal affection while Oscar purred contently.

“I see your little dick is hard,” Oscar said as he reached down with his free hand to unsnap Charlie’s pajama bottoms, causing them to drop down immediately. “Didn’t you fuck Melody tonight?”

“No,” Charlie grunted as he felt the hand Oscar had been using to hold him close now grabbing his scalp and bringing his face up from his nipple and over to push it under his upraised arm.

“How you gonna make little Charlies like that?” Oscar chuckled as he felt his neighbor’s tongue licking his armpit. “Maybe I’ll pay Melody a call some afternoon when you’re working. Give her a treat. She’s such a tiny little thing, just like you. Wonder if your girl pussy would like my cock as much as your boy pussy does?”

Charlie said nothing, concentrating on the moist tuft of musky hair that filled the steamy hollow his face was in, and as he licked and chewed the pungent curls Charlie thought about what Melody would look like having sex with Oscar, his burly hairy body crushing his petite wife as he ravaged her, and the image only made him harder.

A more sobering thought to the accountant would be what Melody would look like if she went to the window and saw her husband with his pajamas down around his ankles and his face buried under their neighbor’s arm chewing in his armpit, but now Oscar was easing him down onto his knees to the cool concrete.

Charlie tugged the boxers down, the sight of Oscar’s imposing organ making any lingering thoughts of Melody disappear as he grabbed the dark brown cock which was only beginning to stiffen. The crimson tip of Oscar’s dick was peeking out from the foreskin at him as Charlie’s shaky hands brought it to his mouth.

“Ah!” Oscar moaned as Charlie’s lips began working on the end of his member which responded almost immediately to the affection, and as the older man looked down and saw half of his cock disappear he added, “One of these nights I’m gonna take you inside and let you give my Loretta lessons on how to suck dick. That’s my boy. Make me nice and hard for us.”

Boy. The way Oscar often referred to him as boy irritated Charlie in a way, but he also knew that the term fit. Just like at work and even at home, Charlie was always docile and willing to accept everything that came his way without complaint.

The way Oscar stood there in front of him with his hands on his hips looking down while his cock was being sucked was typical of how Charlie felt around his neighbor. Even at 28 he was still feeling like the boy doing the man’s bidding like he always had when Escort bayan Ankara he was growing up and older men would have their way with him.

It was demeaning in a way but also for some strange reason the younger man couldn’t understand, it was also exhilarating being dominated by a physically superior man like Oscar. Even the way the older man would mock his penis, even though it wasn’t really small except compared to his own, made Charlie’s dick throb.

“Oh Charlie, you doing real good like always,” Oscar said as he lifted his cock up so the accountant could lick his balls for a moment before bringing the now stiff dick down and slapping him on the cheek with it before putting it back in his mouth. “I think I’m going to let you sit on it tonight for a bit. You bring the jelly?”

Charlie nodded as best he could, the prospect of being impaled by the brown monster that his lips could only get halfway down making his whole body quake with excitement as he got ready to be pulled up to his feet any second.

When Oscar grabbed him under his arms and yanked him up, Charlie took the pajamas from around his ankles and fished the lube out of the pocket while his host sat back down in the chair and adjusted it so it was a little reclined.

Charlie moved over quickly with a palm full of lubricant and generously spread it on Oscar’s upstanding organ, the beet red glans appearing and disappearing as the veiny foreskin moved along with Charlie’s fist, and then it was Oscar taking the tube from the accountant and ordering Charlie back up to his feet in order for him to present himself.

“Cute little ring,” Oscar purred as he first dabbed his greased finger on the taut balloon knot before plunging the digit inside while Charlie stood bent over with his hands on his knees.

“Hard to believe,” Oscar continued in a whisper only loud enough for Charlie to hear while the finger spun in deeply, causing the younger man to moan through gritted teeth. “Your anus is so tiny yet is able to take my fat cock. I know it must hurt still even though I have fucked you so many times I can’t count, but you like it don’t you?”

“Yes,” Charlie grunted. “I love it.”

“Then it is time,” Oscar concluded as he pulled out his finger and took Charlie by the hips and brought the little man down towards his lap while the accountant reached under and held the throbbing monolith upright, guiding it towards his tender orifice.

“Oh,” Charlie snorted as he introduced the tip of the organ to his puckered ring, struggling to keep his noises down as the thick tool worked inside of him while Oscar held him upright somewhat with his strong hands.

“You want it all, don’t you little man?” Oscar snorted into the younger man’s ear as Charlie eased down lower and lower. “You want all of Daddy’s big dick inside you, that right?”

“Yes,” Charlie almost sobbed as he squatted lower still, until he was not being held up any longer and was sitting on the burly Hispanic’s lap.

“You got what you wanted, didn’t you son?” Oscar was asking as the mixture of pleasure and pain left the younger man speechless for a moment, and the older man wrapped his arms around Charlie and held him close and tight.

“It’s like an oven in your boy pussy,” Oscar continued as he rubbed his hairy chest which was damp with sweat against Charlie’s back. “I could cum right now because it’s so tight.”

“No,” Bayan escort Ankara Charlie gasped, the words getting him into action as he gripped the arms of the chair to balance himself before starting to raise and lower himself onto Oscar’s pulsating manhood.

“That feels so good, and this chair – I think it was made for fucking, don’t you?” Oscar asked as he ran his hands up and down Charlie’s sides where his ribs glistened with sweat. “I fuck Loretta in it sometimes, did you know that?”

“No,” Charlie grunted in response, although that was a lie because he had seen the two of them out there through the bedroom window several times while he watched and masturbated while Melody slept.

“Only thing is that Loretta won’t let me take her in the ass because she says I’m too big,” Oscar noted as Charlie began bouncing faster. “I’m not too big for you though, am I Charlie?”

The younger man’s answer was only to move up and down at an even brisker rate, rising high until Oscar’s cock was almost out before plunging back down hard, and Oscar laughed at that.

“Gonna cum soon little man,” Oscar warned after a couple of minutes as one of his hands reached around and found Charlie’s dick, hard as he expected. “Think you gonna cum too.”

After grabbing the younger man’s pale erection between his thumb and index finger and pulling on it savagely a few times, Charlie choked as spurts of semen exploded from his dick and onto the patio seconds before he felt the monster inside him erupt.

“Aww!” Oscar groaned as he pulled Charlie down and close to him, and the younger man sighed as the soothing warmth of the older man’s seed coated his savaged bowels as Oscar’s cock twitched until he was drained.

Oscar kept Charlie on his lap for several minutes until his spent member finally slithered out of his neighbor, and only then did he allow Charlie to rise to his feet.

“You okay my friend?” Oscar asked as Charlie got to his feet and gathered his pajamas, his wide-legged waddle cut and comical to him.

“Yes,” Charlie said. “I’m fine.”

“You know, Loretta is going to visit her sister this weekend,” Oscar said as he walked over to the fence with Charlie. “If you want to…”

“Inside? In bed?” Charlie asked and nodded like a happy puppy at the prospect.

“Sure, Here. Let me help you,” Oscar said as he grabbed the slippery little guy under the arms and effortlessly lifted Charlie over the fence to his own yard.

“Thanks, see you,” Charlie said as they parted, and after waddling inside Charlie cleaned himself as best he could because using the shower would wake Melody and be tough to explain.

Back inside the bedroom Charlie sat in the chair and looked at the sleeping figure under the sheet while the fluids oozing out of him meant a second trip to the bathroom to clean was in order, but his mind was elsewhere.

He had been in Oscar’s bed before, and while he loved being taken by his neighbor on the patio or in the garage, it was even better in the bed. In bed without fear of being caught, it was positively amazing. Oscar had nearly driven Charlie through the headboard with his brutish lovemaking, and it had been so good Charlie had done everything he could to get him hard again, even rimming Oscar until he felt his tongue would fall off.

“You alright Charlie?” came the voice from the bed. “Sleepwalking again?”

“I think so. I’ll be in in a minute,” Charlie said as he went back into the bathroom, already counting the moments when he would be with Oscar in a bed and really show how crazy he was about his neighbor.


Thank you for reading.

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