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Melissa’s Golden Birthday

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

It was the eighteenth of the month, finally! Melissa’s Golden Birthday, she was finally legal to fuck. She shared her birthday with her father, sheer coincidence but it had always brought them closer as she grew. Now he was forty, still young and as far as his daughter was concerned, still sexy.

She burst into the house after school, tossing her backpack on the couch on her way to the kitchen. She was starving, she was going to need energy for what she was about to do. Melissa planned on finally fucking her dad today!

The two of them had been hot for each other since Melissa first started adolescence. Her dad noticed his daughter shooting up in height as well as her developing curves. Melissa noticed the hungry looks her dad was giving her, they had talked about it years ago. Melissa understood how serious the consequences would be if they were to give in to their urges too soon.

Her father had kept his hands to himself, no matter how hard it had been. Melissa sometimes took advantage of that to tease her poor daddy, wearing a lacy negligee around the house, or worse. They each told one another how hot their bodies were, Melissa’s father Ed loved dirty talk and would encourage his daughter to use it.

Ed loved to hear Melissa talk about masturbating herself, about the different fantasies she had, all the sexy details. He was showing his little girl how hot it could be, and she was picking it up extremely well. Now she loved hearing how hot she got her hunky father as well.

But today they could finally touch, finally she could see and feel her daddy’s dick, show him her naked tits and pussy. She’d been thinking about it all day, her panties were already soaked. She finished her snack and went to shower.

Melissa wanted to be fresh for her daddy. She shampooed her hair, shaved her armpits and legs, and then, a little anxious, she shaved her cunt. She didn’t have a lot of hair down there, it was sparse and wispy but she wanted to be smooth today, it felt so adult.

Sitting in the tub she carefully ran the razor over her mons, loving the sensual feel of her skin when it was smooth. Her pussy lips were next. The warm water, the slickness of the soap, the knowledge of why she was shaving and for who was arousing her no end. Once she was sure she was done she carefully set the razor aside and leaned back in the tub to masturbate.

Melissa split her fingers into a vee and slid two on either side of her clit. It stood up, proud and engorged with blood; she pressed her fingers down and inwards as she ran them up and down, the new slipperiness was incredible. Her thumb brushed her clit with each stroke, she was grabbing yalova escort a tit and squeezing her nipple as well.

“Oh, daddy, see how my pussy’s all shaved? I did it for you.” Melissa was fantasizing, pretending she was showing her daddy right now. “It feels so good daddy, do you like how it looks?” Her fingers stroked faster and faster as she imagined how hard her daddy would get. She wanted to see her daddy’s cock, hold it, suck it, feel it inside her.

“Oh yes, daddy, fuck my bald pussy!” Now Melissa was pistoning two fingers into her virgin cunny, pretending it was her father’s cock. Her breath came faster, she was trembling, and then her orgasm hit her. Waves of euphoria pulsed from her cunt to her breasts to her brain, every nerve was alive and tingling as she cried out “yes daddy, yes, fuck me oh fuck me fuck my pusseeeeeee! Oh God yes!”

Melissa thrashed and quivered in the warm water as she came, body on fire, craving more and more sensation. Finally quieting and satisfied for the moment she finished her routine and carefully dressed for her father’s return from work.

Ed Berns raced up the steps to his home. He’d been looking forward to this day for years now! It was his birthday, yes, but more importantly his lovely Melissa was turning eighteen today! They’d both been waiting, his daughter was already quite a sexual creature despite being a virgin.

He knew she’d have something special waiting for him but he didn’t know what. She was his world, had been ever since her mother had passed away twelve years ago. It was just Mel and Ed, she would say with a smile. Or more and more lately with a sly grin and a saucy wink. He had no doubt that his Melissa was going to surprise him.

As Ed approached the door it opened from the inside, no one was visible. He entered and there was his beautiful Melissa behind the door, wearing some very naughty lingerie he’d never seen before! It was a cream satin that went well with her summer tan, matching bra and panties in a bold style that was no lace, all business. She looked like sex on a stick and she knew it.

“Happy Birthday sweetheart!” Ed cried, giving her a big hug and shutting the door with his foot. She hugged him back, she was all smooth tanned skin and perfumed silk. Ed’s dick gave a throb in his pants, he’d been hard since he saw the door open. Melissa felt it and shoved her hips at him, her hug turned into passionate kissed as Ed led her to the bedroom.

Melissa sat her father down on the end of the bed. “Dad, you just sit there, I’ll do everything.” She started by taking off Ed’s shirt and tie, she knelt to remove his shoes and socks, then gently pushed him back onto the bed so she could undo his belt and slacks.

Soon he was naked, yalova escort bayan lying back watching as his daughter slowly stripped her lingerie off for him. She was no professional but that made it all the more erotic for Ed, her enthusiasm was the perfect cherry on top. He’d seen her in see-through lingerie but somehow this was different, knowing what they were about to do.

When his young daughter peeled her panties off Ed almost came, she had shaved her pussy for him! “Baby, you shaved, oh my god you look so sexy!” Ed’s cock gave an approving throb. He could see her clit peeking out at him, he couldn’t wait to run his tongue over his little girl’s hairless slit.

Melissa’s heart raced when she got her daddy’s boxers off and saw his naked and hard cock for the first time. She wanted to drop everything right there, just grab it and play with it, examine every inch. But she knew there would be time for that later. Right now she was focused on getting that hot shaft inside her!

“Oh daddy, that cock looks so wonderful! Is that all for me?” Melissa crawled up the mattress to her father’s side, staring at his erection the whole time.

“Yes indeed it is, Melissa darling, and happy eighteenth! God you’re gorgeous! Daddy wants to fuck his daughter, his little princess, what does she think about that?” Ed was hornier than he’d ever been in his life, his baby girl was so smokin’ hot! And best of all she wanted it, he could smell her pussy, see how tight her nips were. He was gonna fuck her silly!

“Mmm, I think that it’s about fucking time! I’ve wanted that dick for six years now daddy, wanted you and only you to take my cherry! Happy Birthday, daddy!” Melissa grabbed Ed’s shaft and squeezed, making him moan. She quickly straddled her father and held his cock head to her entrance, smearing their juices together before shoving the tip inside.

“Daddy, how’s that feel. huh? See how hot my cunny is for your cock, daddy? It’s gonna be tight, so tight for you, taking your sexy daughter’s virginity.” She slid another inch down his pole.

“Oh my god baby girl, you feel incredible, so hot and tight! Oh yes!” Ed wanted to fuck his hips up, shove his whole eight inches into Melissa’s cunt, but he let her set the pace. He wanted her first time to be a wonderful experience. He reached up and cupped her breasts, loving the feel of her soft skin, the roughness of her nipples as he teased them.

“Yes, daddy, play with my tits, mmm, that’s nice, makes my cunny feel even better, oh god, my pussy’s getting hotter, oh daddy please, fuck me now!” Melissa loved having her nipples teased, it always got her even hotter. Having her daddy do it was blowing her mind! She groaned in delight and sank down to the hilt escort yalova on her father’s tool.

Ed felt his daughter fully encase his dick and moaned, “Yes Melissa, oh yes! Gonna fuck my baby’s pussy now! Oh, been waiting so long my darling, yes, here we go!” He grabbed her hips and started fucking his hips up, flexing his ass, pounding into his daughter’s willing cunt.

“Yes, daddy, you feel so good inside me, oh I’m so happy daddy! Keep fucking me, want your cock! Yes!” Melissa’s pussy was going crazy around her daddy’s thrusting pole, she was so wet! “I can feel you stretching me so good, oh daddy make me yours, make me your fucktoy daddy!”

Ed loved watching his beautiful daughter ride his meat-stick, it was literally a fantasy come true for him. He loved seeing her face as she took his cock, watching her titties bounce, feeling her tightness around him. “Oh baby, yes, you’re gonna be daddy’s little slut, gonna fuck you every day, get you trained as my personal fucktoy, how do you feel about that?” He flipped her over and straddled her, he wanted to see her face as she came.

“Mmm, my daddy’s so strong! Oh, yes, that’s so good, slide it into me, just like that, oh god!” Melissa loved seeing her big strong daddy over her, pumping into her, just laying back and letting the sensations come. She gripped the sheets, she was getting so close, her daddy was giving her his cock so good!

“Oh daddy, I’m almost there! I wanna cum on your cock daddy! Wanna feel you fucking me while I cum! Oh daddy! Oh daddy! Here it comes… YES!” Melissa’s orgasm hit her like a steamroller, her nipples throbbed, her cunt was flooding her daddy’s dick. Her back arched, legs thrumming, a red flush rising up her face. “OH FUCK!!! Yes Daddy, YES! Fuck me fuck me fuck me oh so good oh god cumming for you daddy! Cumming on your daddy cock!”

Ed loved seeing his daughter orgasm, she was so hot, so sexy! His own cum was boiling up in his balls as he pounded Melissa’s pretty pussy. “Oh you like daddy’s cock, huh? You like cumming on my dick, baby girl? Well daddy likes to FUCK his little girl, FUCK your CUNT oh god baby! Gonna shoot! Gonna shoot!”

Ed whipped his cock out of his daughter’s pussy and blasted his load all across Melissa’s body. Ropes of his spunk landed on her cunt, her belly, her luscious tits. She cooed, rubbing her daddy’s cum into her skin. “Oh daddy! What a big load of cum for me! Yes, shoot it all over your slutty daughter, cum on my cunny daddy, on my tits and tummy, mmm, such a huge load.”

Melissa scooped up some of her daddy’s cum and brought it to her lips. “Mmm, tastes wonderful daddy, maybe next time I can suck your cock, swallow all your cum, would my daddy like that?” She loved making her daddy aroused with her dirty talk, loved it when he talked dirty to her too. “Happy Birthday daddy!”

“Happy Birthday, baby girl!” Ed knew however many birthdays they shared they’d fuck their way through them all!

The End

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