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Meetings with Mark Ch. 01

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The prequel to this story is Copenhagen Couple, but it’s not necessary to read that first.

Some weeks after I had been seduced by a persuasive, experienced couple, who made me realize that I was most likely bi, I had two weeks of holiday at the west coast of Denmark. Being out of luck, most of August was incredibly rainy after one of the driest and hottest summers for decades. I had borrowed a tiny summer cottage from friends of my mother; it was after the school holidays were over, but before I was due to start my university studies (I guess college would be the US term). I had hoped to relax on the beach and ogle good looking guys as well as girls and hopefully get laid, and though the first part flopped, I still had a good time.

I went for runs and worked out in a local gym, and in the evening I frequented the bars and discos in the nearby towns. This was where I twice managed to pick up a girl. Being with women was still fine, and I made good use of my newly achieved knowledge. Both of my one night stands were impressed and grateful that I worked hard to make them come before I fucked them. One of them got so tight that she moaned excitedly about my dick being huge, when I took her. Any man is a sucker for those words, but I’ll admit I was at maximum fullness and hardness at that point. And though my equipment only slightly above standard size lengthwise, it’s still nice to be appreciated.

Anyway, even though I enjoyed getting laid in the usual manner, I kept an eye open for the possibility of being together with a guy. To be honest, I had wanted to try out this new sexual interest ever since the incident with Daniella and her boyfriend. I needed to find out whether I was really into men, or the things I had done with Michael was just a one off and caused by his desires. But I had not known how to approach anyone at home, and I was still too inexperienced and embarrassed to go looking for the gay bars that I knew had to be present somewhere in Copenhagen.

However, I soon realized that flaunting same sex tendencies on the west coast of Denmark would probably get you bashed up rather than laid if the local fishermen were in the vicinity. They didn’t tolerate any smart guys from the capital hitting on the local girls either, so we quickly learnt to stick with tourist chicks, Danes, Germans or whatever. I happened to talk about this with a guy, who was studying in Aarhus (the second largest town of Denmark) and thus a bit more open to outsiders when at home on holiday. He laughingly agreed with me: “And don’t try it on with my sister, either!”

When I joked that maybe it would be safer to dance with him, until we managed to hook up with a couple of outsider girls, he paled. “Are you crazy? Guys don’t dance with each other here. I know it’s OK to do so at college and discos in the city, if you’re together with a bunch of friends and want to dance even if there are no chicks available. But here you would immediately be labeled as a homo, and the consequences could be quite bad.” I just stared at him in honest surprise, but did not pursue the matter. I hadn’t really considered this aspect before, so it was my first taste of the prejudice that gay men have to face.

Anyway, after the first week I had almost given up, when I caught an intriguing sight Saturday morning. For once the weather was promising to be hot and sunny, and I looked forward to a day on the beach. I had just finished my run and was doing stretches to loosen up, while I looked out over the dunes bordering the wide beach. A young blond guy with a slim, fairly tanned body was sitting in a hollow in the dunes. The reason I noticed him was that he got up on his knees several times and gazed intently, but furtively at something out of my sight. He hadn’t seen me, and I backed away carefully.

I moved fifty meters further down the path, turned towards the beach and started working my way through the dunes. After some climbing around I managed to find what he was looking at, without exposing myself to him or the couple who had caught his attention: Two men who were clearly together. Not that they were doing anything much, just smearing sun tan lotion all over each other and kissing occasionally. They had managed to find a secluded spot, which was only visible from the younger guy’s place or from my vantage point away from the official paths through the dunes.

‘Hmm,’ I thought, ‘If you are interested in two guys touching each other, there’s a good chance that you would like to be with a man also.’ When I had returned to the main path, I walked slowly past the place where I could see the blond guy. He had a large blanket and a bag with books and a water bottle sticking out, so it looked like he was settled for the morning. I hurried back to the cottage, had a quick shower and got into swimming trunks, shorts and T-shirt. I collected the necessary items in a plastic bag, which I hid in a side pocket of my small backpack with towel, water, sun tan lotion and other innocent beach stuff.

I took my bicycle back to the beach as I had noticed a few Ankara escort bikes standing to the side of the main path, and it was a safe bet that one of them belonged to the bloke, I was interested in. I left my bike in the same place and started walking towards the beach, my gut clenching a bit at the thought of hitting on a guy. His blond head was now bowed over a book, and his back was towards me, so I had the chance to admire him as I slowly worked my way to his hollow in the dunes.

As I went past him, he raised his head and his blue eyes met mine. I nodded casually, pretending to be headed towards the beach. Suddenly I stopped as if noticing something. “Hey, you need to watch out for sun burn on your shoulders and back, they look pretty red already.” He looked over his shoulder, twisting and turning, as he tried to view himself, which is impossible of course.

“I’ve put on sun lotion,” he said and got the flask out of his bag, but I shook my head, as I saw that it was only Factor 10.

“That’s not a strong enough blocker for the west coast on a day like this; you need at least Factor 12 or more.” I got my own Factor 20 out of my backpack and showed it to him. “Here, use some of mine.” As he looked at the flask and then up at me, there was a glint in his eyes which encouraged me take the next step. I dropped the backpack, took a couple of steps sideways and went down on one knee behind him. “Actually, I’ll put it on your back; it’s difficult to manage on your own, isn’t it?”

Before he could demur, I had the flask open and squeezed a good amount directly on the top of his back. He shivered visibly as the cold lotion hit his warm skin. But when my hand began to distribute it on his back and shoulders, he went absolutely still. I took as long as I dared, getting the lotion all over his shoulders, upper arms and all the way to the small of his back just above the dark blue trunks he was wearing. Even though he was slim, he had a fit, well-shaped body, and I enjoyed touching his soft, warm skin over the firm muscles. As I finished, he turned towards me: “Thanks for the help.”

I shrugged and gave him a grin: “No problem – but maybe you’d like to return the favor? I can never reach the part between my shoulder blades without almost dislocating my arm.” I held out the sun lotion and he took it with an answering grin. I pulled my T-shirt over my head, and as I turned around and sat on the edge of his blanket, I got a glimpse of his face. Its expression was an interesting mixture of anxiousness and desire. He squeezed lotion into one palm, put the flask down and used both hands on my back and shoulders. His fingers were soft and sensual, and feeling them sliding over my skin was definitely turning me on.

He took quite a while, but finally there were no spots left which had not become well covered. I turned around, grabbed the flask and took another large blob. “Want to get something on your front as well?” I gave him the flask and began distributing the lotion on the front of my own torso, my lower arms, and thighs. I tried not to smile with satisfaction, as I caught a quick glimpse of disappointment in his eyes. As we got ourselves set for sunning, I glanced at his book. “What are you reading? It looks awfully boring for a holiday.”

He nodded: “I’m starting at University of Aarhus in September, studying law. And as I’m a slow reader, I borrowed my cousin’s books from his first year, so I can get ahead.”

I looked at him with halfway pretended surprise: “You look much too young to be going to college next year.” I had actually guessed him to be max seventeen, but I was quite relieved to be proven wrong. I wasn’t out to rob the cradle; I wanted someone my own age.

His look of resigned insult showed that I was not the first person to make this mistake. “OK, so I’ve just finished high school, but I’ll be 19 in less than three months. And you don’t look much older yourself!”

I apologized and admitted to being nineteen, and to be honest I was quite sincere in my regrets. I’ve had people assume me to be younger than my real age for most of my life now. Which is fine when you are approaching 40, but not much fun at half that age.

I put the lotion back in my bag and got up. Just then a cloud covered the sun, and I pretended to shiver a bit as a sea breeze hit me. “You’ve actually found a good spot. It’s warm here, even if the sun’s not out. Would you mind if I sat in this hollow as well? I’ll be quiet and let you read.” He shrugged and mumbled something about it being OK with him. I made sure to spread out my towel a decent distance from him; then I got rid of my shorts and lay down on my stomach. I fell asleep fairly soon afterwards, as I had been out late the night before.

When I woke a couple of hours later, my blond prospect was still reading his book. I stood up, stretched and looked down on the beach which now had more people enjoying the hot, sunny day in spite of the occasional clouds covering the sun. I caught his eye as he lifted his head and asked: “Need a break from your book? How Ankara escort bayan about going for a swim? I could do with a cool dip, and it’s safest not to be alone, when there are waves like today.”

He jumped up, looking quite eager: “Yes, I was just thinking about how nice a swim would feel, it’s almost too hot now.” We chatted as we walked down from the dunes and towards the sea. The tide was out, which added another 20 yards to the more than 100 yards wide beach. I was told that his parents had rented a summer house, but had had to go back home before the weekend due to some work related crisis. Though maybe they were also disappointed with the rainy weather. He hadn’t yet had much time to check out the night life, but he absolutely intended to, in spite of the books he was ostensibly here to study.

We exchanged first names of course, and Mark solemnly stuck his hand out and said: “Nice to meet you, Anders,” when I told him my name. The twinkle in his eyes let me know that he was taking the piss with this adult act. As he was half a head shorter than me, I reached out and ruffled his dark blond hair just like I would do to annoy my younger cousins. Of course this led to some good-natured shoving and teasing, which continued in the water. All in the name of pretending to be two straight guys who were just having a friendly tussle and not two horny gay boys touching.

You cannot actually do much swimming in the North Sea, if the swell is rough, but it’s fun to fool around and let the waves knock you over. At one point I managed to position myself in the water so that Mark landed on top of me, as we were swept from our feet by a huge wave. I put my arms around him, as we tumbled down. I managed to get my feet under me and regain my balance; then helped him to stand. He’d had his breath knocked out of him and was gasping a bit, so I kept hold of him. “Are you OK?”

When he nodded, I gave him a quick squeeze, then let go, saying: “Damn it, those waves are hitting hard today; I must have swallowed at least two pints of salt water.” I waded out of the sea, and Mark followed. Both of us were laughing and chatting like nothing had happened. But I knew he had been okay with me hugging him from behind. We got back to our hollow in the dunes, and I used my towel to dry myself, before digging out the sun lotion.

Mark looked at me occasionally while toweling his slim body. As I spread out my wet towel, he seemed to reach a decision. “You can have one side of my blanket to sit on, if you want to be on something dry.” I gave him a grateful smile and a nod, before looking around carefully.

“No one seems to be near, so I might as well change into shorts. Then I won’t make your blanket wet.” With my back to him I pulled my wet trunks down, grabbed my shorts from the top of my backpack and put them on. I was pleased to hear a sudden shift in his breathing, as he saw me nude, but I pretended not to notice. I just turned around, went over and sat on his blanket, and smiled at him.

“It’s nice not having to lie on a wet and sandy towel.” I let myself fall backwards, closed my eyes and put one arm over them. When I heard Mark move around, I opened my eyes just a bit and looked at him from under my arm.

Mark had his towel around his hips, but now he removed it and draped it over some of the tough lyme grass on the side of the dune. Like me he had a quick look around, before he got a pair of dry trunks out of his bag. He glanced down at me, but I didn’t move, and I’m pretty sure he had no idea I was watching him. At least if he did, it didn’t prevent him from turning his back to me and dropping his wet trunks. Fuck, he had the most delicious firm little ass. I totally enjoyed the view, which confirmed that I certainly liked male bodies in a sexual way.

My fingers were itching to caress his buttocks and my dick began to send signals about wanting to get active. Good thing my shorts were loose and concealing. Mark sat down, when he was decent again, and I removed my arm, because he left his book in the bag. I started us talking by returning to the subject of the local bars or discos. We discussed the price of beer (in Denmark you can drink from age 18), our favorite music, the selection of girls, and other subjects that are natural for a couple of young nominally straight guys to think about.

Just as Mark had become relaxed after the tension caused by my sudden nude show, I sat up and started rubbing sun lotion over my body. He did the same, when I gave him the flask, and I’m sure we both enjoyed seeing slick skin moving over tanned pecs, abs, thighs and arms. I finished first, handed him the lotion again and said: “Would you mind?” as I turned over and lay on my stomach. Mark only hesitated for a split second, before repeating his sensual treatment of my shoulders and back. As he finished on my lower back, he suddenly exclaimed.

“Jeez, Anders, the backs of your legs are looking a bit sunburnt.” He hesitated, but went on: “Do you want me to put sun lotion on them as well?”

“Yes, please,” I said, Escort Ankara happy that I didn’t have to suggest it myself. Mark carefully spread lotion on my red skin, and I opened my legs a fraction, so that he could get to the insides of my thighs. His touch was tentative and superficial at first, but after a bit the movement of his hands became firmer and more certain. As they got close to my shorts, the nervous manner returned, especially when his fingers slipped under the loose edges in order to ensure that every part of my sunburnt skin was covered.

As soon as he had finished, he turned away rather abruptly and almost threw himself down on his stomach next to me. But I managed to get a glimpse of the reaction that the presence of his hands on my back and legs had caused – for both of us. I hid a smile as I thought: ‘Mm-hmm, Mark, you didn’t really consider that tight swimming trunks were a bad idea if you are likely to get a hard-on.’ The quick peek had also given me the clear impression that Mark was very well endowed indeed, and my asshole twitched in a mixture of anticipation and worry.

I sat up and without asking I returned the favor, starting with Mark’s back. This time I used both hands as well, and I made every effort to give him pleasure from my touch. I massaged the top of his tense shoulders and let my fingers wander up and down his spine. When the lotion and my hands landed on his legs, Mark lifted his head and looked back at me. I just arched my eyebrows with a sarcastic and questioning look: Was he really going to object to me treating him to the massage that he had so obviously enjoyed giving me a little while ago?

Nope, fortunately not! Mark rested his head on his arm without saying anything, closed his eyes and accepted my hands on his lovely legs. I worked them from his ankles and up, and as I reached the top of the second leg, I gathered all my courage. I leant over him, so that my mouth was close to his ear and whispered: “Actually, I would like to make you nice and slick just here.” At the same time my hand pressed against the crack between his butt cheeks in the vicinity of the hole I wanted to fuck, so that he couldn’t mistake my intention.

Mark gasped, but as he didn’t jump up and bash my face in, I gave him a quick kiss on the sweaty skin below his ear and got back to my side of the blanket to wait for his reaction. He didn’t say anything for a while, and I closed my eyes instead of staring into the sky. Then, shakily: “I’ve never been with a guy.”

This was enough to make me turn over on my side and look at him. He was on his back, and he looked scared in a really cute way, with one arm draped casually over his crotch. “But you would like to?”

He nodded, but kept his eyes averted. “I haven’t even kissed a guy,” he admitted.

“Neither have I; or at least not on the mouth.” He seemed to relax at my admission of the same lack of experience. So I tried to push a bit: “Have you been with girls?”

Now he blushed: “Only one all the way. I was able to, but to be honest it didn’t do much for me. So I’ve been thinking for a long time, that – ehm – perhaps I was really – mm – you know – more into men.” The last words were almost a whisper. The blush got deeper, so I tried to give him a comforting smile, when he managed to look at me.

“I like both,” I had decided to be totally honest with him, “but I only found out some weeks ago, when I got seduced by a girl and her boyfriend.” I paused. “You’re the first guy I’ve tried to hit on, so I’m almost as inexperienced as you.” Very gently I put my hand on his cheek and slid my fingers down to his neck and over his chest, before withdrawing.

His gaze was full of doubt and longing: “But – but we don’t really know each other – I mean, we’re not in love or anything.”

I lay back down and looked at the clouds that were gathering in the sky. “The first time I had sex was with a girl that I was madly in love with, and she was a virgin too. So I was really eager for it to be this wonderful experience for both of us. But my expectations were completely unrealistic.” I shrugged. “The way they are when you get your ideas of sex from porn magazines and films. After we had done it a few times and were more experienced, the sex got fairly good. But I never quite got over the disappointment of the first time. And somehow I think being in love made it worse – like there was more at stake.”

I turned my head and looked at Mark: “You’ll have to decide if you’re looking for a boyfriend or just want to try whether you like having sex with a guy.” My grin was lopsided: “Maybe we’ll both realize that we not really into gay sex and we are just a bit confused.”

He shook his head and suddenly looked determined and committed. “I might as well admit that I’m more attracted to you, that I want to touch you –” he took a deep breath “want to have sex with you more than I have ever wanted to with a girl.” We were silent for a long time, both of us lying with our eyes closed and pretending we hadn’t just had a rather intimate and revealing conversation. Finally, Mark sat up, put his arms around his bent legs and looked down at me, then out over the sea. Dark clouds were beginning to gather on the west horizon, and the promise of a thunder storm was in the air.

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