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Its Friday, and the excitement of her upcoming trip is all around her. She packs up the last of her things, tidies up her house and drives to the airport. Going over everything in her head she hopes she hasn’t forgotten anything. A smile tugs at the corners of her mouth, and her mind wanders to the fact that for the next week and a half she won’t be needing much other than her body.

She pulls into the parking spot, gets out her bags, and discourages herself from running to the airport departures to check in. Gosh she wants to get there fast. Thankfully, she was smart to book an over-night flight so she can sleep while en route. Just in time for boarding, she really does need to sprint to her gate. She steps on the plane, another step closer to her destination. Her heart beats quicker, her breath comes faster, she sinks into her seat, and relaxes her whole body. Waits for take off, signals the attendant (first class has its perks), gets a glass of wine that she chugs. Then settles in with the requested pillow and blanket drifting to sleep.

She feels a hand on her shoulder, but pauses before opening her eyes. As the female flight attendant hurriedly says, “Miss, Miss, we are landing please put your seat up!”

Her eyes shoot open as she realizes that it’s time. She sits upright, makes her seat join her and tries not to panic that the time is near, anticipation and fear are running through her. Her hands tightly grip the arms of her chair and, the plane bostancı escort reaches her arrival gate. She hurriedly grabs her stuff, bundles it in her arms and gets ready to deplane. Once off she looks around to find the pictures for the bathroom. She rushes in, washes her face, gets some fresh clothes on and goes to retrieve the rest of her baggage. Once she has all her bags she goes through customs and starts looking for him, knowing how he will smell, how good she will feel, once she is in his arms.

Finding him right away, her smile gets wider, and her body trembles with excitement. Her feet have a mind of their own and take off in a run to greet him. Reaching him she is unsure of whether to kiss or hug or run her hands all over him to be sure he is real. She inhales deeply as she gets close to him, her senses erupting with fire as she takes hold of him and lands his outstretched arms. Eventually she pulls back from him a little as her eyes move over his body, knowing what she wants to do to him, and she gets as close to him as she can. Goose bumps form on her skin as his hand reaches for hers and their fingers intertwine.

He pulls her close, and wraps his arms around her so tight, she squeaks as he squeezes her. She looks up and he looks down as their lips meet, an electric current coursing through her. Her body comes alive, reacting in ways that seem too much for a simple but powerful büyükçekmece escort kiss. Closing her eyes, taking it all in, she notices the wetness between her thighs is far more than it was, and her nipples hard and peaked. Wanting more, she leans around him, looking for somewhere – anywhere, to steal him away. Her eyes searching frantically, she finds a corner in the distance; not many people around, her eyes jolt back to his, sparkling sure to be there as she gently pulls him to the corner. She is grateful that he follows easily, willingly.

They reach the corner and she turns, backing in until she feels the wall against her ass and back. she pulls him in close so he has to brace himself on the wall to one side of her. He leans in to kiss her, her whole body ready and waiting for so much more. She gently pushes him back, smiles up at him, and getting to her knees, slowly, her hands undo his pants, so that his now firm cock falls out. She strokes him lightly as she reaches the floor with her knees, grunting as she feels the floor hard and cold beneath her. Then goes back to the warm all male hardness in her hand.

She mumbles, “You feel so good, I want you so bad,” and then opens her mouth.

Her hand still stroking with a firm grasp she brings him into her warm moist open mouth until they work together to cover every each of his cock. Moans escape from her as she tastes him, licking çekmeköy escort up the precum with her tongue as her mouth takes over stroking his cock. Slowly bringing him deeper in her mouth, her tongue strokes gently along-side her lips and then placing it against his cock, she can feel his pulse. His hardness and pulse arousing her more, she sucks almost viciously with her stroking tongue. Her mouth hungry for his release, her finger strokes her engorged clit through her pants.

She takes a breath and shoves him so far down, she gags a little; she moves back and then slams down on him again, feeling him deep in her throat, keeping him there. Knowing he is close, she sucks and tantalizes him with her tongue until she feels his warm release squirt down her throat, she swallows hard, moves back, makes sure to milk milk him dry. Smiling around his cock and looking up at him to make eye contact she sees his pleasure. Her pleasure is visible all over her face, not to mention his cock still halfway in her mouth with her lips gripping it tightly.

Once she is sure she has cleaned him completely, licking up anything that may have been missed, she tucks him back into his pants, zips him up and gets back to her feet. Glad that she got to do what she had wanted for a long time, she places kisses all along his neck, jaw and then kisses him passionately, wanting his mouth. Their lips are sealed together and their tongues dance inside.

As he wraps her up with one arm she leans up on tip toes and whispers in his ear, “I have waited so long to do that and now I need to be taken completely. I want you to fuck me like u have never fucked anyone before, I am yours!”

And waits for his response, quite happy to be right where she is. He smiles back at her, and mentions with, “I passed a hotel just up a mile from the airport.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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