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Meeting the Teacher

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He had been to the school several times the last couple of years for parent teacher meetings. He’d always seen her walk past and smile. Her cute little smile always caught his attention. This year she was his son’s teacher and the first time they spoke at the meet and greet he made sure to test the waters. He saw something in her eyes, in her smile, that told him she could be his to play with, but he needed to make sure.

They walked in for introductions and her smile just made him want more. He walked over and shook her hand and spoke “Nice to meet you, I’m Dylan’s Dad. Are you doing ok today?”

The way she responded with “Yes Sir” and the look in her eyes told him all he needed to know. He watched her the whole meeting, as she walked around and introduced herself her demeanor changed to a confident strong woman, but each time they spoke he saw the submissiveness in her stance, in her gaze. As they got ready to leave he said to her “Guess you have to be a good girl and clean all this up before you leave?”

He smiled an evil grin.

Her face turned bright red as she responded “Yes sir, I try to be good.”

He emailed her later that day “I’d love to talk to you about school, one on one, meet me for dinner tomorrow.” As she read it her mind raced, she could tell he knew, but how? She replied back that she’d love to meet him. She was nervous but excited.

The next morning she got another email from him. “Wear one of your cute innocent looking sun dresses, no panties underneath.” Bring your beautiful smile too.

She arrived at dinner dressed in one of her blue knee length sun dresses and she looked very much the role of Elementary school teacher, but under her dress she felt different. She could tell she had on no panties and that excited her. etiler escort She walked over to his table and he stood to greet her as she slid into the booth seat across from him. He smiled at her as his hands pushed a small box in front of her. “For you to wear now that you’re here.”

His grin changed and his voice was more stern. It made her body tingle. She opened the box to find a small purple vibrator with what looked like a small silicone tail and a silicone ring at the end. She was confused until she saw the picture below it. The small bullet looking part was to slide in her pussy and the tail was to allow it to be removed easily. She turned forty nine shades of red and let out a small gasp. She looked up at him.

He had a very specifically wicked grin. “Go to the restroom and put it in. The little flashing light means it’s on already. Now be a good girl and go.”

She picked up the toy in her hand and walked nervously down the aisle to the restroom. She felt like everyone was looking at her but she knew it was just her nerves. She went in to the restroom and slid it in. It was very comfortable and wasn’t doing anything. She wondered if it was supposed to do more. She freshened up in the mirror and started walking back.

As she walked back she could see him staring, his gaze was piercing her, his eyes laser focused. She saw him with something in his hand and just as she realized what it was it hit her, the strong vibrations from inside her pussy. She stumbled and her legs went weak. She didn’t expect to feel it so suddenly. She could he her own loud gasp of “Oh Fuck!” She looked around to see if anyone seemed to hear it and she kept walking quickly to the table. As she sat down she saw him click eve gelen escort a button and turn it down low. It was now a low hum inside her. She was already a soaked mess. She looked at him and said “Thank you sir for the gift. I love it.”

They sat smiling and talking briefly before the waiter came over to take their drink orders. He responded first and ordered a tea. He looked at her and said “what would you like to order dear?”

She gathered herself and was about to speak when he turned it back up. She felt herself jump and wiggle and her voice cracked as she said “I-I-I’ll have an iced tea, w-w-w-with Lemon.” She stuttered out her response as the waiter left. She grabbed the table with her hands and said “This is, ummm, ummm, different.”

He grabbed her hand and said “This is going to be fun. If you haven’t figured it out, it stays on low through our dinner, Everytime the waiter comes I will turn it on high, you will answer every question in full sentences, and each mistake will add one spank at the end of the night. So you understand me?”

“Yes sir, full sentences, got it.” She replied.

The waiter came back to get their orders and again he ordered first and then let’s the waiter ask for her order. She felt it turn on in full force and her hands started to shake with the menu in them. “I. I. I would like the Salmon please, with Rice and carrots. Thank you.” She handed the menu to the waiter and was biting her lip the entire time. She was already shaking, legs trembling, and her pussy getting tighter. She knew she was going to cum soon and she couldn’t wrap her head around how that was going to happen here, in public.

As her food arrived and she started eating he smiled at her fatih escort and turned the vibe to a new setting and it started pulsing rapidly and hard inside her. She dropped her fork at the intensity. He smiled and said “That’s your first spanking.”

She looked up at him with a smile, she picks up the knife and said “I may as well make it worth it” and dropped it also. “Does that make two sir?”

She couldn’t believe she just did that. This wasn’t like her. She blamed the teasing, the vibrating, the whole dinner, she was so turned on and all she could think about was his hands finally touching her.

He smiled back at her and said “Oh, that little act will add a few, and I think you need detention at my place after dinner to discuss your attitude young lady, do we understand each other?”

She nodded in agreement “Yes sir, detention it is.”

“Now for dessert, slide your hand underneath the table, hike up your dress a bit and rub your clit for me while I order for us.” He watched her moan as she started playing under the table. He ordered a dessert to share as she played silently with her clit. She was red and flush, her cheeks looked like strawberries. She continued rubbing, and the toy continued vibrating until dessert arrived. He turned the toy on full power and she gasped hard. He smiled and said “I’m going to feed you while you cum. Do you understand me?”

He lifted the spoon to her mouth one bite at a time. She rubbed harder and faster. She was moaning very low with each bite hoping it would appear to anyone around that she was just enjoying dessert. He saw her eyes roll back a bit and he knew she was about to cum. He grabbed her free hand and looked her in the eyes. “Cum for me now!”

She shook slightly at the table. Bit her lip hard, her eyes rolled back hard and she came for him. She was shaking, trembling, not sure how she kept herself quiet but she was happy she did. She looked at peace and calm afterwards. She said “I think I need that detention now.” She laughed a little with him as they got up to leave, a soaked mess underneath her dress but a whole new outlook on things to come.

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