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Mature Couple’s Adventure Pt. 03

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By the time we got home, we were exhausted.

We barely had the strength to undress but we threw off our clothes and fell into bed naked, even with some cum on us.

We woke up very late Sunday morning. Our naked bodies against each other.

I awoke first and planted a kiss on Luisa’s right nipple. I even gave it a little lick and suck.

She opened her eyes slightly and grinned, spread her legs and asked me to fuck her.

I mounted my gorgeous wife and in no time my cock was deep inside her cunt.

I fucked her until she begged me to shoot my cum in her. As I didn’t want to disappoint her, I shot my load deep into her cunt.

We kissed and decided it was time to get the day started

After we showered, we had our breakfast and talked about last night and next week.

We both agreed that we had a great time with Dawn and Jim and that this coming weekend would be interesting, to say the least.

As the weekend approached, Luisa packed a few things she wanted to take to Jim’s, including a couple of sexy outfits.

I made sure the guest bedroom was ready for Dawn and the weekend’s activities.

By Friday, everything was ready.

Luisa and I would stay in touch by texts.

I was taking Luisa over to Jim’s at noon and Dawn would be brought here by Jim a little after noon.

As discretion was a must, the ladies were smuggled in so nobody would see.

When the time came, I snuggled Luisa into Jim’s garage, then left.

When I got home, Jim pulled up and brought Dawn into my garage and left.

Jim and I were now alone with our weekend guests and the fun was going to start.

I brought Dawn to the guest Ankara escort room and told her that whatever she needed, just to let me know.

I left her to put her things away and to get settled in.

After awhile, Dawn came into the family room and sat down beside me.

My guest had on a pair of shorts and a thin, white blouse with no bra.

Whatever perfume she had on was filling my senses with desire and before I knew it, my cock was hard.

I told Dawn that she was a sexy and desirable woman and that I loved making love to her.

She looked at me, her nipples clearly erect and hard.

She told me that she loved the way I ate her and played with her, something Jim didn’t do much.

I pulled her to me and I kssed her deeply sliding my tongue in her mouth. My hands roaming all over her.

I ripped her blouse off of her, exposing her beautiful breasts.

Then I grabbed her shorts and yanked them off of her, only to see her wearing a white sheer thong that showed her beautiful pussy.

I laid her on her back on the couch and mounted her. Our hands were feeling each other’s nakedness.

I reached down and ripped off her thong and pressed my hard cock to her pussy.

I pushed her right leg off the couch so I had complete access to her cunt.

She spread her lips and my cock found it’s way inside her wet cunt.

As I started pumping her, she whispered that she wanted my cock forever and she would do anything for me.

She kept saying that she loved my cock and Luisa was so lucky to have such a big cock to fuck her.

She then said she would be my personal whore if I wanted her to be one.

I told her I was Ankara escort bayan cumming and she begged me to cum all over her face and tits.

I pulled my cock out and shot stream after stream of cum all over her.

I got up and just looked at this beauty covered in my cum.

She quickly scooped up as much as my cum as possible and rubbed it all over herself and ate some.

She then pulled me to her and kissed me, sharing my cum with her.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom where we continued our lovemaking.

For what seemed like hours, we finally took a break and went to have something to eat.

As we ate, I got a text from Luisa

The text read, “Jim and I just finished our first fucking. It was amazing…My nipples hurt…they are so hard…cum is still dripping out my cunt. Did you fuck Dawn yet?”

I showed the text to Dawn, who laughed.

I responded, “Dawn and I just finished round one…came all over her…she shared my cum with her.. she wants to be my personal whore from now on…told her it was up to you and Jim.”

A few minutes later Luisa answered, “Jim said Dawn can be your whore if I were his. Dawn and I would have to be on call 24/7 for sex though…lol…btw, Jim is filming this entire weekend.”

I showed this to Dawn and she asked to send a reply. Dawn replied, “Make sure Jim gets a lot of good video, especially when he fucks you…I am ok being a whore for John if you are ok with being one for Jim…Very serious here.” Dawn.

A quick reply came back. “OK on all sides. We are serious too…after this weekend, we will work out details. Luisa suggested getting a house together so we can fuck Escort Ankara whoever and whenever we want…great idea…hope you like it. Be back later after I fuck Luisa some more.” Jim

My final reply was, “We are on board…got to get back to fucking Dawn…enjoy Luisa…bye.”

The rest of the weekend was non stop sex, of all kinds.

On Monday, I called Jim and asked them to come over.

When they arrived, we had a serious talk about the past weekend and what we plan on doing.

I asked Dawn and Jim if they were serious about permanently swapping or the ability to swap.

He said that they discussed it and would be willing to try to work it out with us.

I told them that Luisa and I would be willing to try too.

So, we decided to sell our houses and buy a bigger one in a secluded area with a pool and hot tub, together.

Months went by before we sold our houses and found a beautiful house that was secluded, had a big pool and big hot tub, along with plenty of bedrooms.

The day finally came and we all moved in.

All expenses would be shared equally and all chores be shared, as well.

Rules were established regarding our sexual activities and it was decided that:

Nudity in the house was acceptable.

Dawn and Luisa were to be available for sex whenever it was wanted and that Jim and John be available as well.

There would be no jealousy.

If there was a conflict in sexual scheduling, a flip of the coin would decide the results.

It has now been six months since we moved in together.

To tell you the truth, it has been great.

Both women have a healthy sexual appetite now.

Jim and I have a constant supply of pussy.

On more than one occasion, Dawn and Luisa have put on great shows for us.

Lastly, we have been making our own home videos and watching them whenever we feel like it.

The end.

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