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“Dammit, John! Would you please tell Rita that I will NOT die from a lack of a lovelife?” I shook my head and laughed ruefully as I remembered the evening. Johnny and Rita were two of my best friends and had been for several years…supporting me through my divorce and multiple attempts at self-destruction and finally giving me the screaming ass-chewing that brought me out of my self-pity.

I was again happy, well-adjusted and had a nice new start on life. The only trouble was that Rita was a romantic…and firmly convinced that I had no business being alone so much. And Rita loved playing matchmaker. The last woman Rita had fixed me up with had been a vegetarian who thought I was a horrible killer. (Hey, I LIKE meat dammit). Today’s attempt had been Susan, a cute little 30-something blonde with a killer body and a great sense of humor.

The evening had gone very well and Susan and I seemed to hit it off immediately. We laughed and talked and flirted over the steaks and beer and I was beginning to think that maybe Rita had hit a home run this time. She touched my arm frequently and her blue eyes would sparkle as she laughed. ‘Yes!’ I thought to myself. ‘This might be a great evening.’ It was, too…until Susan got stung by a bee, had an allergic reaction and ended up going to the hospital in a screaming ambulance.

It was well after 9 that night before we finally left the hospital, assured that Susan would recover from her ordeal. She and I talked for a few minutes and agreed that we’d like to see each other again sometime before the three of us left for Johnny’s. Ok, so now I was going home alone again. It wasn’t a big deal, since I enjoyed my privacy and solitude.

I had been hoping for some sexy company this evening but that wasn’t going to happen. I had no clue that this would be an evening I would never forget! We sat in the living room for a while, chatting about the evening and my luck with women in general, laughing at my expense, of course. Then the conversation turned back to Susan.

“So? What did you think of her?” Rita asked with a grin. “Sexy little thing, huh?” I grinned back at her. “Yes, she is!” “Well, I saw that you weren’t the only one that noticed either!”, she growled playfully as she dug an elbow in Johnny’s ribs. “I saw you watching her ass, mister! BOTH of you!” Johnny laughed as he wrapped his arms around Rita and squeezed her ass playfully. “That’s ok, baby. We were watching yours too. Weren’t we, Brad?” “Hell yes!” I snickered, even though I hadn’t been.

Johnny, Rita and I teased each other often, and Rita knew she had nothing to worry about in the looks department. “I don’t have the body she has, though” she teased, playfully rubbing her ass against the front of Johnny’s cutoffs. I took a drink of my beer and a look at Rita. I mean really looked…for the first time.

At 5’8″ and about 130 pounds, I realized she really WAS a knockout, and at 34 could give a woman 10 years her junior some serious competition. Short, curly copper hair, green eyes and a tan that covered everything I could see. She was wearing a bikini top and some kind of wrap-around floral thing that glued itself to her jiggling ass cheeks. Long, sexy legs, gorgeous breasts with just a hint of nipple showing through the fabric. Yeah, she was damn sexy all right.

“Do I, Brad?” “Huh? Sure you do Rita. You’re very pretty,” I mumbled inanely as I realized both she and Johnny had caught me giving her the eye. I blushed and stood up, mumbling an apology about needing to leave because it was getting so late. The truth was that I was embarrassed and furious. Embarrassed at being caught almost drooling at another man’s wife, and furious with myself because it was Rita I had been drooling over. Their friendship was deep and important to me and I had no clue how to handle this. Johnny waved me back to the couch, grinning.

“Relax, man. I know she’s hot…and she loves being looked at. Don’t you, baby?” “Yes, I do. I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist at heart because Ankara escort I’ve always enjoyed being looked at and knowing I look good.” She smiled and looked straight at me. “It makes me feel really sexy.” I was glad to be sitting down at this point because I was felt the stirrings of a serious hard on coming. Johnny handed me another beer and said “So don’t worry about it, ok? It’s cool. She likes showing off, and to be honest I get a kick out of watching her.”

Rita laughed as she turned to me and put her hands on her hips. “I’ve even stripped in the car, while Johnny drove us down the interstate! The truckers we passed would stay with us, honking and waving while I played with my tits.” Behind her now, Johnny put his hands around Rita and cupped her full tits, playing with her nipples while he kissed her neck. I stood up and laughed. “I’m glad you guys aren’t mad. But I think I better split now so you two can be alone.” (And so I could go home and handle the raging hardon I had by this time.)

“C?mon, bro. Sit the hell down and let Rita put on a show for us. You want to baby? Wanna show us what ya got?” he teased softly. Rita smiled at him and then at me and laughed. “You know I do. Just sit down on the couch, both of you.” I sat back down beside Johnny, still uncomfortable and wondering where the hell this was going, but fully willing to be led there by this time.

Rita turned on some music…a driving rock beat, then smiled seductively and walked to the center of the living room. She ran her fingers through her red curls as her hips started rocking in time to the music and slowly drew her hands down her face, over her bikini-covered breasts to her flat stomach. That seductive, come hither smile never left her face and her eyes never left mine as she swayed and turned. I glanced sideways at Johnny and saw him sitting back, relaxed and smiling. He grinned at me and nodded toward Rita. “Watch, bro,” he said softly. “It gets even better.”

When I looked back, Rita had her hands cupping her full breasts, playing with her nipples and pinching them lightly. I watched as they swelled and tented the fabric of her scanty orange top. By this time, my cock was as hard as a steel pipe, and filling my jeans uncomfortably. I moved a bit and tried to adjust the position unobtrusively. Rita smiled at me knowingly as she danced. “You like, huh?” She licked her lips and danced closer to me.

Slowly she ran her hands down her sides and gave a tug at the fabric of her wrap-around, letting it fall to the floor. I gaped and my breath caught for a moment. She was wearing a matching bikini bottom that was no more than a scrap of orange thong, slid snugly up between the round smooth globes of her ass. She kept her back to us as she swayed, running her hands over her ass, pulling slightly at the cheeks, giving us teasing little glimpses. All the while, she was watching me for effect.

I glanced over and saw Johnny rub firmly at the bulge in the front of his shorts. When I looked back, Rita had her top off, full breasts and hard nipples in her hands, but had moved to within a foot of me. I watched as she brought a hand up, licking and biting at her nipple, which swelled even more. One hand slid slowly down and cupped her covered mound and rubbed up and down, then slowly slid inside the bikini. By now she had stopped dancing and was standing in front of me just swaying her hips as she played with her nipple and her pussy.

She hooked her thumbs under the strings of her bikini and tugged slowly and surely downward, her eyes never leaving mine. I could only stare and swallow hard as I saw more and more smooth, tanned flesh. Rita was completely shaved and tanned. Her pussy was a sweet pouting mound. “Mmmm,” she moaned low in her throat as she ran a finger lightly along the slit Then she lifted her leg and put a foot on the couch beside me, giving me a completely open view of her moist pussy as she ran her finger into the slit, then up and back down.

She took the finger out and lightly Ankara escort bayan wiped it across my lips and without thinking I licked the saltysweet taste of her and sucked on her finger, wanting even more. I noticed movement behind her and then saw Johnny, now on his knees with his face buried in Rita’s ass. “Unh…” she grunted as he apparently drove his tongue into her ass from behind. Then I heard his voice, slightly muffled. “Help me bro…let’s get her off good.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Rita stood gloriously naked in front of me, her right hand between her legs, her fingers plunging slowly into her sweet depths. Her left hand continued pinching and teasing her nipples, drawing them to large, hard points. My cock was so hard now that it was painful and I stopped thinking about anything except the sensual sight before me. I ran my hands across her thighs as I leaned forward and licked slowly across the flat expanse of her stomach. I could smell her perfume mixed with the heady scent wafting up from her wet pussy.

I could hear Johnny as he continued to lick and ram his tongue into her from behind. I leaned forward and Rita raised her right leg and draped it across my shoulder, giving me free access to her wet, waiting cunt. I slid my tongue slowly up from the bottom of her slit to the top, barely penetrating. She tasted so wonderful, sweet and musky.

I continued sucking her puffy swollen outer lips, occasionally brushing my tonguetip across her clit. She was moaning louder now and pressing me to her hot cunt, her hand firm on the back of my head. “Faster Brad…lick me..faster!” I did as I was told, strumming her clit faster with my tongue. I slid first one finger, then two, into her tight wet pussy, twisting as I finger-fucked her, faster and faster.

I could feel her legs shaking from our attentions now, as Johnny continued to lick and tongue-fuck her delicious ass. Rita was moaning nonstop by now as I sucked on her clit and nibbled at it with my lips. I could feel her juices drenching my face and running down my neck. I frantically ate her out. Suddenly her moans changed to a low pitched scream. “Yes! Yes! Oh my God, please don’t stop. I’m cummmmming!” She shook and pounded her pussy into my face hard…once…twice, then went limp and slowly sank to the couch.

Johnny and I grinned at each other and I shook my head in awe. My best friend laughed at me and said “Surprised, Brad? Rita and I planned this quite a while back. We almost gave up though, because you didn’t seem interested. Rita has wanted to try two guys at once for a long time now.” It took me a moment to realize what he was saying.

“You two planned this? I mean….” my voice trailed off. Rita chuckled and rubbed her hand across my rock hard cock, painfully imprisoned in my jeans. “We sure did baby. And when the opportunity arose we decided to go for it. Mmmm, you eat pussy like you love it, too! I’m still shaking.”

She smiled and patted the couch beside her with her hands. “Come on guys. My turn to play a little.” Johnny and I sat down on either side of her and Rita started rubbing our cocks through our clothes. “Take your clothes off, guys. I want you both…NOW!” We wasted no time getting naked and sitting back down. I had never been naked with another man in my life before now, but it didn’t bother me at all.

I glanced at Johnny and was quite impressed. At six feet and about 180 pounds, Johnny was well-built, blonde and attractive as guys go. And hung like a horse! His cock stood straight up, at least eight inches long and very thick. The head was a bright red and had a bead of clear precum on it as Rita slowly masturbated him.

All the while, she was slowly jacking my stiff prick as Johnny and I played with her nipples and her now soaked pussy. She suddenly pulled away from us and turned and knelt on the floor in front us. “Sit closer together,” she commanded. “I wanna suck some cocks!” We slid over toward each other, now almost touching hips.

Rita Escort Ankara wasted no time, leaning over and taking the head of my cock in her hot mouth. I could feel her swirl her tongue around the head as she slowly took more and more of me in her throat. She came back up just as slowly, sucking the whole time, and sank down again, taking all seven inches down her throat and burying her nose in my pubic hair each time. Damn, it felt awesome!

Just as I felt my control starting to slip, she slid over and started on her husband, stroking me slowly while she sucked him. “MMM, damn she’s great, huh?” Johnny said and grinned hugely. I had to agree. Rita sucked me like no woman ever had before. And watching her suck Johnny’s big pipe was absolutely erotic! She took turns sucking us, switching off before we could cum. By now I was so horny, I ached. All I wanted to do was cum, but she wouldn’t let me. From his moans of pleasure, I knew Johnny was as ready to fuck Rita as I was.

“Why don’t you two take me to bed and fuck me silly?” Rita said and stood up, pulling on our cocks to urge us…as if we needed urging at all! Soon, we were on the bed, touching, playing, licking any part of Rita that we could get to. She rolled onto her back and spread her thighs and smiled at me.

“Come here, Brad. I need some cock, baby.” Her pussy was burning hot, wet, and tight as she locked her legs around my waist. “Fuck me….hard! Now, dammit!” I started pounding her and Johnny slid his meat back into her mouth. She worked her head back and forth, sucking hard as she lifted her ass up to meet me.

I slid a hand between us and found her clit, stiff and peeking out from under it’s hood and began making circles around it in time with my strokes. Soon she was moaning and cumming again. Orgasm after orgasm. I couldn’t tell when one stopped and another started. Soon I could feel the pressure building in my balls again and knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Damn…I’m gonna come!” It took me by complete surprise when Rita pulled her legs back and pushed me away and out of her. Oh God, I thought I would die! “Oh no. You can’t cum yet, Brad. We have plans for you, sweetie,” Rita said. “And do NOT touch that cock! Sit there and just watch now. I promise you’ll love it.”

With that, Rita pulled Johnny to her and began sucking him again, holding his ass in her hands and controlling his pace. Soon I saw his face take on a look of almost pain and I knew he would cum any second. Rita knew it too, because she pulled away and pushed her husband back. She grinned wickedly at us, both of us in pain and needing to cum very badly. “Here, Brad. Lay back. I want you both!” She straddled me, grabbed my rigid cock and guided it to the entrance of her hot cunt and sank down slowly, rocking her hips, burying me deep into her.

Rita leaned forward then and patted her ass with a hand. “Come here, baby. Mama needs a fucking.” Johnny moved behind her. I saw Rita’s face redden, then go slack as he slid into her ass. Johnny started moving, sawing slowly and gently in and out of her ass. Soon Rita was moving her hips in time to his, fucking me slowly. It was everything I could do to control myself and keep from cumming.

“Harder baby, fuck my ass harder now,” she moaned. The three of us soon built up a fast hard rhythm. I could feel Rita shaking and she moaned almost nonstop. Her pussy contracted over and over and she soaked me with her fluids as she came again and again, constantly urging us on. “That’s it! Fuck me! More…MMMM….more….fuck me damn you!” Johnny was next and groaned and gasped as he shot his load into her ass, literally slamming into her now.

I couldn’t take any more and yelled something unintelligible as I let go into her cunt. I felt my balls spasm as jet after jet shot from me. The smell of sex was everywhere and sweat dripped from all three of us as both of them collapsed onto me, then rolled over.

Rita leaned over and kissed me softly as she ran her hand across my chest. She gave a mischievous little laugh and looked at me, smiling. “If you liked that, just wait till Susan comes back. You’re gonna love fucking her!” They laughed at the shocked look on my face. “You didn’t think this was all an accident, did you?”

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