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After heating the oils of rosemary and eucalyptus (and a few others of my secret blend), I start with your neck and shoulders; kneading the muscles in gentle waves outward to your fingertips…balling and collecting the energies and bad feelings, then forcing them out like bolts of lighting from your hands. I have to grab hold of the bad energies with both hands, stretching your arms out and massaging, pulling the waves through your arms. I want all the emotional pain in my fingertips so that I have complete control over your body and your spirits.

When I feel your neck and shoulders begin to feel clean of stress and pain, then I move the wave force down and outward from your spine. I apply more very warm oil, gentle pressure – at first – then, increasing pressure from your neck at the hairline down to the muscles at your shoulder blades, paying special attention to those most sore muscles where your brassiere abuse your flesh. Feel the pressured circles at your shoulder blades to gather all of the physical pain and emotional hurt from your heart beneath your strong backbone, and beneath my hands.

I knead and push the waves of energies out your sides and further down your back. I continue working my way down your back.

When nothing else, I take massage seriously. I am focused, and it takes a lot of energy to feel the pain and strain under your flesh. The sensitivity of your skin rises each time I pour the pore-opening oil over you and rub it in. The effluvium of the oil is intoxicating. I push the energies down your back and from your spine outward until I reach the small of your back – where your buttocks begin to rise from two dimples at either side. These beautiful, undulating mounds of succulent flesh are a…a fortunate obstacle to herding the stress and pain of your past days away and into your extremities. But first, I – we – must conquer this mountain. I move my head closer to your body, to where I want to feel your pulse with my pulse. . . to where I can see the energies as they ripple across your skin, and smell the electricity of your flesh under my hands. I have corralled the energies at the very top of your buttocks and now I must move it.

My hands tremble slightly as I begin to knead the flesh of your taughtly muscled buttocks – until they bahis siteleri are more pliable in my hands. I want them soft and malleable to my ministrations so that when I gather all of the balled pain at the top of your buttocks and force it through you will feel the release of joy.

The fortunate consequence comes soon. As I massage the meaty flesh my thumbs slip further and closer toward your lower lips. My head is awhirl from the rising smell of your sex – but . . . I must press on. With each pass of my hands, I cup the bottom of your cheeks in the palms of my hands and follow the curvature up the outside edges, bringing both hands together at the tops of your buttocks. Then, I bring my thumbs together and go back down with my palms fanned out, feeling the flesh between my fingers. My blood is rushing, and I want to put my face to the reddened skin. I want to breathe the emotion coming from between your now quivering thighs.

I know that I am losing control. Control is essential. I am enjoying mastering this flesh. Each time my thumbs pass between your thighs, your lips open just a little allowing me to see the pink wet flesh between them. I know that your body is now ready to continue the journey to expulsion of the illness – but one taste won’t hurt before I do.

I pour more oil directly onto your buttocks. It pours slowly even though it is hot. The first drips cause you to twitch slightly from its heat, but you……you settle into its torture. It flashes in my mind that the oil looks like spilled honey running across your mounds and down between your thighs. I take a firm hold of your cheeks in my last pass across them – as they spread, and the glory of your womanhood flashes its shining dew at me, I quickly dip my face – my tongue in to gather a scoop. It is delightful. I cannot help but bump your slightly protruding clitoris as I flex my tongue, and you shudder. My weakness is drawing you from…drawing you from your state of relaxation. . . I must continue with my appointed duty.

I must stretch, again, to the nape of your neck to re-gather the escaped, swollen negative energies. Fortunately, the muscles are still soft in my hands. I, more forcefully than before, work my way down from the center of your back outward to the ribs. At your abdomen, I reach canlı bahis siteleri both arms around your body. My face is pressed between your cheeks and I am happy to be there. I begin a complete circle of protection that gathers all of the waves together into the small of your back and upper thighs. I lift my chin to the dimples and lick each in turn with the tip and underside of my tongue. My chin kneads the balls of energy stored at the tops of your buttocks. As I move down with my ministrations, again my face falls between your cheeks and then your thighs. Feel my hot breath on the gentle budding new hairs. I love that you shave your hair for me and I intend to reward you. It does, of course, make the massage easier without hairs biting into your skin.

I know how good it feels to me each time I reach your ankles. My body stretched over yours, with my two hands encircling your legs to push the energies lower into your extremities. We are nearing the goal of expulsion of all the tension and pain in your body. I am using the heat of my body to keep yours warm. I can only beg your forgiveness that my engorged member is pressing against your side. I am trying to stay focused; focused on your ankles and tautness of your Achilles tendons. One little nip at your Achilles – a gentle bit at your heel – a slow tip of my tongue down your foot and suck of your grand toe.

Again, focus. Focus on pushing and pulling the tension into your feet; massaging your feet until they too are relaxed and then out the toes – making them tingle as the energy that has too long been locked in is released. I massage each one in turn. Again, and then again, all the while watching the relaxed smile on your face. More oil to soften the skin. Perhaps later I will give you a pedicure. Full attention for the Lady.

I turn my body to again sit facing as you lay. Slowly, I stretch my body forward to face your buttocks again. This time my intent is clear and without guilt. My hands reach to your neck and cover your back. Even as I pull cover over us both to keep the heat in that is releasing from your body, I work to caress the whole of your back. My tongue thrusts forward to pierce the crease of your cheeks, and then your inner folds.

You have been relieved of much physical tension, but canlı bahis there is a release yet to come that will finish the job. Even after the long, hot bathing I gave you before the start of the massage, the smell from your tiny perforate as I plunge my tongue in and out of it – is musky. I am drunk with it. With one hand I continue to roam your back, pressing here and kneading there to keep a good flow of energy – no more balling up tension – with the other I reach underneath you to find the swollen button of your release…and I pinch it. I pinch it and stroke it, and pinch it more. It is lubricated by my saliva as much into your bowels as over your labia. I am loving the strokes my tongue is giving to the creases of your ass. I am…fucking it. Yes, that is what I am having so much pleasure doing to your canal. I am tongue fucking your anal canal, and it is delicious.

This is so good I may cum just from this. . . but you first. I increase the speed, and so much more the lubrication. My pinching and flicking at your clitoris is aided by my thumbs now pushing into you. It isn’t long before I feel you beginning to tighten. I hear the muffled moans of pleasure from the pillow you rest your face in.

Your ring is opening up to me, even as your other muscles are tightening around my thumbs. I can actually feel pulsating on my thumbs, as if they are being drawn in and worked over. Mentally, this is the best sex ever for me. I am harder than I can remember…pre-cum is leaking from my tip. I continue to poke with my tongue, but clamp my mouth over your hole and clit also. A quick switch of my fingers and my thumbs …my thumbs are aiding my quest now – two long fingers from each hand having taken their place in your vaginal massage parlor. It takes time to get both thumbs and my tongue in, but you are well lubricated and your muscles are, again, quivering.

You are thrashing just a bit as the flow begins. Your face shoved into the pillow lets out a squeal and my fingers are awash in your juices. I dip my tongue from your anal canal to drink from your pussy. It coats my mouth and my throat and I swallow it like ambrosia. I push my thumbs all the way in – to the webbing between the fingers. I do the same with the four fingers in your pussy and it becomes a gushing hole. From a gentle flow you spray my face with your juices. I can’t help but do mental cartwheels and grin like a child with a new lollipop. This is what I was after. Come on, let it all out for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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