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Mark , Parenthood Ch. 04 – Confide

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This story contains characters from other stories but is intended as stand alone.

All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story depicts consensual sex between adults, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Mark had just leant back on his favourite sun lounger at his holiday hotel pool when he sensed someone standing over him. On instinct he opened his eyes and shielded them from the sun; the vision before him could quite easily be called a dream.

Stood over him was a brunette goddess of epic proportions dressed in a black bikini which showed her impressive curves off to perfection; not too tall, just perfection. His eyes had been automatically drawn to her impressive bust and it took a few moments for him to shift his gaze up to her smiling face. It was Amy the female half of the couple that he had dined with the previous two evenings but it was strange to see her on her own without her partner Tommy. “Where’s your wingman?” was Mark’s opening question.

“He’s laid out in bed; he thinks it was something he ate last night. Do you mind a bit of company?” she replied.

“Oh, dear I’m sorry to hear that, it seems I was right to go for the fish option last night. I’m always appreciative of a glamourous young lady’s company but before you get too comfy can I get you a drink?” Mark asked in a string of questions.

Amy took a seat on the next lounger and replied, “No I’m okay for a drink at the moment.”

He could tell she wanted to say something but was holding back. “I can tell by your pausing that you’ve got something on your mind and I’d like to think the two previous evenings have demonstrated that the three of us don’t have much to hide from the other. Isn’t the expression something about a problem shared is a problem halved?”

Right now, Amy looked amazing all be it she looked pensive for a moment. Over the previous couple of evenings Mark had discovered her stunning smile, where he very nearly metaphorically melted. He was captivated by the way she swished her long hair about when the conversation became animated. She was a good five inches shorter than Mark and when she looked up at him, her blue/grey eyes held his attention like a tractor beam. She looked stunning but today she looked pensive. Eventually she drew in a breath and admitted “This holiday is a make or break holiday for Tommy and I.” Mark stayed quiet but raised a questioning eyebrow and so she continued “We’re having a few heart-to-hearts at the moment. He’s only 24 and has stated outright that he doesn’t want kids yet but at 31 my biological clock is ticking.”

“Ah” nodded Mark sagely, “I see. Personally, I think he’d make a great Dad but you especially, I can see being a superb Mum.” He didn’t voice the usual joke of if she breast fed the child, they’d have stretch marks around their mouth. Instead, he went with “I can see though that it’s not something you can dawdle about. I have friends older than you who have had children but these things sometimes need time.”

Amy leant forward conspiratorially and whispered “I’ve stopped taking my contraception a couple of months ago hoping it would force his hand but instead he just doesn’t want to do it anymore. I was hoping seeing some of the looks from other men that these bikinis generate may have inspired him but he keeps saying it’s too hot here and now this. I’m hot right?”

Mark held up his hands in surrender “I’d like to abstain from this discussion based on the grounds that I get on well with both of you.”

Amy twisted round to face Mark and sat up bunching her arms forward which inadvertently deepened her cleavage “No, tell me honestly, do I still have it.”

Mark twisted so that he sat the same facing Amy, keeping the conversation hushed, the reality was he needed to hide the bulge in his shorts. “You most certainly still have it. You look amazing with a lot more clothes on but then I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the inner Amy and however stunning the outside Amy is, the one inside is even more amazing.”

She reached over he hand to his arm and said “Oh, thank you.” Her expression changed perceptively “You explained last night that you aren’t in a relationship but the previous evening you mentioned you had a couple of kids. I guess they’re grown now, are they? Do you see much of them?”

Mark winced as he composed the reply “I’m not sure how to explain this as it’s somewhat unorthodox, I do have a boy and a girl but they are not quite 2 yet.”

Amy looked enlightened and added “Ah, they are twins then. How come you aren’t with their mother? Tell me to butt out if I’m getting too personal.”

Again, another wince from Mark “They were born within two weeks of each other but to different mothers.” Hoping that would forestall any further interrogation.

“Oh” was Amy’s startled reply.

Mark was really wriggling on the hook as he felt it necessary to explain “I should almanbahis adresi state that I was having an affair with one of the mothers who happens to be a customer of mine. She had a friend at another customer who wanted a sperm donor as she too was concerned about her age and wanted another baby but without having to take a male partner. They colluded together and asked me to see if I would be a sperm donor. What we didn’t realise at the time was that I had already made her friend pregnant by then hence the closeness in age. I still go to see the mothers and my children every 4 or 5 months as schedules allow.”

“Oh” was Amy’s reply again, only this time more thoughtful. “Do you sleep with many of your customers?”

Mark was really cringing now “It might sound like it and there have been four in total but no, not many. Most of my past lovers have been colleagues rather than customers. Oh god that sounds like I’m a serial philanderer. I’m still looking for the one but, in the meantime, I’m having a lot of fun. That makes me sound really bad, doesn’t it?”

Amy started to chuckle and replied, “Well you did say it was unorthodox but I have got to know you this last couple of evenings and I like the fact that you helped a stranger even if you were getting your jollies at the time.”

They both went silent for a while until Mark broke the silence by asking “I have to address the elephant in the room, what does it mean for you and laughing boy if he flatly refuses to become a father yet?”

Amy took some time to answer but after reflecting said “I’m just going to have to branch out on my own, I guess. I can’t tell you how this consumes so much of your life and saps your energy.”

Mark leant over and lowered his voice “Oh I get it. I know when Janet was trying to persuade me to help her how much focus she had put into it. I was sceptical at the beginning but she is a wonderful mother to all three of her kids and little Lucy wants for nothing plus she has two older siblings that adore her.”

Amy looked quizzical “They aren’t yours as well, are they?”

Mark barked out a laugh that made some others around the pool look in his general direction “No, only Luce. Her Mum gives me regular updates on progress. Every couple of days there is a new photo or movie file shared of her doing something or other, just normal life you know. Getting back to topic though, you will regret this in later years if you don’t pursue motherhood. I like Tommy, a lot, but if you leave it too long, you’ll end up resenting him. On the plus side you won’t have any trouble finding a new and willing candidate. Having said that, I said something not too dissimilar to Janet who confessed she was tired of the dating bullshit hence the sperm donation.”

Amy leant forward bunching her boobs together again as she enthusiastically proclaimed “That’s exactly it. I like Tommy, he romanced me ever so sweetly. I knew all along taking someone so young would be a bit unorthodox but then that was half the appeal but ever since I hit 30 it seems it’s all I can think about. I sat him down on New Year’s Eve and spelled it out to him but in his head, he’s still living the lad’s life with his mates.”

Mark could see that the lady was tiring of the conversation and so concluded with “Look if it will help, I can contact Janet to see if she would speak to you directly. Maybe knowing someone else has already gone through this will be a small crumb of comfort to you.” After sending Janet a message Mark deliberately steered conversation away and the two sat for a further hour talking about nothing in particular.

Amy changed the subject by stating “I think I’d like a drink now, care to join me?”

Mark jokingly looked up to the sky and said “Thank you Lord. Every bloke wants that kind of invite from gorgeous ladies” turning to Amy he added “On one condition, I pay. Ladies don’t buy drinks while I’m around.”

Amy decided to mock him by similarly looking up to the sky saying, “Thank you lord for putting men on this earth who buy drinks.” The two then made their way to the bar sharing jokes with each other. They had only just taken their seat at a discreet table in one corner of the bar area when Mark’s phone rang.

He could see the caller’s name and said to Amy “I suspect this is for you.” He spoke briefly into the phone and then looked up at Amy and smiled as he said “Yeah, she’s sat opposite me now” then a pause that made him chuckle followed by “Yes, very much so.” He then handed the phone to Amy and said, “Janet wants a word with you.”

The two women spoke for a good twenty minutes. It started with Amy giving Janet a potted version of what she had told Mark, the tone of the conversation indicated it was going well. He and Amy had finished their drinks and so Mark went and got refills while the two ladies were still talking. He came back to the table as Amy looked at him as she spoke to Janet “Oh, that’s interesting to know but I can’t say I’m surprised. Well, I certainly appreciate you taking time to speak to me and as Mark suspected it has indeed helped me in more ways than I could have hoped. Thanks again, Bye.”

As Amy handed almanbahis adres the phone back Mark asked, “So that sounded useful from what i heard, does it feel better knowing someone else has been through similar?”

Amy nodded enthusiastically replying after taking a sip of her drink “Yes, very much so. She’s very nice and was very complementary about you by the way.”

Mark just nodded saying “Pleased to hear it. She’s a really nice person, very giving, but above all a fabulous Mum to Lucy.” Amy had a very thoughtful look on her face so Mark asked “So what are you thinking? You know I have all your answers.”

Amy sat with the same look for some time before she started to speak “Janet said something that had me thinking.” Mark stayed quiet while she composed her words “It’s just… well I’m not sure how to say this…” and then she gave this strange kind of frustrated grunt while expending her breath.

Mark leant forward and lowered his voice saying “Look, after the last few evenings and especially our topic of conversation this morning, if you can’t confide in me who can you.”

Amy straightened her back and adopted a determined expression “You’re right. Janet explained about your sperm donation — it seems you both enjoyed it tremendously, especially her. I’d like to ask if you’d consider doing the same for me.”

Mark immediately sat back with his hands held up “Wooh, that was a very different prospect. She and Kate had been mulling it over some time plus it was a very direct delivery of the donation. I’m not joking you need to think long and hard about this.”

Amy looked a little hurt before she chuckled “Oh she was very explicit about the delivery and how much she enjoyed your particular expertise in how you made the delivery.”

There wasn’t anyone sat close but Mark still leant forward again to say in a hush voiced “But what about Tommy?”

Amy immediately shot back “I’ve been thinking of nothing else for the last 12 months and Tommy had it spelt out at the beginning of the year of what was needed but he has not changed one bit. I like Tommy a lot but not enough to go without having a child. Tommy and I may not last but having a child is forever and Janet said that she convinced you that the baby would want for nothing. Well, the same applies here, my job means we are suitably comfortable and I have plenty of childcare options thanks to my parents and sisters. Janet tells me you two came to an agreement about your role and the same would apply here.” Mark sat back with a bemused look on his face and this was the moment when Amy went in for the killer blow “Besides, I’ve seen you looking. Are you really going to pass up the chance of playing with these babies?” It was at this point that Amy leant forward slightly and hooked her bikini bra cup aside exposing her breast.

“Oh. No fair” exclaimed Mark. As spectacular as they looked in her bikini, in the flesh was even more special. Her nipple stood proud and inviting, just waiting to be worshipped; Mark was struggling to draw his attention away from the beautiful round mound and had to shake his head to clear it.

Amy chuckled at his attention and his disappointed look as she placed the cup in place. “Well, what is it to be? Are you going to help a girl in need, delivering her one and only favour she will ever ask of you or have I got to go find some other cock to deliver what’s needed? Janet said that she had seen you in action in a meeting that persuaded her that the genes you’d be providing would be ideal — that and the amazing tongue you have drove her half crazy. I can see what she means in terms of genes and I would certainly like to take a turn on your tongue — after you’ve knocked me up of course.”

Mark was still wearing his wary expression saying, “You’re talking as though it’s a done deal.”

“I certainly hope so” she replied as she pulled the other bra cup aside adding “Time to get off the fence. You have your own room; Tommy is out of action and I’d like you to fuck the living daylights out of me. This is the point where you look to the sky and proclaim how nice it is that a hot woman wants to have you so deeply inside her as you can manage.”

Mark’s expression remained unchanged as he mulled her words over. He began to say “I’d be a complete idiot to turn down a woman as hot as you…” but his words trailed off.

‘He’s going to mention Tommy again I just know it’ Amy thought before she questioned “But?”

Mark shook his head and replied “But nothing, I’m merely mulling it over in my head. As nice as I think Tommy is, I don’t think he’s that nice that I would ignore those babies.” Amy’s expression suddenly brightened on the back of what he said. Mark drained the last of his beer and stood up announcing “What are we waiting for?”

Any jumped out of her seat and followed behind him the short distance to Mark’s room. He opened the door and stood aside for Amy to walk in. She shook her ponytail loose to shake out her long dark hair and it was at this point that Mark could appreciate the wiggle in her walk as she kicked off her sandals and pulled the top of her bikini off to discard it on the floor next to almanbahis adresi her sandals. She stepped over to the bed before pushing the bottom half of her bikini down and kicked them over towards the rest of her things. It was as she sat down on the edge of the bed that Mark stepped in the room and came and stood in front of Amy with a questioning raised eyebrow. Amy smiled up at him with her brightest smile and said, “This is what tempted you in the first place, isn’t it?” and reached up for both his hands to then bring them down so that they held the outside edge of each tit.

Mark sank down to his knees before her without losing contact but eventually shifted so that he could slowly stroke both hands up her thighs making Amy squirm around at his light touch. His hands moved to the top of her thighs and then he spread his hands to prise her legs apart. As her pussy came into view, he had a look of wonderment and gasped “Now that is very beautiful.” Her labia were splayed out invitingly, her large fleshy clitoris stood proud, a deep pink colour and more importantly everywhere looked damp to the touch. Mark cast her a quick look and she silently nodded her unspoken reply.

Without a single conscious thought Mark reached down and ran the tip of his index finger down from her clit to her moist opening making Amy shiver once again. She smiled down at him again and said “Don’t worry about warming the engine up. It was at running temperature from the moment Janet suggested you were a very consummate lover although flashing my boobs at you probably didn’t help my predicament.” Mark attached his mouth to her right nipple to suck gently on it while he stood and leant over her, not losing contact with the rubbery nub as he steered her to lie backwards. Hooking her legs either side of his hips meant that the spongy head of his dick was nestled against her welcoming pussy. He still felt it necessary to look up into her eyes to seek permission which was granted with a nod prompting him to flex his hips as the top of his cock lodged inside her.

The sensations he was feeling through his dick were amazing. Her soft fleshy folds welcomed him in a snug embrace while squeezing his length in a velvety glove. Amy lifted her legs and tried to loop them around Mark’s back but she berated her lack of height as the best she could manage was to dig her heels into his back. She did manage to wrap her arms around his neck and hold on tightly once he started to work his dick in and out of her pussy.

She was bathing his dick with so much juice that he could feel it washing around his length. A combination of this, her tits swaying in time with his thrusts and the thought of her flashing them at him in the bar did for him and he could feel his balls clench with his impending climax. He gave one final thrust and buried himself inside her as deeply as he could and unleashed his seed inside her. Amy could tell that his rhythm was off and guessed what was about to happen, she had no idea what was prompting it but it was the result she had been hoping for and she felt his dick flex inside her making her hold on for dear life as he grunted with each spurt.

When he was done, Mark nestled his face into the nape of her neck and she just lovingly kissed his exposed shoulder while gently caressed the hair on the back of his head as she cooed “That was so nice. I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me.” Mark gave a little chuckle and pulled his upper body up. Looking down he saw a very contended Amy laid out below him; she had an amazing body and the way her breasts rose and fell in line with her breathing as she slowly calmed down suitably mesmerised him. As he hadn’t moved Amy looked up at him with that dazzling smile while her pussy gripped his cock.

Strangely though he found himself invigorated and his dick responded in kind. Amy felt his flesh fill out once more and looked up at him with a raised eyebrow “Mmmm, feels like someone is ready to go again.”

He looked strangely apologetic as he replied, “I’m sorry but seeing you spread out like that is just too inviting.”

She reached up and stroked the side of his face as she added “Don’t apologise. It’s nice to be desirable, especially someone as giving as you. Plus, we need to do this as much as we can to guarantee a result. I’m so glad it’s you that is doing this for me.” She scrambled from underneath him but immediately rolled over on to her hands and knees casting him a look over her shoulder whilst wiggling her butt as him as she asked, “Fancy trying a different angle?”

Mark was grinning like a kid at Christmas; she looked inviting spread out before him but this angle showed her really cute round butt. He took no time in scrambling up the bed and positioned his re-invigorated cock so that he could feed it into her in one slick single movement. Because he had already come, this time Mark lasted substantially longer but Amy was just loving kneeling there while Mark did all the work. Afterwards the two lay on their sides spooning with Mark curled up behind her. They had a good hour just chatting and stroking each other until Amy felt his cock fill out once more and press into her buttocks. She cast him a glance over her shoulder asking, “I take it someone has had a rest and wants to play again.” Mark had only had chance to shrug and draw a breath to answer the lady before she jumped up on the bed, push him on his back and mounted him for the third round.

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