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Lusting For Each Other Ch. 02

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Days, weeks and months had passed since Trent had walked out of the Hilton Hotel room, having finally spent the night with Lily that he’d been longing for, for so long. A night that he wished could have gone on forever, but that had been cut short before it even really got started.

During his time away his mind had become muddled with a great sense of regret at the abruptness with which he had rushed out, and the lack of clarity he had given Lily, as to why he had done so. But he was given no choice in the matter and he was sworn to secrecy.

However, despite his acceptance that he’d been in the wrong, he had still grown frustrated at the lack of contact and concern from Lily during his time away. Yes, she’d texted whilst he was in the car to the airport, but he’d replied saying that he cared deeply for her and that he hoped that she felt the same. But there was no reply, nothing, just silence for the last 3 months. It was as if she saw their encounter as a one-off to gain closure, but if that was the case then it was only closure on one-side, he still wanted her.

Many-times he had considered sending a follow-up text or picking up the phone to speak to her, but his pride had prevented him from doing so. What if she ignores him or suggests that she did it to get him out of her system? He was not sure he could cope, so it was easier to assume that it wasn’t to be.


Too proud to make contact

Several weeks passed, leading to months and still no word from Trent. Lily had started to wonder what she had done wrong or what Trent wasn’t telling her.

She had thought that they were both on the same page, that they’d both had an incredible night full of amazing sex, and it was something that she wanted to do again and again. There was so much more she wanted to do with him, so much more she wanted to experience with him but why hadn’t he responded to her text, or made contact in all this time? Even just to have their usual text banter that they’d enjoyed for 18-months during lockdown. She missed messaging him daily, she missed having a friend in him.

Maybe he thought there was no way back, that he was just looking for a one-night stand? Did he just see her as a fuck-buddy that was on-call when he fancied a hook-up? Had she done or said something wrong that meant they couldn’t even keep their friendship? She was pretty sure it wasn’t any of these but the time apart had made her begin to deeply-analyse everything, and caused her to have many sleepless nights.

She had often thought of dropping him another text or making contact with former colleagues to see if they’d heard from him, but NO why should she if he couldn’t be bothered to respond!

To stop temptation she deleted his number from her phone and decided to put it down to one of those encounters in life, and attempt to move on.


Heading back to London

Lily had purposely kept herself away from London, spending a lot of the time overseeing the large order placed by Mr Chi for the Woody Jay 3000, in China.

Despite the size of London she knew that, knowing her luck, she would bump in to Trent on a night out and that it would probably lead to a difficult decision for her. She’d either want to yell and scream at him or rip his clothes off and fuck him hard, and that it would most likely be the latter. The issue would be if he didn’t feel the same. She didn’t know if she could take the rejection.

That said, she couldn’t turn down an invite from her best friend Andrea, who was holding a birthday party at Puttshack, Cheapside. She’d booked a corner booth and had invited all their Uni friends, so Lily just had to go. It would be a good opportunity for a girls night out and, who knows, she might even meet someone to help take her mind off Trent.

‘Fuck him hard…’ Lily thought as an image of Trent’s naked body flashed up in her mind. She visualised his toned torso, and moved her minds-eye down to his hard cock, whilst remembering what it felt like to touch it, stroke it and have it filling her mouth and pussy. The thought sent a tingle through Lily and, for a moment, she forgot that she was sitting on a train heading down to London, as she closed her eyes and pinched her lip between her teeth.

Quickly re-joining the present, as the train entered a tunnel, Lily felt an overwhelming urge to satisfy her now throbbing wet vagina, but could she play with herself on a train? No, she told herself as she tried to think of something other than the feeling of Trent’s cock inside her, pounding her hard.

She hadn’t been with anyone else since their long awaited night together and it was no good, the closer the train got to London the more he entered her mind, now giving her a feeling of fizzy blood as only Trent could.

She’d tried hard to stop herself from thinking of that night, as it stung too much and would have made her pick up the phone, if she hadn’t of deleted his number. Instead she’d always opted for her favourite escort izmir Sean Bean medieval fantasy to get off to. But the thought of being back in London meant she couldn’t resist anymore, and Sean just wasn’t going to do it this time.

She was sitting on a bank of four seats with a sharing table between her and the other three empty chairs. There were a few other passengers within eye-line but none that were paying particular attention to her.

‘No’ she thought, it’s too risky to do anything here; but she couldn’t sit there either. Lily got up and walked to the train toilet. The irony not lost on her that her first encounter with Trent was in a toilet.

Locking the door, unbuttoning her jeans she lowered them a little so that she could slip her hand down and onto her lacy knickers that, by now, were dripping wet. Lily had thought about wearing her granny pants, certain that she wasn’t going to be showing anyone, but she hadn’t been out in a while and so wanted to feel sexy.

She knew it was time to move on from Trent Young, and she promised herself that this would be the last time she would fantasise about him.

The thought of fucking Trent was making her really horny.

Lily began pushing back the lace of her panties so she could feel her pussy lips Moving her forefinger over her clit, she imagined that it was Trent’s hand working her vagina. Using her other hand she slipped two fingers inside and with every rub she could feel her fingers going deeper and deeper into her soaking wet pussy. She began with 2 fingers before slipping in another, trying to replicate the feeling of Trent’s cock.

Remembering him going down on her in the lift sent a sharp sensual bolt through Lily, as she let out a loud groan of pleasure.

With her eyes closed and head against the toilet door she continued to vigorously play with her pussy, all the time remembering the things they’d done that night; the sight of Trent naked, him cuming all over breasts and in her mouth, spreading her legs apart and using his tongue. She moved her hand from inside her and slipped it under her white tight-fitted top, grabbing and playing with her 34f tits, pulling and twisting her erect nipples. The more she roughly handled her breasts, the more she increased the speed of her finger on her clit, remembering the feeling of Trent, his smell, his touch.

Lily could feel her whole body begin to get hot and tingly, knowing that she was about to cum and wishing that it was in tandem with Trent firing his hot sticky spunk all over her again! That was the final straw, Lily let out a long loud groan and loudly shouted “FUCK” as she came hard!

It took Lily a minute or so to return to a semi-normal heartbeat, and for her legs not to feel like jelly. As she slowly removed her hands from her panties and from under her bra the announcement came:

“Ladies and gentleman, we are now arriving at our final destination London Euston”

‘Better get back to my seat’, Lily thought. Her time out having offered some release, but actually just opening the flood gates of thinking about Trent again, and begrudgingly admitting to herself she wasn’t over him. Not by a long way; in fact she really missed him.


Instigating a reunion

Exiting the train at London Euston, a group of lads sat a few rows away shouted “what train are you going back up on?”. Lily smirked, ‘fucking Avanti trains and paper thin walls!’. She walked away quickly towards the barrier, putting a minds-block on what had just happened but excited at the thought of having a few drinks and laughs with her closest friends.

Lily arrived at the golf-themed bar with a sense of DeJa’Vu, she felt she recognised the name and, on entering, the layout and vibe of the place. She felt like she’d been there before but couldn’t place when and with wh… ‘crap’ thought Lily, ‘Trent drinks here. We came here years ago!’ By now it was too late; she was in the bar and her friends had seen her, so she had to stay.

Was it serendipity? Wasn’t she the one that has suggested to Andrea that they play golf before getting wasted. On some level, did she want there to be a chance of seeing him? After all before coming down she’d booked a waxing appointment, had her hair done, bought a new outfit, which she had on, in white – Trent’s favourite colour.

Looking around nervously as she greeted everyone, Lily felt a sensation of fear at the possibility of bumping in to Trent but also a strong feeling of hope at seeing him again. After what had happened on the train, Lily was desperate to fuck him and could feel her pussy getting wet at the thought of it! However, she pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind, tonight was a night with her mates and nothing more.

Having briefly spoken to everyone, Lily offered to go and get a round of drinks in, she needed alcohol in her body and quickly. Walking the long way to the bar she casually looked around scanning the venue for his familiar face, but he escort izmir wasn’t there. Lily had to admit she felt disappointed and it annoyed her – she’d felt disappointed for 3 fucking months and now she’d let thoughts of Trent back in her mind! She’d inadvertently ended up in a bar she knew he drank in and was now mad at him for not being here so that she could act all casual and nonchalant but secretly want for him to whisk her away back to her hotel in-order to re-enact the one and only night they’d had together. ‘How can I get him here?’, she wondered.

“I know” she shouted as she walked back to her friends.

“Andrea, let’s get a picture together” exclaimed Lily. “let’s go over there by the Puttshack logo”

Lily and Andrea posed for a few selfies, with Lily focusing the angle and position of the picture so that she looked great and that the venue name was also clearly visible. Lily scrolled through the newly taken images and picked the best one to upload to her Instagram account. She never normally uploaded new posts, and she knew that Trent never did either but that both of them regularly browsed other posts, so there was a very good chance that he’ll see it and know she’s in Puttshack right now. Even if he didn’t, he’d see it eventually and she hoped that it would make him realise that he’d missed an opportunity to see her, and then actually pick up the goddamn phone.


Back together

An hour went by and Lily continued to scan the room, beginning to lose hope that her plan would work. Her eyes were fixed on the entrance to the venue, waiting for Trent’s arrival. Several times she thought she saw him but realised it was someone else, until… the door swung open and in walked Trent. Fuck! It actually worked!

Lily’s heartbeat instantly picked up pace as she urgently wondered ‘what now’, ‘do I go up to him?’, ‘do I play it cool and wait for him to find me?’. In the end, it didn’t matter. Trent caught sight of Lily as soon as he entered and began walking towards her, weaving through the busy bar. He maintained eye contact on his way over, which caused Lily to begin to blush a little. Trent moved through Lily’s friends and was now stood in front of her, with a fixed gaze. He raised his hand to move some strands of Lily’s blond hair behind her ear and then to cup her face as he lent in to kiss her passionately on the lips.

Lily initially pulled away, angry that he thought he could just walk in and kiss her without saying a word, but she wanted it too so pushed her lips firmly back on to his. Their tongues moved in-sync in each-others mouths as Trent moved his other hand around Lily’s waist and on to her arse, pulling her body close on to his. Lily could feel the firmness of Trent’s body on hers as well as the growing bulge in his trousers. Maybe, like her, he had wanted this encounter and didn’t really care what was going on around them.

They continued to kiss for what felt like hours, but was no more than 30 seconds, completely oblivious to those around them, until Andrea coughed in a very purposeful way in an attempt to separate them. They broke from the embrace, looked at the group staring at them, and began to laugh. It was like it had always been between them; when they were together no-one else existing.

Lily looked at Andrea who rolled her eyes and winked back – being friends for so long she knew it meant ‘Its fine, go have amazing sex and when he turns out to be a knob again I’m always here for you’

Trent and Lily broke from the party and moved to a booth, so that they could be alone. Neither felt the need or desire to discuss the past 3 months and to open a can of worms of questions, explanations, expectations – they didn’t want those raw feelings getting in the way of what their bodies were now telling them to do. So instead, they embraced the feeling of not being able to keep their hands off each other.

Trent lent in again for a passionate kiss but Lily was a little more aware that her friends were now watching. Not wanting to deter Trent, she kissed him back before breaking to start one of their normal non-sensical discussions. Trent however, really didn’t want to talk right now!

He reached his hand under the table and started to run it up her thigh towards her crotch. Lily briefly paused his hand as he moved to unbutton her jeans, and looked at Trent. Was she really going to give in so easily? Where was the cool calm aloof Lily that she had planned?

This was a pivotal moment, it had taken them so long to finally sleep together and then be apart again; is this where they would pick things back up? Sensing her doubt, Trent opened his mouth to speak

“Lily, look I..”

Trent didn’t get to finish his sentence as Lily decided she didn’t want to hear it. She realised that she’d been longing for this and so why was she denying herself now. If it ended up being another one night fuck ‘fine’ she lied to herself, because right now she didn’t want to miss this opportunity. To stop him talking, she leaned in and started kissing him while moving her hand away to give him access. She began to stroke his inner thigh, gently running her fingernails up towards his balls and cock, signalling to Trent that this was the time for action and not words.

Trent had now undone her trousers and was shuffling them down a little, all the while locking lips and tongues with her. His hand moved in to her knickers and started rubbing her pussy and clit. He slipped one, then two and three fingers inside her vagina. The sensation was unbelievable, so much better than on the train earlier, his longer, thicker fingers more closely matching that of his cock.

Lily inhaled deeply and sharply, her bodies reaction to his touch startling her. She started to gyrate her hips in rhythm with Trent’s fingers pleasuring her pussy. Trent was now kissing Lily’s neck and biting at her ear. Her groans were getting him hard and pushing him to please her more.

‘Lily’, the little sensible voice inside her head said, ‘its a public place, anyone could see you’. Lily knew the voice was right but she was so turned on that she didn’t care, after all they’d done similar acts in a toilet, lift and balcony before. Was this so different, and was anyone really looking in their direction anyway?

By luck, it was now after 10pm and the venue turned the lights down, and the music louder. Trent shuffled Lily further into the corner of the enclosed booth.

Lily managed to compose herself briefly as she undid Trent’s trousers. Trent wasn’t wearing any underwear and so his cock sprung out straight in to Lily’s grateful hand. She’d missed the feeling of his hard dick in her hand and started to wanking it, slowly to start but increasing pace as Trent’s fingers did so in her. Trent broke from kissing Lily at the feeling. He’d longed for her to be doing this again.

He knew that the excitement of seeing her again and finger-fucking her in a bar was going to result in him cuming quick but, before he did, he wanted Lily to, perhaps in someway to show her that he wasn’t the dickhead she might think he was by cuming and going again.

He twisted his body further towards Lily, knowing that by doing so he was exposing his cock in Lily’s hand to everyone within sight. He wanted to be able to delve his fingers deeper and to also reach over to her clit with his other hand. Lily’s head was whirling – only hours earlier she’d been doing the same thing to herself imagining it was Trent, and now here she was with his fingers deep insider her.

It only took a few further thrusts of his fingers for Lily’s body to tense up as she came! Leaning her head back at the feeling, Lily continued to stroke Trent’s dick, now with more vigour. Trent had twisted back around and had slumped a little more in to his seat at the feeling of pleasure. Lily locked eyes with him and leaned over as if to kiss him but instead she whispered softy against his lips

“Imagine it’s my mouth around your cock Trent, and cum for me”. This drove Trent wild as he tried to stifle the word “fuck”. His cock exploded spunk on the underside of the table, back-splashing on his trousers and all over Lily’s hand.

Lily continued to gently stroke it, getting every last drop of cum out before handing him a paper napkin from the table and helping to pull his trousers back up, whist doing up her own jeans. After regaining their breath, they each took a sip of Lily’s drink before kissing, neither satisfied that they were done tonight.

“Lily, lets get out of here, I want to spend some time with you alone” said Trent

“Ditto” Lily replied “where should we go? it’s late and most pubs will be closed or rammed. We could go to Cheezy Universe?” Lily suggested, hoping Trent would just say back to her hotel room. She’s pretty sure he’d have a good giggle at knowing it was in fact a Premier Inn.

Trent smiled, remembering their first encounter in Cheezy Universe, but a toilet cubicle was not what he had in mind tonight.

“I know of one place, a club, but it’s not your normal type of club. It holds a medieval night every now and again. And there’s one on tonight. Are you feeling adventurous, Lily?” Trent asked

Slightly disappointed, but knowing that being anywhere with Trent was going to be exciting, Lily agreed. “Sure” and wondered if it was the type of medieval adventures she’d imagined having with Sean Bean many times.

They said their goodbyes to her friends and made it on foot towards the Clink Museum, next to Borough Market.


Dress up

“So, what type of club is this then; do you learn about the medieval period?” Lily joked.

She wondered if she should tell Trent about her medieval fantasy of being an innocent maiden ravished by the Lord of the land, who was usually Sean Bean but right now she’d love it if Trent took on the staring role.

“It’s set in one of the oldest pubs in London, which has been around since the 1500s. The people that run it get into character based on real life documented historical people, everyone else drinks and chats really. There’s also costumes for us to get dressed up in”

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