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Lust in a Heatwave

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Author’s Note: This is a true story, however the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I encountered a typical South West heatwave upon my arrival at my older sister Nina’s house, in an upscale area on the outskirts of town. I had finally decided to take up the long-standing invitation from her. It is the sort of place I’d like to live for the rest of my life…The manicured lawns, lovely gardens of yucca, juniper and lavender; the orchard a veritable oasis. I spent the first three days by the pool side, boozing getting high, swimming, while Nina attended to a myriad business matters. It had dawned on me that the heatwave was the cause of my constant hardon, even when I swam, strange as it may sound.

I am Ramses, Ram for short an ex-athlete turned actor, in between gigs with not much to do. I decided to visit my beloved sister and enjoy her usual care of and devotion to me. Not to mention relaxing and recharging my body and soul.

An Elegant Hipster

On the third day Nina’s friend Lela came calling and Nina brought her to the pool side to meet me and for us to get acquainted. Lela is slender, very attractive, looked well-bred with an air of enthusiastic and adventurous disposition. She had just turned 50 the previous day she said. She looked elegant in a fashionable, short soft leather skirt and tank top. She was braless, her hard nipples pushing against the fabric. A very smart woman, she knew all about local politics. Within minutes I had charmed her completely with sweet talk and compliments.

A gentle warmth emanated from Lela’s whole, supple flowing body. I breathed in her leather mixed with cunt intoxicating scent, while she kept her gaze on the hefty bulge in my briefs. She seemed captivated by its sheer size. She gulped down some of my cognac and took a few deep drags on the joint.

She displayed a combination of intensity and sensuality which attracted me to her. She is an exceptionally open woman; an organic and health food zealot…She talked of her fears about herself in a low voice; about her rages, her loneliness, her two selves, one more hidden than the other. She looked a little tipsy, refreshingly sensual. From where she sat on the lounger, Lela flashed me her bare very hairy cunt a few times, driving me crazy with lust.

“Women don’t have an easy time being easy, it’s a hard fucking reality. I get very lonely” she said. Lela proceeded to narrate snatches of her colorful and eventful life and how she even became a Lesbian for a while.

Lela’s invitation to “spend a day” with her, had implied the distinct possibility of a wild encounter, an exciting, steamy adventure into some dark, sexual exploration…I was aroused, my cock hard, splitting my briefs and she enjoyed gazing at its outline. Without hesitation she squeezed my cock thru my briefs.

“Good heavens Ramses, it’s so big and fucking hard”! she exclaimed. My level of anticipation was very high…”And please bring that dick with you” she added, smiling as she walked gracefully away.

“Holy shit, you are truly amazing”! cried Nina admiringly when I told her what transpired between me and Lela.

“You just met the woman and you’re halfway up her cunt already, but knowing Lela I am not surprised” she added.

The next day I was at Lela’s comfortable very clean house, not too far from Nina’s. It was late morning and the heatwave already in full steam. Chopin’s nocturnes filled the living room.

And my goodness, she seemed so horny, so aroused!. I could not let that go to waste. She was naked under her robe when I opened it and looked at her olive-skin body; her breasts, her belly, her flaring hips and her very hairy pussy.

Lela lay back against the sofa, watching me undress. I step toward her tangling my fingers in her hair, all silk and black curls flecked with gray. She fondles my balls and squeezes my cock, her fingers warm, persuasive…My cock becomes rock hard, big, bulging with veins. She strokes and strokes, I reach for her breasts, caressing the warm loaves. I pull off her robe and she slides down onto the pile of soft alpaca rug and pillows, covered with a large beach towel. A bowl of fruit, a bottle of cognac, some joints sit on the end table; she has thought of everything.

Parting her thick nest of cunt hair, I spread open the engorged purplish labia, to reveal Lela’s bulging prominent clitoris, which I stroke into juicy, pebble-hardness with my cock, over and over; she begins to moan continuously.

“I’m going to to turn your cunt upside down and inside out” I whispered.

“You do just that buddy, this cunt is all yours now fill her up” she whispered back grinning.

Plunging deep to the bottom of her raging cunt, her soft, honeyed walls hug me, gobble up my dick. I forge deeper into her wide, deep openness now flooded with juice and feeling like a hot oven. The slimy cream streaming out as her full cunt sucks me in further.

She rocks and moans, louder and louder, her voice, her cries reaching a high-pitched melody of sustained, incomparable abandon…She is wild with her need, grunting in tandem with the cadence of loud almanbahis squishy, wet sounds emanating from her pussy as I thrust into her, relentlessly, fucking her deep and strong, until she sprays out cum like warm oil, all over my crotch and inner thighs, her body wracked with violent spasms.

“Are you completely filled with my cock”?, I asked.

“Oh yes Ram and it feels so good, so fucking good” she muttered.

As Lela’s spasms die down, I pull out of her briefly and eat her twat ravenously for long moments…She has become so beautiful, so bewitching to me. Buttered sunlight melts over our bodies thru the window slats while my fingers comb thru her tangled pubic hairs redolent with the fragrance of musk, spreading her open for my cock.

I love the radiating heat and wetness of her cunt as I push into her again…I fuck her with enthusiasm, licking and sucking her tits with passion, feeling her cunt opening up, burning, until she buckles with a powerful orgasm, letting out loud cries as the grool came pouring out of her again. Lela fucks like a horny rabbit.

“More, please, I want more”, she demands, her cunt tightly locked to my cock as I thrust deeper and harder into her pink depths, rubbing her logy clitoris with my thumb. She screams wildly this time as she explodes in another orgasm.

She cries out as a series of orgasms begin to shake her body violently. I feel her nails scratching my back…I feel the jolts in her cunt as she thrashes about, the soft tissues of her vulva clutching my hard cock as it surges into her swollen deep cunt, penetrating her quivering pink softness, excavating within her…Then my explosion, spurting tons of semen, creating deep implosions within her jerking, swallowing womb, taking me down with her; a shipwreck against her shore. We continued to fuck much of the day; Lela was totally insatiable and I was in my mettle.

As I got ready to leave by sundown, Lela’s two daughters Rita and Brina walked in. I was taken aback since she never mentioned them before. Rita was 21 and Brina 19…Their resemblance of Lela in both looks and physique was striking. They looked at their half-naked disheveled, somnolent mother and could tell what she had been doing. Indeed, Rita smiled knowingly.

Meanwhile I had a roving eye on the girls; their light almost see thru white dresses, displayed their braless breasts and thong covered crotches. I felt my dick stir. Goodness, they looked sultry, totally sensual just like Lela. Brina is the prettier one.

Then I heard Lela saying to them, “Ram is definitely an exquisite lover, not a user of women…He understands the importance of prolonging pleasure in order to experience it fully. Stroking in and out of a woman with unbearable luxury that gives the woman excruciating pleasure. And guess what he is hung like a mule”. I realized that Lela was drunk and suggested she took a nap.

“No, no let her speak, I’m enjoying it” insisted Brina. “She hasn’t talked like this in a long time. You must have done something really profound to her”. “OMG” tittered Rita as she headed upstairs.

“As I was saying” continued Lela after planting a wet kiss on my lips, and offering her breasts to me, giggling as I squeezed them. “I sincerely hope you find a lover like Ram someday Brina. Believe me he’s certainly a gift from the Heavens”…Somehow I got the feeling that Lela was turning her daughter on to me. Or was she?.

“It may be sooner than you think mama” declared Brina with a sly lascivious smile at me. Soon afterwards Lela began to snore. It certainly had been a happy day for her.

Brina and I looked at each other for long moments. She seemed to be giving me a subtle message, as if she wanted to tell me something. Then she looked away. I resisted the urge to touch her. Then to change the palpably erotic atmosphere she insisted on reading me a couple of the short stories she’d written the previous summer.

“Mama and Rita don’t care much for them. I hope you do” she said sadly.

They were stories that delved deep into the world of dark fantasy, interweaving the supernatural, science fiction and daydream. I liked them very much and told her so. She was ecstatic.

Later she promised to take me to a waterfalls nearby.

I tried to apologize for Lela’s remarks but Brina cut me off saying, “Don’t be silly, mama and I have no secrets from each other…We’re more like buddies, besides I’m not that innocent you know” she said non-chalantly.


Sultry Maiden… Brina

The next day Lela waved us goodbye beaming, as Brina and I headed out to the falls late morning.

We talked very little as we followed the road. There was so much to see, especially for me. Hawks and buzzards circled the hills looking for prey. Wild flowers growing in lush patches tumbling down the hillsides to the side of the road.

We turned onto a dirt road which led us to a stream with a profusion of lush vegetation on both sides. We followed the water until we could hear the sound of rushing water. And beyond the giant ferns we caught a glimpse of the waterfall. Color shattered almanbahis giriş our eyes and prisms of light scattered around us as we walked closer to the falls. It was so beautiful.

Just close by where we stood a large clear pool enclosed by large rocks on all sides, streamed with sunlight. It was filled by a warm spring bubbling up from some hidden source in its sandy bottom. It seemed like a luxurious secluded bath and so enticing.

Brina retrieved the backpack containing snacks and wine and two blankets from the car. She spread the blankets on soft grass a few feet away from the pool.

“This is the right time to come here and enjoy it” she sighed. “I discovered this place a couple of years ago just before I went to college. I always come here to be alone with my thoughts and my dreams. Occasionally I’d masturbate myself to sleep, to quell my raging hormones. Are you shocked?”.

“No. In fact I’m intrigued” I said.

Sure enough there was not a soul around for miles. It was so peaceful, our conversation so refreshing, the wine having loosened our tongues.

“Women look for poetry in a man, a softness as well as a sense of duty…A man with such traits, natural or acquired, is usually an erotic turn-on for women” I told her.

“And have you fucked a lot of women?” she quizzed, moving closer to me.

“I stopped counting after 200, and that was many years ago. Of course many of them were more than casual encounters”.

Meanwhile, it had become very hot and humid as the midday sun beat down on us relentlessly.

“Care for a dip in the pool?” asked Brina already taking off her clothes, seemingly pushing us towards an inexorable sexual encounter. I hesitated as my conscience began to nudge me, telling me: remember, this is Lela’s daughter. I was truly torn.

But the sight of Brina’s luscious, honey-colored, hairy, naked body, especially her rounded succulent ass cheeks, her firm perky breasts and her big black bush broke all the barriers down. My cock was very hard, big and strong. I strolled around for a while, smoking a joint.

Soon I joined her naked in the warm pool. “Jeez, that’s one huge dick” she gasped, staring in awe at my swollen cock curving upward at a graceful angle, then reaching and holding it for long moments, feeling its strength and weight.

“And those bulging veins are simply awesome; does it get any harder than this”? she asked, squeezing with both hands.

“Yep, when its inside your pussy” I said. She shuddered.

“Oh, I’ve had a few dicks, but nothing compared to this beauty” she said sexily…”Are you going to fuck me?”, she asked. “If you want me to” I said, stroking her firm young breasts…

“Actually, I’ve only had a couple of boyfriends thus far” she confessed.


“Yeah, two very inexperienced snotty kids…I’d always wanted an older, mature and experienced man to have sex with. I think my mother is aware of this. I hope I don’t disappoint you”.

“Don’t worry you’ll be fine” I reassured her.

Our laughter mingled with the chattering of birds and the rush of water as we frolicked in the water, teasing each other with intimate caresses and lingering kisses. I was consumed by a passionate desire to make love to her, sensing the potential for delightful joy that she represented.

Brina began to shudder, holding on to me as I led her out of the pool and onto the blankets…”Mama said you fucked her for the longest time ever, and she had eight orgasms” she murmured.

“I believe I did” I said casually. “Are you going to fuck me like that?” she asked tremulously. “Sure” I said.

“With that big, beautiful cock of yours”?.

“You bet”…

“Oh God,” she groaned, shuddering. “I’m so fucking wet and itchy, please fuck me now”.

She lay back on the blanket using our clothes for a pillow, beads of water rolling off her luscious body. Her legs spread out, her arms folded behind her head…I knelt between her legs, carefully parting her slender labia fringed with soft, soggy, silky luxuriant hairs…The sight of her glistening pussy against the backdrop of the falls was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever laid eyes on. The scene framed within the rays of bright sunshine was for the moment the center of my world.

Brina’s vulva glistened with thick woman nectar, her beak-like clitoris peeking out, reddish-brown, hard…I stroked her cunt from clit to anus and back again, sucking, licking, biting her hardened, rubbery nipples.

I lifted her ass and entered her slowly, deeply. “O, God” she moaned, clutching me. She was soft and wet silk inside, incredibly drum-tight, but elastic…It was a heaven I’d only dreamed of, being used to cunts of older women. I moved inside her slowly for long moments before withdrawing and placing my mouth on her vulva, filling her with my tongue, sucking her engorged clit, hearing her distracted cries of pleasure.

“Bring back your cock now” she pleaded. I moved my cock back inside Brina’s cunt with deep thrusts, slow withdrawals and swift plunges…A steady rhythm and momentum of thrusting. It was simply almanbahis giriş delicious. Her juices began to spill out on to the blanket. Her moans echoed around us, her nostrils flaring as I began to kiss her and she shuddered, intoxicated by the smell of her cunt on my face.

In one fluid motion, we changed positions with Brina astride me, bending over me, without breaking contact, while I drove into her with a steady rhythm. Longer and deeper than before…She moaned continuously, her cunt gripping my cock like a vise, her dense, soggy pubic hairs meshed with mine. I kneaded her soft breasts, sucking and pulling on her nipples.

She began to tremble as I rolled her onto her back again, fucking her with dedicated intensity. Discovering a new harmony of motion and joy. Her legs locked high upon my back. Our slow rhythmic rocking and motion continuing for a very long time. Her pussy awash with sloshy, slurpy sounds.

Brina exploded in a loud, violent orgasm, her fists thudding my back, her cunt pulling me in like a riptide, her screams “O, God” renting the sky. I began to gush forcefully into her, the flow coming in jet after jet and ending in slow eddies, feeling a sense of renewal and completion.

Brina sobbed joyously as she lay motionless and silent in my arms. We were still locked together, my cock still hard inside her. I felt her throbbing; her cunt muscles rhythmically opening and closing around me…She looked at me with an adoring wonderment. “I’ve never been fucked like this before in my life” she said, still trembling spasmodically. The sensations, gentle but profound stirred me deeply. I felt her cunt, her womb, her breasts were full of me.

She closed her eyes as I began to caress her breasts and start to move inside her again, slowly, enjoying her smooth, slick juiciness. She caught her breath, surprised by my renewal of desire…Pleasure shook her until she could no longer contain it; she arched her back shaking as the pulse continued to beat unabated inside her pussy.

The second tidal wave of passion washed over us calmly; I moved inside her in a long, slow honey-like dance of passion, causing rolling tremors, deep primordial release almost agonizing in its intensity. Like two lava flows we converged, erupting and igniting and coming and coming.


Lela came over two days later to say goodbye prior to my departure. Nina was out somewhere. Lela said she loved me very much but she also knew that her love was not reciprocated in the same dimensions. Nevertheless she understood. I assured her that I would be back another time. And in the meantime I would write.

“I do love you now, but I don’t know if I can forever” she sighed. “One thing I do know is that I will never, never forget you. Thank you for opening the door to the supreme sexual pleasure I’ve known with you, and which you also made known to Brina the other day…She’d been simply ecstatic, euphoric since. I’m glad she now knows how beautiful sex can be, not the ugly, abusive and violent kind that some young women are forced into…When she got home that day she took a piss and forgot to flush the toilet. Later I saw lots of semen in the toilet bowl and I knew she’d had a wonderful time. Tell me, did she please you Ram?”

“Sure, well beyond my expectations. Brina is a lovely, sensual young woman” I said.

“Do you think I’m too permissive with her?” asked Lela anxiously. “No Lela, you’re a very remarkable woman, a good mother. Not many mothers are this liberated, this progressive. I also think your outlook and convictions simply defy convention”. I said, stroking her breasts.

Well if it feels right then it is right” she smiled. “And anyway there’s something about you, something wonderful. You cause me to lose my head”. I was moved by Lela’s outpouring, I kissed her deeply for the longest time.

“I feel like an animal in heat”, she said breathlessly, quivering from head to toe. “Right now I could fuck a telephone pole and it’s all your fault” she added grinning. I took her hand and led her to my room…Lela removed her thong and gave it to me as memento. It was soaked with juice; I inhaled the strong intoxicating odor of an older woman’s cunt.

Soon her chattering fades away, the room gets quieter. She lay back on the bed, and opens her legs slowly, drawing them up to the sides to open herself even further…Her vulva, fringed with her dense crisp curls, is deep and purplish, her clitoris swollen. And her cunt wide and blossoming. Her hairy groin look delicious, sexy.

She is totally relaxed, absorbed in feeling as I ravish her big clit with my tongue and my lips, probing her opening, filled with pre-coital juices. Her strong scent fills my nostrils, her taste exquisite on my stimulated palate. Her hips thrusting toward me spasmodically as she begins to come, shivering.

Barely twenty minutes later, Lela pushes me onto my back and mounts me. Her honey skin moist with desire. She sinks slowly all the way down my cock with a long-drawn sigh until her dense, soggy pubic hairs mingle wetly with mine. She rocks back and forth, up and down in a slow, measured rhythm, on my thick cock which is so hard it ached. She groans softly with the feel of it inside her…I thrust in and out of her from below in sync with her movements, my cock streaming with her thick juices. Her sexual intoxication is overwhelming.

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