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Lunatic Luau Ch. 01

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Tidewater, Virginia has a music fest every year. This year was going to be especially good, too. A couple of my favorite bands were going to be there, and my hunky friend from college had talked me into driving down from D.C. by waving lawn tickets in front of me. I was hooked, so I buckled and made the trip.

I made it to Dave’s place, and after a couple bear hugs, we piled into his truck and headed down to the festival. Dave was my college buddy; we’d spent late nights cramming for finals, drunken nights singing on the quad, the whole nine yards. After graduation, I’d moved to D.C. for work, and Dave had moved to the Tidewater area with a girlfriend. In college, Dave was a cute guy that never lacked for a date or a one-night stand. He lifted weights and worked out regularly, and it showed. Dave was chiseled and muscled; looking hot was easy for him.

We made it to the venue, and made our way through the crowd to get some drinks. Finding a spot on the lawn with a good view, we caught up on what’d been going on with each other since the last time we’d hung out. The next band was coming on and starting their set, and Dave and I were lounging side by side on the lawn. Stretched out next to Dave, the band Buck Cherry launched into their song “Crazy Bitch”. Mid way through the song, the lead singer started talking about the type of woman that inspired the main character of the song. Dave leaned over to my ear and asked me if I did any of the things that he was talking about. Such things like playing with guys’ balls while he was fucking from behind. I gave Dave one of my ‘wouldn’t you like to know’ smiles, and went back to paying attention to the band. He did it again, whispering in my ear, sending shivers down my back. I started wondering if everything I’d heard about sex with Dave was true.

After Buck Cherry’s set, we decided to walk around a bit and see the vendors. I waited for Dave while he went to the bathroom, and when he came out, there was an amused look on his face. I asked him what he was laughing about, and he said that his zipper had broken, and his Pendik Escort pants were sliding down with every step he took. I burst out laughing, and we joked about the easy access that a broken zipper could afford. Slowly, we made our way through the crowds, and I kept being pushed up against Dave. Dave with his muscles from working out and the whispers in my ear that were making me shiver. At one point Dave grabbed my hips from behind me, catching himself from being knocked off balance. His hands on my hips squeezed tight, and I felt my pussy moisten in reaction. I stopped where I was, and had to take a deep breath to calm myself enough to keep from dragging Dave off to the woods and screwing his brains out right then and there. The next time I got pushed against Dave, I rubbed my hips into his crotch, as a bit of payback for grabbing my hips and making me wet. I heard Dave groan as I ground briefly into him, and got a bit of satisfaction knowing that he was getting as good as he was giving to me. After walking around a bit, we went back up to the lawn for another show.

It was getting dark when we got back to our spots on the lawn, and we settled in for another band’s performance. A bit chilly, I scooted myself over close to Dave. In the dark, I leaned over to Dave and told him I wanted to check out that broken zipper as I pulled his jeans open at the fly. As my hand grazed Dave’s cock and balls, I felt his lips at my ear lobe, nipping at it, and then sliding down the side of my neck. My nipples hardened in reaction, and I cupped his balls in my hand, stroking them with my thumb. Under my hand, Dave’s cock stiffened. I’d heard the girls he’d slept with in college talk about his cock. Nine and a half inches or more, they’d said. I’d always wondered if it was true, and by all I could tell at that moment, there was no exaggeration. I couldn’t see it in the dark, but everything I felt told me they’d been right. I stroked his cock through his underwear, enjoying the feel of it in my hand. My fingers found an opening in the fabric, and I freed his cock Kurtköy Escort through it.

Unable to resist, I lowered my head to his cock, swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. A hand slipped to the base of my skull, keeping my mouth down on his cock. I was surprised to find a piercing in the head, a ring through it. My tongue traced it, sucking and nipping at the head. I teased him slowly for a few minutes, until the band was done, and the lights came up on the lawn. Pulling his cock back into his jeans, Dave pulled me to my feet and we headed back to the area where the vendors were. We pushed through the crowds, heading towards the bathrooms. By the time the crowd started thinning towards the bathrooms, I was practically jogging, Dave’s hand firmly at the base of my back. I headed for the one bathroom that had very little line, and grabbing Dave’s hand, I pulled him in the first stall I could find with me. I caught some startled looks from women, but no one said anything.

The door to the stall seemed to slam shut, and I’m not sure if it locked. I didn’t care; I wanted to suck Dave’s cock again. Dave pushed me against the wall, lifting me up to his height, and kissed me hard and deep. My legs wrapped around his waist, grinding my pelvis into his. His hands went to my tank top, pulling it down and freeing my breasts before his mouth covered one nipple. My pussy clenched in reaction, eager to be fucked. Dave’s fingers slipped down my jeans, rubbing against my clit and making me whimper. I wanted to fuck him, right here in the bathroom, and I didn’t care who saw. Putting me down, Dave’s hands went to my jeans, undoing them. I was busy trying to get his pants down, too. I stepped out of one shoe and pant leg, and Dave lifted me up against the wall again.

I wrapped my legs around Dave’s waist, trying to pull his cock to my pussy. I felt the tip of his cock, with the piercing, at the opening to my pussy. My pussy stretched when the head of Dave’s cock entered it. He was big around, and I wasn’t used to his size. I thought my eyes were Tuzla Escort going to pop out of my head when he took me. Dave’s breathing was ragged, we were both eager to fuck, but he took the first stroke into me slow so I could get used to his size a bit. I looked down, watching every inch of that hard cock go in my pussy. The sight turned me on even more, and I started bucking against him, to hurry him up. Fully sheathed in my pussy, Dave’s cock was throbbing. “Please, Dave”, I strangled out. I pushed my hips at his, trying to make him fuck me. Then he started.

With a cock as big and long as Dave’s short shallow strokes should have been the way for us to fuck. But Dave fucked my pussy with long deep strokes, quickly at first, and then slowing down the deeper he got in me. I grabbed the top of the stall wall, bracing me against it so I could take the thrusts Dave was pounding in me. “Fuck yes”, Dave moaned. We rocked against each other, hard and hungry for more. I felt the piercing rub my G-spot, sending tickle-like sensations through my lower body. My mouth started to water, and I knew I was about to cum. “Cum for me”, he demanded. I was having no problem accommodating that demand. I could feel my orgasm building, my pussy tightening and squeezing Dave’s cock. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder, making his strokes more brutal to my pussy. I loved it. I slipped one hand between us, rubbing my clit, sending me over the edge of orgasm. We both started screaming, and Dave pressed his thumb into my mouth, trying to stop anyone coming in the stall. My orgasm hit me like a Mack truck, and I felt Dave’s cum fill my pussy. Dave’s head fell back, eyes closed in ecstasy, mouth half open, panting. As the orgasm passed, he let me down and we got dressed.

Back in the crowd, we got drinks, and headed back to the lawn. Settling in for the next band, Dave pulled me to sit between his knees. Lounging, we drank our drinks and talked about the next band. As the next to last band took the stage, I felt my bra sag around my breasts, Dave had unhooked it. I leaned back against his chest, and his hands slipped around me, cupping my breasts. “Suck my cock?” Dave asked. I turned around to face him, pressing my mouth to his ear, my tongue sliding inside.

“Only if you scream when you cum” I told him. I couldn’t wait for round two.

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