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Luck and Telo Play Together

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It all started after work one day. They were drinking beer and playing video games. Luck felt a mild attraction to the new boy at work, but had not done anything about it. Luck felt bad for him, knowing what it’s like to be the new guy. They had met at work a few weeks ago, and Luck thought Telo might be fun to hang out with. After taking a break from the games, and going out for dinner they went back to Luck’s house to watch basketball, and drink more beer, since Telo was underage.

When they get in the house Luck tosses Telo the remote and heads to the kitchen for the drinks. It takes him a minute to figure out the remote, but he has it by the time Luck gets back to the den. They both sit down on the sofa and put their feet up on the table, settling in to enjoy the game.

About halfway through Telo goes to the kitchen to get more beer. When he sits back down he sits even closer to Luck. He opens the beers, and gives Luck his. They click the bottles together and drink. Turning his attention back to the game Luck thinks, “That boy is so cute.” Telo sets his bottle between his legs and starts to fiddle with the label.

Telo is sitting on Lucks’ right side, close enough that every time Luck picks up his beer his hand brushes the boys thigh. Luck can see him out of the corner of his eye playing with the bottle. He stops ripping the label and begins stroking the bottle as though it were a different object of pleasure. Luck wrenches his attention back to the TV thinking, “This kid has no idea what he is doing.” Since he never looks at him, it is a safe assumption. Luck begins to realize that Telo is playing with him when he shifts his body again, resting his arm on Lucks’ thigh. After taking another sip of his beer his left hand starts tapping against Luck’s knee.

By now Luck is feeling a good buzz and a little turned on. Never one to turn down an invitation, he scoots down further on the sofa, opening his legs a little, giving the boy better access if he wants it. Telo still doesn’t look at him, but moves his hand so that his fingers can slide under the bottom of his shorts and play with the inside of his knee. Luck pretends to watch the game but can’t really focus because of his growing problem. After a few minutes Telo moves his hand finishing his beer with the other. Luck also finishes his beer, slowly stands up and says, “I’ll get more.” As he walks to the fridge the boy thinks, “Bien merde!”, and admires Luck’s fine, fine ass in his tight shorts.

Telo is extremely aroused and wonders how eryaman escort he can get Luck to let him give him head. Luck takes his time getting the beers and opening them. When he comes back to the living room, instead of sitting he stands directly in front of him, a beer in each hand saying, “Here you are.” Telo thinks his dream is about to come true. Instead of reaching for the beer he looks up at him, licks his lips and with a shanking hand he pulls the cord holding Luck’s shorts together. Luck doesn’t move, just raises an eyebrow at him. Telo reaches up with both hands and slides the shorts off his hips and lets them drop to the floor. As Lucks’ slim hips and then his thick, heavy cock are revealed the boy smiles in delight. He cups his hands under his package and says, “Mon Dieu, vous êtes si beaux.” Of course Luck doesn’t speak French but gets the meaning any way. It was a beautiful cock and it was the cock he had been dreaming and fantasizing about for so many years. Luck’s cock was smooth and had a nice vein running down the top of it, and was as dark as the rest of him. He was filled with admiration and lust.

Telo had never really thought about being with a man until a few years ago. He had nothing against the guys that did it, he just liked girls. Just after he had graduated high school him and his buddies had gone on a camping trip to celebrate. There had been lots of alcohol, and lots of talking about the girls they had had, or were going to anyway. One of the boys had pulled out his cock to show the others, so they all did likewise. When that guy saw Telo’s he fell to his knees and proclaimed that he won, so he got to have a blow job. “Alright then” Telo had replied in a drunken slur. He got the best bj of his life, and then returned the favor. By the end of the weekend all the boys were sore and had learned the pleasure of being fucked in the ass.

Telo is so overwhelmed with lust that he MUST get this gorgeous cock inside of him right now. Luck sets the beers down on the table behind him and then just stands there, waiting. Telo leans forward, pulls Luck toward his hot mouth and slides him in as far as he will go. He swirls his tongue around the head, and up and down the shaft with a light suction. As he feels Luck get harder he takes him back out of his mouth and licks him all over. He starts at the bottom, lightly touching the ball sack with the tip of his tongue, then all the way up the shaft to get him in his mouth again. After sucking on it for a sec he lets go to lick him again, eryaman escort bayan this time from the top, down the shaft, over the tip, back into his mouth. He swallows while keeping his tongue wrapped around his delicious prick. He moves his head slightly forcing the tip of Luck’s rod to the back of his throat and swallows again, pushing forward as he does so.

As Luck feels his hard dick being swallowed he thrusts forward, forcing it past the boy’s tonsils. He doesn’t stop until he is all the way in. As the sack come to rest against his chin the boy takes a deep breath through his nose, then starts to hum deep in his throat. The vibrations coming from the boy’s mouth really get Luck going. He pulls out about half way and slowly pushes back in, and then gives in to the pleasure. He immediately starts pumping hard and fucking his throat with all he has while Telo holds on to his hips.

Of course Luck loves getting a fantastic blow job as much as the next man, but he really, really wants to bury his dick in this hot French boy’s ass. Before he cums he pulls out of his mouth and the boy lets go. He really wants to taste his cum, but also can’t wait to get a good fucking, which he is sure he’s about to get.

Luck stands there for a minute, catching his breath, then pulls him to his feet and turns him around. He holds both his arms with one hand and pulls down his little, tight running shorts with the other. Telo’s heart is racing a million miles an hour, not only from excitement but a smidge of fear as well. He has been fucked in the ass before, but only twice, and with much smaller men. Luck lets go of his arms and he puts his hands on the back of the sofa, rubbing his ass against Luck’s hard-on, letting him know how much he wants it. What a beautiful ass this boy has! With one hand on the boy’s back Luck reaches down to his own shorts, retrieving the small bottle of lube he pocketed earlier. He gives Telo a little push so he is kneeling on the sofa, quivering in anticipation.

He opens the lube and rubs some on the fingers of his right hand. Reaching down, he touches his index finger to the tight flower. Telo twitches a little, but then holds completely still waiting, anticipating. Ever so slowly Luck pushed his finger into that hot tight bud. As he does the boy lets out a long, deep moan, telling him how good it feels while still wanting more. Luck twists his finger around and is pleased that the boy is tight, but not virgin tight. He works a second finger in, getting more moans of pleasure escort eryaman from Telo. He begins pumping in and out, pleasuring the boy, but also getting him a little looser for his thick cock. As the tempo increases the boy can feel his balls tighten up in preparation for an orgasm, and clenches his sphincter around Luck’s fingers.

When he removes his fingers the boy lets out an involuntary moan, but he knows what’s coming next. Ever since he met this beautiful black man he has wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by him. Luck sets his rod right at the edge of the hole, and the boy pushes back, wanting him inside. “Oh yes, put it in me.” he moans. The boy shivers against him, and the big black dick slides in a few inches before stopping. Unexpected to the boy he then pulls all the way back out. After a pause he then pushes in again. Telo loves the feeling, and the pain of having a nice think cock inside of him. Just as the pain starts to fade the juicy dick is pulled out again. A frustrated moan escapes his lips, which immediately turns to one of pleasure as the thick cock slides into him again. “You like that, don’t you , you horny devil boy?” For an answer the boy pushes back against him, trying to get him all in.

He just wants that delicious prick buried in his ass. Luck takes it out again and pauses even longer, holding the head against the boys crack. Soon he is whimpering and then begging, “Please, please fuck me. I want you inside of me.”

Hearing those sweet words he pushes in all the way. The boy moans “Oh god yes!” as his muscles clench around the hard pole. Luck pulls back and starts fucking him. Slow at first; in, and then out, long slow strokes. Telo is moaning in time to the hard, slow fucking.

“Ahhh, ahhhh… faster…..please….” Luck thrusts faster. The moans increase. “Ah… yes, ah yes…ah god, please, harder.” Instead Luck slows down for a minute, making the boy moan, but then goes faster. Then slow again. He does this fast, then slow for about five minutes. As the boy’s moans get louder and more intense Luck reaches around and to jerk him off at the same time. He gives him a few hard strokes and Telos orgasm rips through his body. As his own cock spews its release all over his belly, his ass convulses around the steel dick inside him. The quaking muscles finally send Luck over the edge. He plunges the entire way in one…two…three times as he pumps his mojo into Telo’s hot canal. Telo sees stars and collapses against the back of the sofa pulling himself off of the now slightly softer cock. Luck groans at the loss of the warm tightness, and also falls to the sofa, knees first and then falls over, suddenly dizzy. He looks down at Telo’s grinning baby face and thinks, “I ought to fuck the French more often.”

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