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Lover’s Alone at Last

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Waking from a peaceful sleep, in a cabin in the mountains, stretching and smiling, hearing the birds chirping, and seeing the sun shining after a night of soft rain. I arrived at the cabin last night to prepare for our lovely night of lovemaking.

Remembering what today is, I can’t help but smile and think. Nothing could make this day more perfect. Tonight will be the first night that I spend with the man of my dreams, Marc, who has begun to mean so much to me. He is a most extraordinary man, so handsome and sexy. My mind starts to race and my heart skips a beat.

After a day of lounging and shopping, I start to prepare for his visit. Putting fresh vanilla scented candles out, getting a CD of soft music ready, fresh white roses (knowing how he loves the smell of roses) in the living, bedroom, and bath.

Trying to decide what to wear. I finally choose a black sleeveless dress, mid thigh length, very tight and revealing, low cut front and back, black lace and satin bra and panties, panties very skimpy and the bra cut low to reveal the top of my breasts, black garter and nylons, and very high heels. Smiling and hoping that you he will approve my choice of clothing.

Moving to the bathroom to prepare for my shower, getting the water temperature just right. I remove my clothes and step in, the water cascading over my naked body, making me shiver.

My nipples react to the touch of the water. Running my hands over my body, I smile and pretend my hands are his. Moving over my breasts slowly, up and down my stomach and back up, my head thrown back, I begin to moan.

My hands move down my stomach to my pussy, my fingers run up and down over, parting my pussy, finding my clit and rubbing so slowly, feeling it harden as my body begins to tremble. My thumb moves to my clit, as two fingers find their way inside my hot, wet pussy.

I begin to scream, “Marc, why can’t this be you, I can’t wait to feel your hands on my body. I need you now!”

As I rub my clit harder, my fingers began moving in and out of my pussy very fast and hard. Feeling a wave of passion take over my body, I begin to cum, yelling out your name, “Marc, oh Marc!”

Feeling weak I lean against the shower wall, and a smile crosses my lips, as I think, it won’t be long until he is here. I step out of the shower, dry off, and begin to dress. Thinking about how I am dressing for the man of my dreams, something I have waited a long time for.

I walk out the bathroom into the living room. I begin to light the candles, start the fire in the fireplace, and turn the lights down. In a few moments, I hear a knock on the door. My heart leaps, knowing it has to be him.

I open the door and you stand there so tall and handsome, smiling down at me. I take your hand and pull you inside the cabin. My arms go around your body, pulling you close, my lips touching yours gently, and then more passionately.

We walk arm in arm to the couch and sit together facing each other. We are not speaking, just gazing into each other’s eyes. I find my voice and say, “Would you like to listen to some soft music?”

You reply, “Oh, that would be nice.”

I get up from the couch and walk over to insert a CD of soft country music Ataşehir Escort into the player. I return to the couch and sit back down, closer to you this time. We talk about the music. You then ask me to dance.

You stand, take my hand, and I rise and slip off my heels. We walk to the center of the room. You take me in your arms and pull me close. You have one arm around my waist, and my hand is still in yours. You turn my palm down and hold it against your chest, my other hand on your neck. We look into each other’s eyes. A smile crosses your lips as you lean down and touch your lips to mine.

Your tongue parts my lips and our tongues embrace, as we sway to the music, our feet never moving. The kiss becomes more intense as our hands begin to roam over each other’s bodies, your hands sending shivers through my body.

We kiss more passionately as we explore each other. Your hands running up and down my back now, you slowly unzip my dress, pulling it from my shoulders, while your eyes never leave mine, letting it fall to the floor.

You lean down and unsnap my garters, my hands on your shoulders. You then begin to roll my nylons down, one at a time, kissing my leg as you go, leaving wet trails behind with your mouth. You lift my foot, kissing each toe, and caressing my foot as you remove the nylons from my leg. You slowly repeat the process with my other leg.

You start to kiss my legs, moving up to my upper thighs and then stop. You stand up, take me back in your arms and kiss me deeply, as your arms reach around and unsnap my bra, pulling it over my arms and off. You expose my breasts. My nipples quickly harden to the cool air and excitement of your touch.

We continue to kiss, as your hands reach out and massage my breasts, your eyes never leaving mine. Your palms rub over my sensitive nipples as moans escape my lips, my head tilted back, as I bite my lower lip. You rub and pinch my nipples between your fingers and I can feel the heat running through my body as the excitement builds.

Your lips leave mine and trail little kisses over my neck, down to my breasts, where you stop and kiss each nipple gently. You take one in your mouth and suck slowly, your tongue flicking over it, and then the other nipple. I begin to moan louder as I feel myself getting very wet. You devour my breasts lovingly, kissing, sucking, twisting, and pinching them.

I begin to scream out your name, “Marc, Marc, oh yessssssssss Marc!!”

Your lips reluctantly leave my breasts and begin a slow and gentle trail of kisses down my stomach, as your hands reach up and continue to tease my nipples. You reach my belly button and your tongue darts out, then in, teasing it.

As your hands leave my breasts, you slowly pull my panties from my hips and down to my knees. Your tongue licks downward to the top of my pussy. You stop and say, “Oh my God, Sarah you smell like heaven!”

I moan louder as my body trembles and knees get weak. You then pull my panties down to my ankles, and help me step out of them. Your hands begin to play all over my pussy, your fingers going wild, as you push the lips apart and find my hardened and wet clit. Your thumb rubs over it and then your tongue Ataşehir Escort Bayan replaces your thumb as your fingers begin to enter my pussy. One, then two fingers enter me. I hear the wet noises as you begin to move your fingers in and out.

Leaning down whispering, “Marc, I need to touch and taste you now!”

You remove your clothing as I lay a blanket down in front of the fireplace. You walk slowly over to me and take me in your arms and as we kiss, the glow from the fire makes our bodies shimmer.

We slowly lower ourselves to the blanket. I push you gently down, kissing your sweet lips, and turning my body around facing your feet as I straddle your head. I lower my pussy over your face, as I lean down towards your hardened cock. You grab my ass and pull my pussy into your face as you begin to lick all around. My hand strokes your cock, as my warm breath touches it. I stare at the throbbing cock in my hand.

I am moaning aloud as your tongue explores my pussy. My tongue darts out and licks slowly over the tip of your penis. It licks at the opening at the top, tasting your pre-cum. You begin to suck on my clit, as one finger enters my hot, wet pussy. My mouth opens and I take the head in, my tongue licking all around your girth.

My clit grows harder with the touch of your tongue, making my body shiver. My lips tighten and move down your hard cock moving up and down, my hand squeezing your balls. Your finger moving in and out of my pussy, faster, as we hear the wet sucking noises.

Breathlessly he says, “Oh God, Baby you are so fucking wet.”

You remove your finger from my pussy, as your tongue dips inside my pussy, and then back to my clit. Your fingers enter my pussy again, while your other hand begins to rub over my ass, slapping it gently. You then run your hand down my slit, your thumb rubbing against my asshole.

You then enter it slowly, as I scream around your cock, “Oh Marc Baby, that’s it, please play with my ass!!”

My lips are moving faster up and down on your cock, hand tugging on your cum filled balls. I then remove my lips from your cock, moving them to your balls. I take them gently into my mouth, as my hand strokes your hard pulsing cock.

“Suck my balls, suck them hard!!!”

You replace your thumb with a finger in my ass, moving it in and out slowly, then faster and deeper. Your tongue flicks over my hard clit. I feel my pussy spasm and the juices start to flow. I suck harder on your balls and stroke your cock faster, your fingers moving in and out of my pussy faster still. My mouth moves back to your cock and then takes it all in, my mouth tightening and moving up and down faster and deeper. My hand now squeezes your balls hard.

You yell, “Oh fuck yes, I am going to cum.”

My mouth moves faster up and down as I feel your hot cum begin to spurt into me. Your tongue dips into my pussy, lapping up all my juices as they continue to flow. Your hips are thrusting upwards, fucking my mouth, as your cum spurts out more. Our bodies both tremble as we moan together.

Feeling your cock grow soft in my mouth, I reluctantly rise up and turn to face you. Leaning down I kiss you passionately as our juices Escort Ataşehir mix together. “MMMMM,” is all I say. You are so sweet and salty.

My sensitive nipples are rubbing over your chest as my hot, wet pussy rubs over your cock. Our kiss becoming more intense and I feel your cock begin to stir beneath my pussy. Our tongues are exploring each other’s.

I rise up and smile down at you, as I take your hand, kissing the palm. I then take one finger into my mouth and suck on it, holding it still. My head moves as if fucking your finger.

You moan, “Sarah, oh God Baby.”

As your hand squeezes my breast, you twist and pinch my nipple between your fingers. My pussy grinds against your cock, which has become aroused again. I rise up and reach one hand down, taking your cock and placing it at the entrance to my pussy. I slowly lower myself down.

Your fingers are moving over my breasts, one then the other. I begin to move up and down, taking your finger from my mouth. I move my hand to my clit, as I move up and down faster on your cock.

My head thrown back, I moan loud, “Oh Baby, ohhhhhh.”

Your hands move to my hips and begin to move me up and down, faster, deeper. My breasts are bouncing up and down.

I look into your eyes and moan, “Baby, I want you to fuck my ass!”

Hearing me, you quickly respond, “Oh God yessssssssssss!”

You push me up gently and away from you, as you stand up. Reaching for my hand you help me get up off the blanket. Walking over to the couch, you lean me over its back.

Your cock enters my pussy, getting it all wet again. Taking it out you rub it over my asshole, then press the head against it, slowly entering a small bit and stopping. Looking over my shoulder, I am watching you.

You smile and say, “You want this cock in your ass baby?”

“Yes, oh yes I do, fuck my ass,” I moan.

You then say, “Beg for it, tell me how much you want it,” as a wicked grin crosses your lips.

I yell, “Fuck my ass, fuck me now, I want it please, oh please,” I scream.

“You want this cock fucking your ass?”

“Oh Marc fuck me now, please, I need to feel that big hard cock fucking my ass.”

You moan and push further in, as you say, “Play with your clit, do it now, cum with me!!”

My hand reaches down finding my hard clit and begins to rub. Our moaning becomes louder as you fuck my ass wildly.

“That’s it rub that clit, rub it faster.”

As you fuck my ass harder and deeper, my breasts rub against the couch. As you push harder, my finger goes wild on my clit. Feeling your body shudder against mine, you begin to cum and yell.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!”

Hearing your moans and feeling your cum spewing into my ass, my pussy spasms as I begin to cum.

I yell, “Oh my God, yessssssssssssss!!!”

Our bodies shaking, but our pace slowing. As our bodies begin to calm down, you remove your cock from my ass, pulling me up to face you. You take me in your arms, kissing me passionately.

You then take my hand and lead me to the blanket in front of the fireplace. You gently push me down, as you lay down beside me, taking me in your arms.

Kissing me softly now, you whisper, “Thank you Sarah, for the most wonderful night of my life.”

I whisper back, “No, thank you Marc, you were awesome.”

We smile and gaze into each other’s eyes as we drift off to sleep, the fire making our bodies glow. As we both are thinking – this is only the beginning!!!!

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