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Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 01

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Reworked note:

Beside tease and denial, this story is a mix between lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” and “role reversal” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls. But this one takes place in a universe ruled by women teasing guys relentlessly.

This universe is not mine and uses many many concepts you won’t understand without at least reading the glossary in chapter 1. It depicts the life of people in this world with all its aspects, and the evolution of the romance follow these.

It focuses on absolutely terrific extreme tease and denial mixed with the adorable and cheesy aspect. It is my take of a very cute love story between two outcast people in this world, but a lot of the “unfair” and “unsafe” out of their rainbow world is described and not less part of the kink.

I reworked this intro from previous chapters and forgot to mention delicate aspects of mild consent and virgin “not-shaming-but-quite” and around (by around, I mean self-awareness about social-awkwardness, introversion, shyness and all. If you’re not at ease with this, it may be a bad experience) I apologize to the people that might have been touched by this further than a kink that they don’t like. Also I add now that it’s no more a spoiler that though there is few actual pure ballbusting or cbt, balls kinda hurt a lot in this universe^^.

Words from the creator of this universe.

“This is Salamando_Flames. I am allowing CuteAndLovelyYetHorny to post this work based on my Sex Mage World concepts. “

Minimal additions are added to the existing lore, this is a fanfiction.

Glossary and basic info of the universe as created by its creator:

See chapter 1

In my own take of the universe:

See chapter 1


Glossary and basic info of the universe as created by its creator:

Conceptual universe: The Earth — Sex mage World.

A magic empowering women arrives in 2010 and fails to be understood scientifically, giving women the power to manipulate men’s libido, arousal, frustration etc… leading to a female dominated world. In 2018, a terrible event occurs and awakes “Megami” to save mankind, later dividing the world in Queendoms. Any girl becomes a sex mage between 18 and mid-20s.

Montana Queendom: Where the story happens. Men’s rights are respected while men are expected to be toyed with and teased.

17 Goddess Era (2027): Sex magic is overall extremely powerful and glitch women are almost unheard of.

Glitch: Woman with a dysfunction in her magic. The main female protagonist in the story is a glitch.

Attuning: A woman attuned to a man makes her magic more effective towards him and reaching from very far. It takes to love or know someone well, or practice a lot intimately.

Basic Spells and abilities: Orgasm block, arousal waves, telepathy towards men, reading sexual thoughts and training to read minds overall, generate tease zones, shields blocking sensations and arousal from other women, semen production, overlaying phantom sensations; induce pain, pleasure and sensitiveness to genitals; lock-freeze a man in place, make him levitate at will, induce sleep and erotic dreams, remain awake, control ability to masturbate and initiate sex, correct imperfections on their own bodies, choose pregnancy etc…

Lust Energy: Energy created by aroused men which women feed on additionally to “classic energy sources”, making them feel euphoric, energetic, relieved, and replacing the need to eat.

Lust Energy Generator (LEG): Very common job for men, frozen in place and teased.

Hard Attack: terrible arousal wave cast toward a man.

Tension Ramp: Spell to increase arousal and semen production exponentially.

Boyboarding: Freezing a man, levitating him, making him able to bear any weight without risks and flying with, a foot on the chest, the other on the cock to feed on constant lust energy.

Samaritan: Women ensuring men aren’t abused as much as possible.

In my own take of the universe:

Arousal detection: Mages can sense arousal through a humming sound in their head originally. In my story, they simply “sense” and “know” it.

The story really focuses on erotic and sexual matter, so reading the following will give you hints to picture a background.

Streets and Life at Montana:

Nudity is forbidden, as well as wearing only underwear or lingerie. Boyboarding is common but men must be clothed and sign a consenting paper when turning 18. Same consent form applies for working as LEG. Passive arousal in the street has no choice than to be tolerated, through teasing is forbidden.

In most cities, ankara otele gelen escort teasing men is part of common life beside public decency, and most places have their own policies from forbidding to encouraging the use of magic. The Queendom used its permissive policies to grow back a strong economy by duplicating it’s living places, with for examples cinemas or cafés forbidding magic use, others letting it go and others warning on the door what to expect inside!

That way, rare are the men that never experience a real bad case of blue balls every now and then, not so rare are those living it most of their lives, while state funded Samaritan centers can be found every four roads of any town, and in any colleges; providing protection, contracts, shielding, magically induced orgasms, social bonding, care culture etc…

The Queendom culture, as most towns in, is therefore than men live with blue balls and orgasm blocks, work as LEG, provide girls fun and tons of energy, fuck good, lick good and serve well at women whim; but are taken great care as boyfriends, pets or whatever, while overall working time is reduced with low unemployment rates.

Men refusing their condition are less and less common at a gradual scale for a few years, as well as sexually dominant ones and submissive women. Most Samaritan centers have a special section for those two minorities as well as LGBT+ people, since sex magic reinforces heterosexual and cis social norms, as well as any alternative sexualities, beside BDSM obviously.

College at Montana: As college is a place full of women awakening to their powers, Montana’s culture is to let it be a living hell for men and let girls have fun at will, create events, trap (un)lucky guys etc… It has in the same time a very strong culture of men care, respect, contracts to insure men don’t get abused and are given orgasms once in a while (regarding this world’s new definition of abuse, as sex magic gives them perpetual blue-balls everywhere). Samaritan centers organize both tease events and protects men for mind-breaking abuse ect… Men’s surrender to work well is expected in return, while they know what awaits them once there.

To cope with the drops of male inscriptions and need for high qualified jobs, colleges of the Queendom became affordable for everyone and deals with companies to offer shielding, “sleep passes”, or lighter teases while working as LEG are frequent. The Queendom is overall very progressive politically and succeeded to use the situation of the world to value general culture for men, unable to reach power positions anymore, and unnecessary in many jobs except as a ballsack to fill to energize women. College therefore became rather unavoidable, and proved successful to correlate with men’s acceptance of their places. Therefore, colleges are a government’s priority, huge and modern, often filled with quite as much men than women.


“What a weird fetish, you’re so old-fashioned Elina!” her friend teased.

“Yeah right, why bother spending so much time just for that? You just do this and that’s all fun, doesn’t it!?” She cooked an eyebrow at her friend and grinned, pointing at a guy that suddenly stopped, grabbed his own crotch, tried to rub maddeningly till he fell on the floor, ass up, and moved ridiculously till he tried to fuck the ground as she went on:

“3 little days, he just told me, 2 little pink nuts all fresh and relieved”, she added with a proud “wat’cha’gonnado?” expression, looking at him get up slowly despite she stopped her phantom assault seconds ago. “Why the heck would you ever want to take years to grow a virgin’s nutsack like a fucking foliage plant!”

“You just said it, a foliage plant, I am a perfectionist little Olie! Hard attacking strangers, setting pranks, all that…, that’s fun I know! You know too well I’m far from hating it. But look: right now, I’m giving my boyfriend a little phantom caress under his balls, all detection channels off. I don’t hear him, nor his thoughts, anything, but he’s hardening, I know it! He’s thinking about me, he’s cursing me for ruining one of the few moments he put his head off what we’ll do tonight, or for making it worse, and he wishes I do that more often, ’cause it’s so sexy, so subtle… I know this, the own fashioned way!”

“Yeah miss “I’m not like you all, plebes”! We got it haha!”

“I can’t help! I want to share feelings with that poor virgin I’ll get, being mean for being mean is fun, and kinda arousing, but that’s also an art, and that’s this art that gets me totally going. He won’t get broken or anything, I’ll release him. He cries and has negative thoughts? I’ll release him. He finds his first love? Heck he’s free. He won’t like it nor choose it but that will do, he will tell me how he feels and ask me casually if I want something to eat while he goes take some bread.”

“Okay, öveçler escort first she goes wild imagining she blue-balls a guy mad, slowly, and now she gets crazy at the thought he buys her bread!”

“Laugh all you want, you plebe, haha! You’ve no idea how just imagining what waking up every morning with a set of virgin nuts suffering day and night, fairly, to please my eyesight for a dozen of seconds feels like!”

” “Fairly!” ” another of her friend snorted, to end in general laugher.


“Hi Astra!” I waved at the cute thin girl sitting on a wall in a lone place of college.


She waved her hand with a big smile that started a light tingle on my cheeks. The twitching hard-on I had no choice to bring with me, past walking through college, was already backed away in a corner of my mind. Her innocent glitched look: thin, tall and a little bit flat; couldn’t help to make my heart beat fast, after watching all those sexually blooming girls shaping their curves and skin to make mouths and cocks drool. And that without all the wicked spells cast every now and then, all the traps, tease zones and such…

Her mere sight, alone on “her” wall, was a little vision of paradise I could reach and kiss the cheeks hello any day, and it didn’t take more than this to make my life wonderful, or this and just helping her being happier!

I kissed these cute pink cheeks innocently and moaned inside as she returned my greetings (my brain sure forgot the sexual tension I was put through to reach her place, now… we couldn’t say the same thing of my sensitive skin, even in innocent places like the cheeks!).

We discussed a little and headed to the cinema, as planned.

I looked at her little beautiful hand hanging, and blushed at a memory of a moment when it petted my back innocently. It was a little readjusting moment I needed each time I saw her to stop having such thoughts. Nothing under the belt tho: our hands holding tightly, an idealized image of her smiling lips…

But that innocence… that was when I saw her physically. In my thoughts, then… oh yes, her must-be delicate pretty little pussy was often created by my blue-balled brain at night, she would blush and be happy, then I’d blush 20 times more and tell her:

“Look, I’m virgin and dying to do it with you, and random spells have gone pretty wild this week, but… I love you and… it’s your pleasure that matters, so…”

Her pussy would feel a gentle lap on the surface, my eyes look up for approval, and she’d nod shyly seeing I’m not playing the gentleman waiting to hear that it’s okay and we can do it. Later, it wouldn’t matter if the couple nearby radiated so much lust energy to reach my unsatisfied genitals, as long as I was drifting asleep, purring in her arms.

I stopped trying to erase these thought the moments I realized that when we were together, that was her smile, hands, pretty clothes, lips and eyes that made my upper body shiver and tingle sweetly, places that random assaults of sex magic were known to not much care about.

Maybe because she couldn’t feel guy’s arousal I felt her close to me, reading my facial expressions, my tensing skin, my tone when a sexual matter arrives in a discussion, my blushing. Those simple things returned back the little haven she felt at my side, giving me the care and listening ear I needed, head pats and reassuring smiles; while she could have fun with me, a glimpse of a social life and someone to tell things she kept for herself.

I can even recall how fast she stole my heart at the beginning: I was one to have more reasons than most guys to be interested in her dysfunction rather than her person. I told her I’d not see her this way when it was rather a way to convince myself I was not doing it. But it took less time than to say it so that I wish she has the ability to take part in my sexual despair like any girl, and stopped feeling alone in this world, like an error.

Anyway, most of all, the fuel of my love was her happiness, a hopeless virgin and a hopeless glitch, virgin too actually, could only understand each other, right? We would gladly exchange the weight in my balls to add to her chest she couldn’t perfect at her will, and we thanked the world to have made us shy and introverts the day we started to become friends. But as we were shy and introverts, it wouldn’t be tomorrow that I’d take her to watch a movie as a date, rather than to find one of the few things to do in town with a friend…

The girl selling the tickets looked at Astra’s student card to see she was 22, and looked surprised at her little chest. Women were not so rarely choosing to be flat-chested or quite, but still, and not often at 22, in sexual frenzy, when you come here to mess with your boyfriend’s cock, following an old tradition. But that was before she read she was a glitch.

“Hm… pendik escort I hope it’s not indiscreet, but we can offer a tease zone at his place.”

“S-Sorry, he’s not my boyfriend, he’s already giving enough of himself to come here with me, with all the arousal in the air.” She tried to joke.

“Besides, even glitches have good ol’ hands!” I said jokingly enough too, so that the girl doesn’t feel like her proposal was misplaced. But it could not just balance as I intended, and she took it like it meant she was gonna do it, so she winked and chuckled a sneaky:

“Oh, I see, have fun then! And don’t worry, the room 1 is 10 meters far, movie not starting yet and he already wants to blow quite a little bit!”

“Haha… hahahaha… th-thank you.” She answered as convincingly as she could.

And it gave us another occasion to exchange a blushing embarrassed face, as such a situation isn’t so rare… Another occasion to smile and laugh awkwardly, imagine giving and receiving it, worsening the already terrible arousal of the place for my cock or feeling a delicate guilty tingly heat under her panties, and rationalize the other isn’t quite on this wavelength.

I had no choice to tell her that I used to do my best to hide how strong was the mere combined arousal aura in a movie room, as long as I wasn’t teased myself, what she could believe by looking at the overall look on men’s face by the end, compared to mine.

“But still…” I couldn’t help to think, as I often do… with that snarly bulge in my pants…

Then, the combination of her shoulder pat, the cute “I’m sorry”, and the adorable chuckle out of her lips made the sweet tingles running on my cheeks run down my throbbing member as well; helplessly, shamefully… delicious… guiltily, but there was nothing to do against it.

Chapter 1:

I rested sweetly by her side, she was so pretty. I felt so guilty to see her covered in my cum, all over her upper body, on the side of her lips, and last but not least: oozing out her pussy so much I let a load in. Her hand kindly ran through my hair to my testicles, cupped them tenderly and massaged them comfortably, like the “good boys” they were, giving us so much pleasure when we came in unison, over and over. I moved with cozy well-being in the bed, on my stomach, and enjoyed the sweet calming contact of her hand over my dried balls, still panting from all the action. I started to rub myself, her hand seemingly crushed between them and the sheet, I started to hump, on my belly.

“Hmmm, hmmf…”

I humped faster, testing if they were really so dry; it felt so good, engulfed between her hand that felt like duplicated and molten in the spongy bed. Her three hands felt so wonderful that my balls felt full again, my cock pulsating, crushed in the bed too. I humped a little bit fast, then faster and faster, and faster and faster and faster…

I need to cum! I need to cum! I need to cum! I need to cum!

I felt a playful slap on my left asscheek and squealed lamentably, moving my pelvis not just up and down but left and right without making sense, till I calmed down on my back, breathed and sighed at the gorgeous figure that eyed me, proud of her, hands on her thighs.

I let silence, smirking noises and loud breaths fill the room for a moment before lamenting.

“How many virginities did I lost tonight?”

Elina gave me a wild smile and checked her smartphone.


I closed my rolling eyes as my cock still twitched endlessly in the air, and commented ironically as I sat on my bed.

“My alpha roar can scare a lion now…”

“And soon, a balls-hit to knock it out!”

“The whole point…”

I rolled my eyes back and took a careful hold of the said balls to get up, and very lightly let them hang alone, pushing down my center of gravity.

“You swing, Mr pussy destroyer?”

I gulped as she caressed her panties, after a whole pre-cum stream started to leak on the floor, drop after drop, that evaporated instantly; and all that was unrelated to her pleasing herself at the start…

I let my balls “swing” a bit and fell on the floor on fetal position not long after.

“A lovely 5!”

“5! Hell no! 6!”

“Owwww… poor thing! Time passes by you know, one day that will be 4 haha! But don’t worry, I’m taking you to 3, like 4 yesterday, you walk well at 3, right?”

“Please, just use the healing spell, not a mix of pleasure and insensitiveness…”

“Don’t ask too much or you’re end up with just the pleasure, just like that!” she smiled and left me half-shocked.

My nuts became so sensitive that the phantom hands rubbing them sweetly took my cock back to a throbbing edge, while it arguably made them less blue when not paired with insensitiveness: pleasure and pain were rather mixed weirdly than opposed to each other.

I howled and crawled slowly to her in the living room to get taken to a bearable level of “blueness” and finished eating relieved of any pain.

I took a shower, gasping at the usual contact with the water and my cock head, let alone my nuts, permanently worked, softened and heated. She waited for me to get out to start making herself pretty.

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