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Linda’s First Trick

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The story of Linda’s first trick is true and happened when she had just turned 18.

Linda and her friend Beth decided to hitchhike from Portland Oregon to Vancouver British Columbia in Canada. Being two beautiful well built girls they easily got picked up and arrived in Vancouver BC in the late afternoon. It was a typical Northwest day rain and more rain. They no money between them and quickly figured out they would need a place to sleep that night or would end up sleeping in an alley or cardboard box that night.

Linda was an 18 year old amateur model was 5 foot 5 inches tall weighing 115 lbs with long blonde hair, green eyes and a killer smile.

Linda suggested they find a bar and see if they could find someone to adopt them so to speak for the evening. They were approached by several locals but did not feel any of them would be safe to stay with. The northwest had a reputation for serial killers of females. There was Ted Bundy (recently executed in Florida), the notorious Green River Killer and another serial killer in Vancouver BC.

After an hour or so they were approached by a decent looking business man in a suit. He was about 35 years old, friendly and seemed more like a father figure to Pendik Escort them After a few drinks (drinking age is 18 in Canada) he(Ben) told them he was a police officer up from the states in Vancouver BC to interview a person of interest in a case he was working on in Seattle. Time passed rather pleasantly when he asked what hotel we were staying at. Linda confessed that they were not staying at any hotel and had no money. Ben said his hotel room had a queen sized bed and a couch and they would be more than welcomed to stay with him. Linda and Beth agreed and they all walked to his hotel a few blocks away.

The bellman checked them out but presumed the two girls were with their dad.

When they entered his room Beth the shy one of the two said ” I call the couch ” Linda said no problem I’ll sleep on the floor. Ben insisted that it would be too uncomfortable and she should share his bed. Linda not wanting to be tossed out into the rainy night agreed.

She slipped out of her wet jeans and top and jumped under the covers with her bra and panties on. Ben stripped to his shorts and got into bed with her as Beth faked sleeping on the couch.

Linda was shivering so Ben snuggled closer Kurtköy Escort to her. Facing Linda he stared into her green eyes and kissed her. The kiss became more and more passionate with Ben unhooking her bra releasing a large pair of 36 c cup breasts with two now erect nipples. Ben continued to kiss Linda and fondle her breasts. He then worked his way to her moist panties. Getting no resistance from Linda he slipped them off and started stroking her clit. Linda began to undulate and Ben slipped one then two fingers into her eager vagina.

Ben fingered her pussy until Linda had a violent orgasm. He then started to eat her pussy exciting her more. Linda repositioned herself and took Ben hard penis into her mouth stroking it, licking it with her tongue and sucking on it until Ben came in her mouth. Linda swallowed every last drop. She just loved the taste of semen.

Meanwhile Beth was taking the scene from just a few feet away from Linda and Ben was masturbating herself to one orgasm after another while watching Ben & Linda go at it.

Ben became hard again and quickly entered Linda vagina first stroking slowly then faster. Linda just loved it and started stroking his balls as he fucked Tuzla escort her faster and faster. Ben then filled her vagina with his second orgasm of the night. They soon fell asleep in each others arms.

About 7 the next morning Linda felt Ben’s hands on her right breast as his other hand stoked her vagina. What the hell she thought to herself and fucked again until they both orgasm in unison.

About 8 AM they all got up and Ben said how much do I owe you. Linda thought I guess he thinks I’m a hooker. She calmly said $20 and he tossed her a twenty dollar bill as he left the room to go to work.

After he left Beth said why didn’t you ask for more money at least $50. Linda said I guess this was my trick and did not know how much I could charge.(Linda never prostituted herself again for cash but did for a place to sleep, dinner, clothing or jewelry like all woman do either consciously or unconsciously)

Beth moved towards Linda and began to kiss her passionately. She was really turned on and went down on Linda sucking Ben’s load from her vagina as Linda figure fucked her to orgasm. They then switched positions with Linda darting her tongue over Beth clit as Beth fingered Linda until they both came and fell asleep.

So this trip to Vancouver not only marked Linda’s first trick but her first sexual experience with another woman.

I’m married to Linda now and she has told me many stories of her sexual exploits which frankly really turn me on.

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