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Like We Used To

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Author’s Notes: This story was inspired by the song Like We Used To by A Rocket To The Moon.

I want to thank my editors, one of my best friends, Cassy and LaRascasse. Please vote and comment. Any comments would be appreciated.


Life changes after school, there was never anything to deny that. It just depended whether it changed for the better or the worse. Raegan’s life was evenly balanced in that sense. She had progressed in her career faster than most people and was extremely accomplished for a twenty two year old. She was the branch manager of one of the most respected and distinguished furniture companies in South Africa.

She already owned her own house and two cars, life was good in that sense. She was highly respected in the company and her branch always performed high above expectations. Raegan was also a professional MMA fighter and loved the sport. But the part where her life had changed for the worse was when her best friend broke their friendship. Raegan thought that she could share with her best friend something that defined her and scared her. They were studying when Raegan told her best friend that she was gay. She got the opposite reaction of she had expected. In short, Shae shouted at her, told her she revolting and that she never wanted to see her again.

Raegan did as Shae asked. They never spoke again and as soon she had finished her exams, Raegan moved to Johannesburg and started working for this company. Four years later she was better off for it.

Raegan never thought about it that much anymore, Shae had ripped her heart apart and Raegan had never fully recovered. She was thinking about it as she sat in her office, when she was interrupted by a knock.

“Yes, Ben?” She asked the sales consultant.

“I have customers who want the Devonshire dining table, but they want it within the next week, but the supplier will only deliver to DC in about 3 weeks. So they want the one on the floor,” he knew that she hated when they even asked. It was against company policy.

“Sorry, tell them to wait or choose another table,” Raegan returned to her work at hand.

“I tried to, but they insist on talking to you,” Ben said, clearly having a tough time with these customers.

“Where are they?” Raegan asked getting up.

“Standing by the Devonshire setting,” he said leading the way.

Raegan approached the man standing there, “Hi, I am Raegan, the manager. How can I assist you?”

He turned his attention to her, “I am Rick. I want this table but I can’t wait three weeks. We have our engagement dinner in a week and I want this table.”

“I am sorry, but I cannot sell it to you off the floor. It is our company policy,” Raegan replied simply.

“I don’t care about your policy, I am the customer and I insist on getting this table now,” his tone got aggressive.

“And I insist that you visit some other store that will do that. Unfortunately I can’t,” Raegan said in an even tone.

“Then I will phone your boss,” he said ignorantly.

“I will give you the number. He will tell you the same thing,” Raegan reached for a card in her shirt pocket and handed it to him.

“I can’t believe this pathetic service,” he almost shouted.

“If you want to shout, please leave my store. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior,” Ben saw that Raegan was getting angry.

“It’s fine ,honey. Let’s just get a different table,” a sweet and familiar voice said walking up to him.

Raegan felt her heart drop to the floor, she couldn’t believe it. Before her stood Shae, still as beautiful as she remembered her. Her black hair falling below her shoulders, the piercing blue eyes staring right through her, the pixie, upturned nose still as perfect, her full lips in their usual Angelina Jolie pout. Her long legs, very prominent in the short jean skirt and black heels, led to a small, firm ass. Raegan figured she still worked out. Her legs were toned, her stomach flat and her full C cup breasts high on her chest, showing just the right amount of cleavage in her black halter neck top. ‘This is just my day,’ Raegan thought sarcastically.

“Raegan?” the shocked voice asked.

“Hi Shae,” was all Raegan managed.

Shae was just as surprised. Raegan looked different from what she remembered. Her hair was colored a platinum blonde, styled into a perfect mohawk, her green eyes still crystal clear and her button nose wrinkled in annoyance. Shae noticed Raegan’s body and almost went limp. The sleeves of her white shirt stretched a bit over her biceps, her stomach was flat and the muscles in her legs pronounced through the black dress pants. Her full B cup breasts were visible, she still looked highly feminine though. She wore boots to finish the look.

“Wow, I can’t believe I bumped into you. We should catch up,” Shae smiled broadly.

“Well now is not a good time. Maybe some other time, so if there is nothing else I can do for you, I will be getting back to work,” Raegan said flatly.

“I still want this table,” Rick said nişantaşı escort forcefully.

“As I explained, I cannot sell it to you off the floor. You are more than welcome to phone head office and complain, go to another store or wait the allotted time,” Raegan repeated again.

“It’s fine, honey. Let’s look at other ones,” Shae said again.

“Ben will show you to them,” Raegan said and walked to her office.

The rest of the day was a blur. Shae kept popping up in her head, memories of the good old days where they were still good friends. Before Raegan knew it, she had to send the daily figures to head office and lock up. As usual, she drove straight to the gym.

Raegan changed into her gym clothes, wrapped her hands and out her 4 ounce gloves on. She moved to the punching bag and started punching and kicking with force unknown even to her. Before long, she was covered in sweat, the hurt and anger still very clear.

“RAE! ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF?” Kelly shouted to her.

Raegan stopped and turned around, feeling the tiredness in her muscles. Like always, Kelly admired her friend in her shorts and sports bra. Her muscles were pumped and looked larger than usual, her six pack bulging. Kelly admired her friend’s tattoos, she had a full sleeve on her left arm filled with mythical creatures, a large fire phoenix on her right ribcage and a paragraph in Hebrew on her back. Kelly still didn’t know what it meant, “I think so,” Raegan responded dryly.

“What’s wrong?” Kelly asked when Raegan slumped onto the bench.

“Shae showed up at my work today with her fiancé,” Raegan said without any emotion.

“Wow, what are the odds?” Kelly asked more to herself.

“Fuck knows. She acted like she never treated me like shit and told me to fuck off,” Raegan felt the anger surge up in her again.

“Rae, she is the one that missed out. God, look at you. You are doing great and you are amazing. You don’t need people like her in your life,” Kelly meant it. She remembered Shae from school and how badly she had hurt Raegan.

“You are supposed to say that. You’re my best friend,” Raegan replied sarcastically.

“You’re right who am I kidding? You are hideous,” Kelly laughed.

Kelly unwrapped Raegan’s hands and Raegan pulled her TapOut hoody over her head. They left for home together, Kelly following Raegan. They parked and went inside, “God you are sexy when you are sweaty,” Kelly said wrapping her arms around Raegan’s neck.

“I thought I was hideous,” Raegan smiled and kissed Kelly.

“Hmmm, hideously sexy,” Kelly kissed her friend again.

They had been friends with benefits for a few months now and the sex was amazing. Especially when Raegan was angry, she was rough and urgent. Raegan kissed Kelly’s neck, biting in between. Each bite made Kelly shriek. She wanted more and dug her nails into Raegan’s back. Raegan led Kelly to the couch and removed her shirt and bra throwing it into the corner. Raegan fell on top of Kelly on the couch and kissed down to her breasts. She had beautiful breasts, full C cup with small nipples that were hard and ready. Raegan sucked a nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue over the roughness. Kelly pressed her harder to her chest and moaned when Raegan bit her nipples.

Raegan gave both breasts equal attention and proceeded further down, nibbling and biting down Kelly’s flat stomach. Kelly reached down and removed Raegan’s shirt and bra in one swift motion, then she turned to get on top of Raegan and they tumbled down onto the floor. Kelly landed on Raegan and they never broke the kiss, not even on impact. Kelly sucked Reagan’s neck while biting, proceeding to her nipple and taking it into her mouth with urgency. After a few minutes Raegan pulled her up and kissed her as she turned her over again to be on top.

Once again she nibbled down and undid the button and zip of Kelly pants. She hooked her thumbs into the waist and pulled her underwear off with the pants. Without hesitation she dived into Kelly’s pussy. She was wet and ready, and tasted heavenly. Kelly moaned the moment Raegan made contact with her sex. Her breathing became more labored with every stroke of Raegan’s tongue. Raegan wrapped her arms around Kelly’s thighs and drove her tongue as deep as it could go into Kelly’s sex.

“Oh God!” Kelly screamed, digging her fingers in Raegan’s back while she raised her torso.

Raegan removed her tongue and replaced it with two fingers and latched onto Kelly’s clit. Her fingers pumped in and out, Kelly bucked her hips to meet each thrust and Raegan grazed Kelly’s g-spot with each stroke. Before long, Kelly shouted incoherently as Raegan drove her over the edge. Never stopping, Kelly screamed while Raegan pushed her to new heights. When Raegan finally let up, Kelly jumped on her and finger and tongue fucked her hard until Raegan’s voice was hoarse.

“Holy fuck. You should be angry more often,” Kelly panted next to Raegan.

“Maybe I should,” Raegan breathed in response.

“But I have to go. I have to şişli escort meet Carly at a club. She asked me out on a date. I have an hour to get ready and get there,” Kelly breathed trying to get up.

“Well go shower and get ready then. And here’s to hoping she doesn’t want to fuck you tonight,” Raegan said smiling.

“No fuck, I am way too sensitive right now. I don’t even think I’ll be able to walk properly,” Raegan laughed and Kelly went to shower. She watched her hips sway and messed up blonde hair bounce up and down as she walked. Raegan go up and gathered the clothes. She passed a full length mirror and saw scratch marks running down her back and hickeys in her neck. “Shit, I’m working tomorrow!” Raegan said to her reflection.

Kelly came down half an hour later and Raegan was dressed in her sweatpants and shirt again. “You do realize that you left marks, right?” Raegan said seriously to Kelly.

“Shit! I am sorry. You were so rough and urgent I couldn’t help it,” Kelly said inspecting the marks.

“Yeah, I will have to cover it up,” Raegan said pointedly.

“I’m sorry but I have to go,” Kelly kissed Raegan on the cheek and ran out the door.

Raegan walked up the stairs to her room. Shae was very present on her mind again. Those blue eyes and full lips, her sun-kissed skin and the thin, curvy body, her soft yet sultry voice, somehow she couldn’t stop thinking of her. ‘Get her out of your head, Rae. She hurt you once and now she’s getting married. Forget about her, she only represents hurt.’

Raegan undressed and got in the shower, the hot water soothing the scratch marks on her back. She wanted to get in bed and forget about Shae. She wanted that beautiful face to stop haunting her. The only upside of this day was that she was no longer sexually frustrated.


I can feel her breath as she’s sleeping next to me, sharing pillows and cold feet.
She can feel my heart, fell asleep to its beat.
Under blankets and warm sheets.
If only I can be in that bed again, if only it were me instead of him.


Raegan was at work the next day and, to her surprise, Shae returned. She was in her office responding to an e-mail when a soft knock on her door made her look up, “Oh, Shae, uhm hi. How can I help you?” Raegan asked shocked.

“Hi Rae,” Shae started nervously, “I wanted to apologize for Rick’s behavior yesterday.”

Shae sat down after closing the door, “It’s fine,” Raegan replied dryly.

“No it’s not. He was being a dick. He’s not always like that,” Shae was looking at her hands in her lap as she spoke.

“Shae, why are you really here?” Raegan asked wishing to get this over with.

Shae looked up suddenly, “I wanted to apologize… for my behavior all those years ago. I was shocked and didn’t know how to react. I took the cowardly way out and have regretted it ever since. I tried to apologize but that friend of yours always kept me away.”

“Her name is Kelly and she stuck by me after you tore me apart. We were supposed to be friends and you simply kicked me out and screamed hateful things, Shae. You know what? it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a long time ago and I have moved on,” Raegan looked at Shae intently.

“Well, I was wondering if you could forgive me and we could be friends again?” Shae asked nervously.

Raegan looked at her, she figured it was time to bury the hatchet, “I don’t know if we can, but I do forgive you.”

“Then let us catch up please? I want to prove to you that I am truly sorry,” Shae begged.

“Yeah sure,” Raegan reluctantly agreed.

They arranged a time and place and left the office. Raegan was walking her out when Riley, the assistant manager, gave her an odd look.

“What happened in your neck?” Riley asked wanting to laugh.

Raegan slapped her hand over the hickey and blushed, “I uh… had a disagreement with the vacuum cleaner.”

Riley burst out laughing unable to control herself, “You mean with Kelly?” she asked between laughs.

Shae looked shocked and felt jealous for some unknown reason. She found herself wishing that it had been her giving Raegan the hickeys. “Riley, shut up,” Raegan said, still red.

It was as if she was cued to walk in. Kelly smiled and kissed Raegan a hallo, “Hey, hon.”

“Hey babe,” Raegan smiled, “you remember Shae right?”

Kelly couldn’t believe she didn’t notice her, “Hey Shae.”

“Hi, Kelly,” Shae responded half-heartedly.

They all caught up for a while until a customer insisted on getting Raegan’s attention. Raegan finished work and went home to get ready for drinks with Shae. She jumped through the shower and got dressed. She gave herself a once over before leaving. She wore her favorite green dress shirt and tight black jeans with her DC sneakers, her hair styled to her liking and she figured she looked good enough and left.

Shae was already waiting when Raegan arrived, “Sorry I’m late.”

“I was early. I was a little nervous,” Shae admitted shyly.

“Why nervous?” Raegan mecidiyeköy escort asked after ordering her drink.

“I guess I realized that things won’t go back to normal. I kept thinking back to school days and how we’d spend time together and share a bed at sleepovers. You would always keep my feet warm and we’d end up sharing a pillow,” Shae smiled at the memory looking into the red liquid in her glass.

“It was a lifetime ago,” Raegan said, finding the memories fond for different reasons. That was a time when she could hold Shae close without revealing anything.

“Yeah it was. I wondered how different life could have been if I had never done what I did,” Shae said fighting back tears.

“I honestly don’t know. But you should be happy. You’re getting married,” Raegan looked searchingly at her, searching for what she didn’t know.

“Yeah I am. I want to invite you to the wedding. It’s in a month’s time,” Shae smiled.

“I don’t think I can watch you get married,” Raegan responded after a minute.

“Why?” Shae asked concerned.

“Because I was in love with you, Shae. I always thought that the day we got married it would be to each other and right now, I don’t feel the best friend’s duty to smile and pretend that I am happy for you. Go get married and live your happily after. I just can’t be there,” Raegan said truthfully.

“You were in love with me?” Shae asked, shocked.

“Yes I was,” Raegan said ‘I still am,’ she thought.

They changed the subject and caught up for a few hours, Raegan agreed after Shae begged to spend more time with her and try to rebuild the friendship.

Raegan went home, wishing that she was the one to cuddle up to Shae at night. Wishing that they could share cold feet and warm sheets again.


Shae invited Raegan over when Rick went on a business trip. She had rented a few DVDs and made popcorn. It was raining like crazy outside and Shae brought a blanket and threw it over the both of them and settled into Raegan’s arm like old times. She pressed play and Pearl Harbor started on screen.

This had always been Shae’s favorite movie. She said the lines with Kate Beckinsale while she was on the train telling the nurses how she had met Ben Affleck. Raegan smiled at this, her voice was sensual and Raegan could listen to her talk all day.

As the movie progressed Shae cried and laughed, Raegan held her and wiped her eyes, it felt like she was back in school again. Shae stretched her arm around Raegan’s torso and held her close while she sniffed during the war scenes. Shae felt her heart beat uncontrollably and she didn’t understand why she had butterflies in her stomach. She soon realized that she always had that feeling when Raegan was near.

The movie ended and Shae sniffed a few more times before switching it off. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you were in love with me?” Shae asked suddenly.

“I tried to, but you freaked out on me after I said I was gay and kicked me out,” Raegan winced at the pain of the memory.

“I regret doing that so much,” Shae said looking up at Raegan.

“You are happy now, Shae. That’s all that matters,” Raegan said.

“I guess so,” Shae was quiet for a few seconds, “Why do you like women?”

That surprised Raegan, “It’s the way she fits into my arms, the softness of her skin, the way she smells and always takes too long to get ready. How she hardly ever believes me when I say she looks beautiful, the way her hair falls around her face when she sleeps and how utterly beautiful she is when she cries. The softness of her lips against mine when we kiss and how she always knows what I am thinking. It’s the small things like how her eyes would sparkle when you do something special or how she would complain about nothing in particular to get a hug. The way she seeks comfort when she’s had a bad day and the way that simply seeing me brightens her day,” Raegan replied, imagining Shae’s full lips on hers.

“Wow, are you talking about Kelly?” Shae asked, barely whisper.

Raegan looked confused for a few seconds before laughing, “No, Kelly and I are just friends.”

“But she gave you hickeys and kissed you that day,” Shae said confused.

“What? Oh that, we are friends with benefits. We just uhm, help each other out sometimes. But that ended after she and Carly got together,” Raegan was still laughing but understood where the misconception came from.

“Oh, sorry. I just thought…” Shae trailed off.

“I understand,” Raegan smiled at Shae.

“Who were you talking about Rae?” Shae asked after a few moments of silence.

“You…” Raegan voice was a whisper.

Before Shae knew what she was doing she leaned in and kissed Raegan. Her lips were soft and searching, her tongues sliding over Raegan’s lips, begging for entrance. Raegan parted her lips and felt Shae’s tongue exploring her mouth, their tongues met in a dance. Raegan thought her heart was going to explode the moment Shae’s lips met hers. Shae reveled in the kiss, she couldn’t believe how soft Raegan’s lips were, nor how much she enjoyed the kiss. She found herself wishing it would never end. Finally they parted for a breath and Shae realized that the kiss and being with Raegan was everything she had described.

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