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Letters to Sue: Rose

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I want to tell you tonight about one of the first older women that I slid my hard cock into over and over again. Rose is the mother of one of my best friends from high school. I had a slight crush on her in high school.She was always sweet and friendly and went out of her way to do things for us. Simple things like having warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for us when we dropped in after school.

Rose had short dark hair with a tinge of auburn and slightly green eyes. She usually didn’t wear much makeup except for a lovely shade of red lipstick. Her smile and laugh always came easy. Rose’s body was petite. She was short, barely over five feet tall, with relatively small breasts but a nice round ass. Rose was in very good shape for a woman in her early fourties.

One day during the summer before my senior year in college, Rose’s son (my friend) and I had made plans to go hang out on the sandbars by the river. When I showed up to pick him up, Rose told me that he was unexpectedly called into work and couldn’t spend the afternoon with me at the river. She said she felt sorry and invited me in for some fresh cookies.

Since I had no where to go, I was easily won over by the offer. I was wearing black shorts and a light short-sleeved cotton shirt that I had left unbuttoned since it was so warm that day. Rose was wearing a pink t-shirt and some tan khaki shorts. I couldn’t help but stare at her round ass as I followed her into her home.

Rose brought me a couple of cookies, sat down and made a little small talk. She was friendly and smiling at me. Suddenly she stood up, put her hand on my shoulder and said “Oh, I forgot the milk. Would you like some?” I could feel her hand linger on my shoulder as I finished the bite of cookie before I said ‘yes’.

As she was leaning in the fridge looking for the milk, Rose said “You sure have grown up. I can’t believe how good looking you’ve become. And, all these muscles, you must have women drop by all Beylikdüzü escort the time.” I had been watching her ass and was smiling when she turned around with the milk. “Oh, dear, you’re blushing.” As she returned to the table she continued, “Can’t take a compliment?” Rose stood before me and brushed her hand across my cheek and into my hair.

“Really, you’ve grown up to be quite the handsome man.” She smiled and sat down next to me. I put my hand on her knee and said “Rose, you’ve always been beautiful.” Now she blushed and took my hand off her knee. She placed it on the table and absentmindedly ran a finger along the back of my hand.

We sat in silence for a few moments while she eyed me up and down with slightly teary eyes. “Do you really think I’m beautiful? As beautiful as your girls at college?” “Yes, I do, but in a different way. The girls at college are pretty. You’re beautiful.” I placed my hand on her hip. “You’re very warm and sweet.” My fingers slid under the fabric of her pink cotten shirt and caressed her skin. Rose fixed her gaze on my eyes. “Your eyes sparkle when you smile. Your body is in perfect shape.” Rose smiled at me and ran her hand up my arm and across my muscled chest. I whispered “I watch to touch your beautiful body all over, Rose” and I stood up pulling her with me.

Rose trembled as I my hand slid up her back and over her bra strap. She let go of my other hand and ran both her hands up my stomach and across my chest then rested them on my shoulders. She leaned back with my arms around her, looked in my eyes and then at my body. She looked back at my eyes and made a decision “I want to make love to you. Come, make love to me”.

Rose pulled me close and gave me a long sensuous kiss and then grabbed my hand and led me to her bedroom. She slipped my unbuttoned shirt off my shoulders while I slid my shorts to the ground. Rose ran her hands over my body and ass and grasped my cock. My cock stiffened as she gently stroked Beylikdüzü escort it. Rose took off her shirt and undid her bra and then laid down on the bed.

I brought my naked body up next to her and kissed her.My hands ran over Rose’s shoulders and around her breasts. I gently placed her nipples between my fingers and squeezed slightly. Rose’s breathing had become soft. She was still stroking my dick. She kissed my chest and looked up at me. “You’re beautiful”, I said. “So are you”, she whispered. “I want you.”

Rose slid her tan shorts off. She held one hand around my dick and with her other hand started fingering herself. Rose was breathing hard kissing me along the neck. I ran one hand down her back and over her perfect ass. I reached around until I felt her hand and her warm pussy. My fingers ran along hers until one of them joined hers in her wet pussy. Rose gasped and looked up at me. She was rocking her hips against her and my fingers.

Rose pulled me over on top of her. My fingers slipped out of her pussy and onto her ass. I squeezed her cheeks as she guided my cock into her. Rose closed her eyes as I slowly entered. She was breathing softly. I slowly pulled my cock in and out. Her hands slid up and around the small of my back. Rose opened her eyes and looked at me as we fucked “You feel so good, honey. I’m so wet.”

I smiled and kissed her wondering how I could get so lucky never even feeling a bit guilty about having my cock in my friend’s mom. We were engaged in a long warm slow afternoon fuck. We slowly and sensually moved our bodies against each other with long slow kisses and deep caresses. Rose suddenly grabbed me tight, shuddered and then relaxed. “Oh honey” was all she said.

I kept sliding in and out and raised myself up till I was on my knees.I held Rose’s ass in my hand and watched as my cock slid in and out of her. Rose stared at me with one hand on her chest. She smiled a soft dreamy smile at me. I gently placed her Escort Beylikdüzü legs up on my chest so that her ankles were resting on my shoulders.

I leaned into her and Rose’s eyes widened. “Oh my god that feels good.” I thrust deep into her. Rose was already quivering. I thrust deeper and harder and faster. Rose’s big eyes stared at me. Her mouth was open letting out little squeaks. Her hands were on my chest. I slammed my hips against the back of her thighs. My hard cock entered her, sliding against her tightened pussy lips. Rose let out a couple quick moans as I quickly moved my dick in and out. Then Rose closed her eyes and screamed. Her fingers dug into my arms. Rose was shaking. I held my cock deep in her until she relaxed.

Rose opened her eyes and silently ran her fingers along my sweaty face. I rolled her over until she was on top. She repositioned herself and set herself gently over my hard cock. “I can’t believe you’re still hard for me honey.” She rocked slowly against me, kissing me briefly and then sitting straight up. I started slamming my cock into her again. Rose held her breasts in her hands and leaned her head back. Again she let out a scream and then fell forward thrusting back at me. With each word she moved against me “My… god… you… are… so… deep… I’m… going… to… come…. again….”

Her sweaty body fell against my and slowly her rapid breathing eased. “I have a special treat for you.” Rose slid off me and took my still hard cock in her hand. It was slick from all her warm juices. She stroked it and then placed her mouth over it. Rose looked at me while she gave me head. I stared at her, taking in her body. The thought that this was my friend’s mom entered my mind again and I smiled. This encouraged Rose to take me all the way in her mouth.

Rose fondled my balls and ran her tongue around my shaft. I watched as my cock disappear into her red lips. Our eyes locked on each other’s. She closed hers and sucked harder and faster. I came and my hips slammed my cock deep into her mouth. She didn’t flinch as she sucked in all my come. Rose opened her eyes and slowly released my cock from her mouth. “That was nice. You made me feel so beautiful.”

“You are beautiful.”

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