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Letters to Nicole 11

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Dear Nicole,

You’re too funny! You keep asking so many questions about it and I keep saying the same thing. Try it once…and you know what, Nicole? There’s no rush! Think about it and wait. Be patient, if you’re not sure, wait for the right opportunity. As I said in the last letter, Cathy thought about trying it with girls and when the chance to do it came up… she did it! Mmm… what a great time we had! But I never played with her like that again, although I know Kelly did. I even see Cathy around town some. We enjoy talking and such, but we’re both married now and for some reason, the subject of having sex together never comes up.

But hey…remember you were asking me if C.J. and I ever got together again? Well, the next week we all got really busy with semester exams. Everyone was just studying their asses off and it barely left time to think about fucking, much less actually doing it. (Oh, of course I thought about it, silly! Just not as much!)

Anyway, after four days of tests, a bunch of us decided to get together over at C.J.’s house. He had a hot tub and a pool and we all thought it would be perfect to get a few pizzas and soak or swim for a while. Everyone you now know was there, as well as one or two people I haven’t mentioned much. Angela Pearson was there and so was Tim Hudson. We hadn’t seen much of Tim and Angela the last term. They had been a couple for the last five months, but had recently broken up, which was fine with me! Tim had been a big part of our make-out parties before he started seeing Angela, and I missed him. He wasn’t the handsomest boy in school, but he had a hard body and a great ass…and his cock! Mmm…Nicole, I jacked him off once and it was so beautiful… long and thick! Yes…I missed him a lot!

Oh…and I forgot to tell you that Felecia had been on the phone with Teddy quite a bit since they had first met. Teddy’s football team had gone deep into the playoffs that year so they hadn’t been able to get together at all. But this week Felecia had invited him to this “End-of-Exams” party and Teddy had made the drive down to be with her.

I rode to Cee’s house with them and goodness…I might as well not have been in the car! They almost completely ignored me; it was okay though because I loved seeing Felecia so happy. When we got there they didn’t even go inside. At first they sat down on C.J.’s porch swing. Later, I went out to see if they were still there but they had disappeared somewhere and I didn’t see them for the next four or five hours. Felecia later told me what they did (Oh my God, it was so exciting), but I’ll tell you about that another time.

C.J. opened the door and let me in. “Hey Nance! C’mere, I’ve got to show you something!” We went into the kitchen. I could hear a lot of kids out by the pool in the back, but there was no one in this room.

“What is it, Cee?” I said looking around the room blankly.

“Oh…I just wanted to give one of my guests a proper greeting! May I?”

I caught his drift immediately and replied, “Mmm…okay, what’s involved in this greeting?”

C.J. maneuvered me up against the counter and took me by the shoulders. I played coy and lowered my eyes as he held me close, so close I could feel his growing bulge against my pubic bone. “What’s involved? I’ll have to show you!”

His lips were right there and I lifted my face enough to let him kiss mine. He was as gentle as I’ve ever seen him, Nicole. He was so warm and he held me so nice and we kissed softly for maybe a minute. It was such a turn-on that I felt my whole body responding almost immediately.

“Oh my God!” I said when the kiss broke, “What’s got into you?”

“Nuthin’ ” he said grinning. “Just wanted to say hello, so…hello!”

“Say hello to me again!” I said with a big smile. “And say it nicer if you can!”

I think he blushed, but he pushed me a little more roughly against the sink and then he covered my mouth with his. This time the kiss was full of fire, open-mouthed and demanding. He wanted to please me with it and oh fuck, did he ever! Our tongues slithered over each other’s for what seemed like ages and our hands roamed over our hips and asses pulling us hard together. My stomach was twisting with desire and I knew my pussy was dripping wet. As this kiss broke, our hands briefly swept over each other’s private parts. C.J. cupped my mound then and said, “Later, Okay?” I nodded as we straightened our clothes.

When we went out onto the patio and by the pool, the party already seemed to be well under way. A few of the kids were soaking in the jacuzzi and talking but several were dancing. Three couples were in the pool playing some sort of dunking game. Megan and Jon were one couple; she was riding on his shoulders, trying to knock Nikki off Brian Manchester and into the water. Jessi, always the smart one, was riding on Ricky. They were just circling the other two, waiting for them to exhaust themselves and then they would move in for the kill! There was a lot of laughter and the water was flying eryaman escort everywhere. C.J. moved off to get us some drinks.

“Hey Nance!” said a familiar voice, “Whassup?”

I turned and smiled at Tim who had come up behind me. “Hi Tim…Wow, it’s nice to see you here! Aren’t you glad exams are over?”

“Oh shit, yes! They were rough this time, don’t ya’ think?”

“Yeah…they’re always rough, especially James’ tests…right?”

“Ha! That guy needs a quick kick in the balls, they way he tests. How do you ever even study for his?”

Just then C.J. came up with the cokes and handed me one saying, “Look who’s here, huh, Nance? Tim’s decided to rejoin society!” We all laughed. I turned to look for Angela and spotted her in the jacuzzi with two other boys and three girls.

“You guys okay?” I asked Tim, referring of course to Angela.

He shrugged and smiled and then replied, “Naa..sure, it’s fine; we just decided we weren’t ready for exclusive.”

“Who decided that, you or her?” I’m always the nosy one, Nicole!

“Mostly me I think, but she was fine with it. Honestly, Nance, we looked around after a few months and realized that there were other people we were attracted to. You understand?”

I giggled at that. If anyone understood about being attracted to other people, I sure did. With all the fun I’d been having lately, there was no way in hell I was going to limit myself to one person! My pulse began to race a little thinking back to some of the parties we’d had when Tim was there.

“Right, Nance?” He asked again.

I snapped out of the beginning of a nice flashback and laid my hand Tim’s chest. “I understand completely. In fact, your mentioning it made me think of the last time we were here for a party. Remember, Cee? You remember that time last spring break?”

“Hell, yes…I remember,” said C.J. smiling. “That was the first night all you girls got completely naked for us!”

Oh, Nicole…I have to tell you about this! Remember I said earlier that I had jacked Tim off once? This was that time. It was rare that we would all get together as a group somewhere and have the house to ourselves. The adults would almost always be around. So we’d have to limit our activities to kissing and touching with our clothes on. There were times that I’d go out with a guy and we’d be alone in the car or some other place, and we’d get naked and play for an hour or so. But our group fun was just something else! Like this night!

C.J.’s parents had gone up to visit his brother (Teddy’s parents) a couple of hours away. We all went to our high school’s baseball game for a few innings, but then left and went for some pizza. All eight of us were having just the best time and when C.J. mentioned that his parents were gone for most of the night we flew over to his house. We’d put a movie in the VCR and finished the pizza, but before the movie was half over, the kissing started.

I was paired with Tim and we were getting quite turned on when Jessi said, “Ya’ know, I have an idea! Let’s play a game! Hey everybody…Stop! C’mon let’s play this game!”

I wasn’t really too interested in that but Jon said, “What game? This better be good!” He was with Nikki.

“It’s kind of a cross between Strip Poker and Truth or Dare. C’mon sit down here in a circle…Let me show you, you’ll like it! Sit in a circle…boy, girl, boy, girl…that’s it.”

“Where did you learn this game, Jess?” I asked as we arranged ourselves.

“I saw them playing it on Howard Stern’s show the other night and it looked like a lot of fun.”

“No shit! For real?” said Ricky, “How do we play?”

“C.J., you have to go get two decks of cards,” Jessi began.

“Two? Why two?”

“You’ll see…like just go get them.”

When he returned, Jessi took one deck and and handed Jon the other, “Here, handsome, shuffle these,” she said with a giggle. “Now, everyone…we put these two decks together here and we all start drawing cards. The first person to get a pair wins the hand and everyone else has to remove a piece of clothing. But then…the winner also gets to draw another card. If it comes up a picture card, then he or she can ask the person on their left to do something. If they win again later, then the person on their right has to do something.”

“Oh, my God,” said Megan, “Anything…like, they can ask anything?”

“I don’t know if I like that part,” I said. “We have to have some limits, don’t we?”

Our group hadn’t done any fucking to this point, Nicole, so we made that the limit…no fucking, no chance of pregnancy or anything and nothing could go past five minutes.

“Okay,” said Jessi, “Now I have on a shirt, jeans, bra and panties; that’s four things. Everyone should have on four things.” The girls all just happened to be dressed similar, but the boys had to rearrange and share a sock or a shoe. Then the game began!

Oh, my goodness, girl! What a riot! The game was loaded with laughter and suspense. Every turn of a card was eryaman escort bayan filled with giggling and groans. There were eight of us, so drawing a pair was not an easy matter. It took a long time to draw the cards because everyone was laughing and joking!

We were almost through half the deck when Megan drew a 2nd eight. Of course, all the boys took off their one shoe or sock, but Nikki, Jessi and I had to make a decision. Nikki and Jessi took off their shirts, blushing all the way! Everyone was teasing them and whistling. I stood up and wiggled out of my blue jeans. When they dropped to floor, I posed for a second, jutting out my butt at Tim on my left. Everyone howled at that.

“Draw another one, Megs, let’s see if you get a picture card,” urged Jessi. We held our breath as she flipped the next one over. You could hear the exhales as the four of clubs turned up.

“Shit…” said Megan giggling. “Okay, someone shuffle and we go again.”

C.J. shuffled the huge pile and we started drawing. This time, on the third go-round, C.J. won with a pair of kings. Everyone immediately started laughing and accusing him of fixing the deck, but everyone took off their shirts, including me. Ricky reached over to Nikki on his right and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh, but she playfully slapped it away and said, “Hey! Stop cheating!” We laughed so hard.

C.J. turned over the next card and the jack of hearts appeared. “Fuck yes!” he cried excitedly, “You’re in trouble now, Nikki!”

Nikki had a pained __expression on her face, but her eyes were shining with excitement as she drawled, “Okay…what’s it gonna be, big boy?”

C.J. thought for a few seconds and said, “You gotta kiss me…the best kiss you can possibly pull together, and play with my cock right through my pants.”

Everyone looked at Nikki for her reaction; would she do it? We needn’t have worried, she was clearly ready for it. “Lay down,” she ordered.

C.J. rolled onto his back and Nikki was on him in an instant! She was so on fire as her mouth covered his that the intensity caught him a little by surprise! Everyone watching was so quiet; you could hear their lips as they ate at each other’s mouth. Her right hand slid over his chest for a moment and then down to his crotch. C.J.’s dick was obviously hard and she grabbed the shaft through the material and jerked at him roughly.

C.J. moaned loudly and gurgled around her lips, “Oh…fuck, Nik…Mmmm” and she moaned right back into his mouth, sliding her hand lower and cupping his balls as best she could. C.J. was holding her by the shoulders and she slid her hand up and down his shaft for the last two minutes. I had never seen such hot kissing, never in my life…but damn, Nicole, I wanted someone to kiss me like that right away!

If they’d had a little more time, C.J. might have cum in his pants. The game was just starting though and Tim said, “Okay, you two…time’s up!” C.J. held Nikki close for several more seconds and then he let her up. Both of them were flushed and Nikki’s cleavage was heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

“Oh, Nikki!” I said, smiling broadly, “That was so fucking hot!”

“I know!” she replied, and we all burst out laughing, she looked so overheated!

“Shuffle the cards,” interrupted Jessi.

I wasn’t sure where to look, Nicole. This was turning into a fun game. The boys were shirtless (except for C.J.) and goodness; they were so hard and beautiful. But the girls were in their bras and Jessi, Nikki and I were in our panties too. Two of us were going to lose an important piece of clothing on the next turn. My pussy was doing flip-flops, anticipating what was going to happen next.

It wasn’t going to happen fast though. We went through about three-quarters of the deck before Tim drew a second ace. The boys celebrated, even as they had to remove their pants. Megan peeled off her tight jeans and we other three girls shrugged off our bras, covering our breasts with our hands and arms. Every eye there watched intently while Tim drew another card, the two of diamonds. Ricky, Jon and C.J. booed him unmercifully.

We started another round and on his second card, Jon had two tens. “Oh, my God,” he shouted and everyone felt this incredible erotic electricity arc through the room. Megan immediately removed her bra. She brazenly allowed the boys to admire her tits. Her nipples were extremely hard (mine were too, but I had them hidden) and she brushed at them with her fingers.

We hadn’t realized it until right then, but Ricky was going to be naked too and it hit us because after Megan got topless, Ricky stood up to pull off his boxers. I had seen and touched his cock before, but this was so out there…so erotic; I was trembling so badly watching him. But he calmly flexed a little and then pulled them down and off. His incredible cock sprang free and waved at us a little. We all giggled out of nervousness, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He really turned us on some more when he stroked escort eryaman his shaft and cupped himself for a second. Oh, my God, Nicole, it was so hot!

“C’mon, girls,” said C.J. “You’re up!”

Nikki, Jessi and I looked at each other blankly. All of these guys had seen me semi-nude before, but not like this. Jessi and I stood up together. My panties were so soaked that they stuck to my pussy as I pulled them off. I had just shaved a few days before, leaving a small rectangle above my slit. Jessi had much more hair but Nikki was completely shaved. We stood there close together and let everyone take us in.

Ricky broke the silence, “Shit…you girls are so fucking beautiful, Wow!” All four boys applauded, very politely I might add.

When we sat down, Megan said, “Draw another card, Jon.”

It was the queen of spades! Everyone looked at Jessi who was sitting on Jon’s left.

“Be nice now,” she said to him teasingly.

You could tell from the look on his face that being nice was not an option he wanted to exercise. He looked at her next to him. Jessi was kneeling, sitting on her heels, her legs tightly closed, her hands covering her boobs. “You know what I want, Jess? You are beautiful.. So fucking hot…God! I wanna watch you get yourself off!”

Jessi stared at Jon incredulously, “W..what?” she stammered.

“Play with yourself…masturbate…get yourself off!” Nicole, you could have heard a pin drop.

“I…you know, I…” Jessi was hesitating.

C.J. said to her, “Jess, we can stop the game. You don’t have to do it! Jon, you’re an asshole!”

“Shit no, I’m not” Jon added. “I didn’t mean to embarrass her. But it’s her game!”

I could see that Jessi was thinking hard. This game had reached the point of no return, Nicole! If Jessi went through with it, I could tell that practically anything could happen. Everyone in the room knew it too, but we were all so aroused! I was praying that she wouldn’t say no.

“Kiss me, Jon!” Jessi rose up and leaned over to Jon. He grinned and gently put his arm around her and drew her close. The heat in the room climbed perceptively higher when their lips collided hard. Jon slid a hand over her left tit and we heard Jessi’s guttural groan as she sucked his tongue deeply into her mouth. They kissed like that for at least two minutes. Jessi replaced Jon’s hand with her own, squeezing her tits together, popping the nipples erect and pinching at her teats.

Oh, my God…I couldn’t help it myself! Watching them was inflaming me (I knew it would) and my hands roamed over my own tits, teasing my nipples, urging them to get harder. Jessi finally rolled away from Jon and onto her back, her knees bent about half way. She was clutching at her right breast with one hand and stroking her upper thighs with the other. She spread her legs a bit and reached her hand between and down to her ass, running two fingers between her cheeks and letting her wrist slide against her girl slit. She played with her anus for a minute and then her hand moved up… slipping her middle finger between her lips and using it to spread her wetness all over her pussy.

Her pink flesh was aimed straight at me, and I was dying! Every nerve in me was fired with desire. I wanted so badly to climb between her legs and dip my tongue in her slit…but at the time, I dared not do it. Jessi was having the same effect on everyone in the room. Breathing was raspy, and there were little gasps from someone every few seconds when Jessi would do something else to herself.

Pretty soon, Jessi started talking…very softly at first, but I heard her! She was moaning for sure but then she said, “Oh God…does this feel good! Mmm…mmm… ohhh…yesss! Oh, my God…yesss…” I watched her circle her clit repeatedly with a forefinger but then she always returned to sliding her middle finger down her slit a bit. She took to rubbing herself hard and fast from side to side in this position and then circling her clit again. In no time she was crying out with passion, “Oh, my God…Oh, my Gawdd…huhmm…huhhh…hummm.

All of a sudden, she grabbed her nipple, pulling her boob higher away from her body. She shook the tit quickly and jammed two fingers deep into her hole, clawing at her cunt. “Oh God…watch me!” she shouted. “Watch! I’m cumming! I’m gonna cum!” Her body went rigid, then exploded in a blinding series of violent spasms.

Everyone in the room was frozen solid at the incredible sight. Jessi finally settled down and lay there for thirty seconds or so, whimpering. Each of us was whispering, “Oh, my God…Oh, my God!” I reached over and stroked her calf as she slowly recovered. Then…she quickly sat up and said, “Okay…how was that?”

Nicole, the room just erupted from there! The game was all but forgotten and we just went after each other in a frenzy of kissing and moaning and sucking. Tim was right in front of me and we stood on our knees together…kissing so intensely. My right hand was cupping his balls and my left was pumping his shaft. His pre-cum was all over his cock and the slickness made me crazy with lust. He held my boobs with both hands, pushing them together and thumbing my nips and every few seconds he’d slide a hand down my tummy to my pussy and tickle my clit.

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