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Letters: Something’s A Bit Queer 05

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Scott took one last look at the gay porn movie playing on the television. As the older man on the screen pulled his long hard cock out of the younger man’s bottom, a small stream of cum started leaking from his ass. On the hi def TV, he could make it out clearly as it trailed down his smooth balls onto the table forming a puddle. Scott thought in mere minutes, he too would be experiencing what it was like to be bred. To have a hard cock buried up his virgin ass, depositing a hot load deep into his ass.

He wanted it so bad. Just a couple of hours ago he was trying to resist Marc’s advances. Trying to reason he was straight, he wasn’t into guys — not at all. Now here he was looking forward to the moment his new lover would take his anal cherry — use him in a way he could never have imagined.

“First I want you to go in there and shower and shave off that little patch of yours,” Marc said as he glanced down at Scott’s pubic hair. Marc wanted him smooth, just like he was. Marc guided him into the bathroom, and pulled out a fresh razor and some sensitive skin shaving cream. But first Marc sat on the toilet and took a pair of scissors cutting the small patch close to the skin.

“There, now you do the rest in the shower. Pay particular attention around your asshole. I want that shaved smooth as well. I’ll inspect it all in a few minutes,” Marc informed him.

Scott stepped into the walk-in shower, much larger than the shower he had back in his apartment. He allowed the warm water to splash against his face, rushing through his hair and over his body. He soaped up first, lathering under his arms and in the crack of his ass. Smoothing the soap over his chest and down his arms. The water felt great as it slid down and across his shoulders.

Just as Marc instructed, he stepped away from the stream and lathered up the cream on his crotch and then allowed the razer to glide over his skin, across and then back again. He pulled on his ball sac and shaved that as well, being careful not to cut himself accidently. Scott spread his legs, hiking one up on a piece of the shower that stuck out and formed a seat. He used that to place his foot as he let istanbul travesti the razor glide over his ass cheeks, and over his nether region.

In moments he stepped back under the water as the cream was rinsed off leaving his bare skin. He hadn’t looked like that since ninth grade. Now devoid of any hair and as smooth as silk. He soaped up again and for the first time felt a new sensation, skin on skin, as his hand rubbed the area just over his hardening cock.

He heard the shower door open and then felt Marc’s body press against his. Marc’s chest to his back, the older man’s cock slipping between his wet ass cheeks. Would he take him in the shower? He wanted it, wanted it so bad. Scott actually ground his ass back into Marc’s crotch.

“Damn, you really want it bad don’t you boy,” Marc chided him as he bit gently on the boy’s wet bare shoulder. “Yes daddy, I do. I want to feel you in me. I want you to take me…breed me,” Scott pleaded.

Marc turned Scott in the shower until they were face to face. Marc looked down at his new protégé, taking Scott’s cock in his hand, stroking it as he leaned down and kissed the young man as the warm water rushed over their bodies.

Marc reached over and turned off the water and then opening the shower door pulled two fluffy towels off a hook as the men toweled dry. Scott anxiously made his way back into Marc’s bedroom and took up a position on the bed awaiting his new lover. Marc stood in the doorway smiling, appreciating how Scott desired his cock. How he wanted to experience what it was like to be fucked.

Marc walked over to the bed and Scott leaned over taking his lover’s cock into his hungry mouth. He moved up and down leaving long wet trails of saliva on Marc’s hardening flesh. You love that cock don’t you boy?” Marc said as he let his fingers move thru Scott’s wet hair. “Suck it boy, show me how much you want it, show me how much you love that cock,” Marc cooed.

Marc could have allowed Scott to suck him all afternoon but he wanted to get to his prize. He backed up and grabbed the lube off the night stand. “Turn over,” Marc commanded as Scott flipped over onto his stomach istanbul travestileri and then got up on all fours without being told. Marc slid behind him and let the lube drip down his crack. Marc rubbed it in, pushing, probing at Scott’s shaven hole.

The older man squirted some of the lube in his own hand as his stroked his hard cock, looking down at the gorgeous ass in front of him. He rubbed his cock up and down between the young boy’s crack and then gently pushed, just a little as Scott pushed back. The head of Marc’s cock slid in effortlessly.

“Ummmm, oh yea,” Scott groaned as more and more of Marc’s cock slid into the tight virgin hole. “You like that, you like that cock in your virgin ass boy?” Marc inquired as Scott continued to groan. “Yes, oh yes, it feels so good. It’s so big though, it’s filling me up….damn, its big,” Scott managed to say before he lowered his head and bit into the soft pillow supporting his head.

“I knew the first time I saw you from my window, walking around out there at the pool. Walking around in that little skimpy bathing suit of yours. I knew then, I’d have that ass. Yesterday, when you pulled yourself out of the water, the suit clinging to your ass, I knew Id be fucking you. I’d have you,” Marc went on.

Marc began moving back and forth, the hard dick moving in and out, in and out, light slapping sounds as Scott’s ass met Marc’s thighs. “Fuck that’s a tight ass,” Marc roared. “Damn, that’s good!”

Scott felt a warm sensation in his ass he had never felt before, a sensation that filled his body. He knew in that moment he loved being fucked, being bred. Yes, it was a feeling that rocked him to his very core. “Yes, daddy take that ass, give it to me,” he begged.

“Turn over,” Marc barked as he pulled out of the boy with a plopping sound. Scott quickly flipped onto his back and spread his legs, waiting, wanting that cock to return to his hungry hole. As Marc allowed his cock to slide back in, he looked down at the young man under him.

“So, what was it your girlfriend said out at the pool yesterday… what did she call me??? Queer? Was it queer?” Marc inquired, teasing, taunting.

Scott travesti istanbul didn’t answer. He hoped Marc would move on.

“What would your girlfriend say now? What would she think seeing her little queer boyfriend getting bred,” Marc snarled.

“Bi,” Scott moaned. “What?” Marc asked, slowing his assault.

“I’m Bi, I do both,” Scott corrected him.

Marc stopped. He raised up pulling his cock from Scott’s ass. “What the fuck did you say? Both?” Marc grimaced, he stared into Scott’s eyes. “I don’t share with pussy boy. You need to choose. You want my cock or pussy…choose!”

Scott reached down for the cock which had slipped from his ass. “Don’t stop daddy…please,” Scot pleaded. “Then tell me what I want to hear. You want my cock or pussy? You can’t have both boy!” Marc shot back.

Scott’ thought. What did it matter what he said. Okay, he’d make Marc happy. He’d never know what he did later anyway…

It was almost as if Marc was reading his mind, “and I’ll know if you slink back to your girlfriend. I’ll know and no more cock for you…”

“I won’t daddy. Just cock, please give me your cock… fuck me, breed me,” Scott begged.

Marc let his cock slide back into Scott’s gaping hole as the young man groaned. “Ohhh, that feels so fucking good.”

“You a queer boy? You a queer like me?” Marc probed as he slammed his cock in and out of the young man, his thighs slapping hard against Scott’s skin. “Answer me boy!” he kept on.

“Yes.. yes I’m a queer. I’m your queer….fuckkkk. Yes I am daddy,” Scott moaned. His head thrashing back and forth as Marc’s cock went deeper and deeper.

“I’m gonna’ cum boy,” Marc informed him. “You ready? Ready for my load,”

“Yes, please give it to me,” Scott begged as his legs wrapped around Marc’s.

Marc slammed, harder and harder, in and out, and then a massive push as he launched his seed deep into Scott’s inner most bowels. Filling him, pushing, as he slowly, ever so slowly came to rest in an exhausted heap on top of the young man.

Marc raised up and kissed Scott, the young man accepting his tongue which slowly, softly probed his mouth.

“That was so fucking good,” Scott managed to say as Marc slid off and then beside him. “I didn’t know if could be like this..” he trailed off.

“It can be better,” Marc shot back, letting his arm come to rest over his forehead.

“We’re just getting started….”

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