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Most of the stories I have written so far have been excerpts from my adult life ( or friends ) but I thought I might relate a story or two about my graduation into adulthood. Here is the first one, although it has nothing to do about my loss of virginity. Tonight I saw a picture of a mature lady wanking a teen boy and it reminded me of what you are about to read.

By the time I was approaching my seventeenth birthday I had been with a couple of girlfriends and fucked a few other girls. All around my age. Quite frankly that was all I was hoping for until one day when I was returning home from my girlfriend of the time.
Just as I neared the flat I lived in with my parents I was passing a lady who lived two doors away from us. She was about mid fifties I would guess and although I only knew her by her surname I knew that she knew everything about everyone in the neighbourhood.
It was a bright spring day and I think it was about four in the afternoon. Mrs Fellwood was tending her little front garden and was wearing green rubber gloves, a white blouse, black skirt and an apron to help keep her clothes clean. She was a little plump and her hair was blonde/grey. She saw me looking at her as I walked past.
“Hello John. Not seen you in awhile.”
“I don’t know why, I haven’t been anywhere.”
“I haven’t seen that pretty redheaded girl visiting you lately. Have you split from her?”
The girl she mentioned had been my girlfriend for about two months and I had split with her in order to go out with a dark haired jewish girl who hadn’t been to my flat as of then. For some reason I decided not to tell Mrs Fellwood about her.
“Yes, afraid so. She was becoming too clingy and tried to stop me partying with my mates.”
I thought that might be the izmit rus escort end of the conversation and was about to carry on walking when my neighbor shocked me into stopping.
“Ooh! That’s no good for a young virile man like you. You need to sow your wild oats as often and as wide as you can.”
I must admit that I was a little dumbfounded by what she had said and I am sure that I blushed a little. How could I answer such a statement? I spluttered an answer.
“I don’t know about that as I am still learning”
She stepped a little closer and in a lower tone of voice said.
“Really? Come inside and over a cup of tea you can tell me what you have learned so far.”
I was flabbergasted. Although I had fucked something like 5 girls by then I was still basically a shy guy who used to date them a couple of times before even attempting to kiss them. Mrs Fellwood was already walking slowly towards her front door so I could hardly walk away. I dutifully followed her into the hallway and straight through to the kitchen at the back.
Once there I sat down on a chair next to a small dinner table while she put the kettle on before sitting down opposite me on a tall stool. After the normal request for one sugar and milk please my neighbor then started her interrogation.
“Still learning are you. You do know that you have to wear Johnnies.” ( a local term for condoms at that time ).
Oh! Yes. I know about pregnancy and all that. But I have only had sex with two girls so far.”
I felt that if I had told her the true figure she might have wanted to know the details on all of them and I wasn’t prepared to confess to the few one night stands I had had. It didn’t seem to deter her as she then asked me what kind of sex I had with each of them.
Now izmit escort this baffled me because as far as I was concerned there was just fucking and that was it. I think she could tell my ignorance when I replied that I had just had intercourse with them. I was completely lost and floundering as she put the coffee in my hand before returning to her stool and continuing.
“Only intercourse? What about fellatio or cunnilingus?”
My blank stare showed her that I had no idea what she was talking about and she smiled when she realized that she had me in a corner.
“Oh! Poor John. There is far more than just pumping your cock in and out.”
Without a doubt I went as red as a beetroot. Was I supposed to ask what she was talking about? She then continued.
“Oral sex can be far more satisfying than what you just said. Believe me I know and it’s been years since I have had either.”
As she said that I couldn’t help but notice that she had spread her legs a little and although her skirt went down to her knees I could see the inside of her right thigh. I felt a tingling and it didn’t feel comfortable. I still didn’t fully understand what she was getting at. To me oral was to do with the mouth and I had kissed many girls so what had I missed out on? She continued.
“John, if a girl takes your cock in her mouth it would give you a lot of pleasure. Likewise if you licked her clitoris she would be melting in your arms.”
I did wish she wouldn’t talk to me in a foreign language but I did at least visualize my cock in a girls mouth. As I did so it stood to attention. My whole body felt beetroot red then. She smiled when she could see I was so embarrassed. There was a moments silence before she stood up and slowly, sensually took her apron off. I had no kocaeli escort idea what I was supposed to do. Like a headmistress she asked me to stand up.
When I did she looked first into my eyes and then slowly down to the tent in my pants. She finally spoke.
“John, if you agree that you won’t tell anybody about this I will help you to learn a few things.” I nodded.” Follow me and I will give you lesson number one.”
Like a lamb to the slaughter I shuffled along behind her and we entered her bedroom. Once there she made stand still as she leant down and undid my belt and unzipped me before pulling my jeans to the floor. She made me step out of them before pulling my white underpants off too. My cock stood rock hard pointing at her face before she made me sit on the edge of the bed.
She got on her knees and incredibly slowly moved her face towards my waiting cock. I think I had only ever seen one photo of a guy with his cock in a girls mouth but it had been so far back I had forgotten all about it ………until that moment.
Her lips were around it for approximately ten seconds before I shot my load. To my astonishment she kept it clamped between her lips and swallowed all my spunk. Once she had she pulled away and said it was alright as I had obviously been too excited. I could feel my cock just starting to wilt when she began kissing and licking it. I immediately got another hard on and she took it in her mouth again. This time she slid her mouth up and down for a couple of minutes before I ejaculated again.
I flopped backwards onto the bed as she stood up. A small smile came across her face as she spoke.
“Ok! Lesson one over but you can come around as often as you like for another one like that until you get another girlfriend. But you will also have to come around for the licking lessons too if you want to keep her happy.”
I left her place in a trance and determined that the licking lessons would be within that week.

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