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Lesbian Blackmail Sex Pt. 02

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Cory laid motionless, her heavy breathing subsiding with every breath. As she became more and more relaxed, she pondered on the fact that she has just been pleasured by another woman for the first time in her life. She experienced an intense orgasm unlike any before. She quickly dismissed the fact that this was blackmail sex, and accepted the fact that enjoyed the entire experience.

Donna crawled up and cuddled with Cory, resting her head on Cory’s shoulders, and gently rubbing her stomach with her hand. She lifted her head and gave Cory a gentle kiss on the cheek, then rested it back down.

A part of Cory was relieved it was all over. “So, we are square now, right?” Cory asked.

“Well, not exactly dear, there’s still one more thing,” replied Donna.

-Lesbian Blackmail Sex part II

Cory felt rattled, wondering what now. “what’s the one more thing?”

“I just got you off, now it’s your turn.”

“Ah…I don’t think I can do that.”

“Sure you can…and you’re going too.”

Donna took Cory’s hand and guided her fingers between her legs, letting her feel how wet she was. Donna rubbed Cory’s finger over her hard moist clit a few times.

“Once you get me off, your free to go.”

“I’m not sure what to do.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll know what to do.”

Donna sat up and straddled Cory’s waist. She again took Cory’s hand, and pressed her fingers against her clit as she gently rolled her hips back and forth.

“Doesn’t beşiktaş escort that feel nice, and your gonna love the way it tastes,” said Donna with a smile.

Donna now began scooting her way up, slowly, her hips working their way to Cory’s face. An overwrought feeling filled Cory, and she knew what was about to happen next.

“My God, she’s about to put her pussy in my face, expecting me to eat her!” thought Cory. She didn’t know if she could handle this.

As Donna hips approached her face, Donna looked down at Cory, and said “Relax baby, just stick out your tongue, and I’ll do the rest.”

Cory hesitantly extended her tongue. As Donna’s pussy slid across Cory’s chin, she could feel just how wet she was. Nervous anticipation filled her knowing in just a moment, she will be licking that creamy slit. As Donna lowered her pussy onto Cory’s tongue, Corey closed her eyes, and her tongue slid into the moist pussy slit. She could taste the warm cream on her tongue, which freaked her out, and she pulled her tongue back in her mouth.

“Stick your tongue back out, and keep it out!” Demanded Donna.

Cory again stuck out her tongue into the moist slit. Donna reached down and placed her hands on each side of Cory’s head, holding it firmly in place.

She began to slowly slide her hips back and forth over Cory’s face, as Cory’s tongue slid along the full length of Donna’s wet slit. şişli escort Cory was surprised at the slightly sweet, and pleasant taste of Donna’s pussy cream, thinking it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. Donna now positioned her hips, so her clit was pressed against Cory’s tongue, and slowly rubbed her clit against her tongue.

“Oh, that’s the spot sweetie, keep your tongue right there!” said Donna. “Now, put your lips around my clit, and suck it, suck it like your licking chocolate from your fingers.”

Cory obeyed her instructions, taking Donna’s hard wet clit between her lips. Cory felt awe-struck at the taste and feeling of another woman clit between her lips. Suddenly, Cory no longer feeling weird about what she was doing. Sucking on Donna’s clit and hearing her moans brought on a euphoric feeling, knowing she was pleasuring another woman.

Cory found herself reaching out with her arms, and placed her hands firmly on Donna’s ass. She began to gently squeeze Donna’s ass, pressing her hip toward her face. Cory now felt she instinctively knew what to do, and with her hands on Donna’s ass, began guiding Donna’s hips back and forth, guiding Donna to Slide her Pussy over her tongue. Cory Would press her tongue hard against Donna’s clit on the back motions, and would thrust her tongue deep into her wet hole on the forward motions.

“OH GOD BABY!…THATS IT!…YOU LEARN FAST!” said Donna in a sultry bahçeşehir escort bayan voice. “Now tongue fuck me, fuck me deep with your tongue!”. And with those words, Donna pressed her pussy hole deep into Cory’s tongue.

Donna began to thrust her hips up and down. Cory, recalling what Donna did to her earlier, remove one hand from Donna’s ass, and slid her thumb back and forth over Donna’s wet clit, as she tongue fucked her.

“Damn Baby!…that’s it!…Don’t stop!” cried Donna.

Suddenly, Cory could feel Donna’s hole squeezing tightly around her tongue, and she knew Donna reached her orgasm. Cory slid her thumb faster over Donna’s clit, as Donna grabbed Cory’s head tightly. Donna let out a long lingering Moan as she pressed her pussy down hard, keeping there, feeling Cory’s tongue buried deeply in her hole. Cory felt a series of tight squeezes on her tongue, and she felt a stream of warm pussy cream coat her mouth. A feeling of overwhelming content filled Cory, knowing she gave another woman an orgasm.

Suddenly, Donna was motionless, still straddling Cory’s face, and trying to catch her breath. Then Donna slid her hips back, just far enough to expose Cory’s face. Donna looked down at Cory’s face and smiled.

“You did really good sweetie!” said Donna, “Consider your debt paid in full!” she said with a smile.

Donna rolled over onto her back, flopping onto the bed, as she took a deep breath. She then rolled onto her side and snuggled next to Cory. Cory Laid silent, staring at the ceiling with a content smile.

“What are you thinking about,” Asked Donna asked.

“This is my first time having sex with a woman, and I really liked it…and the funny thing is…it took a car accident to get me to try it.” said Cory with a smile.

The end.

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