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Cockaigne Chronicles is a series by various authors set in the fictional town of Cockaigne where the laws are different, and anything can happen. Social nudity and sexual interaction are nothing to be ashamed of, and the moral limitations that inhibit us don”t inhibit the residents of Cockaigne.

A big thanks for all the great feedback and comments, I”m loving them.

Disclaimer: Please note that this story is fictional and took place in the imagination of the writer, nothing written ever happened. These fictional characters may or may not practice safe sex, however these are merely words and I would always advocate the practice of safe sex in the real world. Some of these fictional characters” actions may not also be legal in all or any places in the world, and these fictional stories are not meant encourage any reader to break any of their local laws. Anything can happen in our imaginations, but in the real world we are bound by restrictions. Play safe.

Now, fire up your imaginations and let the fun begin…

Leo Forgives
by David Heulfryn

Andy Noble lay still on the punishment stage as the crowd cleared. I sat with my brother and father and watched the poor man. We had to take him home with us, it was another part of his punishment, to try and make amends to us.

Dad wasn”t too happy about it. He was only told an hour before the punishment began.

Nathan came over to us, he looked concerned for his friend and colleague.

“I”ll give you a hand getting him to your car.”

Dad huffed and went over to Andy. They picked him up by the armpits.

Andy looked dazed and drained of energy, he looked broken. And he had to report here another three times. I hoped they all wouldn”t be as bad as this seemed.

Dad and Nathan dragged Andy to the Land Rover. Andy tried to walk, but his legs kept giving way under him.

I followed behind with Archie.

Andy couldn”t sit down because of the deep welts on his backside, so they lay him on his front in the back of the Land Rover. I climbed in after him and sat, looking down at the nasty marks on his back and buttocks.

“Where”s he going to sleep, Dad?” I asked as we drove home.

“No idea. I thought the sofa, but I don”t think he”s in a fit state to lie on that thing.”

“You”ve got a double bed, Dad,” Archie suggested.

“There is no way I”m giving up my bed for him, and I don”t intend sleeping with him either.” He was not happy at the suggestion.

When we got home, Dad and Archie dragged him inside.

“He can”t sit down, and he needs to rest,” I told them. “Put him on my bed for the time being while we sort something out.”

It was not easy getting Andy up the stairs, they were too narrow to fit three men side by side, so Archie left it to our Dad.

“Stand up!” He shouted at Andy, trying to get him to take some of his weight.

Eventually, they got him on my bed, and he lay there, face down.

“I need a fucking drink after that.” Dad sighed, and Archie agreed.

They left Andy in my room, and I just stood looking at him.

“I”ll clean him up!” I shouted downstairs.

şişli travesti “It”s up to you Leo, but after what he did to you I wouldn”t do him any favours,” Dad shouted back, no doubt grasping a large glass of whisky.

I understood how Dad felt, Andy had hurt me and was being punished. But seeing him lying on my bed, exhausted and in pain; it didn”t feel right. Each time I looked at him, I felt sorry for him and totally forgot about what he did to me, although the occasional shooting pain in my balls would remind me.

I went into the bathroom and filled a plastic bucket that we kept in the airing cupboard with lukewarm water. I rinsed the flannel and dropped it in the water.

Water alone wouldn”t be enough, and I didn”t want to just use soap. I looked in the medicine cabinet and saw an old bottle of TCP. It was nearly empty and must have been a few years old. I remember Dad used to use it when we got grazed.

I opened the bottle, and the unique smell hit my nostrils straight away, and I felt nostalgic to the times Dad would sit me on my bed and dab the disinfectant on my grazed knees whenever I fell off my bike.

I poured a little into the water, looked at the tiny amount remaining in the bottle and poured the rest in. I put the empty bottle back on the shelf.

Andy hadn”t moved when I got back to my room, he wasn”t asleep either, his eyes were half-open, and he made strange whimpering noises.

“I”m just going to clean you up. It”s only warm water and a bit of antiseptic.” I rinsed the flannel and ran the damp cloth along the first welt between his shoulder blades.

Andy seemed to relax, and I carried on. The welts were still red but had faded slightly, the skin wasn”t damaged underneath so I guessed they might have disappeared in a day or two.

If they weren”t covered in dried blood and cuts from the lashes he”d received, his arse would have looked cute and pert. That poor arse didn”t deserve this.

When I brought the cloth down to clean the blood, Andy growled in pain and raised his head off my pillow.

“Sorry, I”m just cleaning the blood.” We looked at each other then Andy let his head fall back on the pillow accepting the paid while I cleaned him.

I tried to clean his arse as gently as possible, but he would sometime wince. With the blood cleaned, I could see the cuts the whip had left on his cheeks. They had stopped bleeding and had started to scab over. I”m sure his cute arse show some scars as a reminder of what he”d done.

“Nearly done,” I told him but he didn”t respond.

There was one place I hadn”t cleaned, and I wasn”t sure I dared to. But I found the courage.

I took my damp flannel and wiped between Andy”s Buttocks. The cloth reappeared smeared with blood and cum. I did it again until the cloth came back clean.

Andy groaned, and I felt his buttocks clench and relax. I spread open his cheeks and watched as his red hole twitched and opened slightly to release a stream on cum. It flowed deeper into the crevice between his legs.

I wiped again and cleaned what I could, but he was still sticky.

“Spread your legs a little,” I told him, and I helped him by pulling on his ankle.

I wiped as deep as I could and felt his fleshy balls. Andy flinched beylikdüzü travesti as my fingers prodded them. I couldn”t do anymore, so I dropped the flannel in the bucket and sat on the floor by the bed, looking at Andy, making sure he was going to be okay.

Andy had his eyes closed, but I knew he wasn”t asleep. “I”m sorry, Leo. I truly am.” His words were muffled by the pillow.

I felt tears in my eyes. I don”t know why. I sobbed a little but managed to compose myself.

“I”m sorry, too. What happened to you was horrible. I felt sick just having to watch it.”

“It wasn”t your fault. It was mine. I got what was coming to me, I know the punishments, I have to give them out sometimes, so I should have known better.”

“I don”t want you to go through that again.” I sniffed away some tears.

“I have to, I have no choice. But you don”t have to be there.”

“I won”t. I couldn”t stand to watch it again.”

“Thank you, Leo. You are a good kid. I”m glad my brother found a good friend in you.”

“I really like Freddie. We really get on together, and he”s cute…” I quickly stopped talking, afraid I”d said too much. Afraid Andy wouldn”t like me thinking about his brother that way.

“It”s okay, Leo. He likes you too. Told me that first day he met you that he thought you were sexy. I think he”s got a major crush on you.”

“Really?” I was surprised anyone would have a crush on me.

“Yep. I think he”s got it bad.”

“I hope you don”t mind.”

Andy explained something to me, part of the reason he is so protective of his brother and why he over-reacts if he thinks his brother is hurting. It happened a few years ago. Andy had moved to Cockaigne to start his job as a Security Officer. He left his brother and mother at home as they weren”t sure about moving to the town. Freddie began to have problems at his school, they found out that he thought he was gay and some kids started to bully him. Andy knew nothing of this and neither his brother nor mother said anything when he went home to visit. The first Andy found out what had been going on was nearly a year after it started when Freddie tried to take his own life. The moment Freddie was safe and out of the hospital, he moved Freddie and his Mum to Cockaigne. Freddie started at Cockaigne Academy and has been excelling ever since.

I wept when he told me about Freddie. I reached up and held his hand. We each squeezed, trying to give each other some reassurance.

“Don”t tell him I said anything, will you? I just think you deserve an explanation of why it happened. I”m not making an excuse, and I willingly accept my punishment. But you deserve to know the truth.”

“Thank you. I won”t say anything, not to anyone.” I sniffed away more tears as I thought about Freddie.

“How are your balls, Leo? I hit them really hard.”

“They still ache and are bruised.” I stood up so that my crotch was on his eye level. I pulled off my jockstrap and cricket box and tossed then onto my desk. I gently lifted my cock so he could see my balls.

“I”m really sorry, Leo. Nate showed me a photograph, but I was being too arrogant to look properly, they look badly bruised.”

“They are,” I said matter-of-factly.

“Does everything istanbul travesti still work properly?”

I sat back down, and we looked at each other again, he looked sweet, he looked like he cared how badly I was injured. He looked a little like Freddie.

“I can still pee alright. But the doctor says he will need to see me in a few weeks when the swelling has gone down. He wants to check it hasn”t affected my fertility, and they are functioning properly.”

Andy nodded his head.

“I”ve never given a sperm sample before, I”m a little nervous about it.”

“Don”t be.” Andy tried to reassure me. “The doctor has seen everything, so he won”t be phased.”

“He told me to try and ejaculate occasionally. But I can”t at the moment. I”m fine when they are still, but if they move around, then they start to ache, and I can really feel the pain.”

“If you ever need any help. With anything. Let me know.”

“Thank, Andy.” I held his hand again and gave it a light squeeze. We looked at each for a moment, quietly.

Archie shook me awake. It must have been nearly midnight, and I had fallen asleep while sitting on the floor, leaning against my bed and holding Andy”s hand.

I could hear the heavy breathing and faint snoring coming from my bed. I released Andy”s hand and stood up. I immediately hugged Archie and burst into tears.

“This is just horrible. I never wanted any of this to happen.” I blubbed on his shoulder.

Archie held me tight. “I know… I know.” He sighed. “Dad”s gone to bed, come and squeeze into my bed with me.”

I followed Archie to his room and got in his bed. I was naked, not having got dressed all day. I watched as Archie stripped down to his boxer briefs.

He started walking to the bed, about to get in it.

“Chicken.” I teased.

Archie grinned and shucked his underwear. I smiled when I saw his cock.

He squeezed in beside me, it was tight, and there wasn”t much room. Our bodies were joined from head to foot, and I felt his soft cock nestle between my buttocks. For the first time since the incident, I felt my cock lengthen. I reached down and held my cock. I felt pain when I tried some small strokes and had to stop.

This was the first time I felt afraid that the damage may be permanent. I could get hard, I could wank, but I wouldn”t be able to ejaculate.

I lay awake, worried I might never be able to have sex, never have children. I wanted to get up and go downstairs, but I couldn”t move. Archie was holding me tight, and the breathing on my neck told me he was asleep. I couldn”t disturb him, knowing he had the early morning chores to do on the farm. It should have been me, but I was in no fit state to work. I could barely walk without my balls inflicting pain on me.

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