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Learning to Surrender Pt. 03

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It had been almost two weeks since Rick’s life was totally changed by Jack. In one day, this straight, married, younger man was, without a doubt, born to pleasure a real man and receive his manhood and be rewarded with his semen, wherever, whenever, and however the man wanted. But he received no further contact from the man who completely conquered him and explored him inside and out. Rick felt sad, confused, alone, and used. Maybe this was how Jack was. Maybe he was only into the initial conquest. Maybe Jack was one of those who got a thrill out of converting straight men and taking their virginities. Rick couldn’t bring himself to look for another man and figured that earth-shattering day of sex was simply exploration. But whenever he had sex with his wife, he would think about what Jack did for him. When he came, he imagined the throbbing and pumping he received.

Right at the two week mark, he got an email. “Tomorrow morning, come over. Clear your day. I need you. Jack” Rick was in turmoil. Was he just some young meat to be used? Surely he shouldn’t reply. What if Jack had been bedding other boys? But then again, what if he did? Maybe it meant that he had been better to Jack than other boys. Maybe he was just to be used. But at least he would be used by a real man. Rick replied. “Ok.”

Rick was shaking nervous driving over to the house. People in the neighborhood were all leaving for work. At least they wouldn’t overhear the passionate sex that went on there. He walked up to the door and knocked. Jack opened the door. “Come in.” Rick stepped in, as nervous as his first time weeks ago. He heard the door close and lock behind him.

“Listen, your silence really threw me o-” Jack grabbed the younger man by the waist, pushed him against the closed door. Big hands grabbed and tilted Rick’s face, and Jack hungrily kissed him. As shocked and as somewhat hurt as Rick was, he couldn’t help opening up his mouth this determined and passionate man. All his questions and feelings before melted away as Jack’s hands began wandering over the boy’s body, grabbing, kneading, pinching lower and lower under the clothes. Rick knew his tiny dick was hard and copiously leaking as he raised his arms and hooked them around Jack’s neck and held on. Aggressive hands undid the young man’s pants and immediately slipped inside to knead the genitals. Rick was a gasping mess. Jack felt with his hands how wet this boy was.

“I love how your body reacts to its owner. See how wet your pussy is? Who you’re wet for.”


“What? Speak up.” Jack loved it when boys struggled to speak or even breathe due to his kissing and fondling.

“I’m wet for you…”


“Because I’m you’re girl…”

“And what happens to wet girls?”

“They… get… fucked…”

“I didn’t contact you as a test to see what you would do. You didn’t go looking for someone else did you?”


“Neither did I. I wanted you to come running back.”

“I did come running…”

“I know… come here, it’s time for you to drain me.”

Jack took his young man by the hand and lead him to the kitchen. In the middle of the kitchen was a thick soft mat. He stood in front of it.

“Kneel.” Rick knew what the mat was for and knew what he was expected to do. Jack’s shorts were tenting and the manhood looked so large and needing of release. He undid the shorts and pulled the boxers down. He couldn’t altyazılı porno believe it but everything looked even bigger than the last time. Surely this heavy dick wasn’t this thick before. And the balls… they looked like they were about to burst.

“Be a good girl Rachel.”

With that, Jack closed his eyes. Rick was determined to make sure his man would never be without his services again. He lifted the shaft with one hand and absolutely worshipped the man’s balls with his mouth, tongue, and other hand. Every inch was kissed, licked, nibbled, and sucked. He even tried to stuff each of them into his mouth, but failed. He was proud to see Jack’s massive tool begin to drip copiously onto his forehead. He replaced his mouth with his right hand and continued to fondle the heavy testes, as he began working his mouth further and further down the shaft. The kitchen echoed with Jack’s grunts and groans. Jack’s hands began to guide and grip the boy’s head. Over and over he mentioned “Such a good girl, such a good girl… ” Rick was so proud but knew from the way the body shook and the dick twitched and balls tightened that Jack was close. Rick went into high gear and within seconds was grabbed, held, and had almost 10 jets of warm thick semen fill his mouth and throat. Rick struggled to swallow midway but the bursts came so rapidly, some semen leaked out and dripped down his chin. Instinctively, he caught it and held it and pushed it back up into his mouth when he was able to swallow more.

Rick was so proud at how relaxed his man became, how Jack petted his head as he almost stumbled to stay standing. Rick grabbed his lovers butt and pulled him back and then lovingly held, licked, cleaned, and kissed every inch of the wonderful manhood that just filled his mouth and stomach with sperm. Jack smiled as things were going better than he had expected. When Rick finished, he pulled up the boxers and shorts and made as if nothing had happened at all.

“I was going to take you to the guest bedroom but I think I have other plans for you Rachel. That was amazing.”

Rick flushed with pride. Did this mean he was going to be taken in the master bedroom? Did he earn the right to pleasure this man in his most sacred place?

“Go clean and shave yourself. You’ll find the cleaning tools and shaving kit on the counter… along with a little something I want you to wear. I want you to put that on, fold the rest of your clothes and come put it here on the kitchen counter. A girl should dress girly for her man.” With that, Jack went up to his room again.

Rick went to the bathroom. Lying next to the cleaning and shaving implements was lingerie. It was black and thin. There was a skimpy top that tied around the back and neck. But more shocking was the black thong that tied at the sides. He jumped into the shower and carefully cleaned and shaved himself all over as instructed. He stepped out and learned how to put on the top and tie the strings using the mirror. He then tied on his thong. They all barely fit. He was shocked at what he saw in the mirror. Here he was preparing his body to be used and wrapped up like a gift with string. He then noticed something else on the counter. Next to some lubricant was a small shaped object with a kind of crystal capping one end. He knew immediately what it was. It was a plug for his love canal. Jack wanted him to present his body to him. And Rick was going to obey. He lubricated himself türkçe altyazılı porno and the plug, and yelped as it slipped instead of him. He refastened his thong bottom and felt the object lodged in him every time he moved or stepped. His dick was already leaking. He grabbed his other clothes and carefully walked out towards the kitchen, the tiny plug reminding him with each step that he was going to soon be totally enjoyed.

“Did everything fit?” Jack turned and gasped as he saw his nervous boy stand in his living room. “Turn around.” He marveled at how round this young boy’s rear was. His skin was so smooth. “Put your clothes on the counter and follow me.” Jack opened the patio door and walked out into the back yard.” Rick was shocked. Was he expected to go outside like this? In broad daylight? The neighbors homes all surrounded the yard and if anyone were home upstairs, they would be able to see him. Nervously, he slowly stepped towards the patio and saw two tanning lounge chairs and towels set up in the middle of the open grass. He looked up at the windows that looked down and realized he had no choice.

Jack looked back at his young lover gingerly walk barefoot out across the grass towards him. The boy had long legs and even stepped like a girl. He noticed the wiggle of the hips, likely because of the sensation of the crystal plug he had in him. Today would be the day the neighbors got to see his latest conquest. He knew most of the moms in the neighborhood would be home.

“Put some sunblock on me will you?” Jack laid down on the chaise as small nervous hands began to put oil on his body. Rick always marveled at how strong and taught Jack’s muscles were. Once he finished on the upper body, he worked on his mans strong legs. He then decided to go further, lathering the thighs and rubbing his hands further up the opening of Jacks shorts. Jack smiled at the progress this boy was making and grunted in approval as delicate lathered fingers began caressing his balls.

“Rachel, don’t hold back.” Jack lied down on the lounge chair with his arms crossed behind his head. Rick hesitated. “It’s ok. They know I bring home boys by the screams of joy. They haven’t seen anyone out here but I think it’s time they saw how much you love pleasing me.”

Rick began undoing the boardshorts strings and let the enormous manhood spring out. He knew this was where he belonged, kneeling next to his man reclining while getting serviced, all out in the open for the world to see. He soon forgot where he was, what he was wearing. He closed his eyes and focused only on the meat in his mouth, the balls in his hands, and the grunts of his man. Each twitch and convulsion was a victory for him. He heard an upstairs window close. Then another. Jack smiled as his boy didn’t skip a beat.

“That’s enough. I don’t want to cum in your mouth. Spread the towel and get into a girl’s position.”

Rick realized that he was going to be taken outside in daylight. But what could he do? His mind raced as he laid out the towel he would soon be pounded on. He wondered what he would look like from afar, bent over in the middle of the grass. He got on his elbows and knees and lowered his head until it touched the ground. He held onto the towel tight in his hands. He would have to control his screams. But how could he with a man so gifted and talented? He felt the breeze on his skin and the birds chirping around him.

“I love it hd altyazılı porno when you offer yourself to me Rachel.” Jacks hands roamed from his boy’s lower back, all over his bottom, over the genitals, inner thighs, everywhere. His hands paused on the thong bottom, tracing along the sides as he pulled the knot off the right and then the left. The tiny cloth fell away onto the towel. The crystal head of the plug sparkled in the sun. Jack traced his finger around it, pressing it in further, causing the boy to moan and his dick to leak. His hands traced up the boys back as he untied the bra, letting it too fall to the towel.

“This is how I really like you dressed Rachel… Just this.” He pressed the crystal again to more moans. He slowly pulled plug out with a slight pop. he smiled at the gaping hole. Rick wondered if he would get to lube his mans penis before but instead he felt the hot tip of Jack’s tool at his entrance. He moaned uncontrollably as he felt hot flesh invade his innards slowly and smoothly, bottoming out as he felt it push against his innards and heavy balls rest against his own. Jack slightly stood up, put his feet on each side of the boys hips until he almost stood over his boy’s ass putting his dick at a steep angle. It pressed against Rick’s prostate causing him to cry out loudly. Jack knew this aggressively angled position well. He knew what his dick was going to do to this boy. No one he had ever been with could withstand losing control.

“Shhh… wouldn’t want to disturb the neighbors.” But Rick didn’t care. He knew what was going to happen and decided not to try to fight the pleasure by holding in his passion. Steadily the tempo and force increased as Jack pistoned his manhood into his boy, bumping against the g-spot on the way down. Rick squealed each time he felt the electric touch on his prostate and when heavy hot balls crushed against his bottom.

“Let go of the towel and spread yourself Rachel… That’s it… Reach back, spread your pussy for me…”

Rick had seen women do this in porn but never imagined that he would be the one giving a man the best access to his body. He pulled his cheeks apart until it hurt. His face and chest were now being ground into the towel with every downward stroke that was becoming more and more insistent. The assault on his prostate was more than he could bear and he couldn’t help cumming onto the towel below him. Jack’s breathing became ragged. Rick knew it was close.

“Fill me up… fill me up… fill me… oh God fill me…”

Rick felt his man finally spasm. Big thick hands dug into his hips, locking him into place as he felt the manhood inside of him expand and pump warm seed into him. Surely if he were a girl, he would be pregnant by now. Jack stood up, pulled out of his boy, and fell back onto the lounge chair. Rick fell onto the now wet towel and couldn’t move or speak. Semen leaked out of him.

“Rachel. You were amazing.”

“Thank you…”

“Now go get changed and leave. Come back tomorrow morning same time.”

“Um… I can’t… I have to go into work tomorrow… Can I come in the evening?”

Rick had an old friend coming over. Maybe it was time to push his boy further.

“Actually, yea that’ll work. Come by in the evening. Take the lingerie and plug with you. I want you wearing those when you enter my house.”


Rick slowly got up, gathered his panties, bra, and plug, and walked back to the house. He felt strange putting back on his normal clothes, and left. He wondered what Jack had planned for the next day. As he drove home, he felt more of his man’s seed leak out of him. He loved it.

To be continued…

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