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Lake of Sensations

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First time posting, all characters are above 18 years of age.


Sharpened steel sailed on the layer of ice. Dess laughed and made a pirouette, to which her friend laughed as well. They twirled and raced across the frozen lake together, two friends enjoying their break together. The year was starting, last bits of winter still lasting as spring started showing her bright hair. It wasn’t as cold, but this pond had a wonderful property of staying frozen well until spring was already here. At this time of the year, it was the perfect time to go ice skating. As a result of the more kinder weather, Dess was dressed more lightly. Thigh highs on her legs, just the right fit for her. She wore a shirt, but she didn’t bother with a skirt or anything. The movement of her legs was enough to warm her from belt down, plush she had a long jacket, going well beyond the line of her privates. The air was chill, but very pleasant, and the light tingle on her exposed nether regions was, simply mesmerising. Not even her friend Jaquelin knew that she wore no underwear, and this was the most exciting of all. No one was near, and no one knew she was being naughty as she was.

‘Dess!’ Jaquelin yelped and laughed again as Dess skated past her once and again and again. With one more pass, Jaq moved by an inch, and the two friends ended falling, luckily not on the rough ice, but on the snowed soft ground, laughing together.

‘You jerk!’ Jaq laughed, ‘I’m all wet now!’

Dess chuckled. ‘Oh, you big cry baby,’ she said. Jaquelin’s clothes were wet from the snow though, and her friend was not a friend of cold weather. ‘Oh, go dry up, alright? We’ve been here for a while now anyways,’ Dess said. ‘Wait for me in the cottage, I’ll just have few more circles.’

‘Alright then!’ Jaq said cheerfully, sitting up and removing her skates, putting her boots back on. She was visibly shivering, and without saying much more, she grabbed her things and ran towards the small cottage not far from the lake, waving after Dessous.

Beneath the ice, something lurked. Something, or well, someone. Rouge was, simply put, a mermaid. She lived Ankara escort in lakes and rivers, ponds and streams, making an occassional trip to the sea. But she loved going to this pond. Ever since she was a little girl, she loved it. It wasn’t all the right temperature, but… There was someone. A girl, about her age, tall and beautiful. Brown flowing hair, sparkling eyes and a ringing laughter. The pond was her favourite place as well. She often sat at its shore, reading, talking, eating. And in winter, she skated. Gods, Rouge loved seeing her skate. She was graceful, beautiful, an angel rushing on top of the ice. And now, oh my… the sight presenting above Rouge’s head was, oh, rather something… It wasn’t the first time Dessous has come to skate like this. Third or fourth time, maybe. It was all fuzzy in her head. Seeing her exposed like this… it made her breath heavier, her heart race fast, and she felt her face turn red as her name. It was a strange sensation. Mermaids had no need for clothing, and she herself had her breasts and lower parts exposed. There was still something about the way she looked though. Her clean shaven beauty, the way her lips glistened… Rouge involuntarily ran her hand through her soft pubes. Her nipples hardened.

Dess finished the second circle of the lake. Sure, it was more of a pond than a lake, no more than several meters in diameter, but it was rather deep. She huffed and stretched her back, and then she sat down. A pleasured sigh escaped her lips. Her hot lower lips touched the chilling surface of the ice. There was something very interesting about this feeling. She closed her eyes, and imagined things she’s done here before, sitting there like this… She shouldn’t now, of course, Jaq was so near, but still… by God, how she loved this feeling. Her hand involuntarily ran to her lips.

She suddenly stopped. She was still panting, but she couldn’t help stopping. She stared at the sight above her. Directly above her, she was sitting. She could clearly see her lips through the clear ice. It wasn’t the first time, yes, but… She hesitated, then made her move. She had Ankara escort bayan no idea what came into her head. She swam right to the layer of ice. It was thin, yes, though thick enough to hold a light human body. This part though… strangely enough, this specific part was very, very thin. She put her tongue to it…

Her hand never got to her lips. Instead, she suddenly felt something between her legs. From the bottom, something wet touched her already wet lips. She’d question what it was, but, oh God the sensation… She moaned.

…and the ice melted. She wasn’t sure how, but it did. Her pupils widened. She felt something salty, yet so sweet on her tongue. She felt softness on it. She couldn’t help, and suddenly started to lick.

Gosh, this was amazing. Her mind went cloudy. She couldn’t focus on anything but the feeling. She felt something soft on her lips, and it moved, and oh it moved so good. She panted, more and more, eyes tightly shut as she enjoyed the feeling.

Rouge licked and licked, her tongue sliding across the sweetness of her lips. Juices were still flowing out of her entrance, and she licked and swallowed them all. Her body started moving higher… and somehow, the ice above her cracked. Not much, just enough to allow her head to go out. Surprised, she quickly took the opportunity. The human girl layed on her back even on her own accord, and Rouge took her legs onto her shoulders, and burried her face deep between the sweet thighs.

Dessa felt simply wonderful. She layed on her back, not even questioning the force lifting her legs upwards. She felt pressure on her clitoris, and loud moans escaped her mouth.

Rouge was now enjoying, well, sucking on the girl’s clit. Her tongue swirled around it and poked it, her teeth very gentle as they rubbed against it when her lips ventured closer to it. Fingers of one of her hands moved to the entrance… and she started fingering the girl.

Dess was now in heaven. Pleasure came from all sides of her vagina, pleasure she has not known until now. There was something inside her, and the combination Escort Ankara of these stimuli was bringing her oh so close…

The girl suddenly screamed loud, and clear sweet liquid covered Rouge’s mouth and hands. She still continued eating her out and fingering her as the girl moaned and moaned lapping up all the sweet liquids she could.

A wave of the best orgasm she’s ever had hit her so suddenly. Her back arched, a scream escaped her mouth, and her walls tightned more. Her cum came out in waves, and her hands traveled to her breasts to play with them and massage her nipples. The stimuli continued on as she orgasmed, though they slowly died off… Her head was so fuzzy, her mind clouded. She saw something come out of the lake. A girl was suddenly besides her, smiling. Her hair was short and fiery, her eyes the same colour. Her breasts were exposed, nipples perked. She was beautiful. Dess smiled.

‘Are you an angel?’

Rouge chuckled. ‘Almost,’ she said, and gave the girl a kiss.

Dess kissed the angel back. Her lips tasted so sweet. She was in heaven once again. They kissed, their tongues swirling in the other’s mouth. She could feel the angel’s body pressed up against hers, hands on her shoulders, and she hugged her.

Rouge’s body was on fire. She kissed and kissed the girl, enjoying the taste of her other lips now, and so warm in her embrace… They kissed for a long time, before Rouge heard a yell.

‘Dess!?’ a voice sounded. Rouge quickly retracted her head. It was the girl’s friend. With an apologetic look, she moved back through the hole in the ice, with a soft blow patching it up.

Jaquelin found Dessous sitting on the ice. She had a ver, very pleased look on her face.

‘Dess? Are you ok? You’ve been here for so long, I was worried about you.’

‘What?’ Dess looked up. ‘Oh, oh, sorry. No, I’m fine. I- I guess I was just skating a lot.’

‘You look very dizzy,’ Jaq said worriedly. ‘Ah, come on then! I made us hot chocolate.’ She smiled.

Dess smiled back. ‘Thank you. You’re a sweetie.’

She put on her shoes, and they walked towards the cottage. But as she turned her head once more to the lake, she saw a head of red hair, and the mermaid winked… and blew her a kiss. Dess smiled. She sent a kiss back, suddenly unexpectedly happy. This was going to be a rather interesting weekend.

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