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Kelsey’s World Ch. 31

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A week after the all girl orgy, Barbara stopped by Wendy’s house to see her. It was a Saturday afternoon. She was hoping Matt would be there, and he was. Barbara wanted to turn the screws a little, to keep Wendy thinking about joining in with the swinger couples. Barb was doing it mostly because she wanted her friend to experience all the fun, but there was also a part of her that was excited by the idea of recruiting a new couple, and she thought Matt was cute and sexy so it was a win/win all around.

“Oh, hi Barb!” Matt said when he answered the door. “Wendy’s not here. She’s at the grocery store.”

“Oh, shoot,” Barb said. “Mind if I wait. She probably won’t be long, will she?”

“No. Come on in. Yeah, she’s probably just picking up a few things. How are you?”

Barb stepped inside the cozy house, out of the cold January wind. “I’m good. How are you guys doing? Wendy told me you had a nice Christmas holiday.”

“Yeah, it was nice. Different now, without a young child to buy toys for.”

“Oh, I know. I miss those days.”

“What a beer or something? Coffee?”

“Beer me,” Barb smiled.

Barb’s smile was even more spectacular than Matt remembered. He still had trouble believing his eighteen-year-old son was fucking such a beautiful, mature woman. It wasn’t too long ago when Matt himself would have thought of Barb as an older woman, but the older he got the more those gaps seemed to be closing.

“So,” he said when he handed her a freshly opened bottle of beer, “I hope I’m not out of line saying this, but Wendy’s told me some things. About your…hobby.”

“My hobby?” Barb had a mischievous glint in her eye, and combined with smile number two it just about melted Matt into a puddle. “I suppose it is sort of a hobby, isn’t it. Do you think I’m terrible?”

“No! I didn’t mean that! I guess I’ll have to be careful how I word things. It’s just that, I have a million questions.”

“No need to be careful. Ask away.”

Barb took a sip of beer and fixed her gaze on Matt. His heart pounded. He knew it was delicate and dangerous territory.

“How long have you been…into it all?”

“Six months, I guess,” Barb said. “You know Kelsey. She and Austin have been at it since right after high school. You normally don’t think of kids that age as swingers, but, when she moved back here after college they got more serious, became more of a real couple, you know? I don’t know how well you know her, but I defy anyone to spend any time with her and not get drawn in. She has the most powerful sexual aura of anyone I’ve ever met.”

Matt smiled. He was thinking the same thing about Barb. He’d never met a woman as naturally sexy.

“Yeah, I’ve met her, and Wendy told me all about her. It’s funny, you guys both make her sound like she’s a shaman or something.”

“Yeah, well, you tell me, after you get to know her,” Barb smiled. She took another sip of beer. “Has Wendy shown you the porn Kelsey made in college?”

“No. Maybe for my birthday,” Matt smiled.

Barb’s eyes twinkled. “Most guys want a threeway for their birthday, don’t they?”

Matt was getting warm. The wind howled outside, and the old furnace in the basement was barely keeping up, but Matt’s pulse was racing and he could feel sweat trickling down his chest. “It’s the kind of present their mothers never gave them when they were kids, I guess,” he said.

“Not when they were kids,” Barb said.

Matt froze and could barely breathe. His comment was an innocent little joke, but Barb’s had a tinge of reality to it that surprised the hell out of him. He took a sip of beer, hoping Barb hadn’t noticed his bewilderment.

“Isn’t Wendy’s birthday coming up soon?” Barb asked. “Maybe I shouldn’t even suggest this, but I know some men who’d be into a nice threeway. It’s what every girl wants, too, you know.”

Matt almost choked on his mouthful of beer. “Wendy?…Really?”

Barb smiled at the cute look on Matt’s face. “Well, I know for a fact she’s not interested in cheating on you. But something with you, yeah, I’m almost positive she’d be way into it.”

Matt was hoping Barb meant with her, and from the look on her face he was pretty sure she did, but it was Wendy’s birthday after all, and Barb had mentioned a man. Matt didn’t really have time to mull over all the ramifications or decide if he felt comfortable with such a scenario. He felt like he needed to pounce while Barb was being so forthcoming.

“How would it work?” he asked. “I mean, I’m assuming it’d be a…a nice guy? Not like a hired hand or something…”

“A pro, you mean? No. It may surprise you to know there’s no need for that around here. There’s plenty of…enthusiasts in town who just do it for fun. It sounds crazy to say that. A year ago I would have been shocked.”

“So, I know about Kay and Bobby Jonston,” Matt said. “Is he who you’re thinking of?”

“He could be. But I actually had someone else in mind,” Barb said. Her smile grew. “Are you really considering this?”

“I have no idea. Honestly, it’s just kind of exciting hearing you talk about it.”

“Oh. Well that’s a start,” Barb sincan escort said. Her big smile lit up Matt’s heart again. He was under her spell the same way Richie was. Like father like son.

“So, the couples…they’re happy?” Matt asked. “I mean, away from swinging? Are their marriages solid?”

“Oh, yeah! That’s the thing I find most fascinating. They’re all so happy. I’m starting to think it’s a good relief valve for a marriage. My own marriage crashed and burned when my ex cheated. We both loved sex, even some of the kinky stuff, so I think if we’d started swinging, and kept it honest and open, we’d probably still be together and Austin would have had a full-time dad. Of course I’m just guessing, but from what I’ve seen the last few months, it seems to make the couples stronger. They’re all kind of remarkable.”

“Hey you two!” Wendy said when she returned. “Did you just get here?”

“Oh, a bottle of beer ago,” Barb said, smiling as she held up her empty.

“Would you like another?” Matt asked.

“No thanks. I get sleepy if I drink to much beer during the day.”

Matt thought about offering his soft bed for a nice nap, but he didn’t. He went to the door to help Wendy with the grocery bags.

“So what brings you by,” Wendy asked with a smile.

“Oh, nothing,” Barb said. “I was just nearby. I’ve been helping Matt pick out a birthday present for you.”

“Oh,” Wendy scoffed, shaking her head. “We’re not present people. It’s funny, we just saw my cousins over the holidays. They’re like totally the opposite. Always an expensive gift, always showing them off.”

“Sometimes the best gifts don’t cost anything,” Barb said, winking secretly at Matt.

“You got that right,” Wendy said. “I’m a simple girl.”

She put the groceries away in the refrigerator, wondering if Matt and Barb had discussed the girls party at Kay’s house. Wendy kind of hoped they had, because it would fire up Matt for some action after Barb left. Then she realized it wasn’t necessary, just the sight of Barb would be enough to get Matt going, knowing, as he did, how they’d licked each other’s pussies more than once. Wendy thought about putting on a show for him with Barb, right there on the couch. Maybe some girl-on-girl sixty-nine, and some pussy-to-pussy scissor sex. She smiled and shook it off — crazy ideas were fun to think about, but nothing more.

“The store was mobbed today,” she said. “Of course they’re too dumb to have more than two cashiers working on a busy weekend.”

“Any cute ones?” Barb asked. “Have you seen the one with the jet-black hair, cut in a pixie?”

“Yes! Oh my God, she’s…”

Matt smiled. He loved that his wife and her best friend were checking out cute girls. “I suppose it’s wrong for a husband to say he’s seen her too?” he said. “I swear to God she wasn’t wearing a bra the last time I was in there.”

“I know!” Barb said. “That’s kind of her thing, I think. I’m surprised the manager lets her get away with it. She’s got some serious ta ta’s.”

“You’ve seen the manager,” Wendy said. “He’s a greasy old man. I’m sure he loves it.”

“Do you think they blow him to get raises and stuff?” Barb asked.

“I worked there when I was a kid,” Wendy said. “It was a different guy, but the manager hit on me. I was only sixteen!”

“Age is a funny thing,” Barb said a little sheepishly, when she realized Richie at eighteen was perilously close to sixteen. She suddenly felt very awkward standing there talking to his parents. “Well, I just wanted to say hi you guys. I’ve got some errands to run. Can I use your bathroom?”

“Sure, right around the corner,” Wendy said.

When Barb pulled on her coat to leave she put a folded business card in Matt’s hand, one she’d written on when she was in the bathroom.

Call me if you want me to hook you up with a 3 way guy.

Within a few days Matt’s mind was reeling with thoughts of threeways and swinging. His imaginings of the parties that must go on were threatening to take over his very being, and they’d already messed up a project at work that he couldn’t focus on. Barb’s smile was stuck in his head, too, and her long legs, and the smooth, tight curve of her ass. Visions of Kay were bouncing around in his head, too. He hadn’t seen her in years, but her long red hair and her big breasted hour-glass petiteness were burned into his memory. He didn’t know if a threeway for his wife’s birthday was the best way into that world, but he had a feeling it might work. His hands were sweaty when he dialed the phone…

“Barb? Matt. Are you busy?”

“No. I’m on a break at work. What’s up?”

“The man. For Wendy’s birthday. Do you…still think that’s a good idea?”

“Do you? That’s all that matters, Matt.”

“I think, maybe, yeah. I mean, it sort of depends on the guy. I know it sounds funny, but I sort of feel like I need to trust him, but how can I? I mean, it’s just some guy that’s gonna show up, right?”

“No, Matt, all the guys are really great. I know you don’t know me too well, but I’ve got a low tolerance for assholes. Believe me, all the guys I’ve çankaya escort met so far through Kelsey and Kay are super nice. They’re all discrete, and open, and would never do anything to jeopardize someone else’s relationship. That’s the feeling I get, anyway. And listen, I gotta warn you, it’s a pretty small town when you get right down to it, so you’re gonna know a lot of the people who are involved, and you absolutely know the guy I’m thinking about.”

“I do?”

“Yup. You know him pretty well, but that’s what makes it so hot. That’s the name of the game, right? I mean, if you’re gonna give your wife her first threeway it should knock her socks off, don’t you think?”

“Oh. Yeah, absolutely.”

“So this is for real? You’re really thinking about it?”

“Yeah. I’m thinking it’s gonna happen.”

“Nice!” Barb said. “You know, this is gonna be the best gift ever. So before we go any further with this, I need to lay some ground work. It’s a man you and Wendy both know, but I want to assure you she’s never talked to me about cheating with him or anything like that. It’s just good healthy fantasy up ’til now. You know how that is, right, Matt? You must have some fantasies about women you know.”

“I do,” Matt said.

Barb could tell he was smiling. “Good. Yeah, we all have our fantasy world, don’t we?” she said, smiling, too. “So here’s the flip side — you know him, so that means he knows you guys, and you know how men are. Wendy’s cute. But he’s a man who’s respectful of marriage, and he’s never made any moves on her or anything. He’s not that kind of guy. You mentioned having someone you can trust, and if you trust my opinion, this guy’s perfect.”

“Yeah, I do trust you. Maybe I’m crazy, but…”

“Yeah, I know. It’s a big step, right? I think you’ll like how it works out. I really do.”

Matt’s heart fluttered when he realized what Barb was saying. He had a pretty good feeling she’d be wrapped up with a bow for him on his birthday.

“So, how do we do this?” Matt asked. “Do I call him, or…”

“I haven’t even asked him yet, Matt. I wanted to be sure you were sure before he knew anything about it. I’ll stop and see him this afternoon and run it by him. If he’s cool with it, we’ll go from there. I’m guessing he will be.”

“Okay. Wow, this is…”

“Big, right?”

“Big. Thanks, Barb, for everything.”

A week later, Wendy was all dolled up in her sexiest cocktail dress, a short one, cut low in the front, with pearls around her neck and spiky high heeled shoes on her slender feet.

“I feel so wicked going out of the house with this underwear on, you naughty boy,” she said, blushing a little as she took her coat out of the closet.

“I’m glad you like it. I felt like a little kid buying it. There was sweat on my forehead when I brought them up to the checkout girl.”

Wendy giggled. “I wish I’d seen that. But they’re probably used to selling men crotchless panties, especially with Valentines Day coming up.”

“Maybe. I can’t wait to see what they look like on you later. Does the bra fit?”

“What there is of it,” Wendy winked. “They didn’t waste much material on it, did they? Oh my God, look at my nips! Should I really go to a restaurant like this?”

“Are you kidding? I’ll be the proudest guy in the place.”

“You’re sweet,” Wendy said. She pulled Matt’s lips to hers and kissed him, open-mouthed and sexy. “Damn!” she sighed. “You better eat some good energy food tonight. I need you bad later.”

“With you, wearing that, I’ll have so much energy you’ll think there’s two of me.”

Wendy’s eyes sparkled with love for her sexy man, and they sparkled that way all through the delicious meal at the French restaurant they sometimes went to on special occasions. It was in the downstairs of an old stone house way out in the county, east of town. They had martinis at the small bar in the corner while they waited for their table, wine with dinner, and champagne with the chocolate soufflé that they ordered ahead of time for dessert. Wendy’s beautiful eyes melted Matt’s heart when she got the giggles deep into the bottle of bubbly.

“You shouldn’t even be driving!” she said, when they’d killed the bottle. “Times are different now. It’s not like when we were kids.”

“I’ll be okay,” Matt said, fairly confident he could make it the short distance they needed to go. If Wendy had known they weren’t going home, she would have understood.

“You’re gonna freeze in your little coat,” Matt said. “I’m gonna run out and warm up the car while the waiter brings back our change.”

“Okay, baby,” Wendy said. “He’s cute, isn’t he? I promise I won’t run away with him.”

Out in the dark parking lot, Matt lifted the hood on his car and unhooked two wires, just as he was instructed. He got in and turned the key. The engine barely started and ran rougher than he expected, but it was running.

“All set?” he asked, back inside the warmth of the small restaurant.

“Yup,” Wendy said. “I gave him a little extra ’cause he’s cute.”

“It’s your birthday. You can do anything you want today.”

“Anything?” eryaman escort Wendy giggled.

“It’s your day, my love. Just tell me you love me once in a while.”

“I love you I love you I love you,” she said, and her beautiful smile drove all the chill from Matt’s bones.

“Bundle up. It’s a bitter cold night.”

As they walked out to the rough-running car, Wendy’s happy expression went away. “Matt, what’s wrong with it?”

“Crap,” he said. They both got in and he revved up the engine a few times. “Some kind of misfire, I guess.”

Matt reached in his pocket and took out his phone.

“Are you calling a tow truck?”

“No. Richie. He doesn’t live far from here.”

“Matt, we shouldn’t just drop in there. We might be…interrupting something.”

Matt smiled as he held his phone to his ear. “What do you mean, you don’t want to hang out with your son with your crotchless panties on?”

Wendy didn’t look too happy about the idea. Matt put on his best phone call face and pretended to have a conversation. The whole ploy depended on his performance, so he gave it all he had.

“Oh, hi Richie. We’re at that French place over near you guys, and your mom and I are having some car trouble… yeah, running rough, can you hear it?… We’re gonna try and make it home, but if it’s really bad I’m gonna head over your way, okay? Just giving you a heads-up… Oh. Yeah, I guess I could swing by there. I know he works late sometimes… Yeah, that’s a good idea. All right, I’ll talk to you later kiddo. Bye.”

“What now? Are we driving it like this?”

“Yup. We’ll give it a shot. I’m gonna angle toward Richie’s just in case. He can rescue us if we need him to.”

“Good. I’m about freezin’ my nips off already.”

“No, don’t let that happen,” Matt smiled. “We’re gonna need those later.”

He put the car in gear and rumbled away from the parking lot.

“Holy shit, Matt, this does not sound good,” Wendy said.

She rode in silence, listening to the badly misfiring engine as it propelled them through the dark winter night. After a few miles Matt slowed and turned into a dark car lot.

“Oh my gosh, is this Koop’s place?”

“Yup. Richie suggested it. The lights are on in the shop. That’s Koop’s truck, isn’t it?”

“It’s hard to keep track of what he’s driving, but I think so.”

Matt pulled up in front of the overhead door. “Wait here,” he said. “Let me run in and see if he can do anything for us.”

Wendy sat in the dark with the car sputtering, just barely warmed up. She pulled her coat tighter around herself, glad she had it to cover the sexy little dress and wildly hard nipples if Koop was indeed there. She couldn’t remember a time when he would have seen her all dressed to the nines. It sent a little tingle through her, and she thought maybe she would take the coat off inside, to give him a little look, just for a few minutes. The champagne was giving her sexy courage.

“He’s here,” Matt said when he climbed back in the car. “He’s gonna take a look at it.”

The big overhead door started to rise, and the greenish florescent light from the shop spilled out into the night. Koop stood there in dirty work pants and an open shirt, waving them in. All the air went out of Wendy’s lungs. Matt heard it. He wondered if she’d figured things out, but she hadn’t. It was just the sight of the inside of the shop and Koop in an open shirt that had gotten to her, a sight so reminiscent of the photo she kept under her panties in her dresser drawer. She waved shyly at Koop as the car passed him. He pushed the button next to the big door and it creaked its way down, sealing out the blustery January night.

“Hi, Wendy,” he said when she got out of the car. “Wow, you look amazing! Be careful, you’ll get all dirty hanging around this place.”

The way Kelsey and Abby did, Wendy wanted to say?

“Hi, Koop,” Wendy said shyly. She was still buzzing from the champagne, but it all felt different all of the sudden. “Do you know anything about these newer cars?”

“Sure, a little. Can I take your coat? The furnace is stuck on full blast for some reason.”

Wendy could feel it, and realized that was why Koop’s shirt was open. She’d seen that part of him before, not only in the picture, but in the summertime when he mowed his lawn.

Wendy decided to be bold and show off her sexy little dress. She slipped the coat off her arms and folded it.

“Damn! What’s this, a special occasion?” Koop asked. Wendy was thrilled with the way his eyes quietly devoured her.

“It’s Wendy’s birthday,” Matt said. “We just had dinner at the French place.”

“Oh, Nice. Well, I must say, Matt, you’re a lucky man.”

Wendy suddenly got a shot of horny juice in her bloodstream, and her nipples made themselves known even more through the thin fabric of her dress. She could feel the dry heat from the furnace blowing up under it, wafting around her pussy that was so blatantly out there surrounded by its lacy adornment. Taking a few steps made her keenly aware of how bare it was, and of her high heels, too, such an odd thing to be wearing around a dirty shop. Both the men were looking at her like she was the sexiest thing in the world. Maybe it’s the French food and wine, she thought to herself. French women love dressing sexy and showing off their womanliness. Why can’t us American girls do it, too?

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