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Kay Cums of Age Ch. 1

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‘It was really awesome!’ I overheard the young blonde college girl say.

‘Tell me what happened?’ the brunette girl giggled. ‘I want you to tell me everything!’

I of course already knew what had happened because you see they were talking about the night before when Kay had been talking to the stranger on the Internet. I usually do not eaves drop on the girls here, but I happened to be doing the usual maintenance on the security system at the college where I work.

‘Well,’ she said, looking around to make sure that they were alone. ‘All I can say is that I am going to ask him to meet me tonight!’

‘Are you crazy Kay? You have never met this guy?’

‘No Deb, but it doesn’t really matter. I am in love with him!’

‘Get the fuck out of here Kay,’ she said, wrinkling her cute button nose up.

‘It’s true!’ Kay said, disgusted at her friend for doubting her.

‘You can’t be in love with someone you have never met! It’s just not possible and it could be a dangerous thing to get involved with someone like that!’ I leaned back in my chair as I watched the girls on the security cameras. Like I said before, the brunette’s name was Kay and I have to tell you right now, this girl was stacked like the proverbial brick shit house. I don’t mean that she was just nicely built, I mean she had the nicest, firmest set of breasts that I had ever laid eyes or my lips on! I had seen her doing her exercises at the gym at the college. I had spent many hours watching her as she shook and twisted that body in every conceivable direction possible. I had studied her body structure as well as the way she moved. Her ass was a perfect heart shape, not too big, and not too small. To top it all off, her face was the face of an angel! Her body was killer for sure. I had spent many waking hours stroking my cock and thinking about how I would love to get a chance to have this girl and now, I had a plan.

‘I don’t really care how dangerous it is Deb! I just know that this man is my soul mate and I will have him no matter what!’

‘But what will your dad and mom say about that?’

‘Fuck them! It’s not my fault that they decided that I have to go to this fucking school! It’s just not fair. If there were any decent boys around, I never would have spent so much time on the fucking internet!’ Kay slipped the upturned straw between her ruby red lips and took a sip of her Coke. My cock stirred when she pulled it from her mouth and a little liquid dripped down her perfect chin.

Deb just shook her head. ‘It hasn’t been that bad has it Kay,’ she asked as she leaned toward Kat and touched her hand? Kay smiled as she thought back to the times when they’d had their great exploratory love sessions. She felt a movement between her legs when she recalled how it felt to have Debbie’s tongue lick the ripe nipples on her melon perfectly shaped breasts. She remembered how her expert hand had felt as they parted her wet pussy lips and she had moved her tongue lovingly across her swollen clit. Kay leaned forward and pressed her moist red lips to her friend’s cheek. She flicked her tongue across her skin so it looked like the average girl to friend kiss but the sexual overtones were not wasted on Debbie. ‘NO! You are such a great lover and it is so wonderful when you love my body Deb, but…..’ her voice trailed off, ‘I really need a man to put his cock deep into me. At least I think I do.’

‘Get the fuck outa’ here girl! You mean you’re really still a virgin?’ Deb sat there sneering at this queen of purity that sat before her. She couldn’t believe that every boy at the local Steak and Shake hadn’t been boffing that sweet pussy of hers. Kay nodded her head and looked down, obviously embarrassed that she hadn’t been the distance with a boy. ‘It’s ok Kay, some people think that’s still a virtue,’ she said snickering at her friend. ‘Of course, all of those people are retired by now!’

‘It’s not funny!’ Kay yelled, her chair making a grinding noise against the floor as she stood up. Deb sat back in her chair, not intending for the conversation to go the way it seemed to be heading.

‘I’m sorry Kay,’ she said, squeezing her friend’s hand. ‘ It’s just that you are my best friend and I worry about you getting into trouble. You never can tell what kind of creeps are out there now days.’

Kay seemed to calm a little and sat back down. ‘I’m sorry Deb, it’s just that I have waited 19 years and now that I’m away from my parents, I have not even found anyone that I would want to fuck. That is until I started talking to this guy.’

Shrugging her shoulders as in defeat, Deb just patted Antalya Escort her friend on the hand. She had been friends with this girl for a lot of years and one thing she knew for certain. She knew that once her friend had made up her mind, there was nothing in this world that would change it.

‘It’s about time for the mail to arrive Deb!’ Kay said excitedly. He promised he’d send me something today!’

‘You mean you gave him your address?’

‘Of course not silly,’ her friend laughed. ‘I have a post office box at one of those little stores and they promised me they’d forward it to my regular mailing address. It’s all completely confidential and discreet!’ Kay stood up and Debbie shrugged as she stood up and followed her friend toward the area that was set up as the student post office. I watched Kat and Debbie’s cute little asses as they sauntered down the hallway to the mail room. When they turned the corner, I pressed the button and turned on the another camera. I watched from the other direction until they stopped in front of the mail receptacles. I watched Kay’s fingers as she turned the knob to the correct numbers, opened the door and pulled out a piece of paper. ‘It’s here!’ she squealed as she waved a little slip of paper. The long blonde hair bounced and her firm ass jiggled as she jumped up and down. ‘Oh my god, it’s here!’

‘Must be a big spender! He sent you a slip of paper!’ her friend taunted.

‘No stupid!’ her friend glared. It’s a ticket to pick up my package!’ Debbie did not have time to reply before Kat spun on her heels and made her way to the window. There was a slight tremble in her hand as she sat the ticket on the counter. The postal clerk’s eyes lit up slightly when he saw the young girls.

‘Hi sweetie. What can I do for you?’ he asked smiling a big smile at the pair of girls before him. It was obvious that he liked what he saw.

Kay handed him the paper. ‘I’m here to pick up a package, and the name is NOT sweetie asshole!’ she blurted out, pissed because he was trying to come on to her. What the fuck was it with men anyway? Just because she was a young girl and he was a handsome boy didn’t mean that she was interested in the least! The man’s smile disappeared and he took the ticket and returned with her package. After signing for it, she turned and walked away without even thanking him.

‘Are you crazy Kay?’ her friend asked her. ‘You didn’t have to be so fucking rude! That guy liked us and I’m not sure if you knew it or not, but he’s captain of the football team!’

‘He’s just a boy. I have a man waiting for me!’ Debbie paused for a moment, took her friend by the arm, stopping her in her tracks. ‘Just how old is this guy Kay?’ he friends asked, the concern showing on her young face.

‘Uh, I’m not sure,’ she said turning to walk away.

‘Wait just a fucking minute Kay!’ she said stopping her friend again. ‘You DO know how old this guy is. Now are you gonna tell me or do I have to call your daddy and tell him that his daughter is becoming a little cyber slut!’

‘Ok! Ok! He’s fourty-ish or something like that!’

‘Oh my god Kay! That’s your dad’s age!’

‘No that’s my FATHER’s age Deb. I have a new ‘daddy’ now!’

I followed the girls as they walked back to the common’s area. They sat back down at the table. Kat picked up the packaged and looked at it. ‘Well, come on! Aren’t you going to open it Kat?’

The blonde girl shook her head in the negative. ‘Daddy told me not to open it until we were chatting tonight!’

‘Daddy? You mean you’re really calling this guy ‘daddy’? Geeze Kat, I don’t know about this. It’s kinda spooky to get involved in anything like this!’ Debbie could tell that her friend had already made up her mind and she resigned herself to trying to understand why she was doing and to protect her best friend. Kay looked at her watch. ‘Oh fuck!’ she said. ‘I’m gonna be late for class!’ With that, she picked up her package and hurried down the hall to her class. Debbie was left at the table, not believing what was happening to her friend, but trying with all her might to understand. How could her friend get involved like this? However it happened, she was going to make sure that her friend was going to be ok.

Now, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am the ‘daddy’ that Kay is involved with. I not only take care of the security systems here, I am in charge of the networking on the computers too. I logged onto the network and waited. I go by the name of ‘DaddyJ’ in the chat rooms. I have been looking for a while for the right girl and now I believed Antalya Escort Bayan I had found her. I logged onto the school server and waited. I smiled as I watched the screen and her name popped up.

‘Special_Kay is now online,’ the message popped up on the screen.

Special_Kay: Hi Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The message came up.

DaddyJ: Hi Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! I messaged back.

Special_Kay: I got your package daddy!

DaddyJ: I was so hoping that you would baby!

Special_Kay: Can I open it now?

Special_Kay: Are you alone?

Special_Kay: No daddy. I am in my computer science class.

Special_Kay: Then you can’t open it! It is a present that you can’t open in front of anyone!

Special_Kay: Please daddy! Please let your little baby open it! Pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

DaddyJ: I said no baby. How many times does daddy have to tell you that?

I waited for what was a while. I had figured out that by now I had a very strong willed girl here and it was going to be a challenge to control her.

Special_Kay: Ok daddy. I’m sorry for arguing with you!

Special_Kay: It’s ok baby! Daddy understands. It’s just that all things worth having are worth waiting for. You do trust daddy don’t you?

Special_Kay: Oh yes daddy! I trust you with my life daddy!

DaddyJ: That’s good baby, because daddy wouldn’t ever do anything to put you in danger.

Special_Kay: I know daddy. I believe you will take care of me.

DaddyJ: What is daddy’s baby wearing today.

Special_Kay: I am wearing a low cut white tank top daddy. And I’m not wearing a bra.

DaddyJ: Sounds nice baby. I bet your nipples are standing up hard too. What else?

Special_Kay: Yes they are definitely hard. They are hard for your touch and caress daddy. I am wearing a pair of pink thong bikini panties. They are so sheer that you can almost see through them daddy.

DaddyJ: Damn baby. Daddy’s big fat cock is getting hard as we speak.

Special_Kay : And, I’m wearing a pair of leather jeans that hug my cute little ass like a glove daddy!

DaddyJ: Very good baby. I do love leather you know!

Special_Kay: That’s good daddy. I aim to please. Daddy, I need to ask you a question?

DaddyJ: Ok baby. Daddy’s all ears sweetie.

Special_Kay: When am I going to get to meet you daddy?

DaddyJ: When the time is right baby.

Special_Kay: But daddy, I need to meet with you!

DaddyJ: What is the hurry baby?

Special_Kay: I just need you to touch and hold me daddy. That’s all!

DaddyJ: Like I said baby, when the time is right!

Special_Kay: I am not sure I can stand waiting any longer daddy. I need you, I dream about you coming into my room at night and touching me, loving me and making me feel that everything is going to be ok daddy!

DaddyJ: This discussion is over baby. I will be on here at midnight tonight. I expect you to be here.

Special_Kay: But daddy, my laptop is broken down and I don’t know how I can get on here.

DaddyJ: That is not my problem. Just be here.

Special_Kay: Ok daddy. I’ll try my best to be here.

I saw the young girl log off and I sat there waiting for her to come back. I knew that she would be back before class was over. It was one of those intuition things that I had built up over the years. I typed a command into the central computer system and the computer science class came on the screen. Damn, just like she said, she did indeed look mighty fine. I leaned back in the chair and watched the young girl on the screen. I felt a warm feeling in the crotch of my jeans. I pushed the zoom button on the control panel and zeroed in on the young girl’s chest. Her tank top clung to her young body and her nipples were very pronounced. The warmness between my legs grew with the size of my cock. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and the cool air felt good on my hot member. I panned the picture back out so I could get a good look at my future sex slave. Over the years I had become a good judge of the type of women that will serve my sexual needs. She was just the type, a spoiled little girl whose daddy didn’t give her the attention she needed. He was probably a workaholic who thought that as long as he made his fortune, he was providing for his family. What he was providing of course was a girl who needed to be controlled, needed to be shown that she was indeed a woman who was capable of loving and being loved.

‘She’ll do just fine,’ I said to myself as I looked at her cute face and her ravishing body. I touched my cock and ran my hand Escort Antalya down the length of it. It was hot and hard and it needed some relief. I had plenty of cum built up for my little love slave and I was aiming to make sure that she got all her little heart desired.

‘Special_Kay has logged on’ the screen showed once again.

Special_Kay: Daddy, are you there?

DaddyJ: Yes baby, daddy is always here!

Special_Kay: Oh god daddy. I have a problem.

DaddyJ: What kind of problem does my little girl have?

Special_Kay: I have asked around to borrow a laptop but I can’t find one.

DaddyJ: So what’s the problem?

Special_Kay: The problem I don’t have any way to meet you here tonight.

DaddyJ: I told you to be here so you WILL do it!

Special_Kay: But daddy, I don’t know where to get a computer.

DaddyJ: What are you talking on now baby?

Special_Kay: I’m talking on the computer science department computer!

DaddyJ: Then the problem is solved little girl.

Special_Kay: But daddy, they lock the doors after class!

DaddyJ: That is not my problem little one. That is your problem. And if you want me to be your daddy you have to do what I tell you. Or do you have a problem with that?

Special_Kay: No daddy. I would do anything to please you!

DaddyJ: Then the problem is solved. You will meet me here at midnight and I will accept no excuses. Is that understood?

Special_Kay: Yes daddy. I’ll do my best.

I looked at the face of the little college girl sitting at her desk. She had a concerned look about her that made her look more like the sexy little girl that I longed for. I smiled and stroked my cock as I waited for her to log off.

Special_Kay: Daddy?

DaddyJ: Yes little girl?

Special_Kay: I love you daddy! I’ll talk to you at midnight!

DaddyJ: Of course you will little girl. I know you can work over your little problem.

The message ‘Special_Kay has logged off’ popped up once again.

My cock was burning with desire by now. I wrapped my hand a little tighter around it now as I watched this blonde bombshell. It turned me on to no end to know that she had no idea that she was being watched, being stalked like a hunter would an animal.

I could feel the tingling feeling of sex in my testicles as I stroked my cock. I needed release. I needed to shoot a wad of cum into that sweet virgin cunt of hers, but I would have to settle for my hand right now. I thought about how Kay’s sexy little teenage face would look as I moved my hips back and forth into mouth as I face fucked her. I began to pump it up and down harder now, and I could hear the chair squeak as I stroked my rigid member. I reached for a rag that was intended for cleaning equipment other than the one that I would be wiping down but it would do the trick. Feeling the telltale feel of ecstasy at the base of my cock, I leaned forward a little, waiting for my blood engorged man meat to give up its liquid fire. I zeroed back on the college freshman’s firm breasts and then when I could take it no longer, closed my eyes as the first blast of cum spurted from my cock. ‘Ohhhhhhhh!’ I moaned as I pumped my sperm into the rag.

When my cock had stopped spurting, I leaned back into the chair. My body was relaxed now, not tense like it had been just moments before. I wiped the cum from my semi hard cock and pushed it back into my pants. I looked at the rag, trying to decide what to do with it. I couldn’t afford to have it lying around for someone else to find so I wrapped it in another rag and stood up.

I pushed the button on the computer and the image returned the main entrance. I looked at all the young girls as they moved up and down the hall. They were for the most part sexy and young but they would never do for what I had in mind. I stood up and walked to the door. I looked at my watch. ‘Lunch time,’ I said as I unlocked the door and walked into the hallway.

‘We’re going to talk tonight,’ I heard Kay tell Debbie. ‘I’m going to talk him into meeting me for sure.’

‘I still think you’re out of your fucking mind!’ Debbie replied as she followed her friend toward the student union building.

Kay turned her head and noticed me as I walked behind her. Her face reddened a bit as if she could even guess what was on my mine. I smiled and nodded as I walking past her. ‘If she only knew. If she only knew,’ I said as I paused for a second and placed the cum covered rag into the trash can. I held the door open for the young girls and smiled my knowing smile at them. I stood at the foot of the stairs as I watched their cute little asses disappear from my sight.

I walked to my apartment and the cool air hit me as I entered. I walked into my bedroom and stripped down to my birthday suit. I crawled under the covers, drifting to a peaceful easy sleep.

To be continued…

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