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Karen’s First Year Ch. 06

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I know it’s been a long time since the last chapter of this story. I hope you enjoy. All rights reserved. Please vote, and I welcome constructive feedback.


Karen entered the office on Monday with a combined sense of exuberance and confusion. After her delightful debauchery over the weekend with Paul and Jeannie, she had a whole new perspective on the relationships that existed within the office setting. As she walked to her cubicle, her mind undressed everyone on the team as she wondered whether or not they were within the inner circle of Paul and Jeannie. Her pussy was already damp by the time she finished the five minute walk to her cube.

She powered up her laptop, and headed to the coffee room to fetch her morning coffee while the laptop was going through its tediously long power up process. Steve, the new hire the previous year was in the room sweetening his coffee when she entered.

“Boy, don’t you look nice this morning,” he said. He hadn’t ever complimented her before in the three months, she’d been there, so she was taken a bit aback, and blushed ever so slightly. But then again, she had spent an extra fifteen minutes that morning on makeup, and had decided to wear the tight form fitting sweater that so far she hadn’t worn into the office, as she had thought that it revealed too much cleavage. And the lacy bra she wore under it did little to keep her nipples from making their presence known through the sweater. She thanked Steve, while at the same time appraising him as a potential boy toy, and wondering how big his cock was. He stood over six feet tall, with a dark tan on a well toned body. While he wasn’t a sports jock, he jogged regularly and used free weights at home to maintain his physique. As far as she knew, he was single and unencumbered by a significant other.

“Thank you,” she said, continuing to blush. Having finished making her coffee, she headed back to her cube, unsure of how to handle office conversations now. When she got back into her cube, she dived into her email, hoping to avoid human contact at the office until she could rationalize her professional life with her weekend orgy. It didn’t help that she knew that many of her workmates had also been to orgies like she had just experienced. Clearly out of her element, her stress meter had pegged. Her mind worked through the problem as she filtered her 50+ emails into priority folders. She had just about finished getting the situation all square in her mind, when a new email from Paul popped into her in basket. It was encrypted with a title line of ‘Open soonest’ which was Paul’s quirky way of saying asap. The virtual wall that she had just built in her mind between her professional life and her sexual life at the office was shattered when she opened the email:

Dear Karen,

I certainly hope that you enjoyed the weekend with Jeannie and me. We certainly enjoyed having you as our guest. Now that you are a member of our inner circle, we hope you will stay with us, but that is up to you. If you choose to stay at our company and remain within our inner circle, there are a series of expectations and guidelines you should be aware of and abide by. At the bottom of this email is a link to a secure server on our intranet that will give you more details. Only members of the inner circle can access this server. Your individual password will be emailed to you separately. At your earliest convenience, you should use one of our small conference rooms for privacy and spend some time on the server. You will find some guidance there as soon as you access the site, as there are a series of things for you to work through. When you have finished your first tour through the website come see me. I have penciled you in for some chat from 2:30 to 3:30 this afternoon.

See ya’ then.


Karen refreshed her coffee, wishing she had some alcohol, or better yet some weed, stashed in her desk to help her relax. She grabbed her laptop and headed into one of the many conference rooms in the office. Once there she accessed the website and entered her password. The first screen required her to agree to protect all information as proprietary and that she was willingly entering the site. She read the terms carefully and then clicked the ‘I agree’ button. A glitzy home page appeared with a set of menus and several suggestive but discreet images of human sexuality. One of the buttons was marked ‘Karen – enter here’. She clicked it, starting an informative tour of the workings of the inner circle of the firm. The first page was a list of guidelines to maintain decorum in the firm, since only some of the associates were in the inner circle. The second page displayed a list of resources available to members of the inner circle, which included everything from access to free medical services and testing to information on respected and secure x-rated web sites. She learned that several of the ‘conference rooms’ in the complex that had cipher locks were actually ‘relaxation rooms’ available Ankara escort to members of the inner circle. Access to these rooms was a perk, and each inner circle member was allotted a certain amount of relaxation time each week. They could use the room alone or with other members of the inner circle wishing to relax. Her allotment was 30 minutes per week to start. Next she was given access to the list of company associates who were also members of the inner circle. She smiled when she saw that Steve’s name was on the list. She discovered that about half of the company employees were on the list. Inner circle members ranged in age from the early 20’s to some in their 60’s. She was surprised to find that Elizabeth, the matronly lady running HR was on the list, and was much less surprised to discover that Melissa, Paul’s cute young secretary was also on the list. Karen’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feelings returned as she digested the fact that there were two completely different views of her employer; one public, and one very private. And she felt her pussy moisten with excitement.

An hour later she returned to her cube as her mind struggled to grasp the significance of everything she had just learned about the company. Knowing she had a meeting later with Paul, Karen struggled with her daily work chores. Her mind was racing as she considered all of the ramifications of her imminent decision. While it went totally against all of her previously entrenched morals, she knew she was going to stay with the company and enjoy the benefits of the inner circle. She loved the work she was doing, and enjoyed her workmates. How could it be worse, now that sex on the side was an added benefit?

A few minutes before 2:30, Karen strolled up to Melissa’s desk. Melissa didn’t look to be much older than eighteen or nineteen, and Karen hadn’t given her much attention before today. But now that she knew that Melissa was in the inner circle, her curiosity was at work. Melissa greeted her warmly. Melissa had long brown hair to match her large brown eyes and a face that appeared innocent. As Karen dropped her eyes lower though, she noted that Melissa seemed to be wearing her blouse with more than a nominal amount of cleavage showing. Melissa leaned forward a bit to greet Karen, and Karen could see the edges of a very lacy bra covering Melissa’s B-cup breasts.

“Like what you see?” Melissa asked.

Karen blushed, and seeing that, Melissa added, “I hope you stay, ’cause if you do, I’ll show you a lot more whenever you ask. You really turn me on, you know. And Paul will be ready for you in a few minutes.”

Karen stammered a bit before finally getting a question out. “So, how long have you been in the inner circle?

Melissa laughed, and then added, “I was introduced to it after about three months on the job. And I’ve been working for Paul for almost two years now. It’s a great job, Paul’s a great boss, and the fringe benefits are awesome.”

Karen had already noted that Melissa wasn’t married or at least wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. “So, do you have a boy friend outside of the company, or what?” she asked.

“Oh, I had a boy friend when I started working here. But, he was abusive and took me for granted. I ditched him soon after joining the company. Now I date occasionally, but, for the most part I’m quite content with the way things are. And, besides, as you saw in the guidelines, we have explicit guidance on how to deal with spouses or significant others outside of the company. And, given the number of members in the inner circle who are also married, it seems to work out okay. As for me, I’ve found that I enjoy playing the field a bit. And that includes girls as well, as you could tell.”

“That works for me,” Karen responded. “I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.”

“I’m ready when you are,” Melissa responded. At that point, Melissa’s buzzer sounded. “Paul’s ready for you now.”

Not knowing what to expect, Karen entered Paul’s office. He welcomed her just like always, and invited her to the couch; again just like always. Fortunately, he started.

“I’m sure you’re nervous. Try to relax. I know we’ve thrown a lot at you in the past 72 hours or so, but I hope that you still want to work for me and be part of the inner circle.”

Karen started to speak, but Paul shushed her. “Just a second. If you decide to stay, you will receive an immediate 20% hike in pay, stock options, and an enhanced medical plan. And, of course the privileges associated with being in the inner circle. If you need more time to decide, let me know.”

“No, that’s all right. I’ve decided. I’m staying. And, thanks.” With that she moved over next to him and gave him a hug.

While he was tempted to kiss her, this was a professional setting; not a relaxation room. And, although he knew he could take her to one right now if he wanted, that would violate the deal he made with Melissa at her last performance review. Melissa had turned out to be a real nympho. She Ankara escort bayan had declined her salary increase in trade for the right of first access to all new members of the inner circle. And, smart girl that she was, she exercised that right with Karen.

“You’re welcome. And Thanks!” he said. “Now I think Melissa has some orientation for you. For the second time, welcome to the team, and to the inner circle.” He kissed her on the cheek, and scooted her out of the office. Melissa met her at the door.

“Come with me.” It wasn’t stated as a command or an order, but Karen knew she was supposed to follow.

“Sure,” she responded.

Melissa escorted Karen into one of the relaxation rooms. Once they were inside, Melissa secured the door. Karen noted that the room was furnished with two sofas, an entertainment center and a nine drawer chest, along with tubs marked for dirty linen and trash. A locked closet door was on one wall.

Melissa sat down on one of the sofas and indicated for Karen to join her. Once, Karen was seated, Melissa spent the next thirty minutes going over much of the same material that was covered on the inner circle website. Then she explained the special agreement she had with Paul. “So, Paul has given me the responsibility to give the orientation to each new member of the inner circle.” Smiling wickedly, she added, “That also gives me the privilege of being the first to welcome new members to the benefits of the inner circle, and obviously, the first to enjoy the pleasures of a new member.”

Karen had been listening carefully through the entire discussion, and only had one question at the end, “Why are you doing what you’re doing?”

Melissa laughed, but responded, “Do you mean the job with Paul, or the first to sample?”

“Well, actually, both. And if I may ask, how old are you?”

“Well, I’m 23. It would help you to know where I am coming from when I tell you that before Paul hired me I was a dancer at a very high end gentlemen’s club in Vegas. That is where I met Paul. He had reserved the entire club for an entire evening, and I was one of the dancers providing the entertainment that evening.”

“Wow!” Karen interrupted. “You were an exotic dancer?”

Melissa laughed again, “Oh, yeah! Hey, look, I’d love to chat more with you and allow ourselves to get to know each other better, but I have to get back to my desk. Would you be interested in getting together with me tomorrow evening? I’d suggest tonight, but I’m having dinner with my best friend from college.”

“That sounds really fun. Yeah, I’d like to.”

“Great. I’ll email you with the instructions on how to get to my place.”

“It’s a date.” Karen answered, realizing as she did so that she had just agreed to a same-sex date. She could try to describe it as a girl’s night out, but she it was intended to be a lot more than that. Remembering the pleasure she had received from Paul’s cock, though, at least she knew she wasn’t turning into a full fledged lesbian.

Karen managed to get some work done before the day ended. She also scheduled the mandatory physical exam for all new members of the inner circle with one of the doctors that the company had on retainer. Two different doctors were available, one male and one female. She eventually chose the female doctor, but it was only after some deliberation. She would have picked the female automatically, but had to stop and think about what might happen, as one of her fantasies snuck in. She had had the hots for her last doctor, a real hunk right out of residency. That evening she made herself some dinner and watched a chick flick on pay-TV. She was horny and wanted to go online with some good porn and get off, but decided to let the pressure build for the next evening. After all, Melissa was going to be with her friend all evening, so she would be going without as well. That should make the next night very interesting.

What Karen didn’t know was that, after they had enjoyed dinner together, Melissa was telling her friend all about Karen. Melissa’s friend, Julie had been an exotic dancer to work her way through college. And that Melissa and Julie had become best friends and lovers. And they were reigniting their affair that evening.

Karen went in to work on time on Tuesday. She had been horny all of the previous evening and her pussy moistened on the drive to work. Her sexual arousal continued all day, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. As promised, she had received an email with directions to Melissa’s condo suggesting that she arrive there about 7PM for dinner. After work, Karen headed home and took a shower, but it did little to calm her sexual nerves. She looked in the mirror as she dried off and smiled at the attractive body that she saw there. She thought to herself, “I am a pretty sexy babe, after all.” She successfully dried the water from her body, but the moistness between her thighs remained. She shivered every time the coarseness of the towel brushed against Escort Ankara her sensitive womanhood. Next came the challenge of what to wear.

She didn’t really have a wardrobe suitable for a hot date with another woman; at least not one that had been purchased for that reason. She finally settled on a pair of thongs and a lacy bra for her undergarments. She finessed her legs into her tightest jeans, and put on a black sweater that she hadn’t worn in forever, because it was definitely one size too small, having been bought before she had fully developed on top. A final look in the mirror, and she concluded that it was pretty hot after all. Her tits, hard from her arousal poked their way through both the bra and the sweater, and her jeans appeared to be painted on. She left her apartment at 6:15PM, giving herself time to stop and buy a bottle of wine.

Karen arrived at Melissa’s condo complex a couple of minutes after 7 and parked in a visitor stall. Melissa’s condo was on the second floor of a three story building, so Karen walked up the stairs. She smiled when a young man going down the stairs nearly fell down the steps as he turned to stare at her hot body. Finding Melissa’s pad, she rang the doorbell. Within seconds, Melissa answered the door.

“Come on in,” Melissa said, promptly turning around to return to the inner sanctum of the condo. Karen followed Melissa into the condo, admiring her backside. Melissa was wearing a tight white pair of short shorts, exposing the lower crease of her buttocks to anyone who cared to look. She had on a short crop top, and from the looks of it from behind, Karen deduced that she was braless. Melissa led Karen into the living room and turned around. Sure enough, Melissa’s breasts were unencumbered and the tight thin material of her top barely concealed her breasts. Melissa smiled as she caught Karen staring.

“Stare all you want,” Melissa said. “But I’m warning you, you had better do more than stare at them tonight!”

“Sounds good to me,” Karen responded, still blushing a bit at being caught. Oh, and I brought some wine,” she added, handing the bottle of Merlot to Melissa.

“Great. I’ll open it and let it breathe a bit. It should go well with our Italian dinner. I’m not much of a cook, so I cheated and ordered a meal from the Trattorio next door. They make a tremendous spaghetti, and I got us a large salad. It should be here at any moment.”

“Sounds wonderful.”

They had barely sat down when the doorbell rang. “That’s dinner,” Melissa announced.

Melissa collected the dinner delivery, and proceeded to serve it up on her small dining table, finishing the prep up by pouring the wine. As they ate dinner, Melissa peppered Karen with questions about her youth, college, hobbies, and other small talk items. Karen was barely able to get her own questions in for Melissa. The food was delicious, and thirty minutes later they were cleaning up the mess, stuffing the few dishes into the dishwasher and the takeout boxes into the trash.

“I’ll pour some more wine and we can settle down into the living room.” Melissa was clearly in control of the evening, as she said it with just enough authority that Karen automatically complied.

The living room was furnished comfortable with a couch, cocktail table, a couple of recliners and a flat screen TV a couple of sizes too big for the room. Melissa motioned for Karen to sit on the couch, while she plopped down on one of the recliners. The two were positioned so that they could either watch TV, or focus on each other. Karen noticed that Melissa was completely casual as she sat down allowing her legs to spread, giving Karen a delightful view of her firm inner thighs. The shorts barely covered Melissa pubes, and the outlines of her labia were clearly visible as the shorts slid into her slit.

The room was comfortably warm, but Melissa turned the heat up considerably with her next question. “So, what did you think of Jeannie? Did you enjoy your weekend at the beach house?”

Karen felt her blush return, wondering if she would ever find this casual banter about sex to be normal. “Hmm, she is quite some lady,” was about all that Karen could utter.

“You can say that again. She has one hot body, and an imagination to match. And she is so brainy, just like Paul. So, had you ever had sex with a woman before the weekend?”

“Ummm. No.” She didn’t think it counted that she had masturbated thinking about her college roommate or over the girls on Jeannie’s website. She was quick enough to get a question in though. “Was Jeannie your first time with a woman?”

Melissa laughed. “Oh, gawd! No.” I’d been fucking around with girls for a couple of years before I met Paul and Jeannie. Ever since college.”

“Are you a lesbian?” Karen asked, surprised that she had actually asked such a brazen question.

Melissa laughed again. “Fuck! No way! I love a hard cock as much as any other woman I know. Girls are fun; just in a different way than men. Don’t you agree?”

Trying to settle into the intimate conversation, Karen contemplated for a couple of seconds before answering. “Well, to be honest, I really haven’t had enough time to think about it. Everything has happened so quickly.”

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