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Justice Is Best Served by the Quart

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Thank you for reading my story. As with all my stories, this one has very descriptive scenes of anal enemas. If those things offend you you might want to pass on this one.

Jamie pushed down harder on the accelerator of her Mustang convertible. She knew she was nearing the speed trap that had gotten her into trouble several months earlier. She could feel her nipples hardening under the flutter of her light sundress. She smiled as she pushed her car to a steady 10 MPH over the speed limit as she topped the hill.

After a few seconds, she started slowing down. Thinking to herself that this might not be the right place when the red and blue lights appeared behind her from nowhere. Looking into her rearview mirror she was pretty sure she was looking at the same pretty redheaded officer that had pulled her over before. She let the Mustang glide to a stop on the shoulder of the road and felt a quick flush go through her pussy as she reached into the glovebox for her registration and proof of insurance.

She was right, it was the same officer that had pulled her over in early April. Officer Madson was as pleasant as she had been the last time explaining to Jamie the amount of trouble she was in. Officer Madson also explained to Jamie that she was going to be placed under arrest for going so fast through this area. She further explained that Jamie could either follow her peacefully into town to the police station or she would be put in handcuffs and her car towed in with Jamie paying the tow bill.

Jaimie agreed to follow officer Madson to the police station and surrender her keys once there. It was as Jamie had remembered when she walked into the

police station. Jamie surrendered her keys and officer Madson escorted her downstairs to be booked. Officer Madson was however nice enough to allow Jamie a few minutes in the ladies’ room to brush her hair so she looked good for her mugshot.

She was to go before the judge this afternoon and she was put into a large cell with two other young women waiting to see the judge. One was another pretty blonde and the other an attractive brunette. Sitting there waiting she thought back to that day in April.

It had been a pretty day when she had topped that hill not having a care in the world. She was taken by surprise when the red and blue lights appeared behind her. And she had become very indignant when officer Madson told her she was being placed under arrest for going 4 MPH over the limit.

She had been handcuffed and her car towed that time and she had been treated a lot rougher. After being booked she had been forced to take off her bra and surrender it to the jailer along with her tennis shoes and socks. She had been led in front of the judge for the first time barefooted.

The Judge had been a handsome woman of about fifty with a stern look on her face. She had given Jamie a lecture about obeying the law and having to pay for indiscretions. Jamie had not even been given a chance to defend herself before the judge passed sentence. Three SS held for thirty minutes public display. Sentence to be carried out Saturday night at 7:00 PM. Jamie had been led back to the cell with no further explanation. Jamie remembered that she was a little pissed and a lot of confused

The jailer asked if any of them needed to use the restroom or wanted coffee and Jamie let her lead her to the restroom. The jailer was the same young woman as last time too. Attractive but rather plain-looking. Jamie remembered thinking to herself at the time that the woman could be a head-turner with a little work. A small pot of coffee was brought with three paper cups.

Jaimie sat on one of the chairs in the cell and sipped her coffee. Remembering back again she had been told to remove her clothes and to put a hospital-type gown on at 6:30 that night. She had started to protest but a headshake from the jailer and a firm warning from officer Madson had changed her mind. She was handcuffed and led down a dark tunnel where she was chained to the wall while officer Madson and the jailer disappeared. They returned a few minutes later wearing full-length rubber aprons over their clothes.

At 7:00 exactly she was led out into a large empty room almost reminding her of a warehouse. In the center of the room was a set of old fashion stocks that reminded her of the ones she had seen in pictures. It was mounted on a large turntable and above it hung a large blue bag. The judge sat on a higher pedestal looking down at the display. Portable bleachers had been wheeled in to form a circle around the turntable.

She was led to the stocks where officer Madson took the cuffs off of her then laid her head and her hands into the half-holes and the top was lowered and locked. She was now bent over at the waist and the hospital gown was falling away leaving her bare ass for all to see. She heard the velcro rip apart at the shoulders of the gown and it was pulled away leaving her bare tits hanging below her. She could feel her nipples starting to get hard and the unmistakable wetness kaçak iddaa at the top of her bare thighs.

She felt the leather cuff go around her right ankle and then her foot being pulled farther to the side and the feel of the chain as it brushed her bare foot before the sound of the snap. The same was done to her left foot and she felt the cool air hit her spread pussy.

The sound of doors being opened could be heard and then the sound of people walking and settling in on the bleachers. Everyone was quiet and respectful as the judge spoke.

“You have been convicted of speeding through our community,” she said. “You have been sentenced and now that punishment will be carried out,” She added. “Officer Madson and Joan please continue”. Jamie heard the sound of rubber gloves being snapped on and a few seconds later felt her ass cheeks being pulled wide apart. She felt the cold lubricant being spread across her tightly stretched rectum just before she felt the finger going in unceremoniously.

She felt the tip of the nozzle start into her ass and she clamped down tight. She heard officer Madson cuss and then felt the sting of her hand on her ass cheeks. Then she screamed when two fingers were shoved back into her defenseless asshole. The burning she had never felt before but they were shoved in hard and didn’t stop until she felt the hand against her spread pussy. The fingers were shoved in hard several times before she felt them spread open. She felt her rectum being forced wider by the fingers and then the nozzle was going in.

It all happened so fast that Jamie had no chance to react before the nozzle was expanding inside her ass. Seven hard fast pumps almost brought tears to her eyes as she started to whimper. She knew she had just been punished for giving them a difficult time. She felt the nozzle being firmly pulled and then more hissing sounds as the outer balloon was inflated and her ass cheeks were released.

Jamie heard more sounds and then felt something firm and soft being pushed against her swollen clit. Through all the confusion of the day she had not noticed that she was actually becoming aroused. The hard vibration on her clit took her by surprise and she let out a small squeal. Then she heard several soft clicks and felt warm pressure just inside of her asshole. She felt a small shudder then the table began to turn.

“You were sentenced to take a three-quart soap suds enema in public view and to hold it for no less than thirty minutes once it has all been delivered inside you,” the judge said. Jamie looked up at the people as she slowly turned. Ashamed and humiliated she felt her hips move. The pressure building just inside her asshole was suddenly gone and she could feel a dull ache starting deeper inside. In the second row, she saw a young woman’s head bobbing up and down as she sucked her husband’s cock unashamed.

Jamie had never felt anything like the pressure that she was starting to notice building inside her colon. She felt small cramps starting deep within her stomach. She also felt the start of an orgasm building deep inside. As she turned she saw more women lowering their mouths to their husbands’ and boyfriends’ cocks. All these people were getting off watching what was happening to her. She felt a small wave of pride immediately followed by a harsh wave of cramps as the soap started working inside her.

She could feel her belly steadily swelling and becoming more uncomfortable by the second but the enema continued to flow into her. She found herself moving her hips trying to keep the vibrator more directly on her hard clit. She could feel her orgasm rising inside her becoming more intense and urgent the more the pain inside her guts increased.

She was shocked that she, the most stuck-up little bitch on her block was wanting to cum in front of all these strangers. She could hear several low moans from the bleachers and the sound of a woman gagging as she laid her clit perfectly on the vibrator. Her mouth was open and her scream could be heard clearly as she peaked. She had never cum like this before in her life and it took a few seconds for her mind to wrap around what she had just done. Her body jerked several times uncontrollably as she came down from her climax high and now she really felt the enema in her bowels.

Jamie was breathing through her mouth as the last pint of the soapy water found its new home inside her colon. She could feel the cramps roll through her bowels and she felt herself pushing. It was then that she learned how the nozzle in her ass truly worked. No matter how hard she pushed she could not push the nozzle out. Her swollen belly hung very distinctly below her and she could feel the full weight of the enema.

Officer Madson and Joan were once again beside her and unlocked the stocks and freed her feet. They once again gave her the hospital gown to cover her nakedness and a small timer hung around her neck. She felt the nozzle move in her ass and her hands were once again cuffed in front of her. Her hands dropped immediately kaçak bahis to cradle her swollen belly and she stood bow-legged. She was led to the wall beside the door she had entered through and was once again chained to the wall.

Officer Madson and the jailer were gone for a couple of minutes before they came back in leading a stunning brunet. She too was put into the stocks the same as Jamie had been and her ankles secures also. Joan took down the now empty enema bag that had delivered its load up Jamie’s ass. She was gone for a couple of minutes before she returned with a larger bag filled to the brim.

“Dawn Wilson, you have been convicted of speeding through our community. You have been sentenced and now that punishment will be carried out. Officer Madson and Joan, will you please continue,” The judge said. Jamie watched as Joan held the woman’s ass cheeks apart the same way they had done her. But the woman didn’t fight in fact Jamie could hear a soft sigh as the nozzle was pushed home.

“Dawn Wilson, you have been sentenced to a four-quart full flow enema of 5% soap and 30& glycerin. You will be required to hold it for fifteen full minutes once it has all been delivered. Since you are a repeat offender your expulsion shall be publicly viewed by all those that wish to watch, hear and smell,” The judge said nodding to officer Madson.

Another vibrator had replaced the one that had been used on Jamie. The woman let out a little shriek as Jamie had when the vibrator was turned on. Jamie felt herself pushing again as she watched Office Madson open the clamp holding the huge enema back. The woman stiffened when she felt the liquid mixture hit her bowels. Jamie could see her head was up as the turntable started slowly spinning. Several men were openly stroking their cocks as they watched the beautiful woman below them pay for her crimes.

Jamie was no longer the center of attraction now but her plight was still very real to her. She couldn’t see the timer hanging around her neck but silently hoped she didn’t have much longer left. Jamie’s eyes were back on the beauty in the center of the room. Almost a quart was in her now and her face was just coming around to Jamie when the scream tore from her throat.

Jamie watched as the woman’s hips started bucking hard. “Oh FUCK…FUCK…FUCK!!” she screamed. Desperation showed on the woman’s face as the enema started biting into her bowels. “OOOOHHH SHIIIITTTT!!!” could be heard as the woman’s face left Jamie’s view. The bag was over half empty when her face came back around and Jamie could see the tears running down her cheeks. But Jamie could also see the woman desperately trying to keep her swollen clit in contact with the head of the vibrator.

Within two more turns, the bag was empty and Jamie was amazed at the size of the woman’s swollen belly hanging beneath her. Her sobbing and crying were nonstop as she fought desperately to push her clit harder on the vibrator. Moaning could be heard from several locations in the bleachers as men and women climaxed watching Dawn pay for her offenses.

The timer around Jamie’s neck started beeping and she could see Joan starting to walk towards her. Several people were now looking her way and suddenly remembered her. Joan unlocked her from the wall and led her down the dark tunnel again. With her hands cradling her swollen belly once again Jamie followed as fast as she could.

“You did well out there,” Joan said over her shoulder. “You gave the people a good show,” she added. Jamie felt the cramps starting deep in her colon and she had to stop bending over to let them pass. She had learned earlier in her ordeal to let the nozzle hold the enema instead of trying to keep her rectum tightened.

Joan took the cuffs off of her when they reached the lady’s room and told Jamie to bend over and spread her feet. Following instructions, Jamie heard the hiss of the balloon in her ass deflating. Keeping her rectum closed as tightly as she could she felt the nozzle slide out and she scurried quickly to get her ass over the toilet. Only a small squirt had escaped from her she was glad to see.

The second she relaxed several small lumps splashed into the water beneath her. Then a continuous barrage of wet farts and soft liquidy shit splashed into the water. The smell was only seconds behind and soon it overwhelmed the room. It was hard for Jamie to imagine that all of the stuff coming out of her ass was inside her belly. It took her almost a half-hour before she was able to stand with confidence that she wouldn’t blow more liquid shit out of her asshole. But a few minutes later she was washing her ass down with the washcloth that Joan had brought for her.

Later that evening she was driven by Office Madson to a large stone house a few miles out of town. Officer Madson pushed a buzzer at the door and she could hear the door unlocking. She followed the officer into a large room where the judge sat in a large overstuffed chair. The beautiful brunet sat across from her and Joan sat in one of the smaller illegal bahis chairs. The judge nodded to one of the empty chairs and Jamie sat down.

“I want to thank you, Jamie,” the judge had said. “You did great, but let me explain what just happened today,” she continued. “I’ll bet it seemed a bit unorthodox what happened to you today. And right now you might be a bit miffed. But by the size of your orgasm this afternoon I’m going to say this excited you a bit too,” she said.

“It was definitely different that’s for sure,” Jamie said. “But this was a bit much for going four mph over the speed limit”.

Judge Evelyn Banner smiled nodding. “Joan and Beverly it’s time now,” she said. and the two nodded getting up and leaving the room.

“This is a really fun part of all this,” Dawn said. The woman was dressed to the nines and Jamie knew expensive stuff when she saw it. Without batting an eye the woman kicked her pretty feet out of her expensive heels and reached under her dress. Jamie watched as she slid the lace thong into view and slid it down her thighs and off her bare feet.

“Our community doesn’t take any federal, state, or county tax money,” Evelyn said. “So I have to get creative. Every few months I make it a point to make an exhibition like the one today. And you just happened to be lucky enough to be pulled into it this time,” she said.

“Dawn you’ve been in, what 4 of these so far?” The judge asked. Dawn nodded her head.” And the people don’t seem to mind at all,” she added. “I get a couple of you beautiful women together at the same time and then I send a text out to all adults in the community. I sell the seats to the punishments and people will buy them happily to watch you speeders being punished for your crimes.” Evelyn added.

The sound made everyone turn and look at the source of the noise. Beverly and Joan were each pushing a cart with adjustable poles attached to each corner. Both women were bare ass naked but Jamie could see the changes they had each made. Beverly’s wavy red hair was hanging down to the middle of her back and she was indeed a very attractive “Ginger”.

Joan’s face was no longer plain and it turned out she did know how to use makeup. Both women pushed their respective carts into the middle of the large room and each stood beside them, hands at their sides and breasts sticking out proudly.

On the top of each table, there were three one-gallon pitchers. Two of them seemed to be filled with plain water but the third had ice floating at the top of it. Jamie felt a little shutter go through her cunt as she saw the silicon bags and nozzles laying on top. On the bottom shelf of the cart, she saw several jugs and bottles with labels like DR. Bonner’s and 100% pure glycerin. Bottles of hot sauce from Tobasco to a three X Mexican brand were along the side of the shelf in neat rows.

“This is where we do a little experimenting, Jamie,” the judge said. “I will never sentence a person found guilty to an enema that we have not taken ourselves and know what they will feel like. And this is kind of your chance to get even with us for putting you through all this,” she added.

“Told you this was the fun part,” Dawn said smiling at Jamie. “Joan and Beverly here are a couple of pain sluts, and they lick clits pretty damn good too,” she added with a nasty smile.

“Yes, they will mix and take anything on those carts to your instructions,” Evelyn said. “They will also service you as you watch them or if you wish you may join them while they service you,” she added standing up. Jamie’s head came up at the last statement. Dawn noticed the interest right away.

“Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed about it,” she said. “Enemas are awesome feeling and they make one hell of an orgasm as you have found out,” she added. “What was that damn mix you gave me this afternoon Beverly?” Dawn asked.

“It was 5% Castile soap and 30% glycerin ma’am, given at full flow,” Beverly responded. Dawn nodded her head.

“Make that for yourself and you can add one of those bottles of Mexican hot sauce,” Dawn told the redhead. Beverly nodded and set about her task. Jamie felt herself starting to get wet as she watched Beverly lift one of the silicon bags and start pouring the water in. When the bag was half full she picked up a steel S hook and hung it from poles.

“Joan, will you please mix me one like that too?” Evelyn asked letting her dress slide down off her shoulders. She wore nothing under the dress and in seconds she was as naked as Beverly and Joan.

“Yes ma’am” Joan replied and reached for a bag on her cart. Within a few minutes, the smell of peppermint and hot sauce filled the room and the two bulging bags were hanging from poles on the carts. The double-balloon inflatable nozzles were attached to the one-way valve on the end of the tube and draped over the S hook.

Dawn stood and as if making a decision on the spot she opened the buttons and let her own dress slide down. Jamie watched her reach back and undo the hooks holding her bra together in the back. Hunching her shoulders the bra fell away and once again Jamie was looking at her beautiful pair of tits. Walking to Beverly’s cart she picked up another bag and started pouring the ice water into it.

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