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Just Out of High School Ch. 03

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Last time we read about Vicki and her young neighbor, Jim. Now it’s later in her life, she’s 40, still divorced, still attractive, long blonde hair and great legs. If anything, maybe an additional five pounds, but hardly noticeable.

It’s a Super Bowl party at a local bar close to where she lives. She’s out with her friend, Terri, a redhead, and attractive. Same age as Vicki. They have been friends for several years. After a few drinks, lots of dancing, the scene is pretty lively, with the Super Bowl the next day. Vicki and Terri get on top of an elevated dance floor, as the beat gets louder, the women are dancing, both have short cheerleader-type skirts on, and many of the bar patrons are seeing a pretty good show. Terri gets close to Vicki and mentons to her, “You see that black man down there, he’s watching you all the time. Vicki, they can see your thong very easily!”

“Hey, I’m just having a good time, I want our team to win tomorrow, don’t you Ter?”

“Yes, but this guy is really checking you out!”

All of a sudden, the black fellow comes up behind Vicki and starts dancing beside her. He’s pretty young, 20’s or so. He is matching Vicki move for move. Terri also has an encounter with a young black man on the floor.

“Hey, are we gonna win tomorrow?” he questions to Vicki as the music is coming to a stop. Vicki, not wanting the music to stop, keeps moving to a beat of her own. Her blonde mane bouncing up and down as she has it tied into a tail. The man moves closely behind her now and the music starts up at that very moment. He is grinding behind Vicki and she can feel him. Jesus, she thinks…he’s hard! Really hard! He gets close and introduces himself, “I’m Troy, and you can really move it out here.”

Vicki, caught off-balance from his boldness, simply says, “Vicki” and continues dancing.

“Now, Vicki, are we gonna win tomorrow?” he asks.

“We are gonna kick ass babeee!” she hoots.

“That’s a sign of a great football fan.” Troy tells her, continuing to keep up with the blonde, 40-ish cheerleader.

They are still dancing, and closely now. She feels something, inside her body, it’s signs of desire. She feels good. A little thrown off as she has never even talked much with blacks. But Troy seems pretty nice, so young too. He is maybe six feet tall and very well chiseled. After fifteen minutes of dancing, they finally sit down, he helps her, she is reluctant at first, but gives him her hand. Terri and her ‘new’ friend, Nate, all sit down at the same table. The lights are very low. Terri is slightly uncomfortable. After maybe five minutes, the ladies excuse themselves and head to the washroom.

“Vicki, what are we doing? Troy and Nate are only Beylikdüzü escort in their twenties! We’re two 40 year-old women with teenage children. What do they see in us?”

“Well, they don’t look or feel like babies, do they?” Vicki asks. Fixing herself in the mirror. Turning slightly around and checking her short skirt and legs, seeing if she still looks ‘hot’.

“I don’t know what to do Vicki. Do you?”

“Look, let’s just go back, sit down and they’ll probably be gone. If not, we’ll just play it by ear, ok?”

They finally exit the ladies room, and Troy and Nate haven’t moved.

“Just one little question boys” Vicki asks her new friends. “what are two very young looking men seeing in us two old ladies?”

“I would not say you are old, would you Nate?” Troy asks.

“No way! you ladies don’t look a day over 29.” states Nate, with a big grin.

“29…I wish! We’re…oh hell, I’m not gonna tell you how old we are.” Vicki comes back, feeling slightly relaxed from Nate’s assumption.

After an hour or so of talking, Vicki was beginning to wonder if this was going to go any further. Troy was a handsome young man, and he made her feel young. Terri wasn’t sure what was happening, as she was not in tune with Nate as much as Vicki was to Troy.

Troy playfully touched Vicki on her exposed thigh a couple times and Vicki felt the wires inside her body twitch. She was somewhat enjoying the moment. She’d look at Troy when he spoke, he was a gentleman, it sure seemed to her. It was starting to get late and Terri wanted to go home. Vicki was enjoying herself and so was Troy. His roaming fingers continued exploring the lovely 40 year year old hotly-attractive woman. Terri got up and told Vicki she was ready to leave. Nate had left the scene fifteen minutes earlier. It was agreed that Troy would drive both Vicki and Terri to their place, as the women had a few drinks too many. Outside, in the chilled January air, it was getting windy. Troy had a nice big car, Vicki sat in the front and Terri in the back. After ten minutes they came to Terri’s place, she exited the car and ran into her apartment quickly, since she didn’t like the cold. Troy asked Vicki what she wanted to do. She said she was up for anything. At that, she felt his hand on her thighs once again, and she looked over and kissed him.

Her first kiss with a black man, and she liked it. They drove away and ended up at Troy’s place. A nicely furnished apartment.

He helped her inside. She was cold from the short walk in the outside air. They walked in and he held her close and they begin kissing once again. Vicki was very aroused now. The feelings that were dormant for a long time, were erupting. Troy had Beylikdüzü escort his hands on her cute, tight ass now and moved them freely on each globe. Vicki now was kissing her stranger hotly, and she wanted more, she wanted his tongue on hers, and she was getting it! He was loving every second of this with his new 40 year old blonde. Vicki was now moaning in delight, she wanted to feel all of this youthful man now. Troy had her blouse off, her bra was almost off, and her cheerleader shorts were peeled down to her ankles. He stepped back a moment.

“What are you doing!” a surprised Vicki asked.

“Just looking at the beautiful woman I saw dancing a few hours earlier, up close and personal. Vicki, you are one fine looking dancer. Would you mind dancing for me right now, just like that?”

“But all I have on is this bra and thong?”

“Yes, I know. Well, do it for me baby.”

Vicki then gave a devilish smile to her new man and began a nice, seductive dance in front of him. She would get real close, he was sitting, she’d strut her stuff, swaying her nice ass in front of his face, her blonde hair bouncing along to the beat, then she’d be so close to his hard cock, just teasing him as she felt his manhood on her ass. Her ass was still a thing of beauty, very tight and very hot, from a lot of daily workouts.

God, she was turning him on now. She looked at him and he was finding everything inside himself from grabbing this lovely seductress and take her places she’d never been to.

“Troy, your cock is nice and big, would you like me to suck it baby? Would you like my red lips all over that beautiful young black cock of yours, tasting all of you, licking, sucking, kissing…hmmm?”

Troy didn’t answer, he took her in his hands and began kissing those red lips now. A passion kiss, they were both hungry for each other now. He finally pulled her blonde hair out from the tail and even kissed it. She was so alive right now. Her body was yearning for the young man beside her now. Troy then had her stand so he could pull off her thong, it was soaked from her juices. She smiled as he took it to his mouth. Then he wrapped it around his neck, getting a giggle out of Vicki. The soft music played in the background. Were they listening? I doubt it.

Troy took Vicki to the huge bed, he undid her bra, kissed her lovely tits, taking a nipple and teasing it with his expert tongue. Vicki’s hair was being tossed wildly, she was very aroused now. He seemed to push all her buttons. She was his this evening. Her slightly tanned body was aglow, caught up in this sexually active moment. He laid her on the bed. Then, he kissed her lovely ass cheeks and she groaned. Vicki loved that. Just Escort Beylikdüzü a nip here and there, but she was into it. His fingers expertly teased her love box. She was oozing from desire. She turned, looked up at him and they kissed. His roaming huge black hands contrasted nicely with her soft golden skin. His black head dove from her face onto her nice breasts. Troy’s head was dropping lower now, seeking her buried treasure. He found it! Troy began licking her. Vicki responded and for the next several minutes experienced what a love-making machine felt like. Within minutes, her bud was now there for the taking. Troy tongued her clittie, the juices were running down her thighs, he was this woman’s most complete lover right now. So young yet so mature in the bedroom. Vicki, unable to hold herself back, exploded in a rush! Only a few muffled tones were escaping from her mouth. She was his now, she wanted him, she had to have him.

“Jesus, you made me orgasm just like that! Fuck, I love what you do to me.” Vicki told her young lover, as his mouth cleaned up her cum-slickened thighs.

“Baby, I’m only getting started.” was all Troy said.

Vicki was staring at the young man now, and getting aroused by the second by what she saw.

Muscles here, a scar there, and tons of sexual energy harnessed inside. Troy lifted her up, and had her face the wall, he was mounting her from behind. Her eyes took on this youthful Black man now.

“Let’s get it on.” she would always sing when she was ready for love.

Troy was giving her a fuck she would never forget. She’d turn around and they’d have a long, soul kiss, tongues on tongues. His hands were on her hips, and he was in complete control of this lovely blonde mother of one teenage daughter. Vicki could feel him grow while he continued thrusting deep inside her depths. Her mind was racing, her body was on fire, this young man was taking her on that wave now, she was riding it all the way. Vicki wanted it to last, and it did, how long could she take it? Could he take it? The wave was at its peak now, she felt him, she knew he was ready, she wanted it. Hours earlier they had never met, now, she was his, her hands up against the wall, her huge tits scraping it. Her tanned body was being filled by a man 15 years her junior, she wanted this moment to last and last.

“Troy, fuck me baby…unghhhhhhhh…tttthat’s it!…..” Vicki gushed as the wave came crashing down.

“Vicki, I’m cumming!” he breathed hard.

The world stopped for Vicki that moment. The lovely 40 year old was coming down from another orgasm alright. But this was no ordinary orgasm. Vicki was lifted over and over this time, and fell softly back to earth.

Perspiration covered their bodies now. The cold night air was a distant memory for Vicki and Troy at the moment. Her blonde hair was sticking to her sexy body. She looked up at her man and kissed him on the mouth. She had just had moment of her middle-aged life!

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