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Just One Kiss

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It was supposed to be just one kiss. It wasn’t supposed to turn into an affair that turned my life and hers upside down. I had commitments to others and so did Susan, although as it turned out our commitments to others were, for reasons not entirely either of our faults, shaky at best. But in addition, she worked for me and in big company corporate America having an affair with someone who works for you is a serious infraction.

We were traveling, calling on a major customer. We had made our pitch and succeeded in convincing the customer to double his annual order flow. It was snowing hard in Chicago when we finished. Before our cab could even get out of the Loop, we learned that our flight home was cancelled and we had been rebooked on a mid-day flight out the next morning. I made a quick call to the hotel we had stayed in the night before and got new reservations for each of us.

Given we were stuck in Chicago and that the new order flow we had just wrapped up was a high five event, we decided that a celebratory dinner was in order. The hotel we were in had a good restaurant. Before we even went to our rooms, we checked into the bar and had a couple of drinks. Then we went to our rooms to clean up for dinner. Dinner was good and we enjoyed an excellent bottle of French burgundy to celebrate our success. Over dinner we discussed everything from business and how we were going to serve our customers’ new requirements, to sports (she was a Yankees fan, ugh!), spouses (hers, who I learned was on his way out due to the fact that he was having an affair with his male trainer), and significant others (mine, who was more a friend with benefits than a true significant other).

While we talked and ate, I couldn’t help focusing on how beautiful I thought Susan was. She was about five-five or five-six with long dark hair and big round brown eyes. Her breasts, sheathed in a tight red sweater, were full. When she excused herself to go to the ladies room, I noticed that her backside was round and lovely, set off by her narrow waist, and her legs were elegant, beautifully enhanced by the heels she was wearing.

Now, it wasn’t that I had never noticed how attractive Susan was before. She had been working for me for five years, and I confess that I had lusted after her on a regular basis, but I had seen the trouble that others got into with office affairs, and I just told myself that I wasn’t going there—not with Susan or any of the other women in the office. Even when I started dating again following my divorce, I refrained from pursuing any of the women I worked with.

While I was sitting waiting for her return, I had a thought that seemed harmless, but ultimately led down a very slippery slope to a lot of complexity. “What if . . . what if?” I thought, “What if I stole a kiss tonight? Just one kiss. Nothing more.”

“Hmmm. Bad idea,” I thought. She might take it wrong and slap me or lecture me on my responsibilities to others and as her boss. No, definitely a bad idea.”

“Oh, but it would be so sweet, and what could just one kiss hurt.” I even thought about just how I would do it, holding her face with both of my hands and then a soft kiss—definitely more than a peck , but not a sloppy aggressive tongue in mouth assault by any means. It would be brief, but not too brief. By holding her face I would avoid the temptation to crush her against me with my arms. Just a nice tender kiss, and just one kiss.

As Susan walked across the floor of the restaurant, returning from the restroom, I was taken by how attractive she looked coming towards me. “Even better than going away,” I chuckled to myself. “Stop it, you pervert. She’s your co-worker, not someone you met on a dating service,” I told myself. “Oh yeah, and forget this ‘one kiss’ nonsense. That’s a really bad idea.”

Susan was smiling broadly as she sat down. She leaned forward like a conspirator about to whisper a secret and said softly with a giggle, “Oh Chris, you wouldn’t believe what I heard in the restroom.”

“Really,” I said raising my eyebrows and leaning forward to join her in her conspiratorial conversation.

She giggled some more. “There were these two women fixing their makeup. They looked like they were auditioning for Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

I had an immediate image of the two women—Slightly overweight, buxom (probably fake), short glitzy dresses, lots of jewelry and make-up, and bleached blonde hair.


“Well, they were talking about their husbands. They were grumbling about how they had both let themselves get fat and ugly and how crappy their sex lives were anymore.”

“Really? Did they realize you were there?”

“Oh yeah. I was standing right next to them fixing my make-up, and they were completely ignoring me while they talked about how hard it was to have decent sex with a three-hundred-pound husband.” Susan was smiling and chuckling as she talked to me.

“That sounds pretty graphic for girl talk,” I said, smiling.

“Oh, Antalya Escort they were really graphic.” She looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to us and then leaned even farther forward. I did the same.

“One of them was complaining that her husband’s, uh . . . thingy, was so short she had trouble pushing his belly away enough so she could get it in herself.” Susan was blushing and laughing now. “And you won’t believe what the other gal said.”

I leaned forward even more awaiting the next quote.

Susan looked around again and then said, “She said, ‘Oh I gave up on that with Arnie years ago. When he says he’s in the mood, I just give him a quick blowjob and tuck him into bed. Then he sleeps like a baby and I go and play with a vibrator’.”

“Was there more?” I asked my blushing co-worker who was now leaning back laughing.

“Oh yes, lots, but I’m not going to repeat it to you here.”

“So, where do we have to go to get you to repeat it to me.”

“Chris!” she said in a mock scolding tone. “It was almost pornographic. I can’t tell you that kind of stuff. I wouldn’t have told you what I did if we hadn’t had so much to drink tonight.”

“Okay,” I said, deciding that I was up against the limit of how far Susan thought it proper to go with her boss. The topic moved away from the Real Housewives to safer topics as we finished the bottle of wine. With the wine gone, I paid the bill, and we stood and left the restaurant. We stepped into the elevator and the door closed with us as the only two occupants. That’s when the idea of “just one kiss” popped back into my head.

“No! It’s a bad idea!” I told myself.”

We got off the elevator on the 11th floor and Susan slipped her arm into mine as we walked down the empty hallway. She felt warm and soft against me. I was still thinking about the kiss.

We got to her door first. My room was next door. Susan removed her key from her purse and opened the door. That’s when my common sense deserted me. I said softly, “Wait.”

Susan turned and looked up at me, and I kissed her, just like I had fantasized about earlier. I held her face in both hands and bent towards her until I was lined up. She smelled lovely. I closed my eyes as I kissed her. As I had planned, it wasn’t a passionate kiss (not that I wasn’t feeling passionate), but it wasn’t platonic either. Her lips were soft and warm. As she returned the kiss, she put her arms on my shoulders, not to push me away or to pull me closer, just to be touching me. It was a delicious kiss and I let it linger a bit longer than I had planned or dared, because, well once you’re started, why stop a good thing?

When I finally pulled away, she left her hands on my shoulders and was looking up at me with her brown eyes wide.

“Chris, . . .”

“Shhhh.” I said interrupting her. “Thank you and goodnight.”

As I spoke, I pulled back from her and turned to walk on down to my room. I hadn’t taken a full step when I heard her say, “Chris, wait.”

I turned and found her standing close. She reached up and wrapped both arms around my neck and pulled me close. I could feel her breasts smashed against my chest as she pulled my head down towards her face. Then she kissed me. This kiss was not chaste or restrained. She pushed her tongue between my lips and we stood there in the hall, melded into a single person as we kissed for a long, long time.

At this point I was lost. Any notion of consideration of the consequences was gone. I had wrapped my hands around her back and I let them slide down to her ass. I grabbed it with both hands and pulled it up tight against me. I could feel my rapidly stiffening cock pressing against her soft belly. Susan continued to kiss me, but she was deliberately rubbing her tits against my chest. God, it felt good.

Then I rotated just a bit, without breaking the kiss, and pushed her back against the wall. Susan pulled one of her legs up and wrapped it around my legs and we were dry humping, fully dressed in the hallway of the hotel. I had pulled one of my hands away from her back and was using it to fondle her tits. I was lost, utterly lost. My moral compass had just checked out for the duration.

Then she broke the kiss and slid out from under me towards the still open door to her room. She had grabbed my necktie and used it to drag me into the room, but I admit, she didn’t have to pull very hard to get me to follow her.

As soon as the door closed, she wrapped her arms around my neck, and we began to kiss again, just as passionately as we had in the hall. As in the hall I was mauling her tits through her sweater, but now she pulled a hand away from my neck and slid it between us, laying the flat of her palm against my fully erect, trouser-covered cock, sliding it up and down.

I pushed her long hair back over her shoulder and began to kiss and nibble at the soft tissue between the base of her neck and her shoulder, Antalya Escort Bayan working my way up to her ear and then back down, causing her to cry out, “Oh, oh, yes,” and lot more that was incoherent.

Susan stepped back for a moment and pulled her sweater over her head. Her tits, which were about half out of the bra cups from the mauling I had been giving them, looked delicious. As I reached out for them she reached behind her back and released the bra, throwing it to the floor. Then she reached up and pulled my head down to her breasts. I was kissing her breasts when she said, “No, my nipples. Suck on my nipples.”

I did as requested, and she threw her head back and continued to cry out as she had when I was kissing her neck and ears, only now it was louder, “Oh god, yes. That’s good. That’s so fucking good.” Somehow, while I was doing that she managed to release her skirt and drop it to the floor along with her panties so that she was now completely naked. Then she reached in beneath my face and her tits and released my tie and the buttons on my shirt. I just kept sucking on her nipples.

After my tie and shirt, her hands were working on my belt and zipper, and she soon had my trousers and boxers around my feet while she began stroking my cock. I staggered back towards the bed with my feet still encumbered by my pants and boxers and sat down, well, more fell than sat. Susan followed me and dropped to her knees before me, staring at my erect cock that she still held in her hands. She took a moment to fully remove my shoes and the trousers and boxers wrapped around them, tossing them across the room and out of the way, and then she leaned forward and begin to lick the head of my cock. Oh fuck that felt good, but it was just the beginning. She pushed the head of my cock between her lips while she continued to swirl her tongue around it. She pulled her head down and I could feel her warm mouth engulf my cock until it hit the back of her throat while her tongue caressed the underside of my dick. Then she pulled back sucking hard until only the head remained in her mouth while she used one hand to stroke the exposed shaft. She began to pump my cock, repeating the process again and again. God, could this woman suck cock.

I leaned forward, curling my back over her head and reached down and began to caress her tits. At first I just fondled all of each breast, but I soon worked my way to the nipples. They were swollen and firm, about twice the diameter of a pencil eraser and long enough to get a good grip on. At first I was just softly pulling on them, but then I grabbed each one between a forefinger and a thumb and twisted the nipple hard. Susan moaned in response, which felt great on my cock.

“Susan, I’m going to cum,” I said. “Are you sure you want me to cum in your mouth?”

She looked up at me and pulled her face back from my cock, “No, no. On my tits. Cum on my tits. That’s so sexy.” She hopped to her feet and walked naked across the room, to an armchair where she sat down, her legs spread. Her pussy lips were swollen and glistening with her juice. She was holding her tits up and pushing them out towards me. “Come over here and squirt your cum on my tits.”

I stood before her and began to stroke my cock, holding it right over her tits, which she was still holding up for me.

“Come on Chris. Stroke that cock and make it cum on my tits. Come on.”

It didn’t take me long to get there. With just a few strokes, I could feel my balls tighten and then the cum began to rise in my cock. I groaned and shot several loads of white slippery cream. The first hit her in the face, but the rest hit their target and soon there were gooey drips of cum all over her beautiful tits.

I stood catching my breath as she wiped the cum from her face and smeared it, along with the remainder of my load, across her breasts. I reached down, picked her up, and carried her to the bed where I dropped her on her back and then kneeled between her legs. “Spread your legs beautiful,” I whispered as I began to kiss the inside of her thighs. I worked up one thigh, from the knee to just short of her sex and then did the same thing on the other leg. By now I was laying on my belly with my face directly in front of her beautiful pussy. It was clean-shaven with just a small strip of hair remaining just above where her inflamed clit peeked from beneath its hood. Her lips were swollen and shiny with liquid that had leaked from her pussy.

I began by simply blowing my warm breath on her clit, but quickly followed that up with a teasing lick. She gasped when my tongue flicked her clit. Picking my head up I could see she was smiling and playing with her cum-covered tits. “More,” she said.

I returned the smile and dove back into her pussy. Next I used my fingers to fully spread her outer lips and began to lick her inner lips with long slow strokes running from top to bottom finishing by briefly flicking her clit at the end Escort Antalya of each stroke. Each time she gasped when I briefly touched her clit. I kept this up for maybe ten or so strokes. Then I opened my mouth so it was covering her pussy and extended my tongue as far into her cunt as it would go. I pushed in and out like I was fucking her. She tasted so good. The only way I can describe it is as the taste of sex. So erotic! Oh god, how I love to eat pussy.

I was lying on my belly with my legs extended behind me, using both hands to fondle her cum sticky tits and twist and pull on her nipples. Susan now had her legs wrapped around my back and both hands on my head holding it against her pussy. She was moaning and crying continuously—Not saying anything coherent, just making a lot of noise and occasionally saying my name or some obscenity. “Oh fuck! So good! Oh Chris! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Don’t stop!”

There was very little risk that I was going to stop for anything short of a fire or an earthquake. I was thoroughly enjoying myself and I noticed that I could feel my erection returning beneath me. God, I hadn’t recovered that quickly since I was a teenager. Oh yeah, this was good.

I was surprised Susan hadn’t climaxed given all the noise she was making, and I really wanted to get her to cum. I pulled my hands down until I had a firm grip on both of her ass cheeks and then I picked my head up and resumed licking her lips and flicking her clit at then end of each stroke. Next I let go of her ass with one hand and slipped two fingers as far into her sloppy wet cunt as I could get them. I began to finger fuck her as I continued to lick her pussy lips and flick her clit. On each stroke with my fingers I curled the tips against the front of her cunt in hopes that I could stroke her g-spot as I withdrew them. I could tell when I hit it because Susan screamed briefly each time.

Susan was continuing to cry and murmur obscenities along with my name. Now she was arching her back to lift her hips in time to each stroke of my fingers. She had to be close to cumming. I knew how to get her there. I continued to fuck her with my fingers, but I picked my head up a bit and focused my mouth on her clit. I began to suck on it just like it was one of her nipples. I alternated that with rapidly flicking it with my tongue.

It didn’t take long. “Oh, oh, oh, Chris. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’m gonna cum, Oh shit, oh Yes,” and then she climaxed with a scream that certainly could be heard in the adjoining room (with fortunately belonged to me).

I kept sucking on her clit as she came, but she quickly pushed my head away. “Oh, Oh. Too sensitive. Stop, stop. She hadn’t recovered her ability to talk in whole sentences yet.

Not a surprise. Lots of women are too sensitive after they cum, but I had a plan for this. I rose to my knees and spread her legs apart on either side of my hips. My now fully recovered prick was standing straight out in front of me.

Susan was still babbling, “No Chris. No more. Oh that was so good. Where did you learn to do that? I’m a wreck. No more.”

“Shhh,” I said. “It’s okay. You’ll like this.” Then I leaned forward and pushed my cock into her wet pussy. It was tight from her climax, but so warm and wet. Oh god, it felt good. I didn’t really start to fuck. I just held myself above her on my arms and looked down at her beautiful face. As I filled her cunt her eyes flew open.

“Oh Chris! You’re back. I mean you’re hard again.”

“Shhh,” I said and I leaned down and began to kiss her again—a long, wet sloppy kiss that ranged over both our faces and necks. Then I tipped us to the side, because, well because my arms weren’t going to last forever. As the kiss continued I began to pump my cock in and out of her pussy. Not fast, it was just enough to let her know she was being fucked.

It was a long, languid fuck. I can do that when I have already cum the first time. We tried a bunch of positions, pulling apart and moving to another position every time one of us was approaching climax. When she sat atop me, I played with her tits and began pulling on the nipples.

“Oh, fuck! If you keep that up you’re gonna make me cum.”

“So? Is that bad?” I said as I continued to twist her nipples.

“Ah . . . What?” she said. She was panting now and leaning forward with her dark brown hair hanging around her head and her tits hanging toward my chest. Her hands were on my shoulders, and she was riding my cock hard.

“I asked if it was bad if you cum?”

“Oh,” she said between pants. “No . . . but are you close?”

“No, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll get there eventually, and we still have other positions to try.”

“Okay. Oh fuck this is good. Okay, I’m gonna let myself cum.” She leaned back on one arm pulling herself away from my fingers and then reached down with the other hand to massage her clit. I responded by flexing my hips to fuck her as hard as I could.

It didn’t take long. “Oh, oh, yes, yes, I’m there. Oh Aaaagh!” and she finished with a scream at least as loud as her first climax. I thought the muscles in her cunt were going to cut me in half. Then she collapsed on me, and she was crying.

“Susan, Susan. What’s the matter? Why the tears? Are you hurt?”

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