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Just Another Summer Sunday

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It’s another hot, sunny summer Sunday, and I’ve just arrived at my friend Heather’s house for a BBQ, running a bit late. I park out on the street and scan the cars parked outside to see which ones I recognize. My face falls a bit as I realize his car isn’t there. I walk in the front door, and can tell from the muted voices that everyone must be out back. I put down my purse, kick off my shoes, and head out the back door to say hello. I see Heather first, and she comes to greet me. I look around, still hoping to see him somewhere. His sister is here, maybe she’d given him a ride? But no, he was nowhere to be found. I chat with Heather for a few minutes, then walk back inside to grab a drink. While pouring myself a cold soda, the doorbell rings. My heart skips a beat and I trot over to answer the door. I pull it open… and there he is, grinning and handsome as ever.

“Hey, Eli.” I say with a smile, stepping aside so he can come in.

“Hey Meghan.” he replies as he walks in.

I’m immediately aware of how close our bodies are. “Everyone’s… out back” I manage to stammer.

“Ah, that’s cool.” he responds. He heads into the kitchen and I follow him in, pleased as punch to see him there. He rarely comes to these gatherings, but I always hold out hope.

“Can I get you a drink?” I ask innocently, trying to play the part of host instead of nervous-girl-with-a-hardcore-crush.

“Yeah, I’ll just take some tea if you’ve got it.”

I grab a glass from the cabinet and head over to the fridge to grab the pitcher of tea. I could feel his eyes on me. I blush a bit as I hand him his drink.

He looks up into my eyes and flashes me another white smile. “Thanks.”

I stand at the sink awkwardly, feeling like I should say something, but not being able to form a coherent sentence inside my own head; I opt to keep my mouth shut. Instead, I sneak a look at him from my peripheral, trying to eye his beauty without being obvious about it. He’s not much taller than me, Hispanic, with black wavy hair and deep, rich brown eyes. He has dimples when he smiles, I absolutely adore those. Soft, supple lips, perfect teeth…

“Meghan?” I jump a bit as I hear him say my name, my cheeks flush again in hopes that he didn’t notice me ogling him.

“What?” It dawns on me that he’d been talking and I didn’t even notice.

“I was just asking how you’d been.” he says, his eyes meeting mine.

“Oh, fine. Nothing new, really.”

“Yeah, me too.” he answers.

Eli downs his drink quickly, then stands up and strides to the sink to put down his glass. I start to step away to give him space, when he reaches out and places a firm hand on my hip.

“You don’t need to move.” He grins. “I can reach around you.”

He keeps his left hand on my right hip as he reaches around my left side to put his glass in the sink. My heart was pounding, smelling his cologne, feeling his hard body against mine. Before I could be aware of what I was even doing, I lean in and kiss him.

‘Wow’ I begin to think to myself. ‘His lips are softer than I’d ever imagined.’ I freeze up, suddenly aware of what I’m doing, and pull away from him.

“Oh my… I’m… um… I’m so sorry. I really… Antalya Escort I shouldn’t have…” I stutter, looking down at the floor as I try to find my words, all the blood rushing to my face. Where’s a black hole when you need one?

He swiftly steps in front of me, placing his hand under my chin and raising my head to meet my eyes. “What exactly are you apologizing for, Meghan?” he whispers.

“The… um. The kiss. I really –“

He cuts me off by kissing me again; slowly, sweetly… perfectly. After a few seconds of his mind-blowing affection, I raise my hands up and wrap them around his neck, and he returns the favor by grabbing my hips and pulling me closer to him. I can feel the bulge growing in his cargo shorts, (he feels even bigger than I’d hoped) and my nipples get hard in response. Almost as if he’s reading my mind, he slides one hand up my cotton t-shirt and lightly caresses my left breast through my bra. A small moan escapes my throat as he brushes my nipple.

He pulls away from our kiss, his hand still caressing my breast. “If I go too far, tell me to stop. But I must confess, this is something I’ve dreamed about for a long time.” he announces with a smile.

“Me too” I manage to say, my heart in my throat. I pull his head back to mine and kiss him again, hungrily this time, our tongues crashing together. He slides his hand back out from under my shirt and reaches behind me with both hands, sliding them down my ass to my thighs. He spreads them apart with his fingers and hoists me into the air. I take the hint and wrap my legs around his waist as he carries me over to the next room and sets me down on the edge of the sturdy wooden table. He pulls his lips away from mine and pulls my shirt up over my breasts, my swollen nipples barely visible through my white lace bra. He slides his fingers under the front of my bra and gently slides it up, my full breasts spilling out into view. He cups them in his strong hands and rubs my nipples with his thumbs as his tongue and lips graze my neck. I place my hands on the table behind me for support and arch my back and neck, encouraging him.

“Oh Eli…” I utter.

I lips jump to my left breast, kissing, licking, and teasing his way towards my nipple. I feel it harden in anticipation. Still caressing my right nipple with his fingertips, he takes my left nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling it. I let out an appreciative moan.

He pulls away from me again, one hand sliding down my soft stomach to the waistband of my pants. “Lay down for me.” he grunts, sounding sexy and demanding all at the same time. I quickly obey, laying back on the cool wooden table and reaching my hands up to caress my nipples. Eli unbuttons and unzips my pants in record time, and quickly pulls them down to my ankles. I opted to go without underwear this morning, and am now glad that I did. He stands up straight, positioned between my knees, and looks down to admire my wet, womanly, glistening pussy. I look down at him, a smile on my face, still in shock that any of this is even happening at all. He reaches down to his own waistband and unbuckles his belt. I lean my head up a bit, staring anxiously. His cock felt rather Antalya Escort Bayan large behind the guise of his shorts. I can’t wait to see it. I feel his eyes on me as he unbuttons and unzips them. They drop to the floor, and I grin as I realize that Eli had the same idea as me this morning. His cock was standing at full attention, hard as could be. He had to have measured in at a good 8×6 inches, uncut and with a slight downward curve, but that wasn’t even the best part. Eli had quite possibly the greatest set of balls I’d ever seen. Almost the size of eggs, they hung low, his right one a bit lower than the left.

“Fuck Eli, that’s beautiful” I declare, admiring the whole package. He takes his thick cock in his hand and strokes it slowly.

“I’m glad you think so.” he replies. “You have a gorgeous pussy. I love the ‘au naturale’ style. I just hope it tastes as good as it looks.”

He winks at me as he drops to his knees, his hot breath apparent on my inner thighs. He kisses the inside of my right thigh, starting at my knee and working his way up to my pussy. He then places a gentle kiss on my outer lips, teasing me. He slides one finger deep inside my tight wet hole and holds it there. I start moaning softly, and reach a hand down to run my fingers through his thick, black hair, leaving my hand on the back of his head as if to let him know he can’t leave. He spreads my lips with his other hand, exposing my hard, throbbing button. I feel his soft tongue begin slowly licking my clit. He takes his time, alternating between circling around it and flicking his tongue across it. My moans get louder as he pleases me.

“Mmm, your tongue feels so good, Eli.” I divulge under my breath.

He wraps his lips around my clit and sucks it into his mouth, my legs quivering as he traces his tongue around it. He slowly starts pumping his finger in and out of my pussy, caressing my g-spot. I grab a fistful of his hair, my ecstasy mounting.

“I want to feel you cum on my fingers, baby.” he says, his voice gruff.

He starts licking my clit faster, his finger gliding in and out of my soaking wet hole with ease, making sure to hit my hot spot with each thrust. I moan loudly in response, knowing there’s no way I could actually speak at this moment, fully enjoying everything he’s doing to me.

“Don’t stop and you’ll get what you ask for.” I manage to utter with a grin. Eli picks up the pace, his finger pumping in and out of me while he assaults my clit with his soft, wet tongue. I reach one hand out to grab the edge of the table, my other hand still gripping his hair as the orgasm washes over me in waves. Almost screaming, I cum hard, my legs shaking and my pussy clenching his finger tightly, bathing it in my sweet juices. He slowly stops fingering and licking me as my orgasm subsides. He gives my clit one last kiss and stands up. He grabs my hands and gingerly pulls me back up to a sitting position. He leans in to kiss me, and I do so gladly, tasting my juices on his lips and tongue. I instinctively reach down to grab his rock hard cock, and begin stroking it slowly. My fingertips barely meet around the girth of his shaft. I gently graze his head with my thumb, Escort Antalya feeling the pre-cum dripping off it. I wipe it away and raise my hand to my mouth, parting from his lips so I can taste his salty juice.

“I need you to turn around and bend over for me.” He stated, his eyes burning with passion. I hop off the table and oblige, anxious to feel him inside me.

I lay face down on the table, now warm from my body heat. Eli presses his cock head against my hole, and slowly slides in, letting out a subtle grunt as he stretches my walls to accommodate his thick meat. I moan along with him, quickly realizing the advantages of that downward curve. He grabs hold of my hips and starts fucking me slowly, all the way in, then all the way back out again, just appreciating the feel of my hot pussy wrapped around his cock.

“Your pussy is so tight, Meghan.” he renders, obviously pleased.

He starts fucking me a bit faster, my g-spot getting a thorough massage. I can feel his balls swaying between his legs, lightly hitting my pussy lips with each thrust.

“I can’t wait to feel you unload your hot cum inside me, Eli.” I said, encouraging him to fuck me harder.

He buried his cock balls-deep inside me and paused. “I’m not unloading anywhere until I feel you cum on my cock.”

He grips my hips a bit tighter and starts fucking me again, fast, deep, and hard, his balls now smacking loudly against my pussy. I moan emphatically, and again grip the edges of the table as the orgasm builds up inside me.

“Come on, Meghan. Cum for me.” he commands, thrusting in and out of my hot hole.

“Oh God, Eli. Don’t stop baby. Mmm, fuck…” It was all I could get out of my mouth before I came again, my moans turning to screams as my juices flow out over Eli’s raging erection, then drip down my pussy and thighs.

“Holy fuck, that felt so good.” he mutters, still pumping in and out of me. “You ready for my load now, baby?” I nod, speechless from my mind-blowing orgasm.

He rams into me one last time, a deep guttural moan escaping his mouth as his hot cum spurts inside me. He came so hard; I could actually feel it hit the walls of my pussy. His thrusts slow, then finally stop, and he stays there for a moment, cock inside me, while he regains his composure.

He slides his semi-erect cock out of me and steps back, allowing me room to stand. I get up off the table and turn around, a smile on my face. We both reach down to redress, abruptly cognizant of where we are. I pull my bra and t-shirt back into position. Once we are both properly clothed again, I wrap my arms around his waist and bury my head in his neck.

“Thank you.” I whisper.

“So, how long?” he asked, clutching me.

Quizzically, I ask, “How long what?”

“How long have you liked me?” he asks again.

“Oh!” I laughed. “Several years now, if I’m honest.”

“Wow. What took you so long?” he wonders.

“Fear, I guess. I don’t know.” I ponder a bit sadly.

“Well, better late than never.” he replies with a smile in his voice. I give him one last squeeze then let go, and we both venture back into the kitchen. Heather suddenly walks in from the patio.

“Oh! Well I was wondering where you went, Meghan. I didn’t realize Eli was in here too.”

Eli looks at me and winks, then said to Heather, “Yeah, Meghan and I were just getting caught up.” I grin, and let my mind wander, thinking of how soon Eli and I would be able to get “caught up” again.

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