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Just a Saturday Afternoon

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Fifteen years ago, I was dating that girl. She had long black hair and a pair of nice double D. We were dating for a few weeks and things were going as normal. That Saturday that I am going to tell you about she invited me to hang in her place. Just a Saturday afternoon movie, the kind of normal weekend thing you do when you are young and broke.

I had some popcorn going and we put some chick flick on T.V. I don’t even recall the name of the movie. We were sitting on the old couch and she got up to take the empty popcorn bowl to the kitchen and when she got back, she set on the third seat. Which was kind of strange as she we usually cuddled.

Slowly she raised her feet to the middle and changed her position, so her ass was sitting in the corner. Her leg was slowly moving toward mine, until her leg was in between mine. I started slowly to caress her leg. Not thinking much of it. Alas, her leg kept rising until she put it in my crouch. All the sudden her toes were pressing on my balls.

I coughed, and she innocently asked, “is there a problem?”

She looked me in the eyed and pushed her leg forward, applying even pressure on my kütahya escort nuts…

“No problem,” I said.

“Are You sure?” she asked, pushing her leg into my balls.

I moved back an inch or two to the corner of the couch. No, no problem at all,” I said…

“Good” She said and slide a little toward me. She raised her other leg and pinned me at the corner…

The next half of hour of the movie was very exciting. She used the toes of the right leg to touch my shaft. She smiled when I got hard and kept using her toes to keep me stimulated. Her left foot was resting comfortably on my balls and every so often, moved a little inwards. Putting pressure.

That got a little… uncomfortable shall we say. She would look at my face to see my reaction… I was not about to give her the satisfaction, so I said nothing. After half an hour of sweet torture I was Horney as hell… I gathered my courage and decided to speak up. “Baby, I am ready for some action.”

She looked at me funny and said “Too bad, I am not in the mood…

“Baby, after building pressure for so long I am about to explode. My balls lara escort are purple.”

She looked at me as I was sitting there pitching a major tent. “I can see the problem,” she told me smiling… “Maybe you should take care of it.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, take of your pants and release the pressure.”

Now her attention was focused at me. She pulled off me the small blanket we had saying something on keeping things clean. She looked at me and said, “come on take off your pants. I want to see you jerk off”.

That was embarrassing but I was not about to argue. I took my pants off. I was about to slide the underwear off when she said, “Keep those on”.

“I am sorry?”

“You heard me… Keep those on. You can take care of business like that.’ her tone of voice was sharper… when you are sitting in your underwear and the other person is fully cloth, somehow you feel less in control… Her tone was becoming the voice of authority. And I was so hard and horny.

I put my hand inside my underwear and started to stroke it. She paused the T.V and looked at me. Focused. She had that look lara eve gelen escort on her, a look that I have never seen before.

I stroked my hard cock for several minutes, when all the sudden she starts making comments: “Come on… Finish it… We don’t have all day for this…”

It felt humiliating… I don’t need a coach on how to jerk off. But in a weird way that was a turn on to me and made me more excited. She was in control of the situation. As I got near the finish line, I changed my position and was about to pull my underwear off…

“WHAT are you doing? She asked.

“I am about to come” I answered.

“No,” she said, “Come in your underwear.” That was a command.

It was so humiliating. And it pushed me over the edge. I blew my load in my own underwear. It took me several minutes to restore my senses… I felt the cum dripping all over my cock. I got up to clean.

As I was pulling up, she commands “WHERE ARE YOU GOING? SIT YOUR ASS DOWN.”

“But I am messy…” I said, “I just blew a Hugh load and Its messy. I need to change.”

“Not my problem” was her reply, “You made the mess you sit in it. We need to finish the movie.”

It was strange, to this day I had no idea why I sat down… for the first time in my life someone else had total control of me. We ended up getting married a year later.

This is my first story. I would love to get feedback.

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