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Just a Friday Night Ch. 04

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I wake up on the next morning with a huge smile on my face, knowing that I’m not alone, knowing I finally found that one person who makes me feel worthwhile. Since Sunday night, I’ve been flittering through my days, feeling time pass me by, knowing I’ll be seeing Hailey Friday night in the city. We agreed to meet up at the bar and have a night out on the town to celebrate becoming a couple but I also have a surprise up my sleeve for the night.

We’ve been spending countless hours on the phone through the week, getting to know each more in depth but haven’t had time to see each other during the week due to a big project I’ve been working on. That hasn’t deterred my good mood though, Ryan says he’s never seen me this happy for a long time and my happiness is infectious. I even caught up with my parents for lunch on Wednesday, and told them about Hailey and Mum said it was good to see the twinkle back in my eye.

Friday night couldn’t come soon enough, and I sit at my desk tapping my pen waiting for 5pm so I could leave the office. I had finished up a big finance project this afternoon and had impressed my boss so I’m hoping the raise will come in the next few weeks. There’s rumours going around work that I’ll be getting a bonus and a new office and only working on VIP projects. I’ve been trying not to listen to them but it’s hard to keep my excitement at low levels. I stop day dreaming as my clock hits 5pm and I grab my bag and coat and leave work, taking the tram to the bar.

I get to the bar about 15 minutes later, and the first thing I see is her long, flowing blonde hair seated at the bar. I look at the rest of her outfit, her usual designer jeans with red flats and a lacy white shirt with her business jacket on the stool next to her with her bag. Damn she looks good. I still can’t believe that is my girlfriend.

Beck is behind the bar, chatting animatedly to Hailey and waving her arms around. Hailey is too distracted to notice me so I go up behind her and grab her hips. She jumps in the seat with an “ooh!” and turns around, sees it’s me and smiles big.

“Bells!” she exclaims and wraps her arms around my neck. I wrap my arms around her lower back in turn.

“Hey baby” I say and kiss her softly.

“I’ve missed you darling” she says, breaking the kiss.

“I’ve missed you too baby girl” I reply and smile into her lips.

“And I’ve missed both of you!” I hear from my left and laugh, knowing it’s Beck. She has already poured a coke for me and placed it onto the bar.

“Thanks mate” I smile and drink it with a straw.

Hailey and I spend a few hours at the bar, eating chips and catching up on our days, I tell her how I have finished the big project and the rumours about the raise/bonus ataköy escort and she kisses me and tells me how proud she is. We leave the bar around 8:30pm, walking hand in hand towards her surprise. Hailey’s been asking me all night what the surprise is, but I’ve refused to give in, even after she did puppy eyes. I lead her down two blocks to a waiting white horse and matching white carriage that’s decorated with fairy lights.

“Aww!” she exclaims when she sees the open carriage. I smile and wrap my arm around her as we get closer. I hand the driver my booking ticket and he introduces himself as Matt as he opens the door for us, where a small red carpet was placed on the ground. Hailey’s smile gets bigger as she sees an ice bucket with champagne has been placed in the carriage. She sits down and pulls me down into her and intertwines our arms as Matt closes the door and gets on the front of the carriage, picking up the reins and telling us to

“hold onto your tiara’s princesses” as we start a slow trot down the street.

I pour us some champagne and hold her close as we take in the sights of Melbourne, Matt inputting quirky facts about the city that we both love. I can’t wipe the grin off my face and when I look at Hailey, her face mirrors mine, she is loving this. I kiss her cheek as she takes a photo of us on her phone and smile when she sets it as her new background.

We go around the city for about half an hour until we get back to our starting point, on Swanston Street. Matt gets down and opens the door for us and I get down first, holding out my hand to Hailey which she gratefully accepts. Matt passes us our bags and I take both of them, sliding them onto my shoulder.

We thank Matt and he responds with a

“my pleasure princesses” and hands us his card for next time.

I pocket the card as we walk down the street towards her apartment which is a few blocks away.

“I loved it, you’re so romantic” she gushes as we walk hand in hand. I laugh and kiss her on the cheek and she squeezes my hand. We get to her apartment and I watch her open the door with her key and we walk inside, waiting for the elevator. We step into the elevator and she swipes her card, pressing PH at the same time.

As soon as the doors close, I’m slammed against the wall by her body and our lips meet in a searing kiss. My hands go up and down her sides as her arms are wrapped around my neck and shoulders. We break the kiss slowly as we reach her floor, her forehead leaning on mine, both with matching gentle smiles. The doors open and she steps back, pulling me with her as I’ve frozen with a silly smile on my face.

“Come on darling, don’t you bakırköy escort want to see what happens now?” she asks with a smirk on her face.

I catapult my body into hers with a

“Yes I do baby girl, let’s go!” and drag her to her door where I wait impatiently as she unlocks it.

She opens her door and we step inside. I barely have time to drop our bags and take one shoe off before she’s pushed me back against the closed door, kissing me deeply and I register the click as she locks the door behind me.

I moan into her lips and pull her flush up against me, kissing her back passionately. She pushes my jacket off my shoulders as I try to take my other shoe off but I fall over, pulling her with me.

“Ow” I yell as I land on my ass. Hailey giggles and pushes me over more so I’m lying on my back.

She straddles my hips and takes off her coat and leans down to kiss me again. I lean up on one elbow and meet her halfway, my other hand running up her back underneath her shirt.

“Baby, we should take this to the bedroom” I say breathlessly, breaking the kiss.

“Couch is closer” she mumbles into my lips, tugging at the bottom of my shirt. I rip off my shirt and sit up, as she pulls the rest of it over my head. Her hands go straight to my breasts as I pull her up and we stand up, lips meeting frantically again as she pulls and pushes me half blind towards the couch. I land on the couch with an “oof” and she straddles my lap again, now taking her shirt off.

I undo my bra and help her with hers and go back to finding her lips with mine again, missing the taste of her on my mouth.

I kiss down her jaw line and suck softly at the pulse point of her neck, my hands running over her sides and front, feeling her soft skin underneath my fingertips.

She moans and runs her fingers in my hair, leaning her head to give me more access to her neck.

I kiss my way up her neck back to her lips as my hands go to her jeans. She breaks the kiss breathlessly and gets up to pull her jeans off, her lacy red panties coming off too.

She leans down and pulls my jeans off, I pull down my panties, pulling them off with my feet as she clambers back into my lap, our lips meeting again in a passionate kiss.

I massage her hips, knowing it’s her weak spot as she moans into my mouth.

“Darling, I’ve been waiting for you all week, take me” she whines into my lips. I smile into the kiss and run my hands to her bum where I pick her and stand up, turning around and putting her back onto the couch. She giggles and pulls me down onto her for another piercing kiss. Man, I cannot get enough of this woman’s lips.

I kiss my way topkapı escort down her chest, kneeling on the ground, my hands massaging her hips and my lips making their way down her body. She runs her fingers in my hair again, moaning my name like it’s a mantra.

She groans as I run my tongue up her slit, tasting her juices.

“Bells stop teasing me” she moans as I flick her clit with the tip of my tongue.

I slowly put two fingers inside her as I suck hard on her clit, her body arching in pleasure as she cries out my name. I increase my pace while curling my fingers slightly, grazing her g spot and feeling her walls squeeze my digits. She’s panting now, as I suck her clit, pushing down on it with my tongue and flicking it back and forth with the tip as I increase my pace again, pushing my fingers into her deeper.

“Darling, I’m getting close, don’t stop, fuck me” she cries out between breaths.

I feel the sheen of sweat covering our bodies as I push deeper into her, taking my mouth off her clit, my eyes going upwards to her face.

“Baby girl look at me” I whisper, her eyes closed tightly. She opens her eyes and maintains eye contact with me, as I curl my fingers, pumping them harder into her.

She moans and screams my name as she cums, unable to keep her eyes open anymore, her back arching off the couch and her breaths coming in short bursts. I keep moving my fingers inside her, drawing out her orgasm as I kneel up onto the couch and kiss her cheek.

Her hand goes to my cup my cheek as she pulls me into a deep kiss.

“Mmmm, hi baby” I whisper, my eyes still closed as she breaks the kiss.

She giggles and pulls me into her, our naked bodies touching and I lean my forehead on hers.

I stand up and pull her up and walk to her bedroom, through her maze of a hallway.

I get into her bed and feel her climb in beside me. I wrap my arms around her and pull the covers over our naked bodies.

“Tell me something I don’t know” she says, as she intertwines our fingers.

“Something you don’t know?” I ask, not quite sure what she means.

“Yes Darling, about yourself” she giggles. I kiss her softly and cup her face with my free hand.

“Ok, something you wouldn’t know about me is that I don’t like peas” I laugh.

She playfully slaps my arm and giggles. I smile and pull her closer to me.

“How about 20 questions baby girl?” I ask, knowing she’ll fall asleep before we even get to 10.

“Hmmm, ok you start” she replies sleepily, her eyes closed and her face buried into my neck.

I pull the covers tighter over us and kiss her head.

“What’s your favorite instrument baby girl? I ask. Hailey doesn’t answer so I look down and she’s fast asleep, half sprawled on my body with her face into my neck, her breaths tickling my skin.

I giggle silently and get comfortable without moving too much.

“Goodnight beautiful” I whisper as I feel sleep take over me. Pretty sure this girl will be the death of me. I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds.

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