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Julie’s Awakening Pt. 01

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Aren’t you supposed to be at Marie’s house?” Julie’s mom, Wendy, had just walked in from the garage. She was coming in from work on a Friday evening.

Julie, was laying on the living room floor finishing up her weekend homework. She had changed from her modest school clothes to a tight t-shirt and a pair of skin-tight shorts.

“And you better not go anywhere else dressed like that! Are you even wearing a bra? What are you trying to do, look like a little slut? Mrs. Pedrono might not be too welcoming of some trollop tempting her husband with her ass hanging out of her shorts.”

“We don’t have a car, how could we could go anywhere else. And no I’m not wearing a bra. There won’t be any boys for miles around. And Mr Pedrono — Eww”

She was showing fake disgust. She was actually turned on by the dark hispanic man.

“Her house is what, four blocks? You had better get going.’

Her mom seemed a little more anxious than usual to get her out of the house. This was kind of surprising because her dad was out of town for the weekend on a golfing trip with his work friends. Julie would’ve thought her mother would’ve wanted her company. She had planned this overnight sleepover days ago, But her best friend, Marie, would have understood a change of plans. She hated to think of her mother all alone in that big house.

When Julie stood up to leave, she noticed a couple of odd things about her mother’s appearance. Slightly disheveled. Her usually perfect hair and make-up were not quite right. Her hair was a little out of place, her lipstick slightly smeared. If Julie did not know better, she would think her mother had been making out. Perhaps it is been a hard day at work and she hadn’t had time to fix herself up.

Regardless, she had just called Marie to say she is on her way and if she delayed too long then Marie would panic. Although the four block walk was safe, one never knew.

“I will see you tomorrow.”

“Have a great time. And don’t you dare come back tonight.” The second sentence was spoken under her breath. Wendy, it seemed, had other plans.

Julie walked the four blocks to her friend’s house.

Marie was physically much different than Julie. She was 5’2″ a good 5 inches shorter than Julie. Marie’s 120 pounds looked heavier on her short body than her friend’s 130. While Julie had blonde hair to the middle of her back, Marie’s was coal black and very short. Marie answered the door wearing a bikini swimsuit.

“Are we going to swim? I don’t have my suit.”

“No, I just bought it and wanted to see if you liked it. What do you think?”

The bikini fit perfectly. The bra gripped Marie’s round breasts snugly, yet gave a good bit of side boob. The bottoms dipped deeply in the front and the back exposed more than half of her taut ass cheeks. Julie was a little jealous of Marie’s body, especially her nice tits. Though her own boobs developed early, they never grew past a B cup. Marie’s body was plumper but her extra weight was well distributed.

And don’t mention her olive skin from her hispanic heritage. Julie spent hours tanning to get that much color.

“It’s not bad if you were going for the ‘town slut’ look.”

“Julie! If anyone in this house is a slut, it’s you!”

“Oh is you mom gone?”

“Shut up. And yes she and my dad are out of the house for the night.”

“Aw, you mean your hot dad isn’t going to be here? I’d rather see him than you.”

“Well, your daddy is hotter.”

“We could always swap dads.”

By now the two 18-year-old girls we in Marie’s room and she was peeling her bikini off. Julie had seen her friend naked a few times. Her friend’s breasts were topped by brown nipples, which fascinated Julie. Her own nipples were smaller and very pink. Julie giggled when she saw that she had shaved her pussy. Her abundant black pubic hair was gone.

“You shaved? Wow, you are getting out of control girl!”

“Maybe I am. You need to try it. I can do it for you.”

“I will have to think about that. Right now I’d say no,”

“Okay.” Marie’s hairless pussy disappeared as she pulled on a pair of shorts. Her tits were now covered by a T-shirt and a bra.

“Wouldn’t you like to have a good looking guy see your bald pussy? Maybe even your dad. You could take a shower and leave the door open a little. You and he are the only ones home. He watches you get out of the shower. You see that he is looking at your young body. And even though you don’t have tits yet, he still likes what he sees. He is getting a hard-on because of his little girl.”

“That a long way to go just to tease me about my small boobs.”

“I believe I said no tits.”


“I don’t know how to say çapa escort this, but letting my dad see me nude has been on my mind lately.”

“MARIE! You cannot be serious.”

“I have been thinking that it would be easy to do. I have been wearing skimpier clothes lately; shortie t-shirts without a bra, and ‘cameltoe’ shorts. I think he was getting hard a few times.”

“Why are you wanting him to see you naked? Do you want to have sex with him?

“No. Yes. Maybe. I don’t know. I guess I would if he wanted.”

‘Do you hear what you are saying? You cant undo it once it happens.”

“You would do him if you had the chance. I’ve seen you looking at him.”

“Let’s change the subject. The other day, when you dad and I were fucking…”


“He said I am the third biggest slut in the neighborhood, and the other two live at his house.”

“Very funny, “

The two friends chatted awhile. The subject of boys came up, as it usually did. Naturally the new boy in school came up. Specifically Tommy Murcheson, a tall, broad addition to the football team. Every girl at school was enamored with the athletic redhead. Julie and Marie were among them.

“I would stop screwing your dad for a chance at Tommy. That is if your mamma is finished with him.”

“Stop with the mamma jokes. If you need to talk about sex, let’s get back to your desire to have your dad see your goodies. You know that will torture him, seeing your intimate parts. And just how do you plan plan on pulling this off, without your mom killing you?”

“I am just dressing a little more sexy. For now anyway. I thought about sending some selfies to him, by accident. But that is risky. He would likely re-send them to everyone on his contacts list while he was fumbling with it. Grandma wouldn’t understand.”

Julie sort of liked the idea of doing something similar. She could dress a bit more revealing, but her mom would certainly take notice and blow a fuse. Julie didn’t see much harm in letting dad see her panties or her breasts every so often. And she would definitely have fun masturbating thinking about it.

Julie began to get a headache, and Marie’s drama wasn’t helping. She just wanted to go home, She and Marie would still have the rest of the weekend, She said her goodbyes and walked back to her house without incident.

The house was dark and quiet when she arrived. Her mom had looked tired earlier and maybe she had went to bed. She knocked on her parent’s room. That was strange, her mom was not home — she hadn’t mentioned going anywhere. Perhaps she had decided to go to a movie. Julie stripped down to her panties and laid down on top of her bed. She rubbed her pussy thinking of her sexy friend on her back with her dark skinned dad sliding his penis deep into her bald twat. She drifted off to sleep.

Julie’s mom, Wendy, was not at a movie. She was at a dive bar across town where it was unlikely that she would run into anyone she knew. With her husband out of town and her daughter out of the house, she had the opportunity to play. She had been having a six month affair with a co-worker, but he was married and unavailable tonight. So she was on the prowl.

She had on her favorite black cocktail dress, the one she kept hidden in her closet. It showed just enough leg and cleavage to be a real attention getter. Especially when she wore nothing underneath it.

Walking into the bar, she had every man’s attention. She glanced around and was a little disappointed at the crowd. She was about ti leave when a group of college boys came in. They soon had taken her into their group, and she did not have to buy a drink all night. She stayed on the dance floor much of the time as the boys kept feeding the jukebox. The constant flow of slow songs gave every one of them a chance to grope her lush body.

She was drawn to one in particular. His name had already slipped from her mind. He was tall with dark hair and a hard body. Exactly what she was seeking. He was more than willing to ride in her cab to her house. He knew the drill. She wasn’t the first lonely housewife to take him home.

The entire ride to her house was nothing but the two groping each other and constantly kissing. If the ride had been any longer they might have fucked before getting there.

As a result of their hot cab make-up session, they made no pretenses when they came through the front door. They made it only as far as the nearest sofa.

Julie heard the commotion downstairs. Her mom would not make that much noise, would she? She started to dial 911, but stopped when she heard her mom talking and giggling. Talking? To whom? She crept out of her fatih escort bedroom to the top of the stairs. She could not believe what she saw.

Wendy was in the process of drunkenly pulling her dress over her head. A man, not much older than Julie was sitting on the sofa watching with rapt attention as more of her body came into view. Julie sucked in her breath as she saw her mom’s body. She wore stockings and a garter belt. No bra. No panties. Julie had to admit she looked good for her age. Her behavior was what her mom had lectured her as how not to act.

She pulled the young guy’s shoes off then his pants and underwear. His cock sprang up.

To Julie, it was like watching porn. Not that she had seen a lot of hard penises. Seeing its size almost caused her to yell.

Though she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be seen, she couldn’t take a chance. But before she went back to her room, she took a video with her phone, making sure to get her mother’s face clearly. Her mom made that easy by getting off her young stud and laying back on the sofa. She spread her legs. Her lover moved in and entered her in one thrust.

She got to her room and laid there in the dark. A whirlwind of thoughts and emotions buffeted her. Her mom, who had been her role model was downstairs getting fucked on the sofa on which she did her homework. She knew now that no longer would be the good little girl that she had been. It was as if a switch had been thrown in her head.

She couldn’t be caught here. It was only when she heard her mom and ‘guest’ go into the master bedroom did she dare to leave. She ran all the way back to Marie’s house.

Marie had been disappointed when Julie went home. She loved sleepovers and especially liked it when her friend slept in her bed. Marie always had activities planned that gave opportunities to brush up against Julie’s lithe body. Marie was not gay but she had been achingly curious about being with another woman. She wanted that woman to be her friend, Julie. She had hoped tonight would be the night.

Marie stripped off her clothes to take a soaking bath. She peeled off her t-shirt, revealing her white bra. She unsnapped the bra, bringing her plump tits into view. She then took down her shorts and panties in one movement. She admired herself in the mirror.

She then slipped down into the hot sudsy water. Her hands went to her inflamed pussy. With thoughts of Julie’s nude body, she brought herself to a nice climax. When finished, she went to her lingerie drawer and fished out a pair of very sheer panties. She then picked out a very sexy shorty nighty. Neither garment did much to hide her tight body.

As she was getting into bed, a shadowy figure appeared. She yelled in surprise.

“I’m sorry, but I need a place to crash tonight.”

“Okay. Just don’t scare me like that again. Is my hair turning white?”

No, but your bush might be, oh wait, you don’t have a bush!”

Julie didn’t have anything to sleep in, so she stripped to her panties and climbed into bed.

“What brought you back here? Besides the fact that you missed me!”

“I…I…saw something at home. I still don’t believe it.”

Marie meant her consoling hug to be innocent, but her hand made contact with Julie’s bare breast. They had had touched each other’s bodies before, but nothing like this. Marie’s hand instinctively pinched Julie’s nipple. They both knew this was far from innocent.

Marie leaned in to kiss Julie full on the lips. Her hand found it’s way back to Julie’s impossibly soft tits, Julie didn’t argue. It’s hard to say anything when your best friend’s tongue is snaking into your mouth.

Seeing her own mom blatantly fucking a guy half her age had turned on a switch in her head. This would not be a normal sleepover. Marie’s fingers slipping into her panties made that evident.

Her friend’s fingers worked their magic on her sensitive pussy. It was her first time to be touched by another woman, or anyone for that matter. She had naturally masturbated many times, but the touch of another person was exhilarating. The fact that it was Marie who now had three fingers in her tight wet hole sent her over the top. She had the most intense orgasm of her young life.

Julie had sensed for a long time that Marie wanted more than a simple friendship. To be honest, Julie wouldn’t have minded a sexual move from her cute friend.

Marie sat up to take her nighty off. Julie had seen her naked in dressing rooms many times. This was different. Her friend’s breasts did not interest her the countless times they had dressed together, but now they were the most irresistible tits ever. Julie suckled etiler escort them tenderly at first, stopping only to remove Marie’s wispy panties. She trailed her mouth down Marie’s flat tummy until she was inches away from her sweet, shaved pussy. Until tonight , Julie had never seriously considered eating another woman. She thought of what she, herself, would like and just dove in.

This was going better than Marie could have imagined. Seeing her friend’s blonde head bobbing up and down between her legs was a huge turn on, and her warm tongue licking her cunt brought her to a series of orgasms.

Marie was now aching to taste Julie’s pussy, and Julie helped by removing her panties. Although her pubic hair was light blonde and sparse, Marie wanted to see her friend bald down there. She grabbed some shave cream and a razor from the bathroom. She smeared some cream on Julie’s pussy hair and in no time was looking at a smooth shaved kitty.

She had waited long enough. She lowered her tongue to Julie’s slit. Her first taste of pussy tasted faintly of shaving cream, but that didn’t spoil the experience for either girl. Marie had dreamed of this for a long time.

Julie enjoyed the feeling, perhaps too much. Her yelps of pleasure filled the room.

Marie continued eating and fingering Julie.

Julie laid back and the girls assumed a 69. Though neither girl had done this before, they learned quickly.

Julie was on her back looking at Marie’s plump pussy lips as they were lowered onto her waiting mouth. She dredged her tongue the entire length of the slit, marveling at the amount of juice was there. Julie had found herself getting wetter also.

Marie went wild when her friend found her clit. It was still swollen and tender from her masturbating earlier. Julie was a natural pussy eater.

After each girl had mind shattering orgasms, they took a break.

Julie collected her thoughts, and then told Marie what had happened at her house.

“So she just got naked in front of a strange, young guy and then fucked him?

Marie watched the video. “Wow, that guy was worth it.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean look at his dick. Quite large, I would say.”

“Yes, I thought so, but is it worth ruining a family? My family?”

“No. You are right. I’m sorry. So what will you do with the video?”

“If I give it to dad, things will get messy. But if I don’t and he catches her, then he needs to know it wasn’t a one-time thing. I think for now I will keep it.

“It might come in handy to blackmail her, too. You would have her by the throat.”

The thought of having power, real power over her mother sounded good.

But like all plans there were risks. She would deal with that when the time came.

For now there was something else that needed to be dealt with: Marie’s pussy.

She kissed her way up Marie’s muscular soccer player’s legs. Starting with her toes, she worked up to her taut calves, up to her buttery thighs, finally arriving at her goal — her hot pussy. She took a deep breath, savoring the aroma of the teenaged pussy spread out before her. The lips were slightly parted, revealing her swollen clitoris. Julie spread Marie’s legs a little farther, now the depths of her pussy were visible.

She could also see her friend’s cute little asshole. Julie had never considered licking one, however this one was attracting her. She elicited a moan from Marie as she first swabbed it with her tongue, then carefully inserted a finger just inside the muscled opening. She briefly wondered if her mother’s lover’s thick meat would ever fit in Marie’s ass. Or her own for that matter. She had never even considered anal sex before. Tonight was night of firsts.

Her finger was in to the second knuckle now, and Marie was squirming. The combination of Julie’s tongue and finger sent her over the top.

Marie was eager to return the favor. She started by kissing Julie’s cum covered face, then worked her way down her neck, breasts and navel. She was not shy as she attacked her friend’s tight little slit. Her frenzied licking had Julie screaming, “DON’T STOP!” Marie was not going to stop any time soon. She had waited too long for this.

Marie attacked Julie’s little hole like she was a starving dog that had been dropped into a barrel of bones. It was almost more than the blonde teen could handle. She finally relaxed enough to truly enjoy the tongue-lashing.

The hot latina had loved the feel of her friend’s finger in her ass. She decided to reciprocate. She used both hands to spread Julie’s asscheeks, exposing the clenched opening. Julie was shocked when Marie stuck her tongue as far as she could into her most intimate spot. She could feel Marie’s tongue wiggling inside almost like a tiny prehensile penis. If this was half as good as a man’s cock, the she could not wait to try it.

Later, the friends lay together on the bed, caressing each others naked body.

Julie was glad that her eyes had been opened to the pleasures of the flesh.

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